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Guy Ferdman 00:30
Never gets old.

Ilan Ferdman 00:32
I was trying to move my head in that way that I know.

Guy Ferdman 00:34
Every podcast begins with that.

Ilan Ferdman 00:35
No, no, you know how like people can move their neck without moving the rest of the body and
make it literally the last podcast.

Guy Ferdman 00:41
We had the same exact conversation.

Ilan Ferdman 00:44
I can't do I can't move my head in that way.

Guy Ferdman 00:46
At the same conversation last time.

Ilan Ferdman 00:5A
Hi, everybody. Happy New Year. Wow. 22. So good. I'm I'm extra excited. Because 22 is both
mine. And my brother's number has been for a long, long time. It's a number that we've seen
everywhere for decades at this point. So I was always excited for this day. This year, my daughter's birthday will fall on to 20 to 22, which is also amazing. I'll probably be taking that day off just to celebrate. And then I found out that is the year of the tiger in the Chinese world. And that is my spirit animal. So all good things. That's a good sorry, I need calendar. Chinese calendar what? sounded weird.

Guy Ferdman 01:43
The tiger on the Chinese world. Sounds strange.

Ilan Ferdman 01:50
Ignorant, Elon, thank you. Um, yeah. So anyway, just super excited. Excited to kick off this
year. And oh, that's so funny.

Guy Ferdman 02:01
Yeah. Amanda Brown's birthday son's birthday. 22. That's a lot of time.

Ilan Ferdman 02:06
Yeah, so we wanted to just kind of kick this year off, talking about something that w get asked all the time, like, whether we're doing summits, whether we're doing podcasts, people find our work, I think something that people will search for and look for a lot is how to enhance their intuition. And, oh, it's 222, by the way, now, as we were just talking about this. And while I want to get you guys away from this idea that there's some magical formula that you just haven't stumbled across that specific YouTube video, because otherwise everything that you would have already wanted, your intuition would have told you. I do honestly believe that. The practices that heighten and awaken your intuition are actually quite simple. So I'm not talking about necessarily the time frame in which it will take you to get to that place. I'm more talking about the steps that guy and I have taken and also coach 1000s of people to help kind of awaken reawaken, I should say that, that aspect of yourself, anything you want to throw in there.

Guy Ferdman 03:30
Now I'm going to let you set the foundation, then we'll we'll fill in the gaps as we go.

Ilan Ferdman 03:34
Yeah. Someone is asking, does everyone have this kind of number? Or are we just not aware of it? It's interesting when I talk to people and I share with them my so for guy nights usually been to 22 is the number that we see everywhere. 22, I see a lot, but 222 is kind of the number. From the research that I've done. Those are like Master Numbers and any numbers that repeat, either like in a three or four set. There's there's some they call them Angel numbers. My kids always asked me like, What does it mean? What does it mean? And I, I don't know that it has a meaning per se, but the meaning that I have and meaning that I've spoke to many people that see certain sequence of numbers, certain people will see like their birthday, or a certain sequence of numbers. Every time they look at a clock or on license plates or in calendar, whatever it might be. The meaning that I give it to it is just it's like it's like a knowingness and a reminder that I'm on the right path. And it doesn't mean that like my life is always going swimmingly at the time because sometimes I'll be in this like heat of the moment. And I put these numbers pop up and it kind of like lets me stop and go. Okay. Yeah, this too is part of the process. Yeah, so it's, it's kind of like my guiding guiding lights on the main path.

Guy Ferdman 04:55
I know. I know two has a lot you know, it's duality, right? Like every number has a purpose in it. See, and that's a two's all about duality. I don't I don't quite know when you start adding them up together. And certainly we're living in a time of perspective about duality or duality being stretched to the polarity. So it seems very apropos for where we are, you know, conditionally as a society right now.

Ilan Ferdman 05:18
Yeah, I know, when I looked it up, like for the actual definition, it was, it symbolizes master teacher.
So it's like a master teacher number two to two.

Guy Ferdman 05:26
We could use a lot of master teaching right now.

Ilan Ferdman 05:30
Okay, so intuition, I'm gonna first just talk about a few of the things that are in the way of people actually having intuition be the guide of their life. Because at the end of the day, it's one thing to just have intuition, it's a whole other thing to actually explore living from that space. And that's something that I just want to say upfront takes a lot of courage and a lot of trust to live in that space. Okay, so first, what I can share with you of things that I've noticed in the in the way of you living from that place, our main foundational thing that we train people to cultivate internally in their nervous system in any of our programs, whether you come to our two day live intuitive mind event, or you jump into our emotional intelligence Mastery program, which has now four levels, right level 123. And for each one of those is going to take you and get you closer and closer to that place. But the foundational piece that sets it all off is this feeling of safety, and well being in our system. So most people, what happens is they create
everything in their lives, while their nervous system is in a state of fight or flight, fight, flight or
freeze. So mostly human beings in today's society, are almost exclusively in a state of fight,
flight or freeze. The times that you're not there are the times that you drank a glass of wine, or
had a cocktail, or took a hit of something, or took your meds or went to bed. But other than that
the most of society just lives in that place. And so what you want to get is in that place, when
you don't feel safe, when your body feels on your nervous system feels under threat, real or
perceived, it makes no difference. You cannot possibly have any intuitive interaction, because a
moment the mind is what's firing. And the mind is trying to figure out how to get you into
survival. So said another way, if you don't feel safe, and you're trying to create results from
that, I don't feel safe, there's an energy that you're going to imbue into every single thing that
you touch, every single thing that you do. When you imbue it with that energy, what you are
going to get in return is a function of that energy, which is going to produce more and more
circumstances for you to survive. Which again, puts you into this loop of I'm not safe, it's not
safe, I need to figure this out. And so if if you find yourself in this realm, you'll notice that when
you are not safe, you have developed certain strategies to get into safety. So some people,
they're just the doers, right? Like, you just, I'm just gonna do this, I'm going to do that I'm going
to do this, I'm going to do that there's other people that just research, they need to research,
they need to get information, they need to gain safety from that. There's other people that just
run away, right? Like I'm just gonna run. So whatever your strategy is, and you don't have to
look for it is the way that you've produced every result in your life. It's like you're strong, it's
like your superpower at this point. That's the way that you produce results. You could either be
smart, you could be caring, you could be you take care of everyone, you whatever that is, it's
it's a response to the nervous system not feeling safe. Brosky anything you want to throw in

Guy Ferdman 09:28
Um, I read recently that awareness is to the mind as food is to the body. Say morning, meaning
like the the fuel of the mind is awareness. Like the fuel of the body is food. So, you know, what
Elon is talking about is all these little like when we're in survival, which again, like Elon mentioned, 99.9% of the public is basically living in a perpetual state of somewhat controlled survival. And because of that, it's like you're you're never actually in awareness, you're just basically bouncing from frequency of frequency of risk of like automated reactions. Now, obviously, if you're doing this for most your life, right, most of us can't remember what it was like to be two or three years old, when we were very fluid with our emotional and mental state and really kind of like lived in the moment, then it would seem normal, right? Like most of the world is living in what would be categorized by psychologists or some form of psychosis. And so if everyone's doing the same psychosis, it would just seem like that's the way right, those
people who have taken the time to cultivate a practice of quieting themselves down right, like a
meditation practice. And there are certain ways that we've learned from from masters to do it.
That is not just about, okay, I need some stress relief, right now, it's actually going deep within
the system, learning how to view subtle, energetic, subtle awareness, all these different things.
And I think that's a really important part is like it I think, because of school, we were brought to
this idea of like, just the educational systems as a whole that you can, like, have a moment of
understanding, and that unlocks something for you. And in a way it does, but like, having an
understanding is not the same as Gnosis. For those guys who don't know what Gnosis means. It
just means directly experiencing something. Right? Like, it's it's learning through direct
experience. And so like awareness, even if we talk about it, it can't be something that you
understand, okay, my awareness, it has to be something that you regularly practice, I mean,
like, hundreds of times 1000s of times a day, moment by moment, we all talk about that being
present. And so like, yeah, you can say like, oh, you know, I'm noticing this, this microphone,
and it's texture, that is certainly going to bring me more into being aware in this moment of a
single thing, but it's not, it's still not leaning into my awareness. And so it's like, we dabble in
this stuff, you know, when you are showering, or in the bathroom, that you have great ideas,
right? Like everybody's had that aha moment in the shower. And part of the reason for that is
being in the shower, and having water hit the body is an incredible way to help your nervous
system down regulate itself. And so when you're in there in the safe, cozy, little warm, you
know, shower, bath, and you're having this idea and you wish you had a pen and paper to write
with. That's one of the reasons why you're doing something physically that's bringing you into a
deeper state of awareness inside your body, the body relaxes, boom, this idea comes up, what
we want to learn is, well, how do we cultivate that regularly in our lives? What are the practices
that we can apply? So that as we said, we set an intention to have an awareness about
something we want to get creative about something problem solve, instead of thinking about it
in a linear fashion, which is really the difference between understanding and intuition. To me,
it's like, under like, you can certainly figure out how to problem solve in a linear way I've done it
my whole life, it's effective to a degree. But, you know, like, no one has this lofty goal right now
of coaching, Will Smith, right, like he can go through a sequence of ideas about people he
knows, or how he's going to get there, or you can literally hold this intention in his field,
meditate, and like, open up his system, and then like, suddenly, he will just see that people will
show up, and they already have telling him how they're like one degree away from this human
being these going to meet. And eventually, in this quantum crazy reality that we live in,
something will occur that will either give them the opportunity to do that or not. And so we
always say like, you can use your understanding and do this linear path of trying to like you
know, funnel build your way to some kind of result. And and that's good, you're you know, you
can you can get some results in life doing that. But the difference between the two worlds is
like that world is like having a like water trickling on you from like a shower that's barely
working. The quantum reality is like standing in the waterfall, you know, in the moment where
it's right where the opportunity is supposed to come where you have the resource for it, where
all the lessons that you need to have before you can build the foundation to have those
resources like all that can happen like so quick in the quantum world. And I think that's going to
be a big part of this transition that we're making as human beings is really starting to more
heavily rely on you know what in spiritual circles we call it Big mind. This is like little mind like
big mind is like the universal mind. And like really plugging in tapping in and realizing that level
of consciousness has so much more to offer can move all the pieces, you know, for you in
intricate ways and sees all like the chess match that's happening at this quantum level of you
know, fifth and sixth dimensional realities. And what we have seen this what's required of a
human being is to learn how to relax your body, learn how to relax your system. So clearly, you
can't do that in the fight or flight response.

Ilan Ferdman 15:10
You know, you're talking about the Will Smith thing, and I just, you're talking about this
quantum field, which at our live event guy shows these amazing pictures of like the universe
and how everything is interconnected. And I just had this image of, you know, it's like, asteroids
are moving through space. And eventually, you know, given a long enough time frame like that,
they're going to hit something, right. And so I have this, this visualization where it's like, I'm
this object moving through this quantum field at this point. And as I create this intention, for
example, coaching Will Smith or as anyone crazy intention, it's nothing more than us almost
like bump, bumping this object in space, without any like, knowing, but it's just that like bump
of creating that intentionality that now starts moving this thing in a slightly different trajectory,
which, through time, and space, will will impact all these things. So it's just funny visualization,
I just saw what guys bringing through about the awareness is really, really important, because I
think we're most people. Most people want to effort their way into hearing their intuition. So it's
like, you know, if you think about the way that you've kind of gone about Developing Intuition is
like, it's effortful. It's this, this, I know, if I just listened deep enough. And I know if I just can can
start to, you know, and you kind of go down this path. And that's not how intuition works. In
fact, like, I think the more you try to effort, your way into intuition, the farther you're actually
going away from intuition. Because underneath, it's like, what's behind the intention of wanting
to create a relationship, a deeper relationship with intuition? And I will say, for 99.9% of people,
it's because right now, you feel like you are either not where you're supposed to be. You should
be farther along in you know, some way shape or form, that that your current state that you're
not okay, or not good enough in your current state. And so, from that place, if that's the
energy, right, and then from that place, we go, you know, what's going to get me to this next
place where I actually feel good, and things start working out is I, I know, because people have
told me and I've read enough spiritual books, I need to develop my intuition. But your baseline
is I'm not okay. There's lack, there's not good enough convert. There's all that stuff. And then
from there, you're like, come on intuition. Tell me what to do. It's like, no, I'm sorry, Charlie.
Like, that's not how it works. And so the piece that guy's bringing through about awareness is
what if you took a step back, and you realize that you can't effort your way into intuition. Think
of it more of a that that line that Michelangelo said about the David is coming through, which is
like, when people asked Michelangelo, how did he create, you know, how did he make the
David, he said, I just moved everything that wasn't the David out of the way.

Guy Ferdman 18:29
He already clearly saw him inside the inside of the stone. He was just moving, everything was
just moving.

Ilan Ferdman 18:34
He was just getting rid of all that was not David. And so for me, because I tried the other way,
right? Like I tried to effort my way into intuition. I did all these meditations and visualizations,
and hypnosis, and all that stuff. Now, it's a simple practice of having my awareness be with
what is here in this present moment. And if what's here in this present moment, is a fear about
my future. That I'm not trying to bypass that fear to go okay, if only intuition told me what to
do. I know I'd be able, I wouldn't be as fearful, right? Instead of what if you could develop a
power and a skill that you could actually sit with your fear or sit with your insecurity or sit with
your sadness or terror or despair or grief? Because of intuition is like I said this yesterday, the
center of the Tootsie Roll pop, you know, like you can't just get your way into the center. You
It's a layer by layer by layer by layer experience. And as you remove and release these layers,
and you give them presence and awareness, and we take people through exactly what this
process looks like, it is so simple. Like, literally, you can come to a two day event and you will
learn how to do this. Like it's not, it's not some magic, like, you can literally learn it in less than
two days. Okay? The difference and why we have programs that people work with us ongoingly
is because for whatever reason, this work is a lot easier to do in a group when you're with
people together, or when someone's holding space for you who's already developed that
capacity. Because as you sit with someone who's developed that capacity, your body's literally
learning through like mirroring that and it's creating this new template, and it's just honestly a
lot easier than trying to figure this all stuff out on your own. But listen, people sit in in the
mountains in caves for 40 years. Trust me, they get to this place like this isn't. This is human
nature. So as awareness is watching this stuff, I want you to imagine these layers, not because
you're moving on or trying to change them or fix them these layers just by awareness,
watching them, move and disappear. I'll just share one quick story, bro, and then I'll kick it to
you like, the other day, I'm not going to get into the whole event. But shinai witnessed
something that was really, really like, like movies get scary. And Shi'a who's who's an empath
he like really hit a system and it really hit him hard. And he was having trouble sleeping and all
this stuff. And so I sat here, he, this is his room that I come into here for my office, by the way.
I, I sat here and he was lying in bed, and I had him just presence, that the visualization like the
thing that scared him, right? And then we simply with awareness found where in his body that
fear is living, like where does he feel contraction? Where does he feel anything. And he felt that
his solar plexus were really like it was like really, really tight. And his stomach was kind of like,
you know, punching him from within. And I was like, okay, and then what you want to get is like
when that stuff's happening, whether you're aware of it or not, your mind is aware of it. So as
soon as there is a constriction in your nervous system, the body looks, I'm sorry, the mind looks
down and goes, Oh, this is not okay. Because this is going to bring up all this stuff. And that's
when you go into your patterns to try to fix shit. And that's where he was going and our mind is
is a dangerous place when it comes to fear because it can create Hollywood style motion
pictures of all the things that you need to be afraid of. So anyway, I have him move his
awareness to his feet. And we're just sitting there with awareness on his feet. And without me
even explaining like what's happening what's supposed to happen how this works or anything.
He goes within a minute or maybe two he goes AABA the the thing in my solar plexus is getting
better. Like it's it's moving away. And I was like, Yeah, Shi'a like you even before I could
highlight that for him, he was already on it. And with that shifting of that layer, what happens is
new information comes through and as this new information comes through, it actually ignites
your intuition. It ignites that inner guidance and inner voice once the stuff is not in the way to
block it.

Guy Ferdman 23:46
Yeah, it's awesome and amazing, right? Like that's the teach children these skills now. Like,
like, knowing about how much trauma we go through, and you said, like, you know, why, why
the programs but I'm like, Well, there's a lot of, there's a lot of shit in the basement. And
there's just a lot of there's a lot of stuff we all need support with. I mean, like Elon and I are
weekend we go with coaches sitting in presence with people giving and receiving healing all
the time. Because it's like, every day like thinking about the 10s of 1000s of little micro
transgressions that have happened throughout your life. And then like the really big ones that
you really remember. And it's like, the body doesn't forget those that book the body keeps
score, like it keeps score of everything and until you you learn because a lot of people are
avoidant. Even if you're or even if you're anxious, you'll avoid. It's like when that when the
sensation arises in the body that's unpleasurable. Again, we've all been trained to like look out
into our reality and then do something about it out here. But the reality of what's happening in
the quantum realm of what's happening is within you, it's in your cells, it's in your atoms. And
so the like, with our attention, we can put attention on it but attention is like sharp. It's like a
very sharp knife that hurts the body awareness As this like neutral, loving mother father kind of
energy that just can be like, I know, I see you, you know, purely see you. So I hope I can explain
this. Because it's something that I'm like, kind of playing with in my reality like I read to Elon, I
have these reminders that I read to myself every morning. And I shit you not one of the
reminders to myself every morning is notice the dreamlike nature of reality. Because the the
sleeping state is still an awakened aware state. Right. But that think about that that's a state
where like, none of your programming is online. And it's like, what can't you do? Like I don't
know about you guys, but my dreams are super vivid, really beautiful, or really scary, right?
Like, and I wake up into the emotion of the dream I was just having often, right? Like, it's very
much in my body. So it's like, yeah, we've created a distinction between like this awakened
state and but there's something about the sleep state, that if we really inquire and it's why so
many people want to learn how to, like become aware of their sleep, right, like with, like, lucid
dreaming type of stuff, there's a lot of science about like, hey, if we can become aware of that
there's something changes in your awakened state, because of this as well. And it's because
you're, you're going to notice the dreamlike nature of your reality when you dream. But when
we come here, it's like, like, imagine, imagine, like a different consciousness. And I'll get back
to what I wanted to explain, like, imagine a consciousness from a different world that took a
psychedelic to experience what we see on a daily basis. You know, like, if, like, we lived in
some alternate reality, and you took something to see our reality, how fucking crazy, it would
all be. Right? Like, rain falls from the sky, there's electricity like lightning, wind, you know, like,
all the forces of nature that are here, imagine just came to any like, what this is the craziest
reality ever. But to us, we live in it, and we've normalized it. So something I'm like, really
playing with in my awareness and consciousness is, it's all one, right? Like, I know, we say that,
but like, what does that actually mean? So we have these conceptions of good and bad write
these ideas of light and dark. And again, we polarize everything, because there is polarized
energy, but polarization also means it holds it together, it doesn't mean one is good, and one is
bad. It means it needs these contingents to create one of something, right. So when we think of
good all when I'm sorry, when we think of evil, all evil means is the absence of good. So there's
no evil, there's just less good. In our awareness. When there's dark, it's the absence of light,
but there's just light. You guys get that everything, like, the polar opposite is just the absence
of something. But because we're so trained to this, our mind is mostly looking at absence, and
making it real. Scarcity and money. I don't have money, no, you have you have an absence of
abundance, is what you really have. But abundance is clearly available everywhere, all the
space. So then when you meditate, or when you set intention, often people are like, Well, I'm
here, I want to be here. So let me change my energy to be here. And there's that that's better,
because at least you're focusing the awareness on a different frequency. And I think that does
move the needle. But as I sat here, I'm like, You know what, even that doesn't feel good.
Because if I'm like, well, bunches, I'm gonna think about abundance. I think about abundance.
What you're also saying in that moment is you are validating the lack, you're validating the lack
of abundance. And so that doesn't quite work either. And in Buddhist principles, there's this, I
say this now all the time, people think about like, Well, how do I, how do I get to the middle of
an idea, right? Like, there's this polarity, there's this polarity, they're both extremes. They're
both triggering, they both make me stubborn and this and that. And people are kind of like, you
know, like, what's the middle ground between these two? And we think if we keep arguing the
two different sides will somehow find the middle. That's how you find the middle. The middle is
not the place in between two points of views or two polarities of energy. It's the inclusion of
both. Okay, like the atom would collapse. If it didn't have a positive and negative force inside of
it. Right? It has to hold both in order to have like centrifugal energy to create this alignment.
And so when I meditate now, and I look for this intuition, and this place to ground my system,
where do I want to sit? I want to sit in the place that holds both, which means I'm not really
concerned about either, I am neutral, right? I'm the neutron between the two and the neutron is
that they that it's like it's it's like I try to imagine like a wealthy person that never has to think
about money, like has never even considered that there wouldn't be enough money. Right?
They're in a much more neutral place about money. It's not good. It's not bad. It's just it's
always is it's like breathing air. They anticipate it to be here. Like if, if any one of us for a
moment thought that there wasn't clean off to breathe, we would start suffocating. Right? But
like you wake up every day into the absolution, that when you open your eyes, there's going to
be air for you to breathe. Imagine you were concerned with not enough air, it would literally
have a physiological effect on you right away. And so, you know, I was taught once that, you
know, the way that you walk to go get your mail every day, you know, you go open that box.
And granted, it's not as important as it used to be, but like, you know, opening that mailbox,
and there's stuff there for you. You never walk to your mailbox and think I hope there's mail
there today. You just have this like knowing in your body that there is. And so I work with my
meditation to bring myself to that state, that it's not a desire to have. And it's not an objection
to what is. It is just the, there's a knowingness. And on my way to that knowingness, there are
parts that arise that don't believe that. And so what I do when I work, my part is this is where
we bring our awareness training in is like, there's a response, just like Elon mentioned with a
son in that, in that, you know, very scary situation, there's some trauma occurring in the body
or a physical energetic response. And if you're tuned into that the intelligence of the body
knows how to how to disseminate that and basically bring you back to that neutral state. Right?
Again, you know, if the Senate linear thing it just got it just happens when you know how to
work and cultivate awareness. And so that, for me, is really what I'm working on is like, can I
have an intention? Yes. Can I have a desire? Absolutely. But the moment it starts going too
much in this way too much avoidance here, too much desire here. I feel like either a tainted
intuition or just makes it not really possible. And then you're just, you know, you're going crazy
trying to figure out in a linear reality that you think it's linear, that you're looking at two
separate things. Right, like good and bad, or abundance and scarcity. When you're really
actually always looking at abundance, you're really actually only looking at good, right? So any
absence to me, no, what I'm noticing is there's a response. Let me be with that. And let let the
apps and see that there's nothing here but that, and then just this this knowingness that arises
that it already is, and that there's nothing I need to do to get there. And really trusting and like
the quantum field, that of course, there's an unlimited amount of that there for me for
everybody. And then I'm just trying to, you know, open my system to tap into that frequency.
Yeah, I hope. I hope that was helpful.

Ilan Ferdman 32:37
Yeah. And just something to really take note of like, intuition is your God given right? This is not
something that you need to learn, this is something that you just need to get back to. Kids
operate only through intuition up until a certain age, right, like till that voice in your head gets
created, you are living and operating only through intuition. Because intuition is more about felt
sense, like what feels good, it seems to adults, when we look at kids, that they're either
hyperactive, or you know that they can't focus on something, it's just because like, at this
moment, this feels good to them, and intuitions like go play here. And then a second later,
another intuitive hit comes in, it's like, okay, now go do this thing. And they just keep playing
along, because they're following that thread of intuition. Now, at some point, intuition will say
something to you, the heart, right, like that place that it communicates from will say something
to you. And you might go take action on that. And it's going to lead to heartbreak, or turmoil or
disappointment, or whatever it is. And that's when the mind comes in and goes, we're done
with that. No more of that. That leads to pain, that leads to disappointment that leads to this,
this and this. And that's when all of those layers that we discussed at the beginning, that's
when they all start to kind of pile up. But intuition is always there. It's not something that you
need to like, cultivate or learn, it's something that you need to just remember how to listen to
again. Now, the other thing that I wrote here is, there's two systems that have come online. For
most people intuition has just fallen into atrophy. Because once the mind declared that it no
longer serves us, the mind took over and the mind is what's constantly telling you what to do.
And every time intuition happens, and it says something, the mind instantly will go That's
stupid. We should not do that. Are you kidding me? If we do that we're gonna die. Why would
we do that? That's taking the biggest risk. Because what the heart wants and what the soul
wants. What intuition guides you towards, is not linear. It's not logical, and it sure as hell has
nothing to do with you feeling safe. But on the other side, right, the mind is all about safety,
survival. It doesn't care. If you're overweight, it doesn't care if you're unhappy. It doesn't care if
you're in a miserable job or a miserable relationship, it has figured out how to how you can
survive all of that. And so when intuition goes, I'm done with this relationship. I feel worthy
enough to say no to this, because I want something else the minds like, Are you kidding me?
Do? What if we leave? Do you know what's out there? Like? We know this, do you know how
much worse it could be out there, this other person could be 10 times worse. At least now we
have this and this and this? What if that person, right, and it just Russia, so it's always trying to
communicate, but a lot of times doesn't make linear sense. And so the one of the last pieces I
want to offer here is if when intuition is coming through, and at first, I get that it's very
muddled. So people don't quite know. That's why we do those first processes of like, moving all
that stuff out of the way. But once intuition begins to talk to you, there's someone I forget who
the author is, but he was talking about this, like you're feeding one of two wolves. You're either
going to feed intuition, or you're going to feed your mind's voice. And so every time intuition
comes, if you don't take action on that intuition, as illogical as it might seem, the now you're
feeding the other voice, right, you're feeding the survival mechanism, the linear thinking like
that. So it takes a while for you to feed intuition again. And it also takes a while for you to start
to create unfathomable, unfathomable magical results in your life. As proof that when you do
listen to intuition, all of these things happen. And we've all had them. But for most people,
intuition is like a lightning strike that they keep trying to chase and capture in a bottle. It
doesn't have to be guided, I live from intuition. Literally moment of my moment. There's almost
today. Very, very, very few decisions that I've ever making in my life, that don't involve
intuition. Because I've learned to just tune in and go oh, this. Yes, no, no. Okay. Next. This? Yes,
yes. Okay, great that. And that's how we live our lives. So for me, and I'm just so so that's the
piece about the feeding. And then the last thing is guy was talking something came through to
share, it's like, you know, what, if instead of whatever your goal is, instead of like, trying to
figure out how to get there. Like, you want a relationship, like, how do I get the relationship?
You want a job? How do I get the job you want to? You know, so for me, like, even with
coaching, Will Smith, my focus is, who would I have to be? Or who would I get to be in order to
be the kind of person that works with well, right, because, like, there's a transformation that I
get to go through and that person, that future version of me. So I'm more curious about
because I can't control all these external circumstances. You know, like, I'm, it's not even I
could try and the mines gonna tell you that you could try but like it's, it's, it's a fool's errand.
But this, I have access to this at every step, every second of every day, like, I got this. And if I
can learn and keep releasing those layers that are no longer who I am, so that I can hide this
intuition. And I can start to be and live from that embodied state moment by moment by
moment. All the other stuff including the possibility of Will Smith will literally show up as an
arising in the energy and frequency that I am. So intuition is what basically came through and
said, Oh, you get to be Will Smith's coach like that. That's kind of an at the moment, right? I
was like, That's fucking crazy. Like, my mind is like, Are you fucking like, that's insane? Why
would he ever work with you? Who the fuck are you? Like, you don't even have a book like you
did? Right? Like it's just yap, yap, yap, yap yap, and I'm like, okay, I get that. That doesn't make
any sense to you. And I get that you're afraid I get that this would really make you
uncomfortable and all of it, and you can do all this stuff. But like, that's not what I'm listening
to. Because I have a feeling deep within like that this has already happened. I'm just kind of
walking the path. And so now I'm curious about like, wow, who would I be at that moment that
we meet? And that that's what I can work on. Yeah.

Guy Ferdman 40:23
And the last part here, I'll just say is like, you know, your intuition is your joy. It's like, you know,
you always know when you do something, and it's against your principles or enjoyment, like,
there's a reason 55% of the American public is quitting their jobs are not going back to work.
Yeah. It's not a lack of, of stable jobs. It's people realizing that being home with their children,
feels way better. Being home with their spouses not being in an environment that's toxic with
gossip and all the other things. And it's like, look, until we make those changes, like, Thank
God, at least people are trying to find their joy and Okay, so there's some economic hardship
that's come along with that. But changes need to occur, you know, when 80% of people are
saying they're miserable at their job, and that's where they spend a predominant amount of
their time. That spills over into every sector of society that spills over when you drive on the
roads that spills over when you go get service from somebody that spills over when they go
home, and they're frustrated, and their kids get that and then their kids learn that that's the
right response to life, like, ships got to change, right? And when, when they ask people and
they they survey people on their deathbeds, and they asked him, you know, what are the
things that you would have changed? And like in the 95th percentile, people will regret I didn't
do what made me happy. I lived my life to make other people happy. And the irony of that is
nobody fucking cares. Like, you know, when people drive down the street and your sweet ass
car, and you think that like the people care, they don't, no one gives a shit you're playing in,
like I was listening to Oh, it was actually Jay Shetty. I heard like a little clip of him with speaking
with Tom bill you. He's like, Well, most people are concerned about is not even what's
happening in their head. It's what's happening in their head about what they think is happening
in your head.

Ilan Ferdman 42:06
Yeah, it's like the mind trying to figure out what that person's mind is.