Our Mission & Purpose

To help you redesign your life from the inside-out.

We've created groundbreaking and mind expanding experiences in order to alter the fundamental state from which people experience life, themselves, and unlock their innate ability to manifest and receive their deepest desires.

Intuitive Mind Virtual Live Event

Over 3,572 Students Have Embarked On This Astounding Life-Changing Journey Where They Learned Our Unique Breakthrough Technique Called The "Nervous System Reset Protocol" Proven to Transform Your Experience of Life in Just 2-Days

Master the art of tapping into higher states of consciousness for profound healing and transformation.
Harmonize your mind to work in synergy with your true purpose and goals.
Enhance your emotional intelligence and boost your resilience in the face of challenges.
Nurture a profound sense of inner peace and groundedness in your daily life.

Mindset Mastery Immersion

16 hours to a brand new outlook and experience of your mindset, performance, relationships, and emotional well-being. We believe this to be the most complete mindset coaching and personal development online course available.

Comprehensive Explorations: Each module comes with summaries and questions to deepen your understanding and application of the concepts.
Interactive Exercises: Engage in practical exercises designed to transform knowledge into action.
Access to Our Coaches: Enjoy a one-on-one custom game plan session with one of our support team to create a plan for sustainable transformation.
Live Q&A Sessions: Weekly live sessions with Guy & Ilan Ferdman to answer your questions and provide additional insights.

The Awareness Effect Academy

Various experiences range from 2-month programs up to 18 months of advanced practitioner training. These programs are by application only and are for those who are deeply committed and aligned to becoming the highest version of themselves in every area of life, relationships, and business.

Level 1: A complete shift in how your mindset operates! Investigate 7 life-altering and powerful distinctions in 8 weeks which allow one to free their conditioned mind to operate and flex in new and unexpected ways.
Level 2: The biggest deep-dive into your personal growth begins here. Over the course of four months, you will uncover some of your deepest ingrained psychological and emotional blocks and behaviors that have run your life and build indisputable practices to reprogram mind and body.
Level 3: The aim of this community and training is to give you access to evolving coaching and mentorship at the highest level as you continue to live your life in a grounded, safe, and neutral state. Inevitably, life will continue to happen and you will learn how to use every experience as an opportunity to grow from and flow with, increasing the ease of life, discovering your eccentric gifts, and manifesting through synchronicity at levels most have never experienced.

Community Support: Access to a private community for support, sharing, and encouragement.

All our programs are available in a modern members area you can access from your laptop or mobile device anywhere in the world. Now transformation is always just a click away.

Start Your Journey Now With Our Mindset Reset Protocol

We offer foundational and advanced practioner courses, we recommend starting with our foundational program, the Mindset Mastery Immersion program, and then jumping on a 'custom game plan' call with our team so we can see how we can further assist you on your path to self-realization, transformation, and healing.

Holy Sh*t balls!

I just finished module 6 of Mindset Mastery Immersion, holy sh*t balls. It's mind blowing!

Stacey Davis

The Most Exciting!

I've been mentored by Guy & Ilan for the last year and it's been the most exciting and transformative year of my life.

Torrey Kozisek


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