What is Muscle Testing and How to Perform it At Home

What is Muscle Testing?

To answer this question, let’s first take a step back. 

The human body consists of different organs working together to bring balance and harmony within, and different bones and muscles enable us to complete physical tasks. In addition, conscious and subconscious minds play significant roles in a person's well-being.

The subconscious mind is responsible for balancing what’s called biomagnetic energy within a person. Well-maintained biomagnetic energy promotes positive energy and well-being, while disrupted biomagnetic energy promotes negative energy and imbalance. Common examples of imbalances are any ailment or disease. One way to tap into the subconscious mind is through muscle testing or applied kinesiology. 

Benefits of Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is based on the theory that you can tap into your subconscious mind to get answers to questions about your mental and physical well-being. 

Through the process of muscle testing, it’s possible to learn which events, foods, environments, etc. weaken or strengthen the biomagnetic energy that’s constantly coursing through the body.

How to Perform Muscle Testing On Yourself

A great way to perform muscle testing on yourself is to use your fingers. Start by pressing the tips of any finger and your thumb together to make a circle using either your left or right hand

Next, put the index finger of your other hand through the “O.” The index finger of your opposite hand should go through the circle you've made with your fingers so that the side of your finger rests against the point where your two fingertips connect to form the circle.

The next step is to ask a yes/no question OR make an affirmative statement (either out loud or silently). For example, if you want to know whether you’re allergic to apples, you could ask “Am I allergic to apples?” or say to yourself “I am allergic to apples.”

Specific, active statements usually get the clearest response. For example, if you want to know whether you should exercise or rest, you might say “I should run five miles today.”

Once you ask a question or make a statement, activate the muscles in your index finger to exert pressure against the fingers that form the circle. At the same time, the circled fingers should actively resist the pressure to break the circle.

If your index finger breaks the circle, this is a strong response that indicates the answer to your question is “yes,” or the statement you've made is good for you. A weak response would indicate that the answer to your question is “no,” or the statement you've made is not good for you.

Another self-test you can do is called the Sway Test. This test involves standing up in a relaxed and comfortable posture. Then, focus on your breathing and ask a yes or no question. 

After a while, your body will sway, and you can evaluate the answer. A forward sway signifies an affirmative answer while a backward sway signifies a negative one.

Muscle Testing

How to Perform Muscle Testing Through a Proxy

Distance healing or muscle testing through a proxy is another way to conduct muscle testing. This technique is used in circumstances when the person to be tested can't be present for whatever reason. A proxy is someone who will stand-in for the person or represent them during the examination. 

Distance healing relies on the idea that humans can create an energy connection with another person, even with miles of distance between them.

Factors that May Affect the Result

An important factor in muscle testing is hydration. Eliciting accurate responses is much more challenging to do when you’re dehydrated.

Another factor to be aware of is how much pressure to apply. Too much pressure may mask the original response of the body. It’s important to note that you need to apply nominal pressure.

Food intake could also affect the result. Wheat, corn, sugar and milk are commonly known disruptors of muscle testing. It’s crucial to be in tune with the response of your body after eating specific food or food groups to determine if the food affects your subconscious responses.


Self muscle testing, if done correctly, is an easy and reliable way to determine what’s happening in your body by way of your subconscious mind. The responses you receive may change your perspective and ultimately help you become more attuned to your energy flow.