Evaluate Yourself and Break Unhealthy Habits To Lead a Better Life

Do you ever wonder why you keep doing the same things over and over again? Why do you keep falling into the same business situations? Same types of relationships? Same eating habits? Perhaps these have formed into addictions and it might be time to break unhealthy habits.

Like being addicted to drugs, being addicted to your habits can hinder you from leading a successful and fulfilling life due to the actual, physical “high” you receive when you keep repeating the same habits over and over again.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the reason you continue to repeat the same bad habits over and over again, the effect these habits can have on your life, and how to break free of them, once and for all. 

The Science Behind the Habits

The reason you tend to keep doing the same things over and over again, even though you know they’re not good for you, is because you’ve trained your brain and body to be fixated on certain things that cause a chemical reaction in your brain.

This rush that you experience is the result of your brain releasing chemicals such as dopamine or serotonin, which communicate to your entire system that it likes what you’re doing. 

This about this like giving a dog a treat. Every time you experience this feeling, this “treat,” you are training yourself to do it more. 

In other words, your body is addicted to this chemical release, which happens when you perform your habit. So how do you break unhealthy habits? Keep reading below…

The Negativity of a Habit

Let’s talk about people who are overweight and who have the habit of binge eating. 

Every time they eat something that tastes good, which usually contains sugar or fat, their brains release chemicals that make them feel good. 

The problem is that this good feeling eventually dissipates, and, just like a drug addict, leaves them longing for the feeling to return. This leads them to eat more to satisfy the cravings that they get whenever they eat. 

The same also applies when it comes to relationships. 

As an example, if you constantly find that your relationships end in huge, dramatic fights, you may want to consider that you’re addicted to the feelings you get when you fight.

You probably don’t enjoy the feeling of being angry or ending yet another relationship, but your body may be experiencing a chemical release every time you get into a fight. 

Because your body is addicted to this feeling, you will subconsciously attract people who can give you that rush. 

This same cycle of addiction can be applied to any area of your life, whether in business, your health, or even your finances.

Start Evaluating and Be Responsible About It

To break unhealthy habits and be free from these addictions, you must begin evaluating your behaviors. What is something that you keep repeating in your life that doesn’t bring you positive outcomes? These habits don’t have to be daily habits. Perhaps you eat more at a certain time of the month. Or maybe you wake up feeling sad every few weeks.

Whatever loop you find yourself playing out, again and again, is because of the emotional charge that you get from it. You receive some sort of payoff when you repeat the pattern of behavior, even if you don’t like what you are doing. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be doing it. 

Again, it’s important to remember that there is a physiological, chemical reaction that happens in your brain every time you repeat your habit – one that you are powerless to control. Once triggered, these chemicals can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to flush out of your system.

Once you have evaluated your habits, the next step is to take responsibility for it. So often, we blame our circumstances or other people. This time, YOU get to be responsible for your actions. If you know what you are doing and you choose to hold yourself accountable for it, then the issue will dissipate simply because you are looking for a solution to the situation. 

The Domain of Thinking and Phenomena of Communication

Thinking is a “recall” action, meaning that thoughts live in the past, and you recall memories or information that you retained. 

To have a breakthrough or to finally put an end to the habits you want to eliminate, communication is key.

Communicating can help you resolve issues or conflicts that can help you move on and get to work on creating a happier, more successful life. It gives you access to a better future. It's like taking out the trash instead of letting it pile up. 

In other words, every time a conflict arises, it’s better to talk it out instead of letting it disappear all by itself. This way, you won’t continue to repeat the same issue.

Taking It Back

The root causes of most of the experiences or habits you learned actually began between the ages of 2-7 years old. Knowing the root cause of your habits can give you access to solutions so you can take action and finally discontinue the habits that may be causing you ultimate distress. 

Bottom line: If you want the results that you currently have in your life, then keep on doing what you’re doing. But if you want a different outcome, then begin identifying and evaluating the habits that are leading you to feel feelings of frustration or anger, and then respond appropriately.