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I got all the notifications that were there. So I think we are. Okay. Cool. Yeah. All right, double
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Okay. All right, everybody. Welcome. Welcome. Happy two's day. Get it to a lot of tows in today's date. By the way. That's a that's an Aliyah Ferdman. Original. So that did not come from Me. I did learn something very interesting that I will share with you guys who are here early. This was kind of cool. It's today's date. Tuesday, 22nd. February 22 will be both a palindrome and an ambigram. Now some ambigram has a palindrome and what the hell's an ambigram? I will tell you, the date will read the same from left to right, right. And from right to left and upside down. Hmm. How cool is that?

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I didn't know what the diagram was. Yeah, so pretty cool.

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Yeah, it's saying that, uh, I'm still sounding pretty echoey. But it might be I don't know, something. Probably guys.

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Okay. So anyway, very, very cool day today. For those that have not been around us for very long. I will just let you know that mine and my brothers number that we've been seeing for decades at this point has always been Tu, we see it everywhere. It's kind of been like our guiding number. And then I shared this yesterday on a summit that we did, but my daughter was actually supposed to be born in mid March. And I said to my wife, watch is going to be born on 222. And my wife said, Are you crazy? That's like weeks ahead. Like, that's not happening. And 221 She nudges me she goes, I think you're gonna get your wish. And sure enough, our daughter was born on 222. So it's a special day in my heart. And so happy two's day. Welcome, for those of you that this is your first time here with us on on our Tuesday lives. Welcome to our community, first and foremost old souls and seekers. This community is growing quickly. I don't even know what we're up to now.

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When in fact, 25,000 I think today actually.

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25,000 People today.

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Yea I know.

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Amazing. Yeah, it's just, it's been growing beautifully. And there's just incredible, incredible collection of souls and humans here. So if you're just new to this community, please dive on in. share a post welcome yourself to the community. If there's anything that you ever want to share, just to let people know who you are. There's a ton a ton of incredible, incredible people here. They're saying echoes back row. Okay. All right. So I'm looking at one that's not working. I'm not really sure why that's happening today. And yeah, just an incredible opportunity to plug in something that I've become very, very cognizant of the more we kind of asked people this question, and I'm just going to ask it here. So you guys land with it as well, which is how many of you guys by saying like, yes, or I in the comment box, would say I would agree that you have done this personal development journey very much on your own. Like you've been this fiercely independent person. You've been reading the books in the comfort of your own home, you've been watching videos, you've been doing things but it's it's primarily been a me on my own experience as you've been going through this. So and I'll just wait for it. Yeah. So Travis says I, I'll see how many of you Yeah, Facebook user, I don't know who that is. They say I to Christie. Yeah. So. Yep. Okay, cool. So there's a few of you in there as well that are saying I Yeah, and and, look, I don't want to I'm not saying this as a make you wrong for anything. We've all done this. I've been just as guilty of it and I can tell you Being on the other side of it, you know, the ability to ask for support. And more than that the ability to receive support are two of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself. Without question you can ask anyone that's been in any of our programs for any amount of time, like, the most difficult thing for them, is to reach out and ask for support, right? Because what comes up is a lot of, I'm not worthy, or I'm not good enough, or I'm not deserving, or it's gonna make me feel weak inside or whatever it might be. And so I just want you to know, like, this community that we've built, is an incredible resource for you, where people legit and I mean, like, legit, want to be there to support and help you. And whatever you have to go through to create that reach, right, like the I want support, just get that that's a huge part of your personal development journey. And then once once you can plug in all of our programs at whatever level you do, whether it's, you know, you just come to our live event for a couple days, or you start diving into kind of our, what we're now rebranding as the awareness effect Academy. Whether you're at level one, level two, level three, like it's all about community, reflection, receiving support, asking for support, all that kind of stuff. So if you found your way here, I'm really, really happy to have you, I'm sure guys as well. And this Tuesday, like every Tuesday, what we do is we just come out here for an hour. And we're going to share some wisdom and some practices and things that you can start to implement on your journey. And hopefully you don't do those on your own. And you can actually start to plug into this community and really use it today. So with that, I'm gonna turn it over to guy and let him know, and he'll share with you what we're actually going to be sharing today. Yeah, so we're gonna talk about three levels of mind today, kind of walking you guys through what they are. And, you know, ascertain is probably the wrong word, because it's not like we're really ascertaining anything.

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We're more like uncovering ourselves to discover what's underneath, right. So I like to think of transformation, not as a adding to phenomenon. Like you're adding something to yourself, it's actually a subtraction phenomenon. It's like, we're actually removing conditioning, to come back to an experience our true nature. And so we want to talk about some of that we like to embrace both the psychological, personal development mindset type of work here, as well as what we find to be even more critically important, certainly for the times that we're in the energetic and awareness practices and how we bridge the two. So if you were on last week's call, Last Tuesday's call, we actually outlined, you know, these two paths. And that's why if you guys stick around, we do roughly give or take the same training, it always comes out a little bit different every month and a half to two months or so. And there's a purpose for that, because there's a way that they all tie together into a comprehensive understanding, not just of how your mind works, but like how do you go inside and get a view? Like, how do you you know, how do you create a view, a level of awareness that allows you to look at oneself in a manner which elicits healing within the system? In a really natural, effortless way, right? Because we, we want simple, like, honestly, that's funny, we always says, everybody wants simple, but the mind is not really built for simple. It likes to complicate. It likes to create lots of rules and regulations. And we kind of see that in our society, right? Like things aren't simple. They have like a lot of rules and regulations. And so people often think that this has to be really, really complicated. And it's so simple that the mind can sometimes grasp the simplicity
of what it is that we're offering here. And even simplicity still means that you got to cultivate that practice, right? Like, we always say, it's easy to walk. It's simple to walk up a mountain, it's not easy to walk up a mountain, you got take one step at a time, and you're going to get to the top. But is it easy? No. But some people cultivate and they do that practice every day. And for them, you know, measure walking up the mountain might be fairly easy experience and for other people, it's, it's really, really difficult. Go right, so we're all kind of in these different places. And so, just about these two paths of personal development, like there's really two paths toward an awakened human and awakened awareness right. And so we have what Ken Wilber has coined the growing up work, which is probably what most of you guys are very familiar with. This is informational based learning psychological based learning, mindset principles, integrity, respect. ability, right this is and will live in this world is you understand your mind, you understand how it works, you understand this device, you even understand many of your patterns, perhaps why they were formed, why you even do the things that you do. But you will notice that when you live in that space, there's this air of like managing yourself, you're like coping with what's happening, it's still happening, you're just managing better. And that's, that's an important aspect. Because a lot of people don't have that knowledge don't have that wisdom. And so they're out of control. They don't know, oh, when I do that, you know, they feel shame, or they avoid or feel anxious, and they don't know, oh, I could take responsibility for that I can communicate this non violently, I can re establish connection. They don't they don't know these practices, they've probably never tried them. And so they've never seen how trans-formative that can be. Right? But that kind of leaves you off with this question of like, well, why is that still happening? When I clearly understand why it's happening. And it's still happening, right? Like, how come this aspect of me still comes forward. And I'm going to give it to you guys really straight here. And what I believe is the fundamental thing that pretty much every human deals with, if not all humans are dealing with is really just a feeling this like feeling deeply in our system of a lack of safety. And so if you look across all the balance of what's happening in humanity in society, you can see that pretty much what everybody's arguing about what everyone is vying for what everyone is trying to get to, is this experience of safety and how we've tried to do that. And it's kind of failed, right, is by getting everyone to agree about everything, because one of the ways that humans test our reality, our personal experiences, well, if they agree on it, it must be true. It's why we gossip. It's why we call it last. It's why we congregate together, we need to reaffirm our, our perception of reality in some way. And so we do this through through our agreement, right? And if so, if they agree, it must be true. And then we go on like this for a long time. But it still gives you this very narrow field of what reality is. And so mindset kind of starts opening you up to well, maybe that wasn't true, what else could be true, right? And, and kind of playing with stories and different versions and perceptions of reality. And that's very, very powerful, right? But at the end of the day, you will find that no matter how much you try to convince your mind, right, and we could say, and so let me just kind of insert this here, that the first level of mind that most people are at, prior to doing any sort of mindset work, if we were to kind of just bubble it down into a single sentence, their impression of life is is that they are some kind of like some usually some kind of victim to life, and that life is happening to them. And they're almost like this kite, just kind of flying through the wind, you know, at the whim of whatever forces and energies are in the world. And you know, given the last two years, anybody who's at that, at that level of mind, not bad or wrong, right, just a different frequency, has probably had a really, really difficult experience in the last two years, because it's these really big energies, right, that they're getting sucked into. And then we kind of go through our paces with that. So again, the first level of mind that we want to speak to is this level of mine is, what was me? Why is this happening to me? Okay, once we've established and how many guys have kind of been in that
place, or you feeling broken through that, like, that's not fundamentally where you live anymore, just say hi in the chat box, or you can share any little quips you have about that, you know, like going through that experience. And and that is, that takes something right, like that takes courage to detach from that reality. It takes courage to start listening to the sub-vocalization the mind, right, this little voice inside your mind, and starting to listen to it in such a way that you recognize, hey, this little voice in my mind is saying some pretty crazy stuff. And the reason it's saying what it's saying is because it's trying to have you survive and create safety, right? So it's, it's actually this beautiful mechanism that's trying very, very hard on your part to work hard and create generate the safety for you. It just doesn't really work very well,
right. It's this old, reptilian mammalian brain that's kind of looking for threat all the time. And then it's like this other part of us the neocortex which is more rational and this and that gets hijacked by this part of the brain and we go into some of these really old you know, 100 million year old survival patterns that we've gone into and then we operate from that level of mind even though we're in the world that has you know, kind of a higher mind that we often need and so once we pop out of that once you've done enough mindset work once you've realized hey, you know what, I actually am the spring I am the source from which everything in my life gets created from my like, how many you guys are at that point? And from there this kind of overarching theme is it's no longer happening to me, you can start seeing that life is happening for me. Okay, so how many you guys are like now pretty well established in life is happening for me say I in the chat box there. Okay, is there anything you want to add to this, bro? Okay, cool. So, right so and that's where we really start saying like, whoa, okay, this stuff is happening for me, there's kind of a lesson in everything that's happening. And I'm a willing participant to some degree. And I understand if things are not working, then the best action that I can take, even if it's difficult, even if sometimes I don't believe it to be true, is to look at from the point of view of, you know, what, I gotta take responsibility for this thing. And I want to tell you that I want to give you our definition of responsibility. So because it's not the one that's casually used in society, okay, or in different cultures. For us, what we have found is that responsibility is often meshed together, or collapsed with fault and blame. So like fault, blame and shame, usually fall under the category of responsibility. So what does that mean? That if I'm to take responsibility, then I'm to blame. I need to feel shame about what's happening. Right. And and it's, and it's this collapse that has often led to people declining from or saying, I don't want to take responsibility for that, because I don't want to feel this shame. And who can blame anybody for that? Right? Because it's like, why would I want to make myself feel bad by taking responsibility for this thing, right. But responsibility really means your ability to respond to what's happening. Now, most people, when they're taking responsibility are really just reactive, right? We want to get away from the reactive mind and towards the mind that's able to respond with a caveat from an aligned place. And that's where we want to bring the awareness and energetics into it. Because it's how do we find that alignment? Because if we don't, we continue come from, we continue to come from reactivity. And so responsibility if you separate it from this fault, blame shame model, the psychological model that we've used for a very long time, and you just realize that taking responsibility allows for me to more adequately respond to what's happening. And this shame, blame guilt, energy over here, I don't have to deal with that at all. Or I can process and metabolize that energy through my system, realizing that when I do, I will be empowered to respond better to the situation. Okay. And this is really starting to get into this modality and even direct experience with life that it's like holy crap, like I am the spring from which it all comes through. Right? I am, I am a channel where the energy moves through, and some kind of reality gets generated through my system. And I can share that and express that into the world. Right. And it's a really, I mean, if that's all you did, if that's all you did in this lifetime, you will be eons ahead of where most people psychology is at this point in time, in this kind of transition, and you will be able to start manifesting things in your life that most people who are in that more victim mentality, just fall prey to and literally don't have access to not because they don't want to, they just haven't been shown a path and have not had the direct experiences that allowed them to see so far like what actually happens when you courageously take responsibility for something. What happens when you go into that relationship that's been fucked up for 30 years. And you say, hey, you know what, I'm going to take responsibility for this relationship, I'm going to call myself out on the position and perception that I've had, I'm going to shift that. And I'm going to tell you and call myself out on what I've held in my system. I'm going to forgive this situation, myself and you, and you see this relationship just come back online vitality returns, and like something new can blossom that that person may have never experienced before. It's sporadic. It's spontaneous. It is enlivening. It's an amazing experience. And like, you know, we've led people through those kinds of experiences for 15 years. And we can tell you, it doesn't matter. Usually, it doesn't matter to what degree a relationship is in disrepair, it can be repaired, right? People don't always want repair, to be perfectly honest, depends on you know, both sides are at that point. However, most humans want some connection with their loved ones, like really deep, meaningful, authentic connection, right? And it's like, are you willing to get out of the way, take full responsibility, understanding that when you do, all the things that you want from this relationship will be yours, you will get them. But you got it. But you got take that really first step and honestly deal with your ego. You got to take a little bit of ego hit be like holy shit, I have been holding on to this idea about this person. And as long as I hold on to this idea, nothing new can come to this relationship. Right. Nothing new will be born here. Anything you want to add to this part? Oh, keep finishing the. Yeah. So I want to take you guys through the through the whole piece, right? And so. So with the growing up work, and maybe you guys again, can map yourself here. Here's what ends up happening. Here's what we have observed. That happens to many of our clients and again, Elan and I have coached 10s of 1000s of people
over the last 15 years. So it's not like a you know, experience that we see one or two people how It's an experience that we see like 99% of people having, right? So again, how many you guys have like, you read the books? You watch all the videos, you follow the leaders, right? So someone mentioned Bob Proctor he just passed away unfortunately, recently. Like how many guys, you know, read all those things and you do all those things. Just say, just say I. Okay, and if you do, here's the next part is like, have you noticed that once you do that for a while, there's this repetition that starts happening, everything kind of starts sounding the same? Like even when I'm sharing with you right now, you're probably like, Yeah, I've heard this before. I know, I know, I'm supposed to take responsibility. I'm still challenged by that. But I know I'm supposed to do it. My life is better when I do. Right. Now, this is not new. So when you get to that point, and you tell me if this is true, there's like an air of frustration that begins to arise in the system. Why? Because you're like, how much work does it take? Like, what do I have to do? What do I need to understand is a concept that I missed? Am I fundamentally broken? Why do I keep doing nothing? Why do I keep having this experience of money comes in money comes out? Why do I keep meeting the same person and sabotage the relationship? Why is my health in disarray? I want it I want to be healthy, but I seem to keep keep making bad choices. Like, why does that happen? And that's what we've been sitting with for the last six years. And, you know, because we saw the same frustration, Ilan and I had put over a million dollars into our personal education between him and I 15 years of non stop work. And even we were like, holy shit, like, this is really frustrating. I don't want to look at an originating incident. Over and over and over and over again, I already know out there, I didn't really know what I got angry about, I
already know what mom and dad did. I already know all those things. Still yelling, still upset, still fearful, still fearing terror, all those things, right. And this is kind of where we we start brushing up against, really the ceiling or the walls of what mindset work can do for you. We all know this like information by itself on a plot, hide, like it's just information you, you might even know like, I've seen people do this, I'm sure you have to go out with friends. You know, their life is a shit storm or like things are not going well for them. But at a table like they can philosophically talk a really good spiritual game. Like they really know their fundamental principles of spirituality, and what they say sounds genius to other people, but you're like, holy crap, that person's life is in disarray. So to me that there's a misalignment there, it says the person has information, but they haven't applied it. And they haven't gained wisdom, because wisdom is, is when you applied information, to an experience, you've actually had directly experienced that we call that Gnosis. And once you've had Gnosis, you've learned something from it, a transformation has occurred. And now you're not talking from information, you're actually generating it from your own experience, that you're actually talking about it from a direct experience that you've had. And there's a different qualitative feel to somebody who speaks that way. versus somebody who's giving you information, like they read it in the book, memorize it, and have it have conceptual knowledge, but don't have direct wisdom. Okay. And so in order to get into more of the wisdom practices, what we what we want to start doing and this is what our company has really taken the mantle on and why we feel our work is so different is that we're bridging what's happening in the mindset space. And what we can tell you that we have found is no matter how good the psychology or no matter how good the therapy, what we see is that people don't actually heal the rupture, until they include energy and awareness into the practice. Okay, if that's you sounds crazy. Again, I just want to remind you, some of the smartest people on planet Earth, Einstein's the Nikola Tesla's have, for a very, very long time, quantum physics has now corroborating this have always said vibration, frequency, you know, sound, these kinds of things are basically the material building blocks of our reality of our universe. And so we to our frequency and vibrations, energy, sound, call it what you will. And so if we don't have awareness, on energy, we're literally taking awareness off of what we are, which is just energy experiencing energy, energy vibrating and frequencies vibrating and all these different kinds of things, right. And so when we start including that is where some really big magic can happen. And when you transition here will take you guys through a short exercise today. But when you transition into awareness and energy practices, including the foundation that you've set with mindset, because it's really, really important, by the way, we're not taking anything away from mindset, crucial, crucial, crucial. But when you start including awareness and energy, you're going to start transitioning from somebody who says this is happening for me, too. This is literally happening through me Okay, so now it's no longer happening for me, it's like you are a, in a co a relationship with source and you are directly experiencing your channel nature, you are actually opening up your body energetically. Okay? And this is I mean this literally like a flower opening, okay, the heart opens, the nervous system relaxes, and energy body can open. And what you're doing is you're essentially just you have more charge that you can carry in your system. Okay, look, you've all we've all met the depressed sad person, I was one of them as a teenager, that person has a very, usually a very tough time carrying charge in their system. Right? And honestly works just like, it just works just like the outlet in your wall, you have a positive and a negative, and you got to put something in between, right like a resistance, that that takes potential energy, and turns it into something. And so you can think of your conscious mind as a positive and your subconscious mind, which is really not a mind, it's really this, this whole mechanism that we call a nervous system and how it operates as the negative. And by applying awareness, you're harnessing that energy and turning it into something. So it goes from being static to kinetic type of energy. Okay, and this is really, this is like our positive or negative and that doesn't mean good or bad. It means like the polarities, which need to be connected the mind body connection, the mind energy connection, in order to take full advantage of what it is that you are authentically. Okay. And so the last bit I'll say here, and this, bro, you want to chime in with anything?

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I just finished where you want to finish. Yeah.

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So the last thing I just want to say here is like where where most people have a it's not an unrealistic view, it just what seems to not work, okay, like is every view is valid, right? Like all these perceptions that we have everything that's happening, a billion views can be fully validated from that person's point of view, that's actually in my, in my experience the point, everybody needs to have a different point of view. Because every person is revealing another aspect of reality to the whole, right, we get a more holistic view of everything when everyone has different perceptions. So it's weird that we've gotten into this argument about perceptions versus being like, Oh, my God, look how they view it. What can I learn from that? Look, how they view it? What can I learn from that? What can I extract from that person's experience, we don't feel safe enough to, to share it, because you know, the way that the ego is organized right now. But what we really want to get is, your mind is not the first thing that's responding to what's happening in front of you, whatever life circumstances are dealing with the mind is actually kind of like, like step five, okay? What's really responding first, is is an energy, it's like, it's like frequencies hitting your body like an instrument, and there's a vibration that's happening somewhere in your body, it's very subtle. But through the cultivation of awareness, and energy awareness, what is subtle can become actually a big part of your life. Okay. And so there's a usually a vibration that happens somewhere in the center channel, right there and down the chakra systems, and there's like a tightening or pinching, or collapsing or like, sometimes even feels like a like a knife, like a stabbing kind of feeling, or, you know, just something like some kind of compression, it's usually a discomfort. Now, for most of us, we have been trained when there's discomfort in our system that the mind looks away, it's like, I don't want to deal with that. And then mind has learned to run a specific program. Right? Think about when you had some kind of trauma as a child, something had to happen to secure and save the child from the experience that was happening. And to your mind to tried something, try to do something, you know, some kind of response. And when it worked, the mind is like, Okay, we're gonna keep doing that. So for example, if you were dealing with a bully, as a young child, like I had to do stuff like that, you know, the first day, you get bullied, and you're like, Why did I just happened? Like, what did I do today? Right? The next day, the bully comes after you again, now you're like, Oh, my God, I'm under direct threat. And now I'm fearful of going outside or playing with my friends or whatever it might be. Third day, you're like, Alright, today, I'm gonna deal with this head on, right? And you go out there and you, you clock, the bully, the bullet gets up and nails you right back. That response didn't work. Right, that dislike that was a failed response, let's say the fourth or the fifth or whatever, you realize that on your own. You're like, it's scary. And so you make sure that this time when you head out to recess, you bring a few friends with you, because there's power in numbers. Okay? And now as you walk by the bully, but there's four or five of you walking by the bully looks, but the bully doesn't respond, doesn't do anything to you. And you get safety in that moment. And you and your system looks at and says, Oh, okay, I need to be around people all the time to feel safe. I need to develop relationships and I can see as a child you do that. And then you you grow up into this experience where like you have to always be around people to create safety, even if what you really want is privacy, even if what you really want is quiet, you know. And maybe on top of that, you start realizing that the way to have people around you all the time is to constantly do things for them. Like to just to serve them and to give them. But on the other hand, nobody's giving you anything back in return. And so there's this empty feeling in your body of like, what the fuck like, Why am I always giving people something, never gain back in return. And you can see how this thing that created provided safety in the moment, over time can turn into distortion of reality, because it you're walking outside every day as if that bully for when you were four or five, six years old, is still standing outside waiting to clobber you, when that's actually not happening. Okay. And so when we get into energy, when we get into awareness, what we start realizing is there's there's all these things that your system is constantly responding to your nervous system is just automatically responding to stuff all the time. And we want to train our mind to not be so subjective, because that's where we get in trouble, right? Because we can either view what's happening, and this is what psychology does, and why we believe it fails for most people or doesn't work, as well as it could is that you look at what's happening in your system. But you look at it from the conditioning of the mind, this is actually where this is actually where the responses. So this doesn't have any other perception. So what we want to train people to do is how do you unhook, we call this on localized awareness you on localize your awareness, from the conditioned mind, and you actually come out into a different level higher state of mind is what we train in our two day intuitive mind program, it's actually rather easy to do. And once you find this seat of awareness, so to speak, then you can look at what the response that's happening in the body, when you do this, something magical happens, okay? And what what ends up happening is that your body has its own intelligence, your your body is very, very highly intelligent, right, and responds very quickly to things. And just the same way that you may get a cut in your finger, or break a bone or woman gets pregnant, there's no feedback that we need to give the body in order to how to bring itself back to homeostasis. It's always trying to move back to homeostasis. It's always always always trying to do that, okay, you never look at a cotton your finger on the fingers, like, yeah, you do it this time. You figure it out, right? Like, it's gonna, it's gonna figure it out. What we want to understand is, how are we interjecting in that process, that's not allowing for the healing to happen. Because whatever trauma you have is really just energy that's bound up and stuck in your body, it's energy that hasn't been able to find a way to metabolize itself. Okay, so I want you to get this, you get, you get a response in your system, something hits your system, there is a response in here, the mind looks down and goes, I don't like this, this has happened before, here's how we respond to a situation like this, and then it hijacks you, and runs that program. Now, you might understand what I'm saying, but the source and put in some quotes of your issue, because not an issue, the source of your issue is that there's a part of you that doesn't feel safe that the mind is responding to. So if you want to stop having that response, you want to actually heal from it. You don't want to figure out what the mind is doing. Because that's too complicated. And it's not helping anyway, you're you're seeing I'm doing that thing again. But so what you've already done it, what you want to look at is could we metabolize that energy, so that when something hits my system, that pinch that closing that, you know, push up a knife, that discomfort on the system actually doesn't happen anymore, you don't like you just you metabolize it. So that response of the body's having, it stops having it and then the mind can still look down at the system. But there's nothing to respond to, in order to create safety because there's literally that that subtle energy is no longer there, the body is just fluid now that energy easily moves. So even if it upsets you, it's for a moment like a child, it's like here, it's gone. The body just knows how to metabolize it, you it's trained, it has that template, it works fluidly with energy. And that's what ends up happening. And this is what our clients are like, wait, what's happening right now. Because instead of having to work so hard on something, which is what mindset development usually is, it's like the more effort you put in, the more you kind of get back until you hit that threshold. With the energy practice, it's actually quite the opposite. If you push on your system and you try to do something, actually very little happens. In fact, almost nothing happens. It how you elicit this response how you leverage this intelligence is by becoming subjectively aware. Okay, and then I'll say this one last piece, then I'll roll it to Ilan. What we want to help you guys do is understand that most people are pleasure seeking. Okay. And this is causing them a lot of pain. And if you go if you literally go on our homepage, you will see a line just a little bit down the page that says stop trying to make yourself feel better and simply get better at feeling. Okay, stop trying to make yourself feel better and simply to get better at feeling, when you find this seat of awareness is really where the game of transformation can take off and begin for you. Because what you start noticing is that you stop pleasure seeking and instead of the view itself, right, just just watching, regardless of what's on the screen, regardless of what circumstances are in your life, the view is the pleasure. Like you're just getting pleasure from just watching life unfolding in front of you. Okay, and I want to tell you that you all have experienced this, you know how I know because you've all watched a movie, you've seen horror movies, you've seen scary movies, you've seen rom-coms, you've seen movies at a pull at your heartstrings, you've seen every kind of movie. And I want you to get that when you watch a movie, you are more of a sudden you have a more of subjective view, because that thing is not happening to you. Right. And so you are acquiring pleasure, regardless of what circumstances are unfolding on the screen, merely from the fact that you're the one observing what's happening on the screen. But in our lives, it's not like that in our lives, we are the actor and the producer and the director,
and we are intimately experiencing what's happening. So what happened this is again, all because we have been trained, trained to localize our awareness here, where life is experienced that way. However, the moment, the moment that you can unhook from that, the moment you unhook from that, you then become the observer, just like watching the movie, where you are now the subject, watching the object, go through the experiences. And so you derive pleasure from just viewing what's happening, regardless of what's happening. And because of that, the nervous system down regulates and goes into a parasympathetic rest and digest response, which is the only response the body can have for real healing to occur. No healing happens, nothing happens until your body is at rest. And so for a lot of people, when they start meditating, they think this is to quiet my mind, instead of realizing this is a healing tool. And that's where we want to transition. Any of you guys who are interested, and want to learn what it is that we're talking about here, because it needs to be directly experienced, is that it's not about just sitting here and meditating quieting your mind, because your mind is not going to get quiet that way. Sometimes the mind is not quiet, even with all the practice I've had some times as loud days. But what we have learned is that it's not about quieting the mind, it's about observing the mind in all its glory, and all its essence. And in all the ways it shows up. Sometimes you observe and it's quiet, sometimes you observe and the mind is fucking pissed off. And it's trying to yank at safety and do all these different things. And that's, that's the rub here, guys is that with simple practices, and meditation, you can start making a huge advancements in the quality of your life. And start recognizing what's really important here is that the actions that you guys are taking, that you guys have tied to your value in life are really not important. And they are at some level, right? But like, what's the truth is, is that love connection, and all these things are really not contingent on you achieving anything or doing any action at all. We've made it that way, but they're not. And if you can start recognizing this, then you will start understanding that, okay, if I've, if I've been trying to achieve to get all these things, and it's not working, this is all in the world that lives outside of myself trying to change my external circumstances, to make myself feel safe in here, that's not working. Because it doesn't work. Hands down. Good coach. 10th is 1000s of people at all levels of success and income levels, like everyone's dealing with this at every level, I don't care what level they're at. And you learn how to turn inside and learn how to view you will train your body, you will train your energetic, you will train your awareness to feel safe. And then the quality of the energy from which you act and respond to life completely changes. And so the results that you get are equivalent to the quality of that energy. We all know what it feels like when we're scared and scarce or in a rush and you try to do something you end up hurting yourself sabotaging doing something dumb and you're like, Why did I just do that? versus feeling grounded and safe in the system, taking time letting intuition come through and responding that way and unless you start showing up a very different way. And these are the two kind of worlds that we are now beginning to see saw in like people who are starting to recognize these higher aspects and different levels of mind and who are training and cultivating themselves to live in that state constantly, as Ilan and I are knows our students are doing versus those who are struggling with the minutiae of every day in every experience. That's really just dealing with survival all the time.

Ilan Ferdman 40:02
Yeah. I mean, you guys are, would say and just let me know in the comment box how many you guys there's an issue in your life or a challenge in your life that's been around for at least a year. It could be, you know, a relationship. It could be finances, it could be career, it could be health, how many would you say like, there's this thing that you've been working on, but it's, it's still here? Okay, and if you guys want to even get more specific, and you just want to type in, like the area that that's in, as I'm sharing, you can you can drop that in. I find that to be true. Yeah. Right. And like some people are saying least two or three. And so here's what I want you to get, right? We took you through kind of like the three levels. And I want you to get that when you first start your path. And you first start reading the books, and watching the videos. Do you guys remember how exciting it was? Whenever you receive this information, like you
felt like life was was breathed into you, or you were unplugged from the matrix, it felt so alive, you had AHA after Aha, and you're like, Oh my God. That's why I've been such an asshole in relationships. And that's why money hasn't showed up in my life and all this kind of stuff. And it's really, really exciting. And you, you start to make some pretty big shifts. In that first level transition, where you switch out of this woe is me, life is happening to me to life is happening for me, right? Like, we start to take responsibility. And we start to make all these shifts in our lives. Now, I asked you before, like, how many of you have a situation that you've been dealing with for more than a year? And the reason I asked that is this and you know what, let's, before I even give you the answer, let's play Board Association. So you guys like, you guys get that you're all on the same page. Right? I'm gonna say a sentence you tell me what the word is what you resist. Blank, fill in the blank What you resist? What? There you go, persists. Look at all these people. resist, resist, resist, right? Okay, so we all know that right? What you focus on? Does what? I'm going to tell you guys what you want at the end of this lovely game, what you focus on? Does what? Blink? Yeah, grows, gets bigger. Grows. Right? Like we all know this, what you focus on expands and grows. Right? So look, you guys all know this. Why do you know this? Because you've probably read this or heard this in at least at least 50 different books or videos, would you guys agree? Like, I'm not giving you any, anything new that you haven't heard. And you know this, you have this information. And with that information, you also have dozens of other things that you've learned about how you make up stories and how the mind makeup stories. And how if you shift your story is all of a sudden you have this whole life. But here's the rub. At some point on your journey, hasn't knowing all this stuff like whereas before it was creating all these massive AHA is and like really shifting your life? Hasn't it over time, the
returns of it diminished, like the usefulness of it. And you start to highlight and see different layers that are wanting something, but you're using these tools that you used before and created amazing results for yourself in your life. But now, how many would you agree like it's not working in quite the same way that it used to? How does that make you feel? And I'm not going to say it I want you guys to type out like, be honest. How does it make you feel that you have invested all of this time, all this money, all this energy and you're still dealing with the same thing. still dealing with your finances, still dealing with your relationships still dealing with your career? And I just want you guys to read this because people are putting in one word and I would venture to say that most of you have all these similar things. Frustrated, tired, week lost, discouraged, duped, oh, that's a good one. Right feeling deflated, frustrated, discouraged, frustrated, stressed. Angry, disheartened. How many you guys can resonate with every single thing here that someone wrote, like, even though you didn't write that, like, you can feel that. And I'm gonna let you off the hook here and just let you know, like, you haven't done anything wrong. This is just what happens in the journey. Level one, you're like peeking everything is making a difference. It's like skyrocketing growth, skyrocketing growth, and then you get to this place where like tips over and the growth starts to slow down. And the growth starts to slow down. And it's not quite working, how it used to, and then you even start to decline. And you start to decline because of all of these things, right? Like that feeling of being duped or frustrated or angry. And what are you doing in this state? Check in for yourself, like, what do you do? When all of this it's like, it's not quite working like you used to? What do you do? Mike guess is because you are a seeker, and you are an old soul? Is you have a nagging feeling
inside that there has to be some other way. There has to be something I'm missing. And yes, you go into old patterns. And for most of us, we either give up like Caroline says, or we double down and we do what more reading more meditation, more videos more this more that because something inside is nagging at you and telling you you know what? I know, I'm just missing that one answer. I know I'm missing that thing. And if I just work hard enough, and if I just push and keep pushing and keep pushing and keep pushing? I know I'm going to find it. How many of you guys would say that you find yourself very, very, very much in that state. Yeah, so I won't even say tried differently and are harder. Look for more tools. Right, we just like keep keep keep going, keep going. I know, I know. I know. I'll get there good, right. I wrote a post earlier today. Okay, which I shared my story of this. And I want you guys to know that after being on that path for probably about 1415 years. And maybe I'm just slow. And maybe I'm just stupid. But I've also coached 10s of 1000s of people. So I would say that I have enough data. It's not peer reviewed people. It's not peer reviewed, right? It's anecdotal. But it's enough data to let you know that it doesn't work. That reading more and watching more and all that stuff that you've been doing. If you have a problem that has been nagging you for more than a year, and it's still there, that I'm going to just let you know and let you off the hook that doing more of what you're already doing is not going to be the thing that solves the problem. How many of you just heard that and you can honestly say there's like a massive bomb of disappointment and upset that just hit your system. Like, walk I get it like what I just shared, it's not something that your mind or your body really, really wants to hear. But honestly, like,
I'm not talking to that part. I want to talk to the higher soul self, you the one that knows that you're here for a reason, the one that knows that. You've been trying all these things, and it's exhausting. And yes, there is another way and no, it's not where you've been looking. It's not in reading more, it's not meditating more, I mean, maybe doing the right meditation but it's not in any of that. So if you want to start growing like this again right so we grew like this in the beginning then now we're in this tapering off and before you give up here's what I want to offer you. Once you shift into what guy was talking about, and you Begin to relate to life happening through me. Versus life happening for me, right, you got to life happening for me. Amazing, it created awesome results. And if those results are tapering off, then I'm telling you, you can spend the next one to 50 years running against that wall over and over, it took me 1415 years, I beg you, you don't have to do the same thing. It took me to the point of absolute frustration
and wanting to give up and throwing everything out. After 15 years, have invested time, money and energy. To fully surrender to that just because those tools were awesome, and are awesome. They're not the ultimate tools. They're just a set of tools that work for certain things, and don't work for other things. And that's what springs, this entire inquiry that guy and I've been on for the last five, six years, this journey to actually figure out, I'm no longer interested in how to manage my anger, or manage my disappointment or manage my sadness or alone or unworthiness or any of that stuff. I'm no longer being interested in trying to figure out new stories to tell my mind so that it can get excited and move through life, I'm not interested. I'm interested in finding ways to look within. And notice the parts inside that triggered the chain reaction of all those patterns. By the way, your necessity to always learn and progress, and read and all that stuff. I know it's an amazing gift, it doesn't come from a safe, grounded place
it comes because your system doesn't feel safe when it doesn't know. It created the strategy to try to make you feel better. So it just goes out. It's like, let me get more information. And then the brain goes, Okay, we're okay. And that lasts for a whole minute or two or a day or whatever it is. And it's like, I need to find out more, I need to find more, right, and you're again back on that hamster wheel. You found your way into this community, I'm telling you. Because at some level, maybe your mind can't hear this just yet. But at some level your soul is done with that. Not like not like done throw it out. I'm saying like it knows how to use that stuff. You throwing more at it. Like I worked with a doctor. And he was like, you know, if you do a lab, and someone tells you your b 12 deficient, what would a normal doctor tell you. If you're a B 12 deficient or iron deficient, or whatever it is right. They would tell you what, go get a B 12 supplement, or go get an iron supplement and take more. And this is what we do right? Now check this out. If your system if the body is not able, because we get B 12. From food and all the things that we you know, live, eat and drink. If your body can't create and move b 12 or whatever supplement in through your system, it's like there's a broken fan inside the engine. Right? That is already overworked because it can't figure out why it's not creating it. And you're like, I'm just going to throw more of this stuff at it that it doesn't know how to process or deal with. And now it just spinning even faster, effective. Not so effective. Would you be much better off to actually look inside and go. Why is this thing spinning and not able to create that on its own inside. When you do that, what you do is you bring your body into homeostasis. And when the body's in homeostasis, it can relax. And in that relaxed state, like I mentioned, all this stuff gets released naturally and effortlessly gets released without you having to work so damn hard at it. We have people that sit with us at our live events or in our courses. jaw dropped at what starts to move through their body when they actually allow it to move. When the mind doesn't come in and Grab and Go, no, no, this can't be good. We need to figure out how to solve this. Like, that moves out of the way. And this benevolent energy, this field just allows for that clearing to happen. And with that, all the problems that you are currently dealing with that have been there for more than a year. Again, it's not because you're doing anything wrong. It's just you're using the wrong tool for the job. Someone told me he's like, someone created a Phillips screwdriver for a reason. Right? Like if you're trying to build a house, and all you have is a hammer and nails. Not going to be the greatest house, right? Like, you can build something, different tools for different jobs. So what I want to invite you guys, if you're feeling stuck in that level two, Phase II open to trying something new, that maybe in the beginning will seem foreign, or you'll feel like an idiot doing it, or whatever it is. And just know, because we've done the same, we've been on the same path in the same journey, like, we've been exactly where you're at in that same exact struggle bus. Don't do what we did. Don't do what we did, like, look, look within and ask yourself, if I kept going on this path that I'm on right now. Do I really believe that I'm going to end up having this challenge solved or figured out or whatever it is. Because if I've been doing this for the same year, or two, or three, like if you were on a diet, and you want to lose weight, and you were on this diet for a year, and you didn't lose a pound, would you be like, I'm going to double down on this diet, this is I know, this is going to be my year, you'd be like, fuck that, that doesn't work for me, I'm gonna go try something new. But there's something about like, you can watch it with governments now, right? Like, there's something about admitting that something that you tried, didn't quite work. And it doesn't mean it doesn't work. It just means at this moment in time, it isn't the thing that is working for you. Now. It doesn't mean that you chose wrong, it doesn't mean any of that. You needed to go through that to be here. What you do from here is your choice. And it is a very important one. Don't waste more time. If you truly do not want to waste more time, get in touch with someone on our team. Share with them where you're at. Share what's been happening, what you've tried, why you're stuck, why didn't work, I can promise you that what is on offer here, through this community, through the coaching through the team will give you simple practical tools that can shift any area of life and do it quickly. And that's my promise. And if we don't honor that
promise, I can guarantee you like whatever you invest with us, you'll get back like we just know this shit works. You know, Guy says this all the time, like when you watch testimonials, and most people will tell you like these results are not typical. These are typical results. Every single one that you see we have hundreds more typical results. And it doesn't matter how there is no law of diminishing returns on this work. And that's why we're so excited and passionate about it because I tried everything else and everything that I tried every supplement, every workout, everything has a diminishing returns, this is the first thing in my life that I found does not the longer you do it, the better the results become. The more alive you feel, the more connected you feel, the more in love you feel, the more peace you feel, the more grounded you feel, it's like it just keeps growing. So if you want on that bus type contact me in the group right now, and I promise someone will reach out to you quickly. They'll maybe even get on a quick call with you and just find out if this is something that you want to do. We do have a live event coming in the next couple of weeks March 5 and sixth. That might be an amazing place for you guys to start if this is new to you. But again, like if we can save you time, energy and money, please do yourself a favor and get off that struggle bus because you do not have to be there. Alright my friends so again, contact me and In the comments here below, we will reach out to you. We look forward to having you in our programs. We look forward to seeing you in our groups. Please share, ask any questions that you're called to in the group as well. And keep showing up to these Tuesdays. I love you guys. Love you guys.

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Thanks for your interest your day. We'll see you next time. Bye, folks.