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Happy New Year guys. Wooo Happy Happy New Year Happy Happy New Year. Yeah.

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Happy Happy New Year

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22 Guy I don't know that I've ever been more excited for a year than this one.

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We're kind of agree with that. It's been like a long like; the thing is like dropping the expectation after living in the world of 20 twos for like 30 years is what's going to happen. You should explain. I'm just so excited to add for those if you're new here. Hi, welcome.

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This is our usual Tuesday hangout where we talk about all sorts of topics and share all sorts of goodies and wisdom that are practical and can make a profound difference in your life. We also joke around a lot because as someone had pointed out, Cory, we are a bunch of goofballs. I don't really think that spirituality and personal development need to be so serious. It can be, but that's boring.

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Sometimes it feels a little serious. So So we

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add a little life to it and humor. And yeah, if you can't laugh at life and or yourself, then what's the point? Really? In any event? If you don't know, Guy and I, our favorite number is 22. And so going into this year,

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I don't know that it's my favorite number. I just feel like it's it chose me or two, or whatever more so that I just see it everywhere. Yeah,

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we see this number specifically. Yeah, as Corey said, specifically, two to two is the number that we see literally, everywhere. It's almost like my kids are like, what does it mean? What does it mean? And I just say, to me, it means when I see it, it's like angels going like, you got this, you're on the right path, keep going. Like it's just like a validation of something. But when 22 was rolling around, I was very much looking forward to this year. And I just shared in our coach's meeting earlier today. I said that, on top of it. A friend of mine told me that this is the year of the tiger, which also happens to be my spirit animal. So I'm hitting it from the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese calendar like I got it all. I'm very excited about what's to come this year. Plus, we'll talk about this today. But Guy and I have been through a world when of 2021 learned a lot, shed a lot created new strengths in certain facets, built new foundations. So it feels like we're going into 22 in a way that we haven't gone into a year in a very, very long time. So, it's all very, very exciting.

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Beautiful. Yeah, yeah. Excited to be here. Hang with you guys. So, if you are new to the party, this is your first time in we have a lot of you guys, especially considering we haven't done live training in a few weeks. Feel free to say hello in the chatbox. Let us know that you are new to the old souls and seekers community, just so you kind of know what to expect. Usually, these calls run about an hour. Ilan and I will usually chat about some kind of important topic that things that we're working on with ourselves with our clients and give you kind of a broad overview of what that might look like and really show you the difference and depth of the work that we do hear. We love all sorts of personal development, the books, the courses that this and that what we have learned over these last 20 years of participating in our own work, working with various coaches and in so many different types of arenas, plant medicines, shamanic work, energetic work, mindset work, you know, list goes on and on and on none is we've synthesized and taken all that and married these works together because something that we have seen specifically over The last five years is what happens when you cultivate foundational mindset. And you bring in awareness practices with energy work together, you get yourself a profound secret sauce of transformation. And even with all our world travel and things that we've done, we've rarely seen, if ever, any sort of discipline that brings in both kind of what we call the growing-up work. And the waking up work, or kind of like the Eastern work and the Western work simultaneously brought together. And that's what makes what we do here, very powerful and absolutely profound. So, whether you are somebody who's been in the depth of personal development work, or you've even meditated for decades at a time, what we share here, and certainly the work that we do, the practices, the events, everything is geared towards amplifying that work into places that most people have just never experienced into higher states of consciousness, getting there much, much easier than the most people imagine. I mean, we have a client that's been with us for about six months, I believe, that is a practicing meditator of almost 50 years, and this work has just completely opened her up to a new way. So, we really have a focus here, not just on getting your mindset, right, that's really important, but also like, how do you go into the depth of yourself and create lasting, sustainable, and profound healing? So that you're not walking out of here two days later going, huh? What was that experience? Why did that, you know, why did I feel good for two days, but now I don't like you actually know how to work with these components within yourself. And so, we're going to start off the year, we probably should have done a little bit more overview on like, just New Year's stuff. So, Ian and I are, are going to have a conversation about self-judgment, because I don't know how many of you guys deal with this. But like the inner critic, inside our mind is a really strong opponent, right? Like how many guys can you just drop the link in for people that are new to be able to show their names and string? I do? I can't do that. Right off the bat. And if I close that window, I don't have the link anymore. So, my apologies, we'll have to do that next time. Next time. So um, yeah, you know, like, how many guys have like a really strong inner critic, say hi, in the chatbox. You know you can like,

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just give it a different name, you know, something, there's a voice inside, that you notice harshly judging yourself telling you that you're not smart enough or good enough? Deserving enough? It's just constant, right? Like, do this better? You should have known to do that. Why did you say that? Just this, this constant barrage, that's always there. And while you guys are answering that, I just want to let you know if this is your first time here. So, you're going to probably notice Cory, Jasmine, or Nikki will always be here on our Tuesday calls supporting you. And they're going to be interacting with you. They're part of our team. There are amazing, amazing coaches support staff. And they're really here to simply guide you. So, coming into this community, and this Facebook group, for example. It can just be overwhelming, right? Like, there's just this and this and this and this and this, what I highly, highly, highly recommend is get in touch with them. And we'll let you guys know how you can do that more in-depth, but just get in touch with them, whether on Messenger or whatever. They're here to simply guide you to the best resources for you. At this time, we understand that people come here because they want X, Y, or Z. And rather than you have to try to rummage through all the amazing goodness, that's here, they can literally laser point you to what it is that you want to start at, where it is that you want to step next, etc, etc. So just kind of think of them as they're like, liaison Sherpas that that can help you on this spiritual track. Yeah. By the way,

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have you seen 14 peaks on Netflix? No. Okay, if you have not seen 14 peaks or the penis on Netflix, those two movies are absolutely life-changing. And our penis does amazing. Yeah, 14 pics equally. So. Yeah, anyway, so we can't go on that rant. But if you haven't seen it, wow. Yeah. So, you know, back to the inner critic. And clearly, those guys have some mastery in that area. Um, so how many guys are dealing with the inner critic? And then how many you guys again, say I in the chatbox know that, like, this is a part of you that you try to console with, argue against, maybe even try to negotiate like there's some aspect. You know that you're trying to control this part because you're like, damn, like, if this part just didn't braid me all the time. I would feel You're better about myself, I would feel more confident, more capable more, you fill in the blank, right? Like how many guys can, can relate with that? Right? So, I don't think that there's any human being on planet earth that is not dealing with some aspect of themselves, right. And if we really look at the development of this, this is like everything else in your life, a constituent part that was developed in relationship to your parental figures or your caretakers, right. So, of course, some people, you know, were adopted or whatnot, so, and depending on certain perceptions that you came in, came with certain energetic energy that you around, and then certain ideals that you had about what was supposed to be and not be, like, you know, those caretakers often become the voices of our caretakers often become the voices of our inner critic, and Broskie. I don't know if you're just cable. So, we'll do this as a really informal chat, you know, like, I think it'll be beneficial for you guys to hear, like, what is the process when that's happening, that Elon and I work with? What is it that we're actually doing inside of our own systems? What is it that we're becoming aware of? And how is it that by just doing these simple little things that you can play like you can play it, you can pacify this part of yourself, and so that you can come back into your alignment, because our work is all about how much time you spend in your alignment. Okay, it's not necessarily about like, sacrificing or learning how to work harder, or work better, or anything like that, like what Ilan and I care about is the present moment. Because truly, that's all you have, and the only work that you can ever do to heal your insides like to heal this subconscious part of your cells. And subconscious literally means every part of you, the energetic body, and you know, the physical and nonphysical, that you don't have conscious control over. Okay, like the rhythm of your heart, I don't care, you can tell your heart to speed up, it's not going to do that, right? Like there's a conscious and an unconscious part. So, like the subconscious is everything that you're mentally don't have direct control over. And I think it would not be a far stretch to say that this part of ourselves, the subconscious part, is really what's running the show. Right? The conscious part is kind of a caretaker of this, and often the one that's responding to what's happening. However, if you're a good student of personal development and spirituality, you have learned that the energy output of this subconscious, unconscious part of yourself is the reality that you're experiencing. Right? And then you can either reaffirm that reality or shift that reality. And so we really want to talk about this aspect, because that's what's alive and real for all of us is this present moment is the only thing that you can work with. So, if you don't mind, would you just kind of like, you know, on your day-to-day, maybe when you're playing tennis, when things are getting, you know, sure. Pressurized for you like, what does that process look like for you?

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I just, you know, someone asked, Stacey asked, what are your goals with offering and sharing? So, I just wanted to keep it in line with this particular conversation? Because obviously, it can go on a whole thing about that. But if I asked you guys, which would you rather be guided by your inner critic? Or your intuition? Which would you say that you would rather be guided by? And as a second question to that, once you answer that first one, my curiosity is because I'm assuming most of you guys will, will come back with you'd love to operate from intuition, right? I think most people that are here, and most people that find our work, that's one of the biggest things that we find that people want, they're like, how do I live from my intuition? Like, how do I be guided by that? But the real question is, right now where you're at in life, is that the case? Are you actually guided by your intuition? Or would you say that the inner critic is kind of the one that's running the show? Right, like, which voice is louder? And this is a huge, huge part of the work that we do. Everyone wants to be guided by their intuition. The problem is, and I've said this for years is your intuition. When you first start is like Norah Jones at volume one. And your inner critic is like Metallica advice You're 11. And you're like, why can I just hear my intuition? Like, why can I, because you can't hear it. You have no awareness of what the voice sounds like, you have no awareness of where the voice comes from. You don't have a belief in it, you don't have a trust in it. And even in the moments that it tells you to do something, the response is like, that's crazy. Why would I do that? And you don't take action from that place. And then the intuition is like, alright, well, he or she is just not interested. Yeah, I'm just going to step back. So, what guy's pointing to is like, the only way that we can even start to get curious about how to listen to our intuition is we have to deal or get really related to what is there right now? And would you guys agree that what is there? A lot of the time is the inner critic. It's the part that's berating you. It's the part that's also, by the way, we'll talk about this in a second braiding everyone around you. Yeah. You just do that vocally. Because at first it comes through this, it's like, you know, like, you're looking at your kid. And it's like, why are you doing that? And then he's like, Why the hell are you doing that? Or, you know, someone's at work, or someone cuts you off in the car and this voice like, what fucking asshole? And then next thing, you know, what if our household, right?

Guy Ferdman 16:31

It's a delayed response, it's

Ilan Ferdman 16:32

like you hear it first, then you respond to that voice. So, what Guy's pointing to is, and this is why I asked about tennis. I am ultra-competitive. And I'm ultra-competitive. Because one of my programs that I was blessed with when I grew up, is this conversation that I'm a loser. And whatever your underlying conversation is, you part of the, the jail or whatever the prison that we're in, when we have one of these programs, is that you need to prove to everyone out there, that you are not this thing that you're most deathly afraid of being. So, if I'm definitely afraid of being called the losers, you know, there's a loser, you'd imagine what my life would look like, I had to win at everything. Sports, school relationships, like it didn't matter what I had to be winning. That's exhausting. It's exhausting. To avoid something so blindly like, it's not even that I had a choice. It was just this death feeling of when someone touched that part of, I'm a loser, or there was a perception out there that I'm a loser. It like shut it's a shutdown situation. And so, everything has to be structured not to do that. So, when I get on the tennis court, I had this voice constantly berating me. Move faster. You're too slow. Why don't you swing this way? You're such an idiot. Why did you fucking do that? Did it ended up it's like, in the weird part is this voice thinks that it's helping you. So, as I'm hearing it, I'm like, oh, no, it just, it's motivating me. It's, it's wanting to make me be better. But is it? Right, like, do you feel really inspired and excited as this voice is yelling at you, and you're trying to fall asleep? about all the things that you said or didn't say, or did or didn't do or missed? Or are you like, oh my god, you know what? I'm going to wake up tomorrow, I'm going to be so much better is that like the No, shut up. I'm just trying to go to sleep. So, the first step is, for me was one of the biggest things that you've all heard in personal development is like you have a voice in your head and that voice in your head is not you. Okay? So, we all know that right? Like, I'm going to take it to the next level. I'm going to tell you that you have hundreds, if not 1000s of voices in your head. All of them from little itty-bitty boy and girl parts that got trapped in time that are terrified. And because they're terrified of experiencing shame, feeling like a loser, feeling like a coward, feeling insignificant, whatever it might be. They say things to you, and then there's other parts that try to say things to you, too. Avoid that feeling. And so one of the things that became very clear to me was a this voice that I'm listening to is not me. That was step one, but then starting to notice this part, this part that's constantly yelling at me. And seeing not just this voice in my head, but seeing that this is one of the parts of the hundreds that's out there, yelling at me, and starting a conversation to get curious of why is this thing? They're talking to me the way that it does. And what does it really want for me. Because if you're trying to fight this part, how many you guys have tried to make this part quieter? Make this part go away. silence it, nominate how many you guys have gone around about it that way. And have your attempts created any sort of result worthy of speaking of? Or is it like I've tried this, I've tried that I've tried that no voice is still there. Still yelling? If you're in a fight, with anything in your life, I mean, anything, it could be the voice in your head, it could be the circumstance that you're in, it could be your financial situation, it could be your health, it could be your relationship. If there's a part of you, fighting your current reality, I can tell you exactly how it is going to go. In fact, you can tell me exactly how it's going to go. Because that's how it's been going for months, or years or decades. And it's not going to change. So, step one is noticing it. Step two, is giving up this fight that you have to overcome this thing, change this voice, his mind, give it some other pieces of information that it will magically somehow be on your side. Because it ain't ever going away, and ever going to change.

Guy Ferdman 22:21

So, say a little bit more about, you know, because it's pretty much one thing to tell people to surrender to voice, right? It's another thing when the voice is really saying some mean awful shit, you know, like I, you know, for those of you guys who have dealt with depression, and, you know, maybe even suicide and things like that, like, that was kind of what my upbringing was, it's interesting, you know, we're, we're in a home, right? With the same parents. But y'all get have systems organized differently, like Elon system went more into like this avoidance accomplishing thing. And I went into, like feeling very alone, and like, really like berating myself from within. And again, it's like, what, what we're what we're actualizing. And unfortunately, it's not even unfortunate, because to me, it's like, we came in as a soul wanting a certain experience, those parents deliver that experience, that inner critic is creating pressurization in the system for a certain kind of awareness and awakening to happen. Now, unfortunately, the conditioning on our planet right now is, hey, we got to figure out a plan, we got to figure out how to get around this problem that we have or fix this problem that we have. And there's not a lot of healthy emotional, and mindset conditioning, which really the healthy thing is you got to go through it. Like if you because ultimately what every one of these parts that has something to say the reason it keeps going is the part hasn't been satisfied that it's safe in this world. Yep. And, and like and just like, Feel into that for a moment in your own system. Because safety is not something that's often talked about. We think of it in terms of physical safety. I know women, by the way, obviously deal with a lot less physical safety and physical safety is not something most men ever think of. But I'm not talking about physical safety. I'm talking about like, it doesn't feel safe for you to be in this world. And I don't care how confident you are, or not confident you are. Everyone's dealing with this. Ilan keeps talking about Will Smith and Will Smith's book and he starts out the book by saying I'm a coward. So, the scariest thing for you to find out about me is that I'm a coward now 99.9% of the public that knows anything about Will Smith will never actualized them say that person looks like a coward because he's always doing like if you follow him at all, he's always out there doing the craziest shit. You know, he's bigger than life. He's so happy. He's entertaining. You know, incredible actor seems like a credible father and husband and all these things like, but you got to see that like what has motivated and source that life was that he had to protect his inner parts from feeling like he's a coward. So, he created a life that hides that from a surface and then taken him 40 years to drill down through everything he created in his life, to actualize it at the core is a little boy that feels like a coward. And his critic says things that you say to a coward, just like the way his father used to talk to him. Now we all have that inside of our system. Now. So how is it that we bring safety to a system that has this inner criticism? Well, again, if you notice that the way that most people approach it is like, Oh, I just didn't understand something in the right way. If I understand it differently, this part will change. But that's like trying to negotiate with this part, this part doesn't care what else your mind understands. It is locked in, into your fascia into the way the energy flows in your body into like, you know, all these automated processes that are subconscious, right unconscious that you don't have control over, that have been programmed into your system. And so, the negotiation and the planning and the trying to think differently, while helpful, is that ultimately effective, it's helpful in the way that when it's happening, you have awareness over it. And you can kind of like, pop out of it maybe a little bit sooner, or bring yourself back into, you know, some state of awareness and balance, or maybe some habits that you have formed that you know you do, but like it's still alive in real in the system. And so that part is still not satisfied that it is safe in this world. And so, it continues on, it's on its path of saying these things. And really the first thing we want to recognize and like Elans pointing to is that this part is trying to help you. Yeah, even I know that may suck. Doesn't feel like that. Yeah. Now, it may not feel like that on the surface. But you got to get that the role of this part was never to harm. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's constantly trying to help you. It doesn't ask for anything in return. It doesn't sleep, it doesn't need food, it is just there. And it's like, we got to create safety. Here's how we do it. And it doesn't matter whether its modality was like a negative, something that ended up being negative or positive in your life. Like Natalie mentioned, her voice led her to anorexia. Yeah, like for whatever reason, in her mind's eye, that part was like, these are the actions we need to take, right? Maybe it's like, you know, people who have body dysmorphia, and things like that, right, it's like, they feel like they need to look a certain way to feel safe in the world. I'll often use this example of like women who are rape victims, sometimes will put on a lot of weight afterward, right. And then that it's like, they're literally cocooning themselves, physically from the world. And then like, if that's what gets driven into the system, it's okay, the only way I can feel safe is by adding weight to my body and being you know, less attractive or something like that. It's like, then, if you're trying to go on a diet and lose that weight, the body won't want to, because you're actually you're igniting that that unconscious, that subconscious part of fear, and so the parts like eating food, eat food, eat food, and so you're getting unhealthy, but to the part, it's generating safety, right, so just want to kind of get that in there. And so that really crucial part is like, we always want to look at healing, in the same context, that you would look at a relationship with a mother and a child or a father, a father and a child, the child is coming to you, this inner voice of you is again, like this young part, stuck in time. And it is having its kind of panic attack in there, right? It's having its moment, it's very afraid. And it needs something to satisfy it to bring it back to safety. And this is why people use substances. This is why people use Television, this is why people use food. This is why people use sex, right? Like, all these different whatever it is for you, it doesn't matter. But like, it's all trying to achieve the same thing. And that's where you got to get about the whole of humanity, doesn't matter what side of an issue you're on, doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are, doesn't matter. I mean, you know, it might matter to you, but like for everybody, there, they're attaching themselves to these things. Because that's what they learned in their life. That's what their system learned that creates safety. And so, you might be sitting on one side of the fence or the other of an issue going, I can't believe they think that way, it's like, well, they can't believe you think that way, and you're both trying to achieve the same thing, which is just getting back to safety. And so, the way that we can get through this is not by thinking about it, but by actually starting to participate with it. Okay, and this is where the work really changes from where most modalities take you to because most modalities have you tried to figure out what's going on? Why did this happen? When did they start? What was the story that you generated, okay, let's change the paradigm? Okay. And then you, then you try to convince yourself and lie to yourself by telling yourself a story that your system doesn't believe is true. And you do it over and over and over again. And it kind of helps because that's better than telling yourself the same old story. But it doesn't satisfy the part it doesn't bring safety to the part. And so when we what we really want to learn and some of the medicine that some all the meditations we offer in this group are pointing at this practice of how to sit with this part. Okay, so again, if you have a little boy or little girl who's upset, and they run to mommy and daddy and they're like mommy daddy, myself They're really afraid because something happened to dark, you know, stranger, somebody energies making them feel wonky. They don't need a solution in that in that moment, right? The child doesn't have logic, it doesn't think linearly, doesn't problem solve, they are just this energetic being, experiencing the world. And underneath, all this conditioning that each one of us have is still that sensitive, energetic child. That's what's underneath there for every single person on planet Earth. Even if you feel completely numb, guess what? That you've had to numb yourself, because sometimes when you're so sensitive, the only way to get through this world is by numbing in these parts, and you get so numb that you think I don't feel anything anymore. But it's like what's underneath all that is how sensitive you actually are. And so what we want to learn, what we really want to learn is not how do we turn away from the part and try to change what's happening, but how do we facilitate an environment in which the park can soothe itself again, right, again, think about the child to the mother, and the Father is coming to get an embrace, to get some energy, like if you have young children, you know, even as they're starting to create more distance physically, they constantly look back, always checking a mom and dad looking at me, or mom and dad looking at me, right? Why? Because every time that anxiety comes up, knowing that mom and dad are there, that connection, calms our nervous system down and they travel a little bit further, they travel a little bit further inch by inch to get further out. And what the child is developing is safety, right, and dependency to be on their own essentially. And what they're doing is they're leveraging the energy of the parent and the nervous system of the parent, they're templating it to down-regulate their own nervous system, relax, and move forward into the world. And so, we want to take this kind of thinking into our own healing. We want to realize that what we really want to retrain ourselves is not how to think better, but how to actually down-regulate our nervous system and ground our energetic body. When we're in a heightened state, when the inner critic is really, really going notice that like, the inner critic is not very loud when you're relaxed. Right? The inner critic is very loud, in moments of tension. Is there anything you want to add to this?

Ilan Ferdman 32:18

I'm just curious from as guys talking, if anyone is unclear about something, or has a question about anything that he's sharing right now, because this is really, really important. If there's anything that you're wanting a little bit more clarity or anything like that, just please drop it in the comment box. Beautiful. And so and so I'll kind of like describe this process to you guys just a little bit better.

Guy Ferdman 32:40

Let me just put myself up on the big screen. So, if you don't want to it's funny to say that, if you can say if you think about it, but I don't want you to think about it. I want you to feel about it. The way that we experience the world, most people think that they like yes, there's this is such an important organ, right? But right now, again, I'm not talking to spiritual science, I'm saying science is telling us that yes, we have neurons in the brain. But we now know we have neurons in our heart, we have neurons in our gut. Okay, it means that these two we know factually our thinking organs. Okay. And we all intuitively know this, oh, I had this gut feeling. My heart told me to do that, right. We have these this terminology and language, it shouldn't be a surprise to find out that, yes, these things are actually thinking organs. We also know that for everyone signal your brain sends down to your gut that your gut sends a nine signals up. Today, your gut is seen as the primary thing that if you want your health to be right, you got to get your gut health, right. If this is banged up, you're screwed up across the board. Right? So I just want you to think about this. So suddenly, we're getting this, this switch. And this idea of what mindset is of what consciousness is, and I think eventually will probably determine will have determination that the entire organ that we call the human body is one mind and is an act of consciousness. And for those you guys who develop yourself in the awareness practices that we offer here, you're going to find that out really soon, you're going to be like, Oh, it's all awareness, right? We just have to learn how to step back into our awareness and spend and invest more and more of our time and our awareness, and less and less of our time and our conditioned minds. Because if you really want to unlock the power of your humanity, I got to tell you, you're not going to learn it from the conditioning here, because that conditioning is set. Can you make changes to it? Absolutely. Is it challenging? Absolutely. Because this is so fundamental to your safety how this conditioning works, that it doesn't like to change very much. So, you want to look at this right? We have an environment around one play on one second.

Ilan Ferdman 34:49

So just to this level, it doesn't want to change so how many you guys right like we're going into New Year 2022. I don't know how many you guys have created new year's resolution Aleutians are things that you want. But let's just not even talk about this year. Let's talk about years prior. This is something that you've gone through time and time again, right? You create these things, best of intentions, New year, new me New Visions new. Right? How many of those things actually come to fruition? How quickly does it take for the default patterns of your life? To come back into play? How fast a day, a week, a month. Right? Just notice, like with the best of intentions, and all luck, this is the year this is the one that I'm going to do it, right. It's right there. These default patterns are right there. And then we're most people go to try to make this year, the best year, it's like, Okay, I'm going to overcome these patterns. In a few seconds, I'm going to overcome these patterns. I'm going to figure out how to shut this part of me down. So, I can go about my business, and live the life that I'm actually supposed to live. Because how many of you guys would agree that you've done enough work and spent enough energy and enough money that you should be and listen to this? Where's that you should be farther along than you are right now? How many of you guys would agree with that statement as that resonates for League, I should be farther along than I am right now. So, here's the thing, if all that resonates for you, then what guys pointing to this default, self-preservation mechanisms. I don't care how much understanding you have, how clear and powerful your intentions and visions and how you sat in meditation for 12 hours listening to sound bowl healings and people channeling and you're like, this year, it's going to be different. Your parts and your programs don't give a shit. Because the second and someone said this below the second you start to follow your intuition. And you take a step into that big world of the unknown. Do you Has this ever come on board? Like if you want to move across the country, you want to leave a relationship, get into a relationship? Take a new job, whatever it is, when you choose because you're like this, is it? This is it for me. I'm going to move forward. Have any of you ever had this moment where you choose to take this new path? And your mind's like, oh my god, I'm so excited. Let's do this thing. Or it's like, are you fucking kidding me right now? Why would we do that? That suicide? Why would you take the stock? Why would you leave this cushy thing? Why would you go date that person after you'd have this birth? Why, why? And all of it to say to what guy's point is like, if there's no safety in the system, which none of us have, because none of us had the programming on how to create that. Then these parts and these programs are at DEF CON 12. Right? Like the emergency buttons always being hit. And they're always trying to figure out how to bring you back into a place that feels okay. But the place that feels okay for you is the same one that you just told me you shouldn't be in. You should be farther along. So, every time you want to take a step into that big world, these pouches go no, no, no. Right here. This is our playground. We're good here. Stay in this box will be okay. But you're like, no, no, but I want love. No, no, no, you don't love gets us hurt. Love is what breaks our heart. We've done that before. Remember, we don't want that again, right here. No, no, but I want to start a business. No, no, no. Remember, last time you started a business. It was terrible. Do you remember how much money we lost? How many people's lives we heard Baba, no, no, like, we're going to stay here. No, no, but I really want to start to follow my intuition. Are you kidding me? Follow your intuition. Last time, we followed her intuition and led us to this horrible situation. Why would you ever do that? Back here. And so now you can, it doesn't matter what you want to create. That's the thing that's always going to be in the way. So, it's not. It's not your health. It's not your money. It's not your circumstance, not the people in your life. It's not anything. It's simply these patterns. So, if you come about like I have to remove this pattern, I have to get rid of this pattern so I can move along. You've all tried that that doesn't work. And so, we're guys transitioning to you is like how can we How can we find love and acceptance, and even gratitude for the power of these patterns? Because until you get to that place, and you can literally turn to this pattern and go, wow, thank you so much for taking care of me all these years. And Will Smith has this great line in the book, he said, the problem is, it's like, this boat got you to this place, right? Like this boat gets you to this island. But the same boat can't get you to the next place that you want to get to. And so, at some point, we all have to take a step back. And look at all the patterns and structures that make us who we are. And be willing to release them. But not release them from a place of hate. or get the fuck away from me, or why are you ruining my life, but release them from a place of almost like, you know, when you send your child off to school, or to college, like that, like with so much love and admiration and gratitude in your heart. But you also know that it's time for them to move on, like that kind of place. And that's not where most people go, like when you guys are reading books about personal development or mindset, you're not looking for like, oh, I want to fall in love with these parts inside of me. You're like, I want to figure out how to overcome and get this part to shut the fuck up so I can move on with my life.

Guy Ferdman 41:48

stuff and yeah, and that to that point, you know, so all the books are wonderful in retrospect, that there are great practices in there. But what's really important to understand is like, what's the energy that's sourcing the desire to do that practice. So, if you are, for example, doing a million affirmations every single day, you got your molars, you know, 108, this way 108. That way you're praying, you're praying, you're praying, but what sourcing it is fear, scarcity, lack, then what's going into that prayer, what's going into those practices, what's going into that formula? Are the scarcity and the lack, because what's really important, is not the action that you're taking, it's the quality of the energy behind that action. And so, we're hyper-focused on the qualitative aspect of energy. Before you do any practice, how do you bring yourself how do we bring the system? How do we bring the nervous system to a neutral state, and then go do all the practices, I don't know about you guys, but like to write we're in the year 20 to two means duality. So, this year may have a lot to do with this back-and-forth duality, right. And we're living in a very interesting time that is really enabling us to see these, these pendulum swings. Now, most people when they're trying to find the center, they think that it's the place between the polarities, I think there's something that they're missing that some neutral state, but in order to find neutrality, it's actually accepting. And being with both polls, you actually hold both in your system at the same time. So both the negative and positive aspects and I mean, more energetically than bad or good, you know, holding both the polarities in your system, that also means holding two mindsets. You know, understanding your ideas, why somebody may want to take a vaccine, why another person may not want to take a vaccine and actually hold both of those in your system. Because whatever is deciding that for you, again, want to want to get into all the logistics around and who's right and who's wrong. It's again, what's really at play is different people's safety protocols, and how they and how they gotten formed through their life. And then, of course, whatever in the world is presented to them. That fits into that bias. See, that's my team, right? But it's like, but if you want to find neutrality in your life, there's no neutrality and be like, I know this is the right thing. And that's the only thing and then the neutral place. And where the magic happens, literally the Source of Magic is the center you want, you can either work your ass off in this life or get a little trickle. That's nice. And you will write because hard work does pay off to an extent. But again, what's working hard, is are you working so hard, because you're so afraid that if you stopped for one second, it's all going to come crumbling down, then that to me shows a really not healthy qualitative energy behind your action. And so, what you'll find is whatever the quality of the energy is behind the action is really what's sourcing the results that you're getting. And so, if you want your life to be easy, peaceful, joyful, neutral flowy intuitive, then trying to get around all your machinery doesn't work. That's what most mindset development is. is centered and oriented around learning how to go through it. So that the part that's been trying to get around it is no longer afraid, the nervous system can relax, and then this part no longer has to braid you from within because it actually feels safe. This is how we this is how we decrease or even completely resolve inner criticism. And when you resolve inner criticism, you resolve outer criticism, period, the judgments you have about other people or the judgments you have about yourself, that you hide from yourself. And because you're not aware that you're judging yourself internally, that's how the system sets it up and broadcasts that externally and goes, these people are wrong. But all you're saying is, that's wrong, I wouldn't be that way in my system. And because you say that you turn away from that partner system, that part remains afraid, and it is running the show, and it is running it in a stealth way. That's just like with Will Smith and him learning about his cowardice, but like that's what's been running the show. That's what's so we all have that version of not being good enough not being worthy enough, right like, and again, this is so organized in our society, that the only way that you're worth anything, is by achieving something. And that's probably the biggest lie in our society is that the value of a human being is what they can achieve. even think about how we raise capital, or how we invent things today, it's like, if it doesn't have utility, it's not worth anything. Like people don't even invent stuff, just for the sake of inventing stuff, they have to invent stuff so that it can create a business and make money and do all the things. And so we stifle our ability to be intuitive and creative, because as to fit into this narrow band of, well, money creates safety. So, I got to invent something that I love, but create safety for my system, instead of just letting your system open and be intuitive and create, and then maybe it creates money, maybe it doesn't. But when we create the parameters that achieving is the only way that we have value. Again, think about your own life, and how you've tried to become something or prove to your parents, that you're something thinking that if you become that you'll finally earn that respect, or that connection or that love. And I could tell you, we have to work very diligently with our students to like work through those aspects, and have them realize that they are worthy of love, and connection and all those things not because they're achieving, but just because they are. Right, and so we're all so diligently looking for this purpose, your purpose is to beat. And so being is your purpose than being is enough. And being enough means that you get to receive everything that you're worthy of just by being. And so all the things that come up, as I say this, all these parts are like, No, that's not true, I'm not going to do that, like every one of those parts, whatever that little voice is for you is like, imagine if that felt safe. If that part of you felt safe, or heard for certain are no winners work, yeah, no longer have to work so hard. And you could be more in that neutral place. And then these pressures from the outside. Ah, you can find the brief from and weren't so affected or afflicted by other people's drama, or the world's drama, you're just centered in your own system grounded in your own system. And I can tell you, like, you know, that's gradually increasing in where Ilan and I get to live day in and day out, and where our students are learning to live day in and day out. And it's not a mental realization, they've understood that there is an environment out here, their system, this subconscious system is actively participating in reacting based on their conditioning to these external forces. And they will always be reactive to that until they learn how to down regulate the nervous system, or set another way grounded their energy, and so that they don't have to be. And so, this is what's different between just doing mindset and also bringing in awareness and energetic work is that with mindset, you'll get the understanding, and then you'll be able to see it and be like, Oh, I don't want to do that right now. And you'll stop doing that sooner. And so, it doesn't have such a big impact on your life anymore. That's good. That's a huge win, right? And that's better than 90ish, you know, plus percent of most people on planet Earth. When you start bringing awareness and energy, you bring the healing to directly to the experience of the body. So instead of like trying to figure out what's going on and going down, you go right into the root part of the system, so to speak with awareness. You learn how to sit with that park, just like a parent would with a child, how to go into higher state of consciousness because you need Yep, you need you need a different vantage point, right than the one that you have. That's important. You need to become subjective, not objective over that thing. And this is all happens inside of awareness. Very simple. We'll give you guys a taste of it in just a minute here. And once that happens, the part can be like ah, ground safety and when that happens, what you start realizing is that your mind to this inner critic, all it's really doing is responding to scared parts inside of your system. And it has a certain program and something that it says when a part inside of your body and sort of your energy body is scared and, and kind of out of whack. And so, imagine that if you give safety to that part in the system, and now that same stimulus comes, but you don't get that feeling inside of your body, then your mind doesn't need to intervene. It doesn't have to say anything. It doesn't have to give you a directive, it doesn't have to say you're bad, it doesn't have to work harder, it just doesn't say anything because it's not responding to any subconscious stimulus anymore. And that's what our work is about is about resolving the subconscious stuff that your conscious mind or what you can be aware of is constantly responding to and just completely bring around to the system so why don't we if you're standing or you know if you're sitting just get comfy and we'll give you guys here a few minute tasters but before we do that, here's what I want to tell you guys. You know, like you see that link down below . Let me just see if I can get this on the screen. I want to show you what's over there, bro. You tell me if you see it. Okay. Do you see my screen? Yep. Okay. So, if you go to Satori prime comm register, this is the screen you'll see there's a little trailer over here of an event Ilan and I did a few years ago, you can set yourself a reminder, if you're enjoying these trainings, just you know, put a calendar reminder for yourself. But the ways you can participate with what we do here at Satori prime is twofold. There's only there's really only two paths to get in here. The first is to come to a two-day live event. With us, it's a two-day intensive that Ilan and I personally put on, the next one will be January 22, and 23rd. That's a Saturday and Sunday. And if you come to this page, and you click over here in this box, you can get all the information from that. And there are also details down here below. So, if you just flip this little toggle switch, it will tell you what's included with that event. The other way. And personally, what I think is, is even a better game is our level one training, which is our mindset and emotional mastery. Again, what's included in this experience is down here. This is a six-week live group training program. And then there's a slew of back-end training that Ilan and I recorded for you guys that are just really, really profound training, anybody who's here right now who's in our L1, or does L1, like, almost every single person is just like, wow, this program is unbelievable. And, and what's great about taking this program is it actually includes a ticket to our live event. And that's why I say it's the best game in town. And it has some other recorded bonus trainings that we are private. And you can only get by doing this program, which are actually from this program up here, this trailer that you guys will see, it's the entire program of that. So, these are the two pathways into our, into our world. If you want to just come to the two-day event, you can buy a ticket whenever you like, if you want to be part of level one, you got to do it through an application process. So, if you click here, it'll just take you over to a quick form to fill outtakes like three to five minutes, fill it out. And then you can book a call with someone from our team like Nikki or Cory, you'll have a chat with them, they'll determine with you whether or not you know, you're in a good place right now to be doing the work. And it's kind of like an interview process back and forth. And then you can choose if the program is good for you. And they'll let you know how to get in there. It's hyper-cost effective, we have a lot of payment plans to make it easier for you guys to jump on in there. But those are the best games in town. So, I just want to let you know how to participate here if you choose to do that. Okay.

Ilan Ferdman 53:44

And just, you know, as we kind of complete, we're going to do this little set, because the real question is, at any moment in time, one of these voices is going to win, right? Either the inner critic or intuition. What you listen to and respond to and take action from is the one that you're giving strength and power to. So, if the inner critic is dominating your world, and has you take certain actions because it spits certain things at you, that means you're giving your listening and attention to the inner critic. But you're going I want to listen to the intuition. And so, the intuition might chirp something. And that chirping might not make any linear sense whatsoever. Because your intuition has. It listens to your heart; it listens to what your soul actually wants. It's not driven by linearity and safety, right? So, it's going to trip something and you're going to say, no, that's fucking crazy. I'm never going to do that. Then in that moment, you've squashed intuition. And again, giving power to the inner critic, and this is why we're so out of balance. So, when we start what we're looking to do is how can we even direct energy We do this through what we call the awareness effect. How can we direct energy, even if not our listening yet, but energy to the parts of us that have most been locked up in closets, kicked to the curb, and said that it's not okay. And I don't want to listen to you because I don't have time. And in that switch in transition, is where we start to cultivate this new superpower. So that's what we're going to get a taste of. Right now.

Guy Ferdman 55:29

Let you lead. Sure. Yep.

Ilan Ferdman 55:33

So, if you're driving, you know, just please be mindful. Don't, you don't have to do this. Now you can come back to the recording at a later time, a later date. But if you're, if you're just sitting, you know, just close your eyes and get comfortable wherever you're sitting. And just start by taking three deep breaths as you exhale, see if you can bring your awareness, and just begin to notice your lower stomach, your hips, and legs in the chair. And we're going to just begin to bring our awareness and energy down. And with this last exhale, see if you can bring the awareness and exhale all the way down to your feet to your toes. Deep breath in and exhale all the way down and just begin to feel your toes and as you feel your toes and bring your awareness to your toes, you might be able to start to feel sensations, like a tingling, cooling, or heating, vibrating. Just keep noticing the toes and the bottom of the feet. And now from here, think of something that you really, really want in this upcoming New Year. almost feel it and see it in your heart. Notice as you create this thing, what happens to your heart? Does it feel like it's opening wider? Maybe the beat becomes louder or more felt. Maybe there's warmth or tingling or even like a pulling forward. Allow yourself to really feel that connection. And if you can feel that I just want to highlight that this is how our intuition actually communicates with us more than words, sentences, or visualizations. This is when your heart feels this way. This is what the heart's and soul's deepest desire actually feels like. And now just to feel the contrast of this I want you to start to notice any fear that you have about actually creating this goal. And as you do that, just start to notice what happens to your heart and you might even start to feel things start to bubble in your stomach or solar plexus. So, your heart might feel like it's kind of starting to clump up and close your stomach might feel to start to sink and burble just really starts to notice that And I just want to highlight here that this is where our protectors, the parts, the strategies, all the things that we spoke about, this is where they live. They're not trying to battle you. They're not even trying to stop you from having this, they're just really, really scared of what it would mean, if you took that step. What it would mean if it didn't work out if you failed again. And even as a name, that, that tension in your stomach, and the clenching in your heart might get stronger and stronger. And so just so you get a sense of the work that we do, we actually go to work and start to deal with and be with these parts. Because until this is handled, this is what will always run the show. And the only way is to have these parts be seen and witnessed by yourself and by others. And in that in the moment that they are seen and heard and witnessed there, hold on you will release. So, I don't want to leave you here right now, because that might be very uncomfortable for you guys. So just bring your awareness back to your heart. And I want you to notice how quickly those are going to shift back. Think of something or someone that you really, really love and just hold them in your mind's eye and just start to notice as you do that what happens to your heart. Maybe your child or pet, parent, and intimate lover. Notice how quickly your body responds to these shifts. When we live in this place, open-hearted awareness. Everything can flow through you and life stops being linear and starts being magical. But magic is only reserved for those who are courageous enough to jump off of cliffs, with no parachutes. No wings are any idea of how to create them on the way down. And that's what it takes to live the life that you most want. So, whenever you are ready to jump off of one of those cliffs, and be supported, and know that you will be taken care of. That's where you can begin this path with us here. And until you're ready for that you can keep coming back to these Tuesdays. And when your soul is ready, you just listen. And they will tell you and if you're courageous enough to take that action, your life will never be the same. Sending you guys lots of love. If you need any questions answered any support, please, please, please. Even in the comment box right now. You just say hey, contact me. Cory, Nikki Jas, the rest of our team will be more than happy to reach out to you and have these conversations. If I can wish anything for you in the year of 22 is that you no longer do this personal development work on your own. It took me nearly two decades to figure out that with support I can move so much faster. I don't need all the answers. I don't need to have things figured out. I just need to know how to ask for help. So, I hope you do the same this year and you don't need to wait two decades to do that for yourself. Awesome. Thank you, guys.

Guy Ferdman 1:04:29

Guys. If you're new like Ilan said and you're on the fence even if you're confused but you're interested again you could just say contact me and box below. And Nicci, Cory, Jasmine, someone will reach out to you and offer you support, let you know how to get resources or you could set up a call if you want to do that. So, you guys get a sense of the work because of course we can talk about it and around it. Our work is extraordinarily experiential. We can explain it but the reality is like learning how to go into higher states of consciousness, how to view the system to daily practices that we do that help bring ground and safety into the system, and then everything really transpires from there. That's what our two-day event is for. That's what the mindset and emotional mastery level one is for, is to set that super strong foundation. And our wish and hope for everybody are that no matter what you're facing in your life, you could do with stability. Because no one can control your circumstances. What we do have a say over is the grounded instability in our system. And that's just a matter of practicing just like anything else in life worth getting better at stability is something that can be learned it's a learned response. So the best thing to do is to listen to other people who have gone through these experiences, speak about it, feel their energy, that way you can relate, hey, I'm dealing with that maybe this would be a good thing for me, or maybe not right so a play you guys out with a trailer here Please enjoy it for as long as you like, again, the link is down there. or just let us know in the chatbox if you need some support. We love you very much. Happy New Year. Please enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. We'll talk to you soon.