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  • Our Mission

    “Our work is dedicated to your awakening. To living out your own, personal legend. Having it all requires action. It means leaning into your fears and trusting the unknown.

    That’s where you find the magic. You can have the life you dream of and we aim to show you how.”

  • Prime Your Life Mini-Series

    Our modern educational platform is a great way to get started or continue your personal development for FREE with this 10-part coaching mini-series.  Allows you to get a sense of the type of work we do, connect with our community and see how the work affects people's lives.

    Price: FREE

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  • Prime Your Productivity

    Deep dive into your daily habits and come out with new ways to set yourself up for success with simple daily routines that increase your learning aptitude, create a sense of inner peace, and better align your body for health.  These simple techniques anyone can do to enhance their quality of life quickly.

    Price: $47

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  • Prime Your Abundance

    We all want more abundance in our lives, however, so few ever really experience the joy of letting it into their lives.  In this re-programming, we offer a deep look into your inner subconscious and help you master the process to let go of all attachments that are holding you back from attracting the level of wealth you deserve.

    Price: 3 Payment of $97

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  • Have It All Live Event Recordings

    16 Hours of intensive personal alignment coaching that is sure to radically change your perception of life and the world.  Our HAVE IT ALL LIVE experience is like no other experience that you've ever had. Our clients and students are literally moved to tears by how rapidly their lives shift and at the rate in which they begin creating accelerated results, learning, and self-love.

    While you may not be able to join us at our next live event, our professionally done recordings and modern members area allows for you to be a fly on the wall as we take people just like you through one of the most transformative experiences of their lives.

    Price: $497 $297

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Coaching With a Personal Touch

Be Part of an Elite Community of Ultra Powerful Manifestors and Creators

(Programs Are Listed In The Order Many of Our Clients Choose to Climb Up Through Our Ascension Ladder)

The Collective by Satori Prime

This is not your ordinary education, because we're not committed to you having an ordinary life! We're committed to excellence, grace, and ease.

Satori Prime's mission is to impact the lives of 100 Million people and that looks like giving people access to information and experiences that would normally cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

Think of THE COLLECTIVE as a having access to a personal development and motivational mentor who you might see on big stages a few times a year as accessible to you as the phone in your pocket.

The Collective is the answer to the question, "What happens when you bring a large group of people together from all over the world to transform their lives in hyperspeed"?

We here believe that anyone can transform their lives and it's our honor to make these types of transformative inducing experiences available to anyone who seeks to learn and grow into their highest self quickly.

Price: $9 Per Month (14-Day Free Trial)

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Invictus Coaching Experience

Become UNDEFEATABLE with this annual group program which takes your education into a depth most people just will never venture into.  Advanced and cutting edge conversations and experiences are introduced twice a month in punchy sessions that are held in an online group setting where you get direct feedback from Guy and Ilan about life circumstances you're currently facing.  Learn how to approach interpersonal situations, communication, choices and much more with completely new paradigms in the areas of life such as FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, SPIRITUALITY AND MUCH MORE.

If you want to add serious momentum to your growth while learning from others this is the place for you and is only available to graduates of Access to Freedom or Ascension Activation clients.

Ilan and Guy work with some of the most prolific coaches having invested nearly $1,000,000 into new educational experiences over the last 16 years, during the INVICTUS experience these concepts are introduced and worked on with every month with direct one-on-one personal coaching.

Price: $1,000 Per Month

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100 Day Masterclass: Access Your Freedom

Our extraordinary cornerstone 100-day personal development program allows you to meet in an intimate online setting with Satori Prime leaders Guy and Ilan Ferdman as they take you through 7 powerful neurolinguistic and phenomena based distinctions that will alter the landscape of your life and set new foundations from which life can grow from.

Supported by our certified coaches who are dedicated to elevating your experience through personal one-on-one coaching which allows you to implement new concepts quickly and get them into your bones. Our promise to you is that in just over 3 months your life will look and feel completely different!

Price: $3,000 (Payment Plans Available at Request)

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Work Directly With Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Next level breakthrough coaching far beyond just the mind, digging into the deepest parts of the subconscious and reprogramming your custom system from within

Ascension Activation Experience

Consider this a re-awakening of your human spirit!  In this incredibly intimate hands-on accelerator approach, we work with you directly for 12 months to reclaim your power, honor yourself in new meaningful ways, increase productivity, rediscover your deepest level of self-love, reprogram your subconscious and so much more.

Not only will you become part of our family, you'll get an in-depth look at how we live our lives and create richness in every area, circumstance, and relationship.

This custom built accelerator experience also includes personal development seminars such as the highly effective Landmark Education's Forum and Advanced Course. We work with you to amplify your new foundations, increase your results, and assist you in rediscovering lost paradigms. We help you optimize every area of your life where you want to see massive growth, find peace, and increase love.

We've had students quit their J.O.B. for good and move into entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs who effortlessly add rocket fuel to their financial success, people naturally getting their health harmonized, long lost relationships rekindled, and love lives exploding with passion -- Just to name a few.

Our crop of ascension clients also have come with us to Colombia to do plant medicine work deep in the jungle and the results were absolutely incredible! We will continue to create new experiences for these clients to experience deepest healings and growth.

*We only consider people via a qualified application for this very deep accelerator program.  Please contact us directly for further details.


  • Michael Corbishly

    “Business has never been better, I’m so optimistic about where we are and where we’re going…I’ve lost 51 pounds of weight loss, and this isn’t even the most profound thing that has happened to me this week!”

Real People With Real Results

Our Customers Regularly Rate Their Experience with Us as Immediately Impactful and Life Altering

I have had the honor and privilege of being coached and mentored by SatoriPrime - Guy and Ilan Ferdman for the last year and a half. It has been the most exciting and transformative period of time in my life. They are extremely passionate and dedicated to their clients. All of their content is thought provoking, inspiring, and always come through the heart. I am forever grateful and deeply impacted by the love, light, and purpose this company has helped me activate. Namaste SatoriPrime.

Torrey Kozisek
Entrepreneur & Father

They showed me techniques on how I can harness my fear and use it for my advantage. And using those techniques, I was able to grow my business to a million dollars in 11 months. They’re genuine guys who are honest and really care.

James Swanwick
Founder of Swannies Blue Blockers

The Ferdman brothers are alive for one reason and one reason only; to change lives. Their pure devotion to personal development and the betterment of humanity is unparalleled.

Steve Sisler
Entrepreneur and Coach

I started 2 months ago and feel like a freaking unicorn farting rainbows with XYZ factor!

Cynthia Serra Neves
World Traveler

I do a ton of self-development work, but Ilan and Guy have a way of cutting through the noise and getting straight to the truth. It ain’t always pretty, but if you want to get through your head noise to see the truth, these are the guys to go to.

Ryan Daniel Moran
Founder of Capitalism.com

Speakers Coaching From Stage and Corporate Training

Does your company or organization believe it's important to have continued education in business, communication, and productivity for your employees or executive team?

Coaching Your Organization From The Inside Out

We specialize in creating curated custom experiences for your inner circle or your organization at large.  We've training thousands of people all over the world in unleashing their inner power to create a more sustainable and productive environment for both executive teams and employees.

Our presentations are engaging, eye-opening, and have been responsible for a drastic increase in organization morale, communication effectiveness, stark productivity spikes, and to be honest --massively transformational experience for all parties present.

We look at what your organization would benefit from most and custom deliver a message or training that resonates with your particular audience.

Executive Coaching

If intimate training is what you seek, then we come and work directly with your executive team on how to be more effective in every area of their lives.  Our experience shows management has an unimaginable effect on overall company culture and productivity.

A happy purpose filled management with a coherent intention and vision has the ability to quickly transform a company from within.