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Guy Ferdman
Oh, Papa.

Ilan Ferdman
My dog, my friends. Walk Welcome back. Or welcome forward. And if this is your first time.

Guy Ferdman
Welcome sideways.

Ilan Ferdman
Welcome sideways welcome, right welcome left. I'm Ilan over there in the all blue today rockin
all blue. Home team jerseys is his guy, and I'm happy to have you here. This is our Tuesday
training, we do this every week. Each week is a different topic, let me actually my phone so we
don't get the beeps and wraps. And today, we're actually going to be talking about a topic that I
think a lot of people ask us about and want to know about. And that is money. Money is
something that I think I haven't met a person yet that doesn't want more of, it doesn't matter
how much you have, everyone's always striving to have more. So whatever your level of
money, you know, maybe you're someone that wants to grow from $10,000 a month to 20 or
50 or $100,000 a month, maybe you're someone that has millions and wants to make more
millions, or maybe you're someone that's, you know, money's always been really, really difficult
for. And you just want to get to a place where it's easy and comfortable. All of the things that
we'll talk about and share about today are applicable to wherever you are with your money.
And we're going to talk about it in a bit of a different way. Because I think there's plenty of stuff
about manifestation or result visualization or law of attraction or all of those things. So by a
show or by the comments here, if you guys could I'd be curious to just find out as we go about
this, you know, how long have you been working on increasing your money or improving your
money game in one way, shape, or form? Just give me an idea. And you can even share if you
want to be more specific, you know what you've done? Maybe it's your books, maybe it's joint
seminars, but just out of curiosity, you know, how long have you kind of been working at this?
Because what I have found and I think I would agree what we have found is that a lot of people
feel like they do a lot of work around money and the situation doesn't really change all that
much. Alright, so I'll just give you guys a few seconds here I see someone Facebook user who I
don't know who that is, but yeah.

Guy Ferdman
said two years. That's Robin bus bus Boga of us, Bobo.

Ilan Ferdman
Robin, by the way, I I messaged you on Facebook Messenger. So you might need to check your
other messages. I should shut you a little message actually earlier today. Caroline says working
on me for a few years books, seminars, etc. Cool. Alright, so we'll get a few more in here. And
I'll, I'll share with you guys. So one of the things that I've noticed is yes, this is something that
people once they become aware of personal development. It's a very natural progression to
want to focus on this area, because most people think that if they had their money situation
handled, then all this life thing would just get so much easier. So someone says six years
books, network marketing, awesome. And while I can tell you from personal experience, there
is a slight truth to that. I'm going to probably say a few things here that might be slightly
controversial. One of which is that money is kind of like the booby prize that people tend to
focus on because they have this belief that if they were to make more money, that their life
would be easier, they'd be happier, etc, etc. And I can tell you from having coached someone
who's almost a billionaire to people that have made seven eight figures I can tell you with
certainty, they are no happier than you are or not. They are not in better shape than you are or
are not. There family situations are not easier. Life with kids is not easier than what you might
have. Literally, from my experience, nothing really changes, other than the fact that they can
go into a store and buy things without looking at a price. But as far as quality of life, happiness
in life, etc. And I think there was a study a while back that said that, once someone gets, I
think, like, 70,000, I think it was around that number. You know, from from like, zero to 70,000,
the growth in ease and happiness or whatever, like, there is some linearity there. But after that
amount, it's basically negligible. You know, the things you buy might be a little bit nicer, but it's
not like those things bring you joy anyway. Or if they do they bring you like, very small
amounts of joy. So I'm just gonna say this, and then I'll throw it off the guy here. But so one is, I
think that people go about their money thing completely backwards. Like, like, they make
money, the thing that they need to go and figure out. Because if you were to just pause right
now and think to yourself, like, Okay, if I had all this money, and life was, you know, like, money
was flowing and all that stuff, like, what would be the energy? What would be the feeling that I
would have, in this very moment? Like, how would I feel if I had all this money? And for some
people that might be safe, for some people that might be secure for other people that might be
free. For other people that might feel supported? Like, whatever your thing is, right? Like, just
get just just start touching that. Right. Okay. So Caroline says, I would feel relief, but like, relief
is is more of see if you can dig a little deeper there. Because, you know, relief is this like, oh,
like, I don't have to carry that burden anymore. But what if you weren't carrying that burden?
Like put yourself past that moment of just like, ah, like, what would be that feeling?

Guy Ferdman
Yeah, well beyond the relief already.

Ilan Ferdman
Right? It's is it like, well being? Is it safe? Is it ease freedom, like something like that, right. And
what I would offer is, and, like, I take it from here, it's like, that is something that you can work
on. And instead of going to chase money, because somehow we've we've collapsed the the
idea, like if I can share my experience, so for me, money equals security, it was something that
I just came up with, like when I was 12, I went to my friend's house, we were poor immigrants.
You know, this guy's dad was driving a Ferrari and the mom was driving a Rolls Royce. And I
remember opening the pantry. And it was like, every candy bar and every cookie and every
soda and like, it was mind blowing to me. And for whatever reason, I just associated like
security with this notion of having a lot of money. And so I chased money for a long, long time,
because really, what I wanted was to feel secure. And it didn't matter how much money I had,
the feeling of security never came just so you guys understand. Because then you have it, and
then you don't feel secure about keeping it. Right. So if like, the underlying thing for me was
security or lack thereof, security, and I'm going to try to fill this void inside of not feeling secure
with money. There's no way that money can fill that security void. And so when I pivoted to
wow, I can actually learn techniques to give my system my nervous system, the feeling of
security, guess what followed naturally money right, and so, I'll just leave it at that, like I take it
from here. But I just want you guys to really visualize as we're having this conversation, what is
the thing that you really want to feel in your life?

Guy Ferdman
Yeah, you know, and money and and really, everything is multi layered, multi textured, you
know, oftentimes when we're having these conversations, it seems like, Oh, if I just figured out
that one thing, like, what's the one thing like really what's the problem with money? But like if
we if we simplify it that much because most people are they take what they've heard at face
value, right? We like you say money you say? This is a funny one like circumcision, right? Like
everyone will tell you Well, why do why do we circumcised kids? Well, it's because it's a it's
cleaner, you know, like, it's a cleaner situation. And like all these things, all these like, like, on
investigated things that we just kind of have these knee jerk reactions for and with money, I
feel like people's ultimate answer is, Well, you got to work hard. You got to work really, really
hard for it, right. But like, most people who are blue collar 95 99% of people who are blue
collar, work extraordinarily hard, right, have continued to work hard and most of their lives. So
if if working hard, was the golden rule for making more money, we would see people flourishing
and wealth all over the place, but we don't see that. And so I like to remind people that, you
know, working hard or when you look at Gary V's of the world, Ilan Musk's, and, you know,
we're kind of these people are kind of put on pedestals, that these people are exceptions to the
rule. And we we live in a society that has a media that takes these people or the circumstances
and magnifies them to make it seem like a lot of people are experiencing this thing, when when
the fact is, you know, it's the minority, right? Like the majority of people are not experiencing
wealth, or not experiencing freedom, or not experiencing really connected relationships. And so
I want to kind of boiled this thing down to a certain thing that if we, if we get rid of all this
definition of money, because there's so much weight around words, like money and words like
God, right, like, there's so much put on that. And if you just if we could boil it down and take
away the definition and just say, hey, here's what we have. And what we have in our lives is
relationships with different types of frequencies, energies, and in a certain way, this
relationship that most people have between them, and money is tainted. Now, this might come
from traditional values that you have, it might come from, like what Ilan and I had, which is
you grew up with immigrants, and you grew up as an immigrant family, and you watch your
parents work really, really hard for you know, very little money and stuff like that, and that they
may have talked about it, they may have not, but it may have just been a perception, your field
that it's like, hey, you know, when I look at something, I can't feel like I can have it because
mom and dad are in this situation, right? Even if the parents wanted to give you everything. So
what we always want to look at is like, what's our what's our interpersonal relationship? Right?
And, and relationships, as we know, are not just this physical, tangible thing we can hold in our
hand. It's also when we're around people that we're in relationships with, we have emotional
feedback, we have our spiritual feedback, we have our mental feedback, we have our physical
feedback, right? Like, if your, your relationship is constrained with somebody, you might feel
more pain in your body, right? So there's, there's all these different levels of feedback. And so
of course, any of us can just change our mind and be like, Yeah, I'm just going to work harder,
or I'm going to become really, really disciplined. And while that may have an impact, it's not
going to be the impact, it's not going to be the ultimate thing that changes your mind. And I'm
going to tell you something from from our days, like you learned and I Well, before we had our
coaching company, we were in the online marketing space, working in affiliate marketing,
things like this. And at the height of our ad spend, and like when we were, you know, had
millions of dollars of revenue coming in every month. And what most companies most people
online don't tell you when they have millions of dollars coming in is how much ad spend they're
spending to generate that amount of revenue. So person might be generating a million dollars,
but spending $750,000 a month to generate that, right? So they're not really making a million
dollars a month. And at our height we were making about, we were spending about 150 grand
a month on Facebook, advertising and YouTube advertising. And at that time, we were
traveling the world, London, Australia, here in the states, New York on both coasts, like really
regularly. And we were teaching these long weekend seminars to 1000s of people on and
offline about how to build businesses online, make money, do marketing, etc, etc. And rightfully
so, right. Like we were, we were proven for many years to be top earners and companies. And
so when people used to ask me, so how do I become wealthy? I said, Well, you know, it's kind
of the darnedest thing that I've noticed is worth spending about 150 grand a month and the only
difference I can see between a really successful month and a not successful month is our mood.

Guy Ferdman
Just let that land for a second. Not our sales funnel, not our ads. Nothing else that we would run
the same exact traffic to the same exact places. One month crushes it. One month does
abysmally and the only thing I could track it to was this month I didn't feel good this month I
felt great. Okay, and so To me, even though when I wasn't quite as energetically attuned as I
am now, I started seeing this pattern, how my emotions and my mental state were clearly
correlated to the results that we were getting. And how many you guys can relate to this on
some level, right? Like, and even if it's not around money, maybe it's like you leave the
morning, or you leave the house in the morning, and you're all stressed out. And suddenly, it
just seemed like that day, the traffic is a lot worse, or people are driving kind of crazy and
cutting you off, right? It's just like a more stressful environment. Now, is it a more stressful
environment? Or are you stressed out, and so a stressful environment is reacting to your inner
stress, right, and so you're experiencing this outer stress. And I think we can all experience
that, right? Like, you're in a bad mood, you hurt yourself, like you suddenly stub your toe or
like, stretch something out. Like, that's just what happens when you're in a flow state, it's like,
you can do no wrong, everything is good, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? So it's awesome.
Like, I'm not telling you guys don't change your story around money. Because we are due for a
change in our story around money. Most people are, right, like, and most of you guys probably
grew up like us, either in a poor household, or where you watch your parents struggle around
money, or you are an immigrant yourself, but like, most of the world has not tasted true wealth.
Right? Like children who are born into wealth, have no doubt that tomorrow there's going to be
more money in their bank account. And so there is. And so what we are always looking to do is
how do we get our system and like Ilan pointed at its nervous system, but it's also what's
happening energetically, that you can feel underneath the nervous system to bring it to a place
of safety. And here, here's why. When our nervous system doesn't feel safe, it collapses on
itself, it like gets tight, right? Like a tight muscle. When you have a tight nervous system, just
like a tight muscle energy can't freely move in your body. Okay, another way saying this is that
the system is actually closing, it's actually closing. So a safe nervous system, an energetic body
that's feeling safe, is actually open. And when it opens a body is also able to receive, it's like
it's like open for business, you know, vibrations, frequencies, such and such. And our
correlation that we have seen the most, is that people's wealth that they're generating is
directly correlated to what they think they're actually able to receive. Okay, now, you might be
like sitting here going, Oh, well, I want to receive everything. Okay, cool. Like that's, that's a
good starting point, right? mentally speaking, like, you want to create a pattern where you tell
yourself on a regular basis, I'm open to receiving open to receiving. But here's the truth, none
of us can lie to our body. Yep, none of us can light our body. And I don't care if you remember
trauma that happened to you, you don't remember trauma that happened to your body, your
energetic body, your spiritual body, it remembers, it remembers every little thing that's ever
happened to it, your subconscious remembers every little situation and how things were
affirmed to it and such and such. And so this is why oftentimes, when people are just doing like
mindset work, or they're like trying to work harder, yeah, they might be changing their minds,
or at least like managing their minds better, but the body and the way the energy is set up,
doesn't change at all. And you hear a saying this, this line here all the time, which is your
reality, is an organic hologram. That is directly reacting to the energy or the frequency or
vibration, that your body's outputting. And so if you are finding it very, very difficult to create
wealth, or even to receive money, right, because, weirdly enough, like receiving money doesn't
have to be based on any effort at all. There are plenty of things, weird stories I can tell you
from this year. You know, of like, you know, I'm sure you've heard the stuff where like checks
just show up in a mail, or an opportunity comes that has really nothing to do based on any work
that you did or didn't do. Now, for a lot of people, if they don't, if they can't feel a direct line
between the work they did, and how the that was responded to by making money. They think,
okay, if something comes to them, and they didn't work for it, they'll actually feel guilty inside
their systems. They'll be like, Well, I didn't work for.

Guy Ferdman
Yeah, like, I'm not supposed to receive that, like I'm not worthy. Okay, this is all these like little
layers that I'm starting to point to which is this, this thing about not feeling safe, your ability to
receive and then not feeling worthy of it. Right. And we have seen people that somewhat
receive and then not feeling worthy of it. Right. And we have seen people that somewhat
dramatically make a lot of money like us included within a short period of time. And then like
they will get sabotage like something will come along, the money will get stolen a bad business
deal will happen you know, such and such has happened to Elan and I over and over and over
and over again in our lives. Why? Because this part in the system doesn't feel quite safe
because like Elon said, you might not feel safe like okay, well if I had money, I can relax and
have these options and opinions and things that I might be able to do. But then you end up
Getting a lot of money. And now the fear actually enhances because it goes from, oh, I don't
have it to, I don't want to lose it. And we've all seen what happens to athletes or sports or
anything else. When a person plays, you know, they're not playing to win, they're actually just
playing not to lose, right? Like, that's almost always win, when you see the team losing
anyway, right? So these are little things I want to start pointing to, because it's not just you
reading a book and understanding how a person put together a business plan or a sales funnel,
a sales funnel that made the money, because we've been in companies where everybody gets
the same same sales funnel. But for whatever reason, just a very few margin, people can make
money with that sales funnel, while everybody else sits down here. And they're going, what's
that person secret? How come they know something that I don't know. And the only difference
is really your inner attunement. And so I want to start pointing back to it, I'll give it back to Elon
here, it's like, so how do we start doing this work of inner attunement, and then layering that
on top of that, once we do the work to create safety in the body, then creating the more of the
mental habits and the repetition that a person would need to create, in order to start creating
different beliefs. Because ultimately, the things that you have in your life you are doubtless
about them. You don't have a doubt, like, you know, like, for me, I've been dealing with a lot of
physical pain, most of my life, and there's a little part inside of me, like there's a big part of me
that doesn't like that I don't want to be in pain. But if I'm really honest, there's a little part of
me like a little masochist part that like kind of gets off on it. It kind of enjoys the pain, it has
something to do with like, like knowing that I'm strong and knowing that I'm like, capable and
like I go through difficult experiences and love. And then I even share it with my friends like oh,
look what I went through. And right, like we all had this kind of scenario, like Elon and I lived in
and around New York City most of our lives. And I can tell you, when you get on the subway, I
always used to laugh. I'm like, this is a place where people go to see and sit next to each other
and energetically say I haven't harder than you. And everybody looks miserable on the fucking
subway, because everybody's trying to show everybody else how hard their life is energetically
speaking. And so their life reflects that every day is harder and harder. And so Eli is going to
hopefully start pointing here at what do we get to do as we if we get honest with ourselves, and
we start learning how do I actually see these deeper parts of myself that are not open to
receiving and that don't feel safe? And I understand that until I until I learn how to work? Yeah.
And during somebody said, right. It's literally called an enduring pattern. And that's where the
masochist pattern comes from. How do we get to a place where we can see these things in our
system very, very clearly, work a process that enables our body to create more safety, it opens
itself, and then our self worth stops being tied to our achievements, or to our money, or to
anything else like our like, we actually don't have to tie our self worth anything other than our
being this, like you being here is why you're worthy. You were born. That's why you're worthy.
You have a consciousness, that's why you're worthy. Everything else is like crazy stuff that
society and humanity has layered on top of it that like until I perform in a certain way. I'm not
worthy, you know? And this is the the crux with money, right? Like, it's like, how are you ever
going to be that person, like, if you haven't created alignment in your system, you don't even
know how you need to perform in order to make money or to feel worthy enough of receiving
money to get it to get it back to you, right? And so like, this is the stuff until you clean it up in
your system. Everything is a lot harder. I'm not saying that people that don't have distortions or
processes can make money and we see it it happens, right? Like most really wealthy people are
not wealthy, because they've handled this stuff. It is just how their system is organized. Right?
Because we're all afraid, like, let's let's just be super honest, like everybody's living in some
type of state of fear. And we are trying to figure out right now as a society and in our spiritual
lives, how do we feel safe in these bodies? How do we see feel safe on this earth? And so the
people that you know, that are hyper wealthy, or that are doing really well, just so you
understand for them, that distortion is so great in a certain area of their lives, not making
money literally is death to that system.

Guy Ferdman
And so they have to figure it out in such a way that it looks like everybody else, they figured
something out, but really, they're living in a high state of distortion. I know like the whole Will
Smith thing is like really, really hot right now. And it is what it is, whatever your opinions are
about him. But for those of you guys who may or may not have listened to his book more
recently, which is a really honest portrayal of very honest portrayal of himself, right? And it
doesn't like just flash him in this beautiful light. He's like, these are like the dark spots of my
life. And fortunately, or unfortunately, everybody got to see that publicly, you know, a few days
ago. Like he's a person that seems to have it all together but speaks very deeply in that book in
a very eloquent way that he is that he is that successful because of these distortions, not
because he handled them, because he's working on those things now, so he doesn't have to
work so hard, you know, in his life to, to prove and provide all these different things that he
has. So it's like, that's where most of us are. Ilan and I are dedicated to you guys building
wealth in your lives to you guys living as a healthy in your body as you can at the emotional,
mental and physical level as you possibly can. And we think that taking care of your money is a
really, really important thing, because that is the gentrification that we live inside of. But if you
layer it and make it this super serious fucking survival game, then your nervous system goes
apes-hit. And you never quite can get there. What Ilan is going to point two now, I think, is like,
Okay, so what's the actual work that we get to do to relax this body so that receiving is much
easier. Things can be effortless and flows for you. And you don't have to work so hard at trying
to like manage your system in order to figure out how to make more money.

Ilan Ferdman
Yeah, so Steve wrote in here, you can only attract that which you are emanating vibration.
And then Alex wrote, right afterwards, I've doubled my income the last two months from totally
unexpected places that I didn't do anything for. Right. So, um, I'm saving those things, because
I want you guys to just presence, something for yourself right now. Money. And you've probably
heard this before is a frequency. It's an energy. And there have been times in your life where
you have been in a certain energetic frequency, I mean, that you're aware of, you're always in
an energetic frequency, right like that. You can't turn this thing off. That's why when people are
like, can you teach me how to manifest I was like, You're the world's best menu-faster. You're
conscious every, every second of every day you're manifesting, you're manifesting the way
that your husband or wife responded to you, your kids respond to you. You're manifesting the
the way your bosses, you're manifesting the clothes that you wear, your manifesting the way
that the coffee person reacts to you, all of that is manifested. And it all comes from if you can
imagine if you've ever seen a tuning fork, right, like, if you hit a tuning fork, and then you put
another one that's next to it, it will actually vibrate that other one at the same exact frequency.
So I want you to imagine that you this is a tuning fork. And you are constantly emitting an
energetic frequency out into the world. In fact, and just try this on for size. Think of how you
ended up in this group. Satori prime, is nothing more than an energetic frequency. And for
those that feel that vibration frequency, it's like a poll. I talk to you guys all the time. And it's
like, you know, so and so told me about this, and I listen to this podcast at this perfect time and
like, or, you know, a friend, like the most miraculous of ways that brought you here. Because in
your growth journey, you're also emanating a certain frequency ever have, like the perfect
book fall in your lap, the perfect teacher come to you, whatever it might be. And this could be
in areas of health this can be in areas of, it could be a car, it could be like those moments that
kind of take your breath away almost feels like a Twilight Zone episode where like, the fuck did
that happen? Because you were you're in a certain frequency. Now, truth is that most people
are unaware A, that they are this frequency. And even if they are aware of this frequency, and
you ask them, okay, well, how do you tune your frequency? They're like, I have no fucking clue.
I just don't know. Right? And so what we do here at Satori prime land, is we actually teach you
how to vibrate at that frequency. Right? So money is a frequency. I'm going to ask a question
that's gonna seemingly be off topic. And for those of you guys that have been through our
programs don't cheat. Okay. But for everyone that's new and listening. In the comment box,
just let me know. If you think that you are great at receiving or asking for support, like are you
amazing at asking for support and then receiving support? Or do you find that you're this
independent? I will always figure it out person and asking for help or support let alone receiving
support is very, very uncomfortable for you. So which camp are you on and just like give
yourself an honest analysis here. Have? Am I really great like just asking for support and
receiving support come really easily to me, or is very difficult. And I'll give you a very simple
thing that you can kind of look to see how you receive support. A great way to look is like when
someone gives you a compliment, are you like, Oh my God, thank you so much. Or you're like,
Oh, if they only knew like, and it makes you feel really, really uncomfortable. So Michelle says,

Ilan Ferdman
For me, it's asking I can receive asking, I just can't do that. Yeah, exactly. Previously never asked for
support. But I'm currently getting better still difficult at times, though. I always rely on myself
to get anything done, says Facebook user and not really sure who that is. Andrea Toronto. Oh,
Andrew. Nice. So how much better since I finished Oh, three. So I'm going to tell you another
one says uncomfortable but it's easier asking or receiving from some people than others? Yeah,
well, obviously, we have like a certain crew of people. So now, the reason I asked that is I want
you to take this on, when people talk about the energy of money, I want you to realize that the
energy of money is equal to the energy of support. Let that sink in the energy of money is
equal to the energy of support the level to which you have comfort in both asking for support.
And then even more importantly, receiving support will give you a very good indication at the
level of money that you are able to ask for and receive. And for some of you that might be like
a little bit of like, oh, shit moment right now. And can you see how, as long as you haven't
opened and work the channel, like the energetic channel that I was talking about, right? Like if
the if the that energetic channel is stuck tight, around receiving support, that it's not just
supportive, someone helping drive you to the airport or supportive someone helping you move
or supportive, someone helping you watch your kids or whatever, right at home. Like, I find it
so funny that I'm in a family where people love to cook, like like, my mom loves to cook, my
wife loves to cook, her mom loves to cook grandparents love to cook like everyone loves to
cook. But if you get into the kitchen, while this person is cooking, and you're like can I help you
with something? What is the automatic response answer? It's like, no, no, I got this. I got this.
Yeah, I'm good. Right? Like it is those moments as long as like, right, like someone offers
support and our internal thing? Because we're like, no, no, I can do it. I can do it. Obviously, you
can do it. But someone's asked, like offering to help you with something. And you're like, No,
no, I can't, I can't. That will tell you more about the level to which you can receive money than
any money book, or any visualization. And so what we do is right, we go out, and we read this
manifestation book and we read this visualization book and money book. And you do it and you
do it and you do it. I asked earlier, like how many years, two years, six years, multiple years,
few years. But all of that is done on top of a constricted close off system that cannot receive
support. So even in the moments that money does find its way through this energetic block.
What happens? Does it ever stay? Consistently? No. Right? You have a little bit you get really
excited and then poof, it's gone again and you're back in the same scenario. When I realized
this guy's like the shift in money that showed up in my life was downright like unicorn magic
shit. Just I'll give you one example here, okay, Guy and I in April of 2020, during like, you know,
pandemic, basically, March the world kind of came to a screeching halt. April of 2020. We're
looking at ourselves, businesses come to a screeching halt. Luckily, we had clients that stayed
with us, but like as far as getting new business, it was just it was like the world ended right. And
we are looking and going Fuck, what do we do? What do we do? And guy goes, you know, what
if we took a sabbatical? Like it's as good as time as any like nothing that we're doing is working
anyway, let's just take a sabbatical. We'll do our own work. We'll meditate. We'll sit together.
We won't think about business plan for business. Just a month of just let it go. Three years
prior, this was in 2016, or 2017. We had one number off on one of our affiliate paperwork. Like
when we were getting affiliate checks from one of these companies, and the IRS withheld
something like 50. It was like 54 $55,000 from us. Now, it was rightfully our money.

Ilan Ferdman
Our accounts filled out the right things. So like the IRS had admitted that it was a mistake, but
we had to go through this mediator. And for three plus years, no movement whatsoever, like
nothing. Okay, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, guy, and I started I think it was
we started in like, may maybe, end of April, early May, right? We go on the sabbatical. I'm
washing my car outside guy calls me he goes, You will not believe what I'm holding in my hand
right now. He's like, turn on your video. Okay, turn on video, guys holding a check. from the
IRS. Which mind you were dead, dead middle of COVID. Like, everything is fucking shut down.
No one's been working like nothing's open. And this check shows up. And we looked, we were
like, what, how is that even like, who is there to even send the check. Like, it doesn't even
make sense. I forgot all things like this kept happening over and over and over again, once I got
that what I actually wanted to feel in here was security was safety. I began to do meditation
practices, sitting with someone practices, sessions with people to bring safety into my system,
regardless of money. Right? For a long time, I was chasing this money thing to try to fill that.
Then I get in on this, like, I had this epiphany and was like, wait, I can actually do that. Now. I
can start to feel and receive and ask for support. Now, I can start to open these pathways in my
energetic body that will allow for me to see and feel and receive support. And this could be
simple things guys, like someone opening the door for you. And you go wow, look how
supported I am. Someone bringing the food to you Wow, look, it was support I am your kids
doing laundry or doing the dishes or someone from your work staff bringing you coffee, right?
Like, you start to as you realize, and you open to this, you start to see that support is
everywhere. And as you begin to drink in the support, like more support starts to come. guide I
have built Satori prime for the first nine or so years of our business purely by ourselves. No one
maybe like a contractor here and there to do like an audit and job but like, everything was done
by ourselves. Guess what, we started to do this work on like receiving support. And I'm sure
they were there all the time. We just couldn't fucking see them. Right? And like, people from
our community were like, We want to help you. How can we help you? Can we support you?
And now all of a sudden, we have like a dream team around us of people who are here to
support and guide me, like we wake up every day. And we're just like, wow, we feel so
supported to and guess what has followed money from the most incredible insane of places,
money starts to come to support you on your path to feel deeper and deeper levels of support.
Not because you need more money. But if your thing is like I want to experience freedom, like
liberation. Don't go waiting for life circumstances to happen for you to feel that liberation,
because I'm going to tell you, you're going to wait a really long time. Do internal work practices
that help you feel that sense of freedom start to emanate like that's the tuning fork, you start
to emanate that frequency. It is impossible for your organic hologram, not to start to show up
differently to attune to this new frequency that you are now emanating. Now how many of you
listening right now can get that it is going to be way easier for you to work internally and start
to stabilize this frequency than it is to wait for the world and the people and the circumstances
out there to actually allow you to feel that way.

Ilan Ferdman
Because my guess is you have been waiting for decades, Mm hmm. For your circumstances, for
your relationships for your body and for your bank account. To to be some way that you can
feel that internally. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're going to be waiting a
very, very long time. Because the world can ever only show you out there. What is happening
in here.

Guy Ferdman
Your system is your system is organized to perceive reality in a very specific way. Right? So you
may see, certain things show up in your reality different, but like, eventually, it will be, like
different variations of the same thing you experienced before. Because you're you're literally
programmed to receive reality in a specific way. So you know, we're talking a lot like kind of
around it. And like, you know, going internal world like, Okay, well, how do I do that? Right? And
that's always the thing. And then the moment we say, How do I do that, we turn it into a mental
exercise, which this is not. That's, that's the whole point. So for those you guys who are brand
new to the community, if you haven't gotten the meditation, or the meditation that Elon and I
provide in the group, I would just write meditation in the comment box below so that we can
get those to you, so that you can actually learn how to work with your system. Okay, like how
many you guys work really fucking hard. Like you work really hard at your craft, you work really
hard at your business, like, say I in the chat-box. Okay, and you still find yourself in this place of
struggle. This is this is what we want to help you do. Because there's, there's like, your
awareness, right? Like when we're what we essentially do here is energetic work on parts in our
systems to bring safety to them. Okay? And what ends up happening kind of, look what
happened to Will Smith is, and happens to all of us, that's why I kind of don't wanna get a
complete pass, but I just want to at least look at it from like, Hey, I've done stuff like that in my
life before to where I get super triggered. I get hijacked. And then I take action from that
hijacking. And it literally feels as if I'm not the one doing it. Right. Yeah. And our team is here in
the chat, though. They'll check you guys saying meditation, and they'll send that to you. And so
what you want to get is, instead of like working much harder out here, what if you just took a
little bit of that? Right, just a little bit of that effort. And you turned it around, and you started
taking 10 or 20%. And efforts the wrong word here because ironically, the more you effort
internally, the less happens is actually learning how to sit with yourself in a way that allows for
your body, in your energetic field, to metabolize energy that's in it. So why do you want to do
that? Okay, well, for the same reason you want food to metabolize when you put it in your
body, right? Like if I put, if I eat a whole meal in my body, and then I can't get it out, I'm
constipated, I'm going to be in pain, that pain is going to have an emotional and energetic
response in my body. And my worldview is going to shape itself based on that stress inside of
my body, you guys got that. Like, if I'm walking around constipated all day long, I'm not going
to be at my best. I'm not going to be doing exercise, I'm not going to be having great
conversations, I'm not going to be like enjoying my workspace like I'm going to be really, really
concerned that there's this pain in my body. Now, that's a gross example. And then like gross
and size, not gross, but also kind of gross. But But like, this is happening at a subtle level in
your body all day long, constantly. And this is why we miss it. Because we have been trained to
only look for big things, my head hurts, my knee hurts, we have not been trained to look inside
at the very subtle things that are happening inside of our body in our awareness, that also are
mediating and allowing for a certain type of reality experience to be in our lives. And so these
meditations specifically, are about how to metabolize that energy that creates freedom inside
of your system. Yeah, even if you have PTSD, this will absolutely work for you and help you
alleviate some of that stress. Of course, there's lots of really good therapies out there. And this
is what you learn. And I would say there are a lot of really good therapies out there, right? All
sorts of stuff in the mental landscape and talk therapies and stuff like that. However, I want you
to, I want you to take a moment and reflect and hopefully realize, and I'm going to assert that
you are not just a mental thinking machine. You're an energetic body. Let that's again, like you
are energy and you could become aware of energy. Of course there's form there's the mental
and there's the emotional and you and the spiritual and you are all these things all the time.
And so to separate and focus on one, and think that that is what's going to create, the change
is just crazy. That's like, if you get four flat tires, and you're like, well, I'll change one flat tire,
and then the car will start moving again, it's not, because that's not that's not what the car
needs to move again, right? And it's oil, and it's fuel. And it's all these different layered things.
And so I want you to get that your mind, this is where most people live, right? If I ask people,
and we ask all the time, like, where are you? People, casually point at their minds, right? I
always say people sometimes point at the heart, because they think they're being cute. And
maybe they really are heart centered person, but they're still like, you're still experiencing the
world. From here, it seems as if you are back here somewhere, watching this experience come
through. And I want to offer you that that's not actually true.

Guy Ferdman
Like, you have to challenge yourself here a little bit, your awareness is not actually behind your
eyes. We do this all the time with students and clients. It's like, once you locate awareness, you
ask people, it's like, well go locate your awareness, and you actually can't locate it. Your
awareness is located wherever you intend to point to point like, wherever you intend
awareness to be, that's where it is. But for most of us, if not all of us, we have been trained to
put awareness here. When you're here, in your mind, you live and you're stuck in the prison,
the matrix of your conditioned mind, that's just what so and so your perception of the world,
your perception of how to receive your perception of others, your perceptions of money, all
comes from that conditioning. And it's not like conditioning that you're like, Oh, I'll take that
conditioning, oh, I want that conditioning, it was just given to you whether it was culturally at
home, society, religion, school, through your parents, right? Like all that stuff, conditioned you
a specific way. And so if you want to learn how to come out of that conditioning, you literally
have to come out of your own mind into a different state of awareness that can see and is not
merged with that conditioning. Okay. And what that means is literally bringing, like learning
how to navigate your awareness and to higher states of consciousness, and it is not as difficult
as that sounds. Okay, this does not require a long retreat, this does not require you going to do
plant medicine work, although all those are really great tools and not saying they're not useful.
It's actually very simple. And for those you guys who have participated in our intuitive mind
classes, or, you know, are in our level one, level two, level three courses, like, this is what we
train people on. Right? Not only had a comment to the higher state of consciousness, but once
you're out here, how do you leverage that for this deep internal healing process that happens.
And it's that healing that allows for all these manifestations in reality, to change for your
relationships, to change to your relationship, to your health, to change for your relationship to
money to change, and honestly, more importantly, your relationship to yourself, and how you
feel about your role in this world and your self worth and safety. And so if you want that to
change, like, give me a Hell yeah, like in your chat box, like, let me know that that you're,
you're in for that game. Okay. And then we will kind of point in direct you to, how can you play
this game. And so, again, the meditations are amazing. And if you're just logging in, if you want
meditations to train you on how to do this, like, we offer them for free here. And we'll tell you
that why okay, why are we giving this I have a team of teachers around us, okay, a team. Why?
Because we're still human, make mistakes.

Guy Ferdman
Visa V Will Smith, right? Like, we get still get hijacked, we still do the human stuff, I don't care
how much transformation work you've done, how pious you are, like, whatever it is, like,
you're going to do some things that are out of integrity to yourself and to other people, it's
gonna happen, you're going to get triggered, you're going to get overwhelmed, you're going to
get stressed out, and you're going to get hijacked. And without external reflection from people
who have already done the type of work that you want, just like if you're going to be in
business, you want a business coach who's already done that thing, who can give you a
consultation on how to clean up what's not working, so that you have more integrity, moving
towards what you want to be enlightened alignment with, in spirituality, which in our opinion,
right, like our personal spirituality, this is you can include personal growth and personal
development and spirituality, in my opinion. Like as far as Ilan and I see it, like we had a big
change over the last 18 months, where we stopped looking at Satori, prime as our business and
we started looking at our healing and spiritual growth, like our spiritual wisdom, that's our
business. That's what we do internally. The most important thing we can do is go sit on that

couch and do our internal work, like be be silent with God and do our
work or you know, spirit or universe whatever you want to use for that. Word. And our self
expression is coming here to share with you guys the wisdom that we've ascertained over a 20
year period, working with you know, conglomerations of teachers who have taught us all these
really subtle, but vastly important pointers that have allowed us to slowly come out of the
psychosis and conditioning of the of our minds, basically, not the conditioning that we were
given, but the conditioning that is unconditioned. It is the authentic self being, and the more
you taste that, and the more you sit in that level of awareness, honestly, the easier life just
gets. Yeah. And it's not necessarily because the circumstances are always perfect. It's because
when a circumstances isn't perfect, you don't merge and get hijacked with that part. Again, you
can just be the subjective person who's watching it. And when that happens, even really
difficult moments in life instead of you getting stuck in them, and then getting in the weeds
with them, and then trying to fix them and figure it out and managing it and using up all your
energy and getting super fatigued to figure out what's wrong. And why is this happening again,
you just don't do that. You just let the experience fluidly move in and out of your system, and
boom, you're right back to a flow state. And so maybe that's many months or years on
something, you spend minutes or days on it, just put that into, like, think about how that might
feel in your life. And you start realizing that results in life are nonlinear. Okay, what I mean by
that is that there's not a step one, step two, step three, a silver bullet process that a human
being goes through to receive something in their lives, it is just cleaning up and coming to
higher frequencies and vibrations in your body that literally change and shift your relationship
to the organic hologram to reality itself. And so your relationships can start showing up
different physical things that you're challenged with. And challenges with health can just
rapidly alleviate themselves, we see it all the time of clients, right can gain weight, suddenly
can gain weight, can't lose weight can suddenly lose weight, pain in the body just disappears
very rapidly relationships repair, Like Alex said, you know, this last month, she's doubled her
income, and not because she's doing anything efforts. Other than she's just spending more
time in silence, working parts in her system, cleaning up what's going on in there and learning
how to use higher states of consciousness to repair trauma and conditioning that has had
reality show up in a certain way.

Guy Ferdman
Right. And so I was going to do a little demo here. But just for time purposes, I'm not going to
do that, get the meditation. And I would tell you start using that, like do seven days in a row.
And you tell me at the end of every meditation, and at the end of that week, the things are
already shifting for you, because we got report after report that this is what's happening for
people. Okay, so just so you guys know, if you want support, like if you want to learn more
about how do you join our programs, what the hell are our programs, what are you doing on
programs, we have a staff over here that's in the group and out of the group. And they're
super, super happy to support you give you information about our products, and there's no
pressure to buy anything. In fact, on the first phone call with our team, you can't buy anything.
Okay, we do what's called Clarity call. And that's just give you clarity over like, we want to
know who you are, because personal development gets what is fucking personal, right? It's
very intimate. And so this is the only way that we know to help you is Hey, best thing to do is
get on the phone with our team, have a conversation with them, and see what feels good for
you. If it feels good for you, they'll just tell you what the next step is to talk to somebody about
what the programs are and what that might look like. So if you want our team to reach out to
you, or you want to book a call with our team, their instructions are above this video. But to tell
it to you simply you can either just say contact me in the chat box. Again, they'll reach out to
you the meditation of course. But if you also want to reach out for a call, just say contact me, or
there's that link above souls and seekers calm forward slash book your call, and you can just
skip the line and book your own call right now. Okay, and that's how we can support you. So,
again, I want to just kind of like recap here. And then let Ilan, say parting words before we go.
But like, you know, money is not about working harder. You and I have tried that desperately. I
know many you guys have to we, you know, have astounding work ethic and willpower, like
those are absolute gifts of ours. And I'm not saying that there's not something to be said about
learning how to work hard, especially if you're like, if you have learned helplessness, like you
know, you've learned something about that too, and some efforts may help you but you all of
a sudden understand your lack of desire to take action comes from something that traumatized
you. It's literally not safe to do that. So if you want to be like I don't know why I can't be an
action taker. I don't know why I'm not decisive. I don't know why I can't say yes to
opportunities, guess what, there's a part in the system, you clean that part up, you're suddenly
going to see yourself doing things that you never thought you'd be doing your life is going to be
radically different. And if you're on the opposite side of that spectrum, you work your nuts off,
you sweat all day long, everything is so hard. But nothing ever seems good to happen to you,
guess what, there's a traumatized part inside. And that's, and that's how it's acting. And that's
how it's reacting. And then like softening, and letting go of control a little bit, you will find
magic happening in your life by just learning how to release a little bit. And you won't do that
until this thing gets cleared out. So it really is about learning how to come out of honestly
psychosis, which is really just conditioning, like just being in a pattern over and over again, and
not being able to get out of it. That's what psychosis is right. And so like, we want to help you
guys guide you towards what our teachers have lovingly guided us towards, which is a
completely different set of awareness systems that are not relegated to your five senses, to
open up a completely different world to you, and how you can approach your life, your
relationships, your money, and doing your internal work for healing and safety. And if you're up
for that, then absolutely, make sure you reach out to the team. Make sure you get the
meditations because we promise you guys like guaranteed you do this work, you're gonna see
just unbelievable things opening up in your life.

Ilan Ferdman
Yeah, and I'll just I'll leave it with this like it if you want to shift your money conversation specifically,
it's going to take you taking decisive action different than ever before. In other words, when
you're presented with something, and it's like, oh, I can't afford that. There you go. Now you've
reaffirmed that story. Right. And I don't have time to share like the crazy stories but but if you
think scroll, I definitely posted a thing here about money like in the I share my story in the
group. You need to create the line in the sand the moment you need to create the line in the
sand moment where you hear that voice, that voice is never going away that goes, no, no, I can
do this on my own. Like, it's okay, I'll figure it out. That's the voice that's been driving your
entire life. Right? If you were to take action and say, You know what, I'm going to now I'm going
to hear that and my higher self, the real me wants support. So I'm gonna reach out my hand as
scary as that might feel. And I'm going to ask for support that draws a line in the sand because
now you have taken action, what I call like against the grain action, and against the grain
action brings you the most light if you are waiting for your life to show up in a way where you're
going to easily ask for support, or somehow like this magical money is going to come into your
things so you can feel that I'm telling you, it is never going to happen. That first jump out of the
plane is always the scariest. The difference that I tell people all the time that I talked to, it's
like, if you found your way here, I just want you to get that you don't have to do this work on
your own anymore. Plug into this community there are incredible beings 26,000 strong right
now who are on this journey with you. These are your soul brothers soul sisters, right like Soul
beings doing their souls work here in human form. Now at this time, plug in, get connected.

Guy Ferdman
We're all here on the same ride on the same ride. Love you guys very much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your awareness. We value it very, very much. We're here every single Tuesday at the same time. 11am Pacific 2pm. Eastern again, if you need support from anybody, from our team, there's a
team of people that are scouring these common boxes, you could just post in the group, hey,
I'd love some support, hey, I want to have a conversation again. No pressure to do anything
and guys like our programs are designed in a very, very progressive way to help you bring to
these higher states of consciousness. And again, we have the kind of wherever you are your
income level. We can work with you we have opportunities for you to figure all that stuff out. So
don't don't use money. If this is a yes for you like anything that we're doing. Here's a yes for
you. Please talk to the team. Have them help you figure out how to get in there. And yeah, we'd
love to support you on your beautiful trans-formation journey. Peace out. Love you lots. Bye bye