Top 4 Must-haves on How to Have a Successful Relationship

Keys a successful relationship must have:

  1. Tell your partner that you love them.
  2. Show some affection to your partner.
  3. Show appreciation for your partner.
  4. Share yourself at anytime
  5. Be there for your partner when need
  6. Give some gifts on or without any occasion.
  7. Respond to your partner gracefully. 
  8. Make alone time a priority.

If you hold the popular belief that relationships are hard work and you'd like to maintain that belief, then please don't continue to read because implementing the suggestions in this article will likely make your relationships more loving, easy, fun, and empowered without adding any hard work. It doesn't matter if you're single and dating or have been married for years, romantic relationships must have a few things to be successful.

 1. Communicate without conditions

Communicating doesn’t just mean texting or talking. Are you truly hearing what your partner is saying or instead, are you hearing the translation of what you believe they're saying? Are you undeniably clear when speaking to your partner? Excellent communication entails being able to share your real sentiments; and the other party, knowing and understanding what you’re sharing, responds honestly…and vice versa.

If you have expectations on how you want your partner to react or respond to what you're saying, then you're most likely setting yourself up for failure. They get to have their own reaction independent of your expectations. If you can come to terms with that and be open to hearing them out without judgment, you're creating an environment that allows them to feel safe speaking their truth.

2.  Be your true self

Do not be shy to admit that you like weird stuff; or that what other people find lame is awesome to you. Don’t try to put on a cool guy mask when you’re dorky deep inside. Don’t try to be all macho when you’re actually a marshmallow. The person that you are is as unique and perfect as you are. Not being able to be your real self in a relationship can be exhausting, disappointing, and isn't sustainable for the long term anyway. Being loved and appreciated for who you really are – in all your truth- is essential for showing up as your best self for your significant other. If being your true self is unappealing to your partner, you're probably with the wrong person.

3. Take full responsibility for outcomes

This one may be a hard one to swallow. If someone in the relationship makes a mistake (within reason), does something to upset you, or says something that can lead to an argument, consider taking full responsibility for it regardless of who is at fault. Why on earth would we tell you to do this? There are a few reasons.

For starters, this tends to put you in a position of being able to find a solution without the other person getting defensive, feeling unappreciated, or feeling judged. It also reinforces your choice of loving unconditionally, no matter how the other person shows up. If your partner makes a mistake, rubbing it in their face will only make them more bitter towards you and encourages them to do the same when you mess up. You’re both bound to make mistakes along the way. Successful relationships are a safe place where you can be wrong, accepted, and forgiven rather than blamed, judged, or ridiculed.

4. Be grateful

Notice the small things, even if you feel like it's their duty to do them. Express your appreciation often. Let your partner know you're grateful for their love, support, and anything specific they've done that contributes to making your relationship be more fulfilled. Not only does this encourage them to continue to show up this way, but it also trains your mind to focus on more things you love about your partner.

Making these four components a norm in your relationship will inevitably create more happiness, connection, and love with your significant other. To learn more about this topic, check out this Satori Prime video here.