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Guy Ferdman
Boom, boom on the job music that time.

Ilan Ferdman 00:33
Now, I'm like afraid to mess with any of the settings in re-stream because every time I do I lose
-audio altogether, so I'm just like it's working. I'm not touching it. I just played I played different
music in my head.

Guy Ferdman
Yeah. Cool. Fair enough. Yeah. As they say Know thyself.
Know thyself.

Guy Ferdman
Know the self.

Ilan Ferdman
I figured I tried it a few times, and it did not work.

Guy Ferdman
So, does that work? Okay, good. Well, I prefer having you on here than having you listen to 15
seconds of music.

Ilan Ferdman 01:08
I agree. 100%. All right.

Guy Ferdman
Okey dokey, folks. Welcome. Welcome. I like how you guys always come in, like right at the
middle of a conversation, Ilana and I are having. We're just I told him, you know, we're
discussing the topic beforehand. And I said, today's topic is about judgment. He goes, Oh, good,
because I knew do none of that. So you'll do all the coaching today?

Ilan Ferdman 01:30
Judgment. He said.

Guy Ferdman
No judgment. Yeah. And I said, great.

Ilan Ferdman 01:33
I said, I don't know anything about that.

Guy Ferdman
It's a great, well, if you don't judge yourself, then I certainly do. And I would love some
coaching. So that's where you guys came in Scooched in right at that part. So welcome,
everybody. I'll put the chat box up here for a second. So you guys can all say hi to one another.
Let me grab this quick link for you. And I'll put it in here. If you want to see your name. in the
chat box, or if you want us to be able to see your name right there in the chat box. Please click
on that link. And just okay, the permissions because we are in a closed, private Facebook group
here, when you guys are chatting for a lot of you guys always see this Facebook user, we don't
actually see who's dropping the comment because the basically Facebook can't send the data
to our software. And this way the software works around it. So all we get is just your name. So if
you want your name to show up, and for us to know who you are, without having gone into the
group, please click that link. So as we said, judgment, judgment judgment. If you're here, by
the way, and you're new, let me do the rest of the thing. I'm trying to get my gears
together, I was all ambled up from just the last few hours. If you're new to the group, we would
love to say hi to you. Specifically, if this is your second or third time you feel like telling us that
you've been on training before, please just say hello in the chat box as well. Let us know how
many times you've been on these training if you've been enjoying them. Is there anything else
I'm forgetting here on the normal intro?

Ilan Ferdman 03:13
Um, we're happy to have you. We're ready to have this conversation. And if you have any
questions during the entire time, please feel free to drop them in the comment box. We will
scour them throughout. I just choked a little on my own saliva. And I'm still You see, I figured
out self judgment. But I haven't quite figured out how to swallow my own saliva.

Guy Ferdman
Especially to start today's training. I can't get my thoughts together. And yeah, Andrew, we see
your name now. And he like can't swallow his own spit, but we're absolutely gonna together.

Ilan Ferdman 03:49
We've got together.

Guy Ferdman
Yeah, so let's just get to the topic here. So we're not wasting your guys's time. But just if it is
your first time you don't know who we are looks like for a lot of you guys. It is. I'm guy that's
Ilan. We are brothers and not in the way that people say that when they're been good friends
for a while we are legitimately Blood Brothers born to Russian immigrant parents, originally
from Israel and then have been living in the states for just over 33 years, 3032 years as of like,
a week and a half ago. We have been on this amazing journey together about 20 years of doing
introspection work, personal development, a wide array of plant medicine and traumatic type
work and all sorts of mystical energetic work. And so really at the forefront of all this is
somewhere in 2003 Ilan and I did a course together and we just built a radical passion for
personal transformation immediately impacted our lives and added what we believe is the most
incredible ROI which is the question qualitative value of our lives of our relationships of our
health, our ability to communicate our ability to be with challenging circumstances, our ability
to resolve patterns and things that had been in within our family and lineage and genealogy for
maybe hundreds, even 1000s of years. And it's kind of like the buck stops here, right? Because
at the moment, awareness is part of your life, inevitably, things are gonna shift for you. So we
have not only been on our our personal journey, but we've been coaching for about 15 years.
And for a while, we were in the affiliate marketing space, taught sales and marketing, but also
kind of personal development on the back end to personal clients. And then four years ago, we
said screw it, we're going to release these these companies we had built, which we're all doing
about multiple, seven figures, and decided to squarely focus on our true hearts work in passion,
which is sharing what has taken us 20 years and over a million dollars of personal investment
to learn within ourselves. And if it is your first time here, chances are you're somebody who has
read a lot of books, maybe have even worked with other teachers, if we can offer what our gifts
are, is that we have been very successful at taking some pretty complicated mystical and
spiritual and personal development experiences and teachings and synthesizing them down
into really simple, practical practices that really radically transform a person's life in a very,
very short period of time. So if you're here, hopefully, you're okay with us sharing some stuff
with you about that. And you should know that once in a while in the group, we're going to ask
you if you want someone from our team to reach out to you. And they may have a conversation
with you about goals that you have, and seeing if programs that we have, which are paid
programs are a good fit for where you are in your journey right now. And if we can assist you on
getting to wherever it is that you feel like you want to go, if you don't want to hear about pay
programs at all, or ever want anybody talk to you about it, then you can, you know, opt out of
the group, it's not a big deal. But that that is part of the culture of the group here. And trust
me, it's very, very easygoing, we're not jamming anything down anybody's throat,

Ilan Ferdman
it's you can just enjoy the the free content that we put on here.

Guy Ferdman
Absolutely. You always get to choose, as we say, you can raise your hand and choose we never.

Ilan Ferdman
Yeah, Jasmine, who is one of our support team members, has actually been a student of ours for a
very long time. She was at our first she's like one of our first live events. And she's
just been around us for a long time. And now we have the pleasure of having on our team,
which is amazing. But she had actually said something. Because she's now in one of our
programs working with a coach. And I love what you're saying like she she'd gone through a lot
of our programs, both she went to a live event, she's done some of our digital products, etc.
But this is the first time that she's actually worked with one of our one on one coaches, and she
was saying what a profound difference it makes to work with someone. And like how much
value she's getting out of it. And so I just thought like, when I heard that, I was like, Wow, it's so
interesting, because I know even for me in certain areas like non personal development,
because personal development is something like guy said we had spent over a million dollars
and that's actually quantified. In experiences, mentors, coaches, programs, seminars,
masterminds, you name it. But there's certain areas what I used to be so limited and thinking
like, oh, I'll just learn this on my own, like, tennis, which I'm obsessed with is one of those
things like I just, I just watch videos on YouTube, right? Or I would buy like a $99 hit a better
forehand program, etc, right? Because let's be honest, hiring a coach to work with you one on
one is cheap, you know, at like 100 plus dollars a pop for an hour, it's not cheap. And I
remember the first time I went out to play I it was like such an eye opening experience because
I'd been doing all this stuff on my own. And I think there's absolutely power in educating
yourself that way. But let's not kid ourselves like there's a profound difference between working
someone in a live one on one interaction and watching videos online that you're doing in the
comfort of your own home or whatever. And when we talk about personal development
specifically, it's like we have so many ways that we hide from ourselves, we have so many
strategies to avoid looking at the things that will actually make the biggest difference in our
lives because they might be painful or uncomfortable, or we don't want to go back to this thing
or whatever it is. And so when you're like watching a video like this, and things might get
triggered, or you know, you do an online program, or even read a book or watch a YouTube
video, guess who's doing it. The little protector part like the little manager part that's been
managing your whole life, to avoid you from looking at these things is the one reading the
book, right? It's the one watching the video. It's the one doing all these things. It's like, can you
get aha moments and insights? Yes. Here's my contention to all of it. It's like, if you're here,
you're here because you're, you're wanting something right. Like we name this old souls and
seekers, because we realized that's what we were attracting. old souls are people that you just
know, like, you've been, you've done this dance before, right? Like, this is not your first rodeo.
This is not your first time on planet Earth. You just have innate wisdom, and you have interest
in things that you might look around and go like, I don't see that the rest of them are doing it.
seekers are for those. Because we are too It's like, you just always searching for that answer,
right? Like you always want to find that next level that next step like, and when I think about it
comes to this place of like, I think we're all seeking to find who we truly are.

Guy Ferdman
Our authentic self.

Ilan Ferdman
Yeah, like, just to check in, like, just let me know, in the comment box, does this resonate? You
know, like, when you're when you're reading the books, when you're doing the seminars, when
you're watching the videos? Like, what is the answer that you're seeking? Right? It might be
something like, how do I get over? How do I become more confident? Or how do I get over
anxiety? Or how we're going to talk about today? Like, how do I stop judging myself? At the
essence of it, like under, under, under, under all those questions are like, you want to know
why you're here, and who you are, like, who is the truest essence of me. And while I would love
to tell you that if you go read this book, or this series, or go watch this video, you're going to
find that, that hasn't been my experience, nor the experience of any of the people that I've
coached. Because you are the one in your own way, right. And the parts that are in the way,
are the parts that are usually reading the books and doing all that kind of stuff. And when you
sit with someone, let me say it this way, all that stuff allows you to view and see the part, like
see the parts that are in the way, like reading the books and like taking point and allow you to
see it and the aha moment that we have a lot of times it's like, oh my god. I didn't know that
that was there. I didn't know that. That's what I was doing in my life. And you get really excited.
You're like, Oh, I find out why my relationships aren't working or why suck with money, your
why he left me your why my kids are so irritating to me like, oh, but then your life looks exactly
the same. A week later. Because the aha moment makes no difference. It gives you information
of the why the what the how, but it doesn't get you access to treating and healing that part.
And like that's why when we talk about why start talking about this, like why we offer paid
programs, because why I would love to point and have you have these aha moments and go
like, Oh my god, I heard that before. Like, it's not going to be the thing that changes your life.
It's not going to be the thing that improves your relationship, it's not going to be the thing that
changes your health, it's not going to be the thing that makes you more money, like I would
love for it to be. But I've been doing this long enough where I know that it's not. But like sitting
in connection with someone that allows you to bypass all the protective mechanisms that we
have created. Not by you.

Guy Ferdman
Be with more than bypass. We're not by passing Yeah.

Ilan Ferdman
Yeah. So like, like, like you can like witness and start to be with and then your system can start
to re-pattern itself from the inside out. Not from the understanding mind. But literally like it just
moves in shifts and everything, and then you walk out to life. And life isn't the same. And, like,
you're so shifted, that everything around is shifted. And that, you know, when people tell me
like, I don't have money to invest, and listen, I don't know what people's financial situations
are, whatever it might be right, but like, you're the one that you're going to be with for the rest
of your life, people are going to come and go, things are going to come and go, your job is
going to come and go, you are going to be with you. For the rest of this life,

Ilan Ferdman
At least one can divorce yourself, and divorce yourself. So like, you're happy to invest $1,000 into buying one of these, right? Probably every year or two, you're happy to invest in drinks that numb your pain, or whatever it might be. But like, it blows my mind that the one thing that we could invest and actually have
the biggest ROI on? We don't.

Guy Ferdman
Yeah, it's like people are like, what's the cost of this? But like, what's the cost of not? Right?
Yeah. So so I want to I love this great intro. And, and, and it speaks to so I meditated a lot on
this this morning. Because I was like, you know, really, what is it? Like? What's this path that
we've been on? What's this path that that people take, and I'm sorry, if I if you weren't
complete, they're complete. Yeah. And so we've been talking a lot about in the group as of late
because we find it pivotal for you guys to at least start understanding that there is not a single
journey for any individual person on their developmental journey. And what he is talking about
this authentic self that we all want to experience, and not just experience, our authentic self,
but it is seems to be a biological and spiritual need to be seen as that not just by ourselves, like
through our own thing, like my authentic self and experiencing it, but like be seen and
recognized and acknowledged does that as well, is an extraordinarily powerful thing. And for
those experiences, where we're with people, and we let down all the guard, and we're really
our vulnerable self, and with all the risk that's involved with being that and we finally get
I received, we can tell you that the medicine that most people are looking for is simply that, you
know, and, and so we've never been through our developmental cycle fully received by the
people that were supposed to receive us because they actually didn't know how to receive you,
right, and I'm talking about like mom and dad or your caregivers. And so there's this, again, this
biological perception that begins to happen. And so for a lot of mindset training, while very
effective, and I'll explain more about that in just a moment here, while very effective, those
early perceptions that happen at that 123 age that are really before language and cognition
and stuff like that are just kind of energetically built into the system at the level of sensation.
And so it doesn't matter what you understand. And again, I'll talk about more than just a
second here. It's not going to help you get to those deep rich parts of authenticity in the system
that we really really really really want. Really want Okay, so by the way so how many you guys
here? General blink question. Now that you judge yourself say I got in the box I not me i don't i
and maybe and maybe you don't call it judgment maybe for you it exists as anxiety like that's
for me it's mostly anxiety in my system. I don't sit here and have this like voice that's
like judging me bad, you're wrong. Or some people that is the case when I was younger, that
was definitely the case. Now it shows up as like overwhelm or anxiety right? Things like that.
Stress, you know, different stuff like that. So I yeah, and if those guys are just putting i is a Ye,
like I but I for all you guys doing? I do. So cool. Um, so I was meditating on this this morning.
And I want you guys to know that what's in the pipeline for us is Yolanda and I are like really
heavy on energetic right now. super heavy onto that shit. And and the reason for that is we
spent 15 years in mastering personal development, psychology, neurology, linguistics. So it's
like, you can you can see like if there was a, you know, PhD programs, or eight years long,
eight year long, a lot of them we did two of those for understanding the mind. Okay, so like in
that space, we're good. And sometimes when you when you've gone through a certain
foundational process, and you're like in that mastery process, it's hard to reflect back on really
what was it like for somebody in earlier processes. And so because we're so heavily in
energetic, and that's what we want to teach, we also realize there, those of you in the group
who are either really early on your path, or haven't quite done the foundational work, and you
still want to commit to that, and so we're going to bring back a version of our mindset
programs to basically create a full journey for everybody hear from whether you've done zero
work. And the idea of energetic either makes you think that this is a total wow bullshit. Or
it's just not where you're at, it doesn't connect for you, and you're not ready for that
step. And you're like, you know what, I just really want to understand how to communicate with
my wife better.

Guy Ferdman
Yeah, I just want to stop judging myself. Like, those are huge goals to have, that most people
bought, by the way, never fulfill on in a lifetime, and have the most incredible return on
investment. So we are bringing back some developmental programs that we've developed over
the years that are just universal knowledge, but that most people don't have access to and
allow you guys to choose. And for when our team communicates with you to say, hey, look, it
seems like you got to build this foundation before you go and start doing this work. So I want to
talk to you about that. Because where, where most of humanity still at the level of
victim hood. And that's a charged word. So I want to make sure that we define it in a way that
that works for you guys, okay? Because victim hood makes it sound. You know, what, what I'm
basically saying is the perception is that something is happening to me, right? That's what a
victim things like. Now, when we think of victim, we think there's a perpetrator. And we say,
Well, why would the victim take responsibility because someone's perpetrating? Aren't they the
one that's responsible for doing that action? And yes, when we look at it simply from that place,
you're, you're that's a valid and obvious perception. Right. But for the person that wants to
transform their life, let me just shut this died in no way this is open. For the person that really
wants to transform their life. It is literally I'm telling you impossible, from that level of mind, and
that perception to transform anything. So, so and again, just how many you guys listen to this
right now, know that at some level, and maybe it's everywhere in your life right now. You live in
that perspective, you live as a victim, say, hi. And I'm telling you, I have done that a lot in my
life. I mean, I was a, I was a teenager that dealt with depression and suicide. When someone
says, I'm depressed and suicidal you are, you're not just living it, it is the only thing you know,
because every event that happens in your life is why is it happening to make anybody says it's
still like, you feel like Gods don't want a child. That was my perception. I was like the black
sheep of the earth. And so my life didn't have much value to me. Because if that's what I
incarnated for, that's why I came into this physical body to just experience discomfort and pain.
You could see why it would seem like an obvious choice, then it's like, Let's just end it. Like,
let's just get out of this. What's the point of the ride? Right? I I. So that's where I started my

Ilan Ferdman
So Tony, from personal experience, so I just, yeah, just because like, I think sometimes when we hear victim, especially people who have done a lot of work, you're like, No, I don't do that anymore. Right? Like I and I just want to highlight some very simple things. If someone is driving in front of you, and they're driving too slow, for your liking at that moment, because you got to get somewhere. Are they in your way? Get out of my way. That's victim. When you're as a parent, and your kids don't listen to
you? Are they doing something to you? You're a victim. So I just want to get us out of this world
of like, I've done so much work, like, I'm not a victim. Yeah, maybe you turned the volume
down on being a victim to everything. And now it's just like, I just want to highlight like, if
you're a human being, you have parts that act victim, you have moments throughout the day,
multiples of them, where you think that something you've taken something on personally, you
think someone's doing something to you personally, etc. That's all being victim. So I just want
to highlight that.

Guy Ferdman
And thank you for that. And so I want to tell you that there's this really important distinction,
because last time I was on here, and I said that and I breezed by it and I created an upset for
somebody who by the way, I had very long conversations with and has had massive
breakthroughs. Because when you're when you been your whole life isn't this when somebody
has the Please save me kind of stuff. And by the way, if you're there, I'm not putting it down. I
understand there. There are different levels of mind and different perceptions in which we live
from. But when you're like looking for something to fix it finally, that's a good indicator
that you're stuck and I think it's easier to call it level of mind than creating an identity have like
you're a victim and all victims are like this and then it doesn't even sit well in my system
but i want to tell you that there is there's a stark contrast that happens when a person does
mindset work and the contrast happens because at some level there's some insight or
realization that things aren't happening to you they're actually happening for you that's an
important one and the way that we start separating and merging these ideas as we start
noticing that in society we've collapsed the idea of responsibility with fault and blame right and
i'm telling you Ilan and i have done dissertations on this where we teach us for three to four
hours and the programs that we're rolling out talk about this in great length in order to show
you all the different perceptions that one can have so that one can choose a new perception
that's like holy fuck this perception opens up my whole world this perception is throwing me
into the ground and so when we take on that responsibility is collapse with fault
and blame of course we're going to avoid wanting to be responsible for what's happening in our
life or putting ourselves at source because we're like why would i want to blame myself for
everything that's happening to me that's ridiculous and of course there's a natural aversion in
our own system because we're addicted to being right by the way about everything so we have
to be right about our victim hood and about our lack of responsibility and so it's not a natural
thing to put yourself in that seat when for a lifetime you've been trained that if you're
responsible you're to blame who the hell wants to feel that shit but when you realize that you
can start separating these two worlds and taking responsibility literally has nothing to do with
false blaming shaming guilt all that kind of stuff something becomes possible and that alone by
the way that curiosity for some people alone will literally break them out of massive depression
because that's what happened to me it had not even dawned on me that that was possible until
somebody revealed that to me okay so how many you guys here know that like responsibilities
a big piece for you say i write say in a group so what i want to let you guys know is that what i
think mindset work is very effective at is pulling people out of victim mindset and taking you to
that next level of consciousness if you want to call it that or awareness where one starts seeing
themselves as literally the source of all that's showing up in their life okay and so if you're there
i would tell you like your focus is go to the mindset stuff like get yourself to the foundational
place where you're like wow it's always been me this whole fucking time it was my perceptions
and when we show you through certain technologies how to very powerfully shift those
perceptions for yourself and then also bring those perceptions out into your reality and your
relationships and stuff like that so that the reality and the relationships reaffirm the
transformation that you're having yeah because if you just change your beliefs in here but
there's no reaffirmation out here you go right back to being the way that you are that part is
really important and so there's certain technologies and ways you communicate things with
people that allows for that reaffirmation happen and then you just step out into a reality that
has agreement for your transformation that's very different than reading a book having an
insight and then arguing with everyone in your life about why you see things differently which
is what most people do by the way so where mindset kind of halts if you want to call it that is
mindset doesn't heal the the stuff inside mindset is like getting a new paint job on your car but
you know remember that old show a pimp my ride on MTV where they would like take these old
junkie gas cars and they would like you know redo the body and redo the paint and put all these
crazy play stations in the backseat and i always used to sit there and wonder i'm like yeah but
the engine was like 200,000 miles on it and like and it's a rust bucket underneath unlike so for
all the work they've done like the car still a piece of shit basically underneath and and so so
personal development kind of like that right it really deals so much more with our perceptive
reality which is really all out here.

Guy Ferdman
But, it doesn't deal with, there are sensations out of my control happening within my system
many of which make me feel unsafe or anxious or overwhelmed or whatever but it's really
safety at the core that doesn't something doesn't feel safe a part of you doesn't feel safe that
no matter how much mindset you do you're not going to look down the system go feel safe now
stop having that emotion it's never gonna work and so where if so for me it's like mindset work
isn't even truly the definition of transformation it's the it's it's perceptive shift but the
transformation transformation to me is healing you've healed something Is that where most
people look at energetically go, Oh, that's too wow. That's spiritual nonsense. But it's really
spiritual science, not not no science, it's science, spiritual science that's been around for 1000s
of years and has worked, where we start bridging these two. And what we call here, credit to
Ken Wilber, for the for the maps, the growing up work, which is the mindset work, and the
waking up work, which is the energetic peace, the awareness and the multi dimensional nature
of humanity of the human consciousness that's so expansive and infinite, that most of you guys
outside of maybe doing a psychedelic journey with some mushrooms or Ayahuasca, have never
even known or tasted, that such a thing is available to you, and the impact that can have in
your life. And for that reason, science is now slowly catching up to this idea that we can use
certain plants and substances right to heal depression very rapidly, or make massive
improvements in PTSD and things like this. Why? Because someone suddenly accesses their
higher realm, they start accessing their multi dimensional awareness space, it kind of forces
you into what meditative practices and what the things that we show you in this group that you
basically naturally access without using any substances at all. And so for one that really wants
to go on this journey, right, because the victim is the judgment. Just to kind of bring it back to the
basil idea. We've been talking here about self judgment, a victim is a is the type of level of
consciousness that judges themselves and everybody else not stop can't it's like a pure
addiction of judgment. Right, that we move into the next level of mind where there's an
awareness now. So as you judge, there's something watching the judgment, and then can
choose to stop judging. You got that. And then there's the third level where it's like, there's no
more judgment, you healed it, and the judgment no longer exists. And so this is really the
development that we're working on here. And it's going to be rolling out very, very soon is to
you guys get to look at, hey, where am I? Where am I on this path right now? Am I still doing
that? Yeah, okay, then you really get to start setting the foundation of your mindset work. And
doing that if you feel like you are adept at that, then boy, do we have a fucking game for you to
play. When it comes to like the energetic space and starting to learn how these awareness
practices really are really practical, really practical. And it's extremely effective at healing the
under body that changing out the engine, or at the very least renewing the engine. And I'm
telling you right now, like we have, we have a client right now who's a practice mediator for 45
years, and it This stuff is rocking her life, I mean, the best way possible, because it's like most
people have have used this kind of technology to try to drive try to calm the system down, like
use it as a stress relief or something like that. But here's the reality, when I say that meditation
and energetic is a technology, I really mean it. It is the technology for healing. And for the
transformation that probably most of you guys are desiring to see that shift on our planet. It is
the access point. And the most wonderful thing about it is that you don't have to spread it or
teach it to anybody else you doing your work allows for that transformation to take place on the
planet. So how many guys are just excited? By what I'm sharing here? Say hi, in the chat box.
And then, Burski if you want to chime in on here a little bit, fill in some gaps feel free. You can
continue. Okay. Yeah. So so I want to just make sure that those are clear, right? That you have
this this growing up path that you can take.

Guy Ferdman
And that this will in essence, significantly decrease the way that you're experiencing yourself,
others and the judgment that comes into your system. And then there's this other waking up
piece. And it's really your willingness to want to learn about both and bridge them that takes
transformation to low levels unseen by most people, truly. So before we continue the
conversation, I just want to let you guys know that you have a few opportunities to participate
in this group. If you want to come on these live streams, and just have these kind of like
conversations with Ilan me, you're absolutely welcome to do that. And there's other resources
in the group, including meditations that you can take advantage of. And I would tell you that
the real reason you're here is because Ilan and I and the supportive community and coaches
that we've created, are here with a mission to assist as many people as we possibly can, and
experiencing the level of transformation that you guys get to hear about from us and from
other people going through this as possible. So if so, there's two opportunities to play right
now. The first is we have a live event coming up at the end of April on the 24th and 25th of
April, that's a Saturday and a Sunday. If you're like, whatever the fuck these guys are talking
about, I'm not even sure what it is. But some of it sounds good. I think I want to play and it's
just like a yes in your body, then you're ready for our two day event.

Ilan Ferdman
Okay, tickets are still on, I just want to point out that there's a high likelihood that this will be the last today that we ever offer. So if you have not been to a two day, and you want to do that, afterwards, we're in conversation right now to chunk it down to a one day with some auxiliary recorded information that you'll be able to go with, in advance, like you'll be able to get through. But there's a very good chance
that this is going to be the last two days. So if you've been sitting on the fence at all, if you've
been putting this off, if you've thought this is a good idea, but one day Sunday, I'm telling you
the one day Sunday is April 24 25th. Because after that, yeah, wait, wait, it's gonna be

Guy Ferdman
And the truth is, we're looking to serve more people. And we just see that the timelines are too
long. And so we're gonna start doing other other stuff here. Because like, we're just ready to
go, like we were at this point in our lives, in our, in our education in our wisdom streams, and
the things that we can bring through or we're just like, we know, we got the best game in town.
And we want to, we want to scale the shit out of what's happening here. And we really want to
build a massive community of people who are cultivating this awareness. Because it's life
changing, just you know, for the people who are in the chat box. Just scroll through. And for
those you guys who've been in today experiences other experiences want to share. It's, it is
radical, it is not explainable to most and it is so far beyond what people can anticipate. What can
change in such a short period of time? Yeah, we don't, we don't, we're not used to these kind of
things. So we think it's a lot of hard work. We're telling you, it's commitment, but doesn't have
to be hard work.

Ilan Ferdman
It's about movement, and consistency. The work itself, is actually it's so simple. You know, we find
time and time again, like guy and I are all about simplicity. After doing this stuff for 20 years, I
can tell you, I've read some of the most insane books that are like, like, make your head just
pot like your brain like oozes out of your ears, because someone's just so smart, right? But at
the end of the day, like it's not super practical, it makes you feel really smart and makes you
like you're like, well, I get it. But I'm all about simplicity. And this work that that's coming
through us at this moment is the simplest, it's almost too simple, where your mind will look at
and go like, they can't be this easy. It just can't be this easy. So I think let's leave it at that if
you if you're ready to go.

Guy Ferdman
And by the way, that's what I want to say to that. And it's because of the simplicity that we
often miss it. Because we have been conditioned to believe in complexity, and hardship, and all
these different things. And we talk about this in great detail. There has been a conditioning on
our planet for 1000s of years now your parents fault. It's an lineage shit that's been going on
here. Like you guys know the history, right? I don't think I knew the history of the globe. So it
that's just what's been going on. And it's just, it's just time like we were evolving beyond that
people have evolved beyond that that technology is here. If you want it, you can either have a
smart dumb phone from the year 1998 or come upgrade to your smartphone. That's basically
what's on offer here. Right. So if you know that you want to come to our next live event again,
April 24 25th. I saw a few of you asking in there, just type in the chat box. I'm ready. Nikki and
Jasmine are in there and they will reach out to you and send you a link. And then even if you're
watching this on replay, you can still type I'm ready. And we scour these comment boxes later
on. And if for some reason we don't reach out to you please don't get annoyed. We have 16
almost 17,000 people are managing in this group. Reach out to me Ilan, Nicky, Cory Jasmine,
you can easily find our data or just ask Where can I find this we will get back to you super quick
click very prompt. And then again the they're still we're still on promo price until the another
week or so for the event. So you can still save yourself some money there. If you're like this is
all really interesting guys, but like honestly, buy me a drink first. You know that kind of
attitude? Fine. We totally get it. Some people you we get it you might have to be here a few
weeks, a few months before you feel safe enough comfortable with these two guys or anything
else that we're doing here to make that move. And maybe you're like hey look, I want to and I
have some questions or I have nervousness about this. Awesome. Guess what That is why we
have people in this group who are constantly looking to have conversations with you about how
we can support you. And just so you understand. We can support you. We know we can. And
we understand. And trust me, we believe in free choice. So all we can do is lay out a path for
you and say, hey, look, if you walk down that path, that's a really good path. It seems like
you're really struggling over here, this is going to make a difference. And you still got to
choose, we don't have high pressure sales here. We don't use NLP on you to fuck with your
brain. So you make a choice because we don't want you to wake up, buy a ticket on Tuesday,
wake up on Wednesday go, why did I do that? We want you to feel good about your choice, and
freely come to our events, curious and wanting to learn about something that we're telling you
right now. 99.99% of our planet does not have access to correct. So if you want to have that
conversation, so you can make your free choice, just type in contact me. And then someone
from the team will make sure that you have a conversation. We know we're talking about
esoteric or esoteric, sometimes metaphysical things here. And you can't conceptualize it
because guess what, you can't conceptualize it. You just can't can't you can not conceptualize
it. It's like conceptualized God. We can explain it, we can talk, we can talk about it. But it's like
conceptualized love, we can talk about it. But we know that the only thing like trying to explain
to a child but falling in love feels like or being with your soulmate feels like you can
conceptualize it. But you also understand from the point of view from your level of mind and
perception that the child has never directly tasted or experienced what you're talking about.
And so they can create an idea about love. But they've never had the direct experience of love.
And so they don't understand love.

Ilan Ferdman
I have I haven't even one that like for a lot of people that are listening right here, they probably
know, like, when you grew up, and you were a kid, and your mom or dad were like, you won't
know what love is until you have your own kid. And you were like, No, I know, like I've loved I
love you. I've you know, maybe you had like, you know, someone that you loved in school, or
whatever it is right. And then they put that baby in your hand for the first time. And you go
home and you hold this little being who can't communicate, can't talk doesn't even know that
you really exist. Can't can't let you know that he knows that you're there, right? You tell me.
You try to explain to summon the level of love that you can experience as a parent, or now I'm
realizing like I'm watching grandparents, like my parents become grandparents. And I'm clear
that being a grandparent is the world's greatest thing. Like I'm clear, and I'm clear that I have
no idea what that could possibly feel like, like I just I'm at this point where I just know. So even
that, like you've read books about people becoming parents, you've watched movies. But like
until that happens to you, you cannot understand and you think that everyone else that tells
you that being a parent is all it is you think it's like some big gag that they're pulling on you
because you look at them. And you're like, What are you talking about? They don't sleep? I
haven't seen them in two years. They seem miserable. Like, what are they like they're trying to
convince me to have this kid like, so that I can be this music. But no, you just don't get it. And
so it's interesting, like this work is kind of in that realm of until it's felt for you experientially, in
your own body and in your own system. I can't tell you how many times people like this woman,
for example, is meditating for 45 years like other people. You've read books about these states.
You've heard really smart, enlightened beings, talk about these states. And you think you really
do think that you know what these states are and that you've experienced them. And this is not
to like bust your bubble or anything like that, but like you haven't, because you've experienced
them and thought about them in your mind and you can conceptualize them but the experience
of it is very different. guy and I are in a two year program. We're super lucky. They accept less
than 100 people a year we got in, they take us through this thing. So this past weekend guy
and I have 100 people guy and I get paired up together to do this exercise and we dropped into
this state together A place that we've both been at separately and have felt. And yet this time,
the experience of this felt place like both of us walked out of there. dumbfounded, we were like,
it was one of the coolest experiences, we got to share it together. There's a building up process
through this, that is unending. And it's just every, like, we've been doing this work every day,
for five years. And every day, I do something or have some sort of experience where it leaves
me and all of the capability that I've had. And it always points back to I'm like, that's what I
read 10 years ago that they were talking about, and I was like, Oh, I actually understand.
Experienced understand.

Guy Ferdman
Yeah. And so that's, that's, you know, and that's the valid point is that we have been because
of the way school systems are and whatever. It's like understanding logic, linear thinking
progression, that kind of stuff is, is the way to learn everything. And the way to succeed at
things, and the way to resolve things. And so it's like, you get into a conversation with
somebody and you get heated, and by the way, still happens to me and Ilan, we're not perfect.
We're humans, right? Like, we're humans, like we we get to give up that we got to resolve
humanity. Like, we just haven't accepted humanity. There's just nothing to resolve about
humanity, we are how we are. And there's other ways that we can be that Ilan and I are
honestly like shifting into that our clients get to shift into, right, there's so many other ways
that we can be. But most of us operate from this conditioning of linearity. So then, because
school was, hey, let me understand this. The authority figure tells me the thing, but I got to tell
the authority, the thing that they told me, and if I told the authority figure something different
than what they told them what they told me to say, I got a bad grade. Yeah. So basically, it's
like, we're reaffirming a version of reality to children. Right. If the children don't reaffirm their
version of reality, they get bad grades. So they think they're bad at life or bad a human or a
bad students think about how ridiculous that is. And then you get trained that when you go into
the workplace, you're gonna have another authority figure. And then there's the government as
the authority figure, right? And all these different layers, and I'm not making any of it wrong,
but I'm just showing you like, where the conditioning is that and it's been effective for getting
us through certain periods of our transformation and evolution. And we can transcend so far
beyond all this. So if you're of the mind that by understanding a concept, you can heal yourself.
You can't, you just can't. We tried it for a really long time. And there's hypnosis and NLP and all
these things like and they kind of will scratch at the surface of these things. But I want you to
get when you're having a conversation with somebody, and you get fucking pissed off, I'll
transmit a little bit pissed off because I do pissed off really well. You're not going to stop
yourself and go, Oh, yeah, there's a three step process I'm supposed to do. And I'm angry.

Guy Ferdman
Step one, breathe deep. Step two, remember, I'm responsible here. And step three, talk to them and nonviolent communication. Like it's, it's never gonna happen. Because there's no stability for it to happen.
You are now there's a part within you. It's not you. By the way, it's so important you guys get
this. It's not you that comes out. There are parts in our system, because of the way that
humans develop. That did not go through development in a healthy way. Not a bad way, just
not a healthy way. And so that part, developed the belief that it's not safe. And in order to
create safety, creates a defensive strategy. Right, here's I'm going to defend myself. And
overtime, as you applied that strategy over and over and over and over again, that strategy
became a pattern. And now that pattern runs underneath the consciousness of your mind the
same way that I don't need to think about raising this cup. There's no thought here. It just does
it because it's done at 5 billion times. Right, or, you don't get to drink too, right? Or the way you
scratch your face or all the other little tips and things that we do are these little ways that we
try to make ourselves feel comfortable in the moment as sensation is arising in our system.
Most people have no awareness that they have sensation arising in their system, they're just
doing the thing. So we cannot work that patterning from the conditioned mind that's obsessed
with understanding the things by understanding it's going to change the conditioning. The
conditioning is what's understood. so it takes more of that understanding and applies it to the
conditioning and so you become a better manager so to speak right if you if you think about a
child who is just like hyperactive doing this all day long just running around i have a two year
old at home so i watch a lot of this happen first of all it's glorious and amazing the amount of
self expression that comes out of this little being he's up he's down he's smiling sad think about
that right like it's like their exploration in five minutes i don't get that in a month.

Ilan Ferdman
It's so fast.

Guy Ferdman
It's fucking amazing but so what happens as you get older you go to the authority figure the
authority figures tells you that's how reality is you go open i'm going to get a d if i think that's
where reality is they're like yep okay i need to get an a let me tell you about when column bus
sailed the ocean blue right some stupid thing like that and so as you develop more
understanding you become a better manager and then what do you become you become still
and stoic and kind of dead inside because everything that wants to arise in your system that is
of you the true essence of you your pure self expression can't come out because you have
developed so many parts of you that are not managing the fucking system that you don't even
have a semblance of recognition of who you once were and so we run around in this world
trying to attach more shit to us or more understanding and it's like getting me sad because it's
like you can feel the you can feel the pain and us culturally in society and indigenous right and
all these things about how we've tried to change all this but the conditioning is still the
foundation and so we've just become better managers and then what we call it an adult is just
a child that manages itself better so it doesn't look crazy when it's outside in public basically it
but when you're home all alone and this music is on and you start dancing and no one's
watching we say dance like no one's watching but nobody's fucking dancing like no one's
watching everyone's dancing.

Ilan Ferdman
there's a reason that I've started to notice like all this stuff happens and arises there's
something right next to the managers that guy's talking about think about just pause and think
for a second like why do i need all these managers why do all these things arise why do i need
to come up with new strategies on how to not get angry at my husband or yell at my kids or be
upset or run away or whatever like right those are all strategies management strategies to in
the moment bring safety to your system like like this huge charge hits your system you're
unaware of it pings all these things the mind goes oh no this is really bad fix this and then you
go into your strategy okay so when we do the foundation work the growing up where what
we're actually learning is how we're structured right like what makes you tick why you do the
things you do etc and then you create all these management styles to kind of operate in life
what i feel like now is what we're bringing through and helping people understand is like if you
stop and think why do i have why do i need all these managers are like when does a manager
get activated when does a park get activated it gets activated because in the moment the
judge piece the self judge piece has judged something as not good or not good enough yeah
because like if something bad happens to you right now we have this judgments like that
wasn't supposed to happen why is this happening to me that can take shouldn't happen but
here's the flip side of it and this is like this how you know humans are just wired in a strange
way something good happens to you like you go to work you've had a conversation you want to
get a promotion they come back to you and you had a number i'm going to get a $20,000 raise
you get to work and they give you they give you a raise they give you $10,000 raise are you
happy something good happening you just got 10,000 more dollars in your pocket are you
happy, you're not happy.

Ilan Ferdman
not happy you're upset because it wasn't supposed to be like that you were supposed to get
$20,000 There's not $10,000 now your shit is going, you don't respect me, I do so much for this
company, they don't respect me, I deserve that. But they didn't give me that. Meanwhile, they
just gave you 10 grand, right? Like, this is how loony we are. So I just want you to stop here for
a second. And just imagine, like, close your eyes for a second. And just imagine with me.
Imagine you lived in a world where, right now you're in this place of like, one thing. One thing is
the only thing that can show up in your life and make you happy. And the 1000s of other
opportunities that can come, it doesn't matter, they're going to get you pissed. So there's only
one way that life can turn out that you're going to actually be happy. Now, close your eyes for a
second and just be here in this world with me. Imagine you got to a place where 1000 things
could happen. That would all make you happy and peaceful. Not just one, where you expanded
so much into this world that when a screaming kid shows up, or 10,000 instead of a $20,000
raise, or your something gets hurt in your body or someone leaves like you're still good, that
you're not waiting for this one moment, this very specific moment to come. And if it doesn't
come in this exact specific fashion, it throws you into a tizzy. Imagine you just expanded into
this place where you could accept and be with so much more. Now much more peace, and joy
and fulfillment would you have in your life if you could expand into that ability. This work isn't
about like acquiring more, doing more achieving more all that stuff, if that's in your alignment,
and that's truly is what will bring you peace and happiness and fulfillment. That's how the self
expression of this work is going to happen for you. But there have been so many things that we
have programmed in as a delusion to what we actually think we need. Because the thing that's
telling you what it needs is a hurt little boy or girl inside that doesn't feel good enough or seen
enough or worthy enough, or trustful enough. And so it says in order for me to feel enough, I
need you to go do this. And you run around like a chicken with your head cut off and you do
that and then life doesn't show up the way you want. And it's just I don't know, like it's tiring. I
don't know how else to say it. It is exhausting to live life that way. And when you're exhausted
you make poor decisions. When you're exhausted your relationships suffer your health suffers
stress levels through the roof your body suffers you're literally killing yourself from the inside
out. Imagine just feel what it would feel like if you lived in a world where as life happened you
wouldn't have this thing all the time. He would just like start to chill. And that's the invitation
it's like.

Guy Ferdman
We're inviting you to step.

Ilan Ferdman
Out of that rat race world the fix everything and everyone change everything and everyone
world. Like if you enjoy that world keep doing what you're doing. By all means you got a choice
but like there is 1,000,000% way that you could live in another way that is way easier on you
on everyone around you. And it's it's just it's hard to understand how close it is to you. Like
Like, how it when I describe that you might not even have like a an ability to even witness it
because you're like, I can't even imagine that world right? Like, I'm telling you that world is a
lot closer to you than you think.

Guy Ferdman
Like the light touching your skin but you're not Wherever the light Yeah, yeah. So to just start
putting a bow on on on this stuff, and then I'll there's some questions here that well, I'll briefly
touch upon, and then we'll close it out with a quick video. So if you guys have been listening
here, and again, there's some party that's just screaming Yes, if at any part while we were
talking, you're like, yep, like, and I'm not talking to even like here, like some parties like inside.
Mm hmm. You know, like when you see the one and you're like, Huh, like that. Mm hmm. You're
supposed to be at our next two day program. Like we call it intuitive mind, because it takes
intuition to even get in there. Like you got, you got to Intuit your way into things like think
about all the great things in your life were mostly intuitive decisions, you could sit around and
debate pros and cons and thinking about it. But like, internally, there's a desire that is pulling
you in a direction, you could talk yourself out of it, certainly talk yourself out of anything.
Alright. And that's what we say, like, people come, they're like, I'm so happy I trusted that, yes,
even when I wasn't exactly sure what I signed up for. You don't got to be sure because like this
stuff is hard to be sure of what we're going to what you're going to train on is alternate states
of consciousness. We can call it meditation, because that's what most people think about when
they think about altered states. But we're talking about direct access to altered state. We're not
talking necessarily about you tripping your balls off, or seeing sacred geometry everywhere.
Although that happens to people believe it or not, it just kind of depends on on how your
system is organized. We're talking about how to literally un merge yourself from the prison of
your conditioned mind. If you would like to learn how to develop an awareness, that is no
longer succumb to the prison of the conditioned mind. And then understand how to leverage
that from direct experience for healing. That's what our work is clear. Again, if you need the
mindset piece in the foundation, and you're stuck in some of these darker spaces, you're
working through some of the victim stuff, you're learning by responsibility, how you can be like
way more successful in your life and have communication and relationships work for you. The
mindset piece might be appropriate for you. In either case, if you're like on the fence with our
work, have a conversation with somebody again, in the comment box below, just say contact
me. And then Nikki Cory Jasmine will reach out to you have a conversation with you Just so you
guys know, if you're not friends with them already, when they contact you, your messages end
up in your other was a message request folder and messenger. So you might have to just check
in there. But if you are a friend, so just like if you're like, like, please contact me and then you
don't see a message and you start getting upset about it, it might just be in your other folder.
And how you get there is you have a little profile picture on your messenger, you tap on it, or
you click on a desktop, you'll see it pulls down says message requests. You click on it, you'll
find it in there. Okay? If you're like this is exquisite, good to go. I'm going to trust my Yes, then
you want to you want to enroll yourself and our two day event. That's your next step. Okay.
And if you're that person, then in the comment box below, just say I'm ready. And then again,
Nikki Corey, Jasmine will send you a link so that you can purchase your ticket. And again,
they're still on discount until a little bit from now. Okay, so with all that you guys asked, and I
kind of just touched on i right now, we do speak about meditation, but and we use meditation
as the terminology to kind of be like, hey, do this meditation because people have a perceptual
concept of what meditation is. So they know I need to sit, I need to be quiet. And that's aspects
of it. We add the words active healing meditation, because we want you to understand that
what we're taking you through is the beginning fundamentals of literally retraining, how you
use perception itself. Like how you actually use awareness itself. Okay.

Hi everybody i am recording this video for Guy and Ilan Ferdman because i just went through
there today have it all event online and first of all from the bottom of my heart guy and Ilan
thank you so incredibly much i'm so happy i went through that experience because i just feel so
energized and recharged and way more aware of how i feel and certain reactions i have so to
give some some insight into the step by step sort of experience that i had after the first day I
had this massive awareness of just minor pinches and contractions and things in my body that I
kind of noticed before but really noticed on a deeper level i actually went camping after the
first day because i was watching the event from a recording and just throughout the whole
thing the whole camping trip i noticed so many different contractions and reactions and things
in my body that like my my level of awareness of my my entire body has gone up and that blew
my mind and then day two i watched part of it and then went to bed and finished the next
morning and after doing one of the meditations going into my body and bringing up bringing up
sensations that i felt and reactions that i felt towards relationships i actually felt like crap which
is interesting because during the first meditation on the first day i felt amazing and then i
started to battle with myself a little bit maybe not battle but i started to feel frustrated and
upset that i wasn't getting the experience that i maybe thought i shouldn't have gotten but
then i was quickly quickly reminded that what i was experiencing was perfectly for me and
designed for my individual experience and then i sat with this exhaustion and this tiredness
and this lack of focus that i had and it passed soon afterwards and then i felt incredible And
that's where I'm at now. So I just sent him in, I just finished the recording. And I feel super
stoked and energized and excited for for more of these types of experiences. So again, thank
you all guy and Ilan and everybody else who was on that if they're watching this, thank you,
thank you, I really looking forward to two more and to connecting with you guys on the deeper
level and whoever else is watching this, who's interested in doing this type of work. I can't say
enough about how profound it is and how powerful it is and also how simple it is. It's so simple
and so powerful. It must it's, it's like the key. It's, it's unlocked a lot for me. So I appreciate you
all again. And I'll talk to you soon here.

Guy Ferdman
Thank you again, guys for being here. Instructions are below on how to get in touch with us.
Lovely, let's talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.