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Oh Po pop up everybody.

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My camera keeps resetting to a very dark and sinister setting. Right? Look at this.

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Well maybe you can imbue positive energy through the darkness and show people how to use
the light.

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I don't know why I like better actually dark light.

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All right beautiful sexy people. Welcome to the training today. We're glad to have you. If you're just coming in smash them like smash some hearts. Please drop a comment in the box, let us know that our, AV or audio visual is coming clear that you can hear us . Well Today's training is going to be about how to increase your personal and professional performance.

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Yeah things intense.

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I know. So just let us know again that you're out there. If you're coming in smashing some hearts, some likes let us know that you can hear us well. And then what's up? Thank you. And then as you guys are coming in, especially if you are hold on, let me just pull this up so I can see what's happening in the group as well. Hey, Carrie, what's going on? Hey, Carrie, Hi. Good to have you. I know you're just coming off your training alright sorry. I'm just getting my stuff here situated as well.

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Do you want to maybe just suggested have them what's his face? Send them the link. So if they're if this is if you're new here guys we use this the software. And you can see the comment boxes on the right if your name is showing up as Facebook user, you can actually click on this link. It just pulls your name from Facebook. And that way you know as carrie you can see with Carrie, we can actually see the name. So it's just easier for us to keep track. If you guys are asking questions or making comments, we can actually interact with you as you as opposed to a Facebook user. It makes our lives a lot easier. We just want to welcome you if you are new to this community this is your first time here. Welcome, We have many I don't ,even know what our group is that we're like. Where are we at today? 31.

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Almost 33,000 Wow,

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guys you're breaking the first rule of old souls and seekers. Do not talk enough Just kidding. We don't have a rule. Talk about share please share. So if this is your first time here I want to let you know that on Tuesday every Tuesday at this hour. So wherever you are in the world this hour 2pm. Eastern for me 11am Eastern Pacific Standard for guy. We do these lives, and we do a multitude of different topics. So we're going to tackle every week just a different topic. And you guys can be very interactive with us. Ask questions share insights connect with people in this amazing community. I think one of the greatest resources that Satori prime has created has been this amazing community you have so many like minded people from all over the world. We have people that I've met in programs that are now legit, like lifelong best friends, because just the nature of this work, you connect with people at such a deep way more so than you probably have even like your best friends or family members or anything like that just because you almost get to see and they get to see aspects of you that you've been hiding from yourself and from the world. So please dive into the community. Share us questions share insights where you're stuck. breakthroughs. We love to read it. We also have an amazing team that's always in there. Answering questions offering support offering resources guide I've been at this for 11 plus years like we have so many resources for you between podcasts meditations different various programs that we offer like if you're new here. I know it can be overwhelming because there's so much, but we really make it super easy. We're gonna even share with you later we can even now like you can book a clarity call with one of our team members. And it's just a quick 510 15 minute conversation kind of depending on where you are. And if you're interested in our programs that could talk to you about that if you're interested about just free resources they can talk to you about that. We make it really easy for you guys to plug in and dive in. Because again this stuff works. And it's really important for us in our team to share it. And yeah so just welcome.

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Yeah and just to Ilan point. In the meantime if you're brand new to the community the first and probably most important thing you can take off, take advantage of here is our meditation practices. Okay And again like I know for a lot of you guys are like meditation boring I don't want to do that. Fine I got it. For those you guys who are practice meditators you know that like a day of meditation and a day without meditation is a stark contrast. Now for many people meditation is like at least for. Western minded people it's been pitched as a way to calm your mind to relax yourself. And you know like whatever like okay, let's just take a few quiet moments for myself here. And there's some truth to that however just kind of like the way that yoga is taught in the west as like an exercise it like a lot of the spirituality has been beaten out of it. And so meditation is an act of healing process, okay It is actually a technology that's built into our body. Like if you've ever been on this planet, and you're like I wish I just had a manual for how all this shit works. The irony is we have it's built into your system. And in order to access it, you need to sit you need to sit and repose and be and being quiet. And there's a self revelation that happens through your own awareness as you meditate. Okay So for a lot of people when you look at a meditator it's like they it looks like they're doing nothing actively with their body true internally universes could be moving, okay And so the way that we practice meditation here is we call active healing. And we actually give you a process to do internally. So you're not sitting there just bored trying to quiet your mind. Because here's the reality, your mind doesn't get quiet, your mind doesn't like to be quiet. Some days you'll sit down and it'll be whisper quiet like a lake. Other days it's going to be tumultuous like when it's windy on the ocean you know, it's just kind of how it goes, We're all human beings having our human experience. And when shit triggers you pardon my French, you're going to be triggered and you're not going to sit and the mind is gonna be like, Okay well I guess we're sitting now I'm going to be quiet, it's going to be upset, and you're gonna have to listen to it, right But there's a differentiation in how we listen, how we go into an altered state of consciousness and then what do we do with them. And so this meditation practice starts training you how to do that's free. Okay if you did that for 21 days, your life's gonna change it's going to begin changing If you want that meditation practice just comment meditation or meditate whatever is easier for you. And the comment box below, and someone from our team will get you that information. So you can start doing that practice. So if you didn't get in your text or email or whatever that's the way to do it. So I think enough about that. Again if you guys are excited to be here please let us know. Like I said today, we're going to talk about how to increase your personal and professional performance. And just as a point of curiosity, you know, like, what do you guys think you know, like I want you to actually use your noggins a little bit instead of menial and just talking at you. Because it's always useful even if we're going to have a discussion here about maybe new ways to look at it. humans learn through contrast, okay and one of the ways we contrast is we have to get an answer within ourselves first, what do I actually think about this? Right And this is not to debate your thoughts or our thoughts are better than your thoughts. We have a background of 20 years of working in psychology and neurology and energetics and healing and transforming and transform transformative work. And so our view right has been shaped by that practice of 20 years being in different modalities of work and really the work that we do here is a blending of all these modalities that Ilan and I have worked with over the years and ultimately like we've whittled it down right we're like okay we've done a lot of work, what actually worked what kind of wasted our time what was just like worked for a little bit but then didn't work in the long run. And what our work here is a blend of what actually works like what and not only works by the way, because we say it does work because we have applied this work to 1000s of people all over the world, and it works. I can't say for everyone because nothing is ever certain for any individual or person but at a very high level like if a condom works 99 Point 99% of the time Ilan and I work 99 99.99% of the time, okay And of course that matters on how a person approaches their practice, right? That's why I'm making that joke. But the point here is that like, what do you guys think inhibits yourself or somebody else from taking that next step that next level in their personal or professional performance. And the way that you know, that you're struggling in this area is if the circumstances that you're dealing with are different variations of things that seem similar or the same. So it's like you go to the next job, and there's the, you know that same kind of boss that you've had before, or like you have the same struggles with money that you've had before or you can't seem to focus, right And it's like, the same thing, same or something similar distracts you over and over again are you get upset about the same type of things these are all the indicators of blockages that you may have in terms of your personal and professional performance. So like even if you don't answer in the chat box, although that would be nice, because we want to have an interaction with you. Like at least take a moment to answer for yourself like what is it? That stops me from taking that next? That next step in my performance? Okay And then we'll kind of look at it from from a different lens. Okay And so today I want to I want to I was gonna say attack, but that doesn't feel like the right word. I want to discern to you like a few different ways to look at this. So we have an answer here from CRRC distraction, Bobby saying cell view Carrie saying fear. I think fear is fundamental to all of humanity. Right And I think that really nails it in a big way. Not because the other answers I wouldn't say are correct, but because fundamentally for most people, what's the underlying source of where they're trying to create things in their life? Often is fear or scarcity, right And so like procrastination, or being distracted, is a is a way that we like avoid like, oh that doesn't feel good. Let me you know, grab that snack. Let me go focus over here. Let me go do busy work over there. Right like and so this is kind of the underlying pinning. So that's really astute, right And so we want to start dealing with, hey look if I was less afraid if I felt safe in my body if I felt safe on this planet if I felt safe in my connections if I felt secure around my finances, not because I have money, because I'm just a secure person. What I started showing up professionally and personally different in my relationships and how I took action in my workspace. So I want to do this in two ways. Okay. Because you'll often hear Elon and me talking about growing up work, and waking up work. And so I want to give you looks from both because growing up work is here's how the mind deals with it. Waking up work is here's the energetics and the awareness behind it, and why the mind is doing what it's doing. Okay. So the first part I want to give you here, and then I'll have Elan chime in a little bit too. And honestly we haven't shared this in a very long time. This is something we used to talk about a lot which is what Angie say you know is this procrastination fueled by fatigue? Okay and procrastination can be fueled by lots of different things. Again mostly it's a really good avoidance strategy isn't it? Right Like I don't want to deal with that or I don't want to face that or it's uncomfortable when I so I will do you know, XYZ right And this is very common. Now when it comes to just like taking action, right People are like I wish because if we were to define what performance is for most people I would say they would define it by my ability to take more effective action in my life. And you guys can if you have a different definition feel free to throw it in there. Right And so there is this belief in our society in our culture that doing more lends us to being more. Okay like if I just take more action, I'm going to get where I want to get to I could tell you from from being an entrepreneur for many years you know, over 11 years now, Ilan and I had a business together before that, as well. So I don't know 1516 years of being in business and operating businesses and doing sales and all sorts of stuff that oftentimes doing more does not lend itself to more results. It's very frustrating to find that out as well. Because it's like when you get very effective and efficient at doing more. You're like did that really do it? And so we'll talk about talk about that as well. But here's the thing most people when they're procrastinating here's what's missing this is the writer downer if you're writing down things is you don't have a sense of urgency. Okay that's a really big one. So there's lack of a sense of urgency. Okay so what does that mean? Well It means for most people they're probably in a job that they don't really care too much about. They're not really providing help or service for other people in a way that's meaningful. And so guess what it's really difficult to generate a story or conversation within yourself that what I'm doing right now is urgent and is important in any way. And I think for a lot of people when they first become entrepreneurs that's a big shift for them especially if they become entrepreneurs and a business that they care about. Suddenly it's like oh my heart done this there's a sense of urgency to get this out in the world to self. Express to connect with people to serve people. And that that changes, okay. So it's crucial whether you're an entrepreneur or even in the workspace and you want to become more efficient maybe you're vying for a pay raise or promotion or something like that obviously what your know boss or administrator whatever wants to see is that you have a sense of urgency that you care about what you're doing. And so you can generate a story that will make it so that you want to do that right. And how do we know this is true? Because you know, Elon and I will talk to people who want to change their lives okay. But oftentimes they're, they're too scared to make a time or money investment in themselves. And so there they have unfortunately, I'm gonna just be really straight here, like magical thinking, that life just kind of changes on its own, like something is gonna come in intervene. I don't know what they think money is gonna fall from the sky. Like actually I think they've surveyed people in the past. And like there are these kinds of surveys where they ask people like, how do you think you're gonna get wealthy? Okay these are Pete these are people's actual like top answers I think the top answers are I'll get famous. I think that's like number one today especially with social media the way that it is. Number two yet I'll marry into money that's another one, I will win the lottery you guys should look at the back of the ticket and see how likely you are to win the lottery. You know it's not very likely. And for most people that's their path to increasing wealth okay. And so like this is just physics it's like an object will continue to move at the rate and speed that it's moving unless something else comes to interact with it right. And then something attracts with it, can move into a different direction and speed. That's what personal development is. That's what awareness practices are. It's an inner intervention with yourself. Because if you only have the conditioning that you were given, okay and you're given this conditioning by your religion your culture your society the country that you're in your parents you know, your nuclear family and stuff like that was given to you didn't consent to it. Right Like chances are if you were born in America, you're probably a christian if you were born in India you're probably like a Hindu or a Muslim, right Like that was given to you. You didn't consent to it just happened. Now you may agree with it you may disagree with it. That's that's up to you. But baseline that's your view of reality Personal. Development is a way to say you know what, I'm open enough to look at things and new perspectives to put on different pairs of sunglasses, and look, and maybe there's a way to look and experience this thing from a different point of view. That would create a better sense within myself, Oh create an openness a sense of urgency that we're talking about here. And so the metaphor that we've used in the past for people about sense of urgency they're like, Well I I'm too afraid to take that action. I don't want to take that action, I don't have the resources to take that action fine. Again what is normally lacking for that person is a sense of urgency. If you are if you come to us, and you say my life is in fucking shambles my relationship is in shambles. I'm struggling over here, I want your help. And we're like, Well here's the action that you take to do that. And you go I don't want to do that. Okay well hey you've come to us to ask us our opinion on what needs to happen after working with many people but you're not going to take that action you got to understand. So fear is now dictating that right? Like some sort of fear. And then there's a lack of sense of urgency on your part, because you're telling us it's urgent to get this transform but you're not taking action consistent with that. So then there's this lack of sense of urgency again. And so I want you to imagine a person who says they don't have resources on a Monday, like to do a program like ours or to do anything that they want to do could be a vacation could be some sort of experience that you know, would benefit them in some way. And on a Monday, they say don't have resources to do those things. But on a Tuesday if you're a parent let's say your child gets really sick and needs to go to the emergency room okay. Or let's say that your transmission in your car breaks and you can't get to work. Okay now both those things bring your child to the hospital and getting the transmission fixed. So you can go to work to generate an income are fucking important. Would you say that's accurate, right And so like you're going to have on Tuesday a real sense of urgency to get very resourceful very quickly. And in those situations people figure out ways to make it work the find the money, they'll find the time they'll find the resources, whether they have to beg borrow or steal right, And that's it humans are very imaginative when they need to be right. Like at the level of personal and at the level of scale in society as well. We become very creative when push comes to shove human beings are have a lot of ingenuity again, all a sense of urgency. And so the takeaway here is how can you create a sense of urgency in the areas of your life that you say matter most to you and you want to have them be transformed. And if you can't generate a story within yourself to create that sense of urgency chances are you are going to be stuck in the same type of life that you've had up until now. Okay So that at the level of mind is a change that we can make or a question we can ask ourselves is how do I generate this sense of urgency within myself? What do I tell myself every single day and the other thing that we want to recognize, and then I'll pass this over to Elon to kind of talk more about the energetic component of it is that the mind doesn't like friction. It doesn't like resistance the mind is the mind is inherently lazy. And what I mean by that is it's really it's like it's not like lazy and like a lazy like a couch potato lazy it's like lazy in terms of it wants to use its energy efficiently. And the way that it does that is it always looks for the path of least resistance. Okay because you're your brain, believe it or not is the hungriest organ in your body. It is the number one organ that uses the calories in your body more than anything else more than your legs more than anything else. You're very calorically hungry organ. And so what we want to recognize with this mind is that it doesn't like to do things at a pure heart, right So when we're trying to like re habituate something for example let's say you buy like supplements that are good for you or green powder or something like that. But you throw them in the back of the cabinet where you it's hard for you to see. And you don't open that cabinet up often throughout the day like you know you it's like you have to walk over and get water and then remember oh shit on my green juice and you got to turn open it find it in the back and put it in you're gonna have a really hard time habituating that, okay It's just not going to work for you. Because you're not your mind is not used to looking for that thing. And this is how most people try to re habituate themselves. They want to have willpower for a few days they can remember but then life happens. They get distracted fear whatever right, Like comes into their life. And it's like oh that thing disappears. And three months later you open Academy like oh yeah that thing I'm supposed to be doing regularly then you recommit to it and same thing and you kind of disappoint yourself now. So how do I make something like that efficient and easy? Well okay let's say I wanted to have grow this habit of drinking green powder every day. So I can have antioxidants. Okay well what is something that you do every day? Yeah something that you do every day.

Ilan Ferdman 22:49
I don't do every day.

Guy Ferdman 22:53
Anyway So like something that you easily do everyday you take your shoes you brush your teeth you put on deodorant you know like things you've habituated that you know you're not going to forget to do, guess what you put that green powder or whatever it is that you need to remember by your toothbrush by your shoes by something that you know you're going to interact with every single day, you're never going to forget to do that thing. Once it becomes a habit, and you just know yourself just like brushing your teeth, that's a habit. Now you can kind of you can move it out of sight. And you're just going to remember OSHA, you know I brush my teeth and then I go drink my green juice. That probably kind of tastes gross. But you know you get my point here. And so we want to create pathways of as little resistance for our brain as possible when we're trying to create a new habit. Because otherwise chances are you're just never going to do that. Right? It doesn't matter how many reminders you put what you put in your calendar how many alarms go off in my work for a few days. But when those alarms start going off all the time after a while your brain just goes like it just kind of like mutes it doesn't want to deal with it. And so these are these are two really important facets at least when we're talking about taking action consistent with what we want. These are the ways that we can deal with it. Now what we want to talk about is what carrie pointed out which is what lives in the body guy and I'll just kind of tee Ilan up here. We think that we need to re habituate condition our minds and like we just kind of talked about this is actually very challenging It's a very labor intensive type of process to re habituate a thought. Because you how many times have you had that thought? 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of 1000s of times. And like any athlete when you do something over and over and over again. It just becomes natural the natural way you do it. That's why athletes swinging the bat and throw that ball and catch the ball a million times because then they just, it just becomes habit to do it that way. Right So your persona your identity your ego is a series of all this conditioning that you were given beliefs and ideas that you then re habituated inside yourself and reenacted over and over again until they just became the natural way To do things it seems like the right and only way to do things. And then of course if anybody says anything that's contrary to that it's a direct threat to the fundamentals of who you believe to be. And at the level of neurology and biology the chemicals that get released in the brain when somebody tells you that you're wrong is literally the same thing as a knife coming at your face. And this is why people argue and condemn other people that don't believe and think like them they literally can't help themselves because it's that deeply ingrained in our biology. And so that part is very challenging. But what we want to understand what Elon is going to talk about here is that your thoughts are actually a real they are a symptom they are a reaction to actually what's happening inside of you, you and your energy and your biology. And so if we want to go underneath that, and actually this is like a hack, this is like this is a quick way we want to go I directly to the source of what's actually happening in the body so that the mind can stop being reactive in the way that it has. Because that's the only thing it's reacting to is actually what's happening in the body. So I'll let Elon kind of explain that aspect of it tears to you guys.

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Oh can I just answer this other quick question first before before that I don't know who Facebook user is But Facebook user that wrote, I'd like to differentiate between a sense of urgency and impatience. I think that's a really it was Vicki cats. kay cool So I think they're to it to me, they land is two completely different things. What I mean by that is how many of you by show hands? Not a show of hands? Because I can't see your hands? How many of you by saying yes or I in the comment box you know that you're an impatient person. Like you want things to have happened yesterday right I for 1:00 am very impatient like highly impatient and part of my impatience came from when I was very young, for whatever reason, I had the gift of picking things up very quickly. Like I could just pick up a sport or a hobby or whatever it is and I got good at something very fast faster than most let's say, right Here's the flip side of that skill set right Anything. And I mean anything that I picked up and I wasn't better or picked it up faster than most guess what I did. I stopped doing it I was just like it's not for me, right? Because there was so many other things. And it wasn't even the sentence. As I say, now, it's kind of funny to me like I justified it and was like oh it's not for me. But really what was underneath that. And this is the part that I think guy wants me to talk about. It's like what was underneath that was a part that felt not good enough. Now whatever your version is like the way I express not good enough is I felt like a loser. And so anytime that that part of me the not good enough part or the I'm a loser part got I got hit. I needed to create some sort of justification or some sort of method to get through that. So I didn't actually feel that pain. And I'll play it out for you guys. So like with things that I didn't excel out right away right my justification was like No it's not for me. Satori prime is the first time ever in my life that for the guys like I don't know for any of you that started a business like listen starting a business is no joke right? You're going to have incredible highs you're also going to have incredible lows. There's going to be we could have bankrupt this company. We nearly did bankrupt this company handful of times if not more you know we had so many times where we're like, What the fuck are we doing? Like why are we doing this? This should doesn't matter. Right? Like you go through all these cycles. I don't matter. Again I'm a loser. No one believed me you like all of it right? This is the first time ever that I stuck through something while sucking ass in the beginning. Like so bad that I didn't know which way was up and which way was down. I didn't know if we were succeeding or losing. All I knew is that I was putting in all this effort. And I could see zero results out there in the real world. Like it was just so much work. And so with zero results now my impatience part the part that Vicki was bringing up before like, Are you kidding me? I had never done anything with this much energy and enthusiasm and hours spent to not see results and still wake up the next morning and go out at it again. It took everything I had to do that. So again I want to just answer that piece which is like to me urgency and impatience have nothing to do with anything. Urgency is my house was being foreclosed on. When we started Satori prime, I was living on unemployment checks which by the way we ended up using for our marketing budget. I had a child that was on the way, right like all this stuff was happening there was plenty of urgency. And there was tons of impatience right along with it like the toucan live here at the same place and tend to just because I think the human mind is always looking for things to happen faster. And hopefully as I can see some of you guys relate to the way that the impatience kind of is this. There's something underneath that right. So when we talk about performance, okay? Really like if we're trying to perform on top of all of these inadequate parts you're basically going to run sprint full forward while having a huge parachute attached to you. And then you feel like nothing's actually moving forward. Because you haven't actually handled or dealt with all the stuff that's underneath the surface. And where most personal development tells you to go. And I had a client just reach out to me yesterday he's like Dude I need help. Because like all this personal development stuff just keeps sounding the same I've tried it all. And it just keeps putting me into the same positions over and the reason that is because personal development that stuff that was created in 1970s that's you know kind of being regurgitated by everyone else out there. It all built off the same concept it's all built off the concept of reframing right this .Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP for short it's all .How do you shift the stories in your mind to well first realize that their stories then realize that you can shift them so that you can what? Feel empowered to stay in action so that you can keep moving forward. However if that part for me let's just talk for example if the I'm a loser, I'm not good enough part is in there. And I'm now telling myself no I am good enough because if I just switch this story to that then I can keep moving forward. Guess what happens to that part inside? For any of you guys that have kids? If your kid tells you that they got scared or sad or upset and the first response you have to that child is no it wasn't like that. It that's not how it is. This is how it is. How does that go? If you basically fully dismiss their experience of sad or scared or whatever it is you just dismiss it and tell them no you don't need to think about it that way think about it this way. Does it work? Is it kids like oh thanks dad or Thanks mom. That was really helpful. Now I can go and you know sleep in my bed again and not be scared or now I can go say hi to those kids. No that is literally never how it happens. They get more upset. They get more into that pattern or whatever it is that they're doing right. Yeah see but just like for those who are parents like right like if you go about that doesn't it put them more and more into this pattern. So I want you to kind of create that almost same visualization. There's you this adult you know you're in this big body whatever. But inside of you are all these little children. You like little versions of you that got trapped in time. Three year old new four year old you a five year old us six year old you even younger right if every time one of them inside peeks its head out and goes so scared right now. And your response is there's nothing to be scared about don't worry about it. It's not this it's this. The same way that you see what happens with your kids in out here is the same thing that's happening inside you are dismissing this emotional impulse, you are trying to like, I'm not going to look at it, which in essence does what it aggravates that part of you even more that part gets even more activated. And now you're trying to go out and produce these amazing results. But inside there's a part that's fighting you at every step of the way that part is wanting to pull you back, because it is terrified of where you are wanting to go. And whether you do this one time 100 times a million times whatever it is like you cannot lie. And you cannot convince these internal parts of anything else. So back to the kid right? Like now we're going external because I really want you to get this it feels like you guys are relating to that analogy. So your child comes to you and they're really sad or really scared. What does work is apparent when you're there? Is it trying to logic them? Is it trying to convince them otherwise? No we know that doesn't work right. So what does work? is you get down to their level. And you actually let them share with you and you hear their full experience. In fact you let them have their full experience. Because what this child needs to know more than anything else you don't need to fix their problem. You don't need to change their reality. I just laughed. Like I don't know if this happens in other cultures but Russians like Russian Jews this is the way if a kid cries you know what they do? They give them a piece of candy. If a kid's upset or whatever the way to stop the kid from crying is to give the kid a piece of candy. And then we wonder why these kids are now 30 and 35 and 40 and 55 and have the same exact reaction you're sad they need some sweets. Because that's what was programmed, right? So what works is Yeah acknowledging caring listening for this child Ciara said it beautifully. And so in the same way that you do that with your child out there what if you found ways to actually do it internally to be able to hold this one inside who's freaking out? Because I'd imagine you know we're talking about personal and professional performance like anything that you want to achieve in your life personally or professionally. If you already had the tools to do it, you'd already be doing it. You guys got that. Like the goals that you want to achieve. You've never achieved before. And if you've never achieved something before meaning like you've never played in that land before whether it's you know six pack abs or a loving relationship or more money or starting a new business like to your internal part that is the scary ass black void of the unknown which they are trying to guide you away from your entire lives. And so what guys said in the beginning, like urgency is what tends to bring us to these places because it has to highlight these things. You know like I tell people all the time health to me and guy as you can probably see is very important no one stands over us and go. Did you take your supplements today? Did you workout today? Are you taking care of your body? No it is innate and you know why? Because as we've done more of this work we realized that it's not just a mental thing. And it's not just an energetic thing. But as you do more energetic work like the physical body needs to be strong also to hold and contain this much energy. It's just very important to us. But for some people the only way that they get their health in order is they go to a doctor and the doctor says you have blank diagnosis and because have blank diagnosis you could no longer drink or eat sugar or do all these things. Guess what is their urgency now in their life. Urgency is going to be created one way or the other you're either gonna be able to create it internally or it will get created externally for you. And I promised usually the external ones are not pleasant.

Guy Ferdman 40:25
Anywhere where there's not balance in your life where there's not resource or balance inevitably is going to show up as some kind of rupture or disease whether it's physical or emotional or mental or whatever it might be. And you know what I tell people is like you know if you're 30 or 40 years old and you've had friends who are you know whatever don't really take care of themselves maybe they party too much. And again you and I are as guilty of anybody who's destructive behavior in our lives, right? Like we've done all those things. But it's like why is it you start hearing so many stories of people who seemed really healthy or really well or really put together or really successful but in their 30s or 40s, start having panic attacks or start having midlife crises? Because ultimately when we spend a lifetime avoiding through our conditioning, right like we said, Ilan somebody else out here, Alex said about something to eat. Like that's very cultural like food as a way to create safety, right? I always say there's a reason when there's a party everyone always gravitates to the kitchen first because everyone walks into the party they're uncomfortable, and what is what have we been trained that food will relax you. So it's like something to put in your hand something to do with your hands. And it's like everyone eats first and everyone kind of settles down. And we can like hang out and stuff. But the thing is it's like if you spent a lifetime avoiding this discomfort in your body which is true for most people by the way you're not in it alone. This is the whole of humanity right now that we're talking about, right? So this discomfort that's inside but the conditioning that you were taught was like take a piece of candy which is avoid your experience. And that's habituated into what has happened when you're not performing when you're not feeling connected when you're not healthy. It's not like the beer like alright let me go look at this discomfort. This is awesome. The conditioning is don't look don't deal with that. Now. the body is an incredible tool, right? Like America I don't think we can deny we have an obesity problem here. Okay there's a lot of people who are extremely overweight and unhealthy. And we can debate body positivity and all the other things that come around with that but like I don't want to do that I just wanted to like factually there is a lot of overweight unhealthy people in this country. Okay, now, notice that the body can maintain itself for a very long period of time, 3040 years overweight okay. But I heard Bill Marcy the other day he goes you don't see a lot of you don't see a lot of fat 90 year old s do. There is only so much the body can do to avoid a problem before it starts creating ruptures in the system that yo avoid either you have to deal with or they're going to just kill you. Now if that's happening with at the level of food you cannot separate the physical from the energetic or the awareness it all works together the body mind connection, you know the gut heart mind connection like all that exists together. So it's like if your gut is out of balance trust me your heart and your mind is going to be out of balance too. It's like we are a system of neutrality and balanced. So that whole the universe works. Anything that's not unbalanced neutrality forces get applied to bring it back to neutrality. So if you are if you're avoiding things in your life like discomfort the mechanism all of it the quantum physics of it is set up to try to correct that and bring it back to neutrality. And so it has to intervene, so that you recognize it in order for that to happen. Okay like one of my one of my favorite things to tell people is like you've all been to the doctor where they like knock you with a little hammer and your knee pops up right? It's like this unconscious knee jerk response right. And I didn't really know why that happened. I just assumed it was like the vibration of the hammer like hitting the thing and it goes up. But that's not the case. Here's how intelligent the body is where they hit you with a hammer is a soft piece of tissue. Okay very soft piece of tissue and if your knee didn't pop up that piece of tissue would actually tear or rip completely. And you would lose some function in your knee. And so the intelligence of the body is I'm going to react to create safety I'm going to react to create safety and they know if you they hit that part and you need doesn't pop up that it's already ripped. That's already checked for them. And so everything is built this way in your body and pain when you're experiencing pain. It's not like your body is trying to work against you. It's trying to tell you that sending signals to your body limit mobility, because if you have full mobility you're going to hurt more like it's going to create more pain in your body. There's always a feedback system. That's my point here. Okay and so you can wait for those moments in your life or you can actually become consciously aware of this system and then start participating with it and actually bring it Thinking back into this neutrality and balance now kind of said this before and brought me to take your thunder. But it's like if the underlying precept that most people's conditioning is fear, scarcity, aloneness lack of faith in oneself like lack of self worth if any of these arranger for you because I think they ring true for most of us okay then what is the foundation from which you're living your life from? Where are you sourcing your actions your thoughts your emotions from? They're all being sourced from that. Like if you're the you know the great a worrier that worries about everything it's like that person generally believes that worrying is somehow going to make everything better worry. What was it that line from Basel already said, I think worrying is the same as chewing bubblegum to try to solve arithmetic. That's all it is in that person's mind. It's like their way of trying to create safety. But does it create safety? Does it change anything about the underpinnings the foundation from which they live their life how they take actions consistent with that nothing will change nothing will change for that individual they will source their life from worry and fear. And so you can either try to re re habituate that which is basically like spitting into an ocean right? Because that's what's habituated to that person. Or you can learn how to go within and actually metabolize that energy so that this part of you that worries no longer has to because it's just a reaction to this energetic source in your body. And so the whole of our work the crux of what we do here is we definitely deal with the mindset stuff because we understand that that's fundamental to a person understanding how the mind works and how it generates reality. And if you don't understand that you're always going to be at the whim of it doing it instead of you being at the source of what it's doing okay. And so for a lot of people they can go do really good healing work metabolize this energy in their body clear it out but the mind is still habituated. And so it pulls these things from the past and keeps bringing him into the present. And we call that reenactment that's when the brain just keeps reenacting stuff. And so if you're not aware of the mindset pieces and self awareness and mindfulness chances are you're just going to even if you do great healing work is you're going to recreate that the same trauma. And this is why a lot of people go to great energy healers or reiki or everything else they feel amazing after a session but a few days later they're right back to where they weren't nothing's changed. Why because the mind is reenacting. The energy starts moving the same way it was before and they come back. And so they're like basically taking one step forward and two steps back one step forward and two steps back and they don't really feel like they're getting anywhere. And so we really want to marry the two. Ultimately the deep healing work is really learning how to use awareness how to come out of the conditioned mind right? We've been talking about the conditioned mind a lot here. It's like how do I exit the conditioned mind so that I can see from my awareness, outside and unmerge and separate from my conditioning, okay we call that the non localized mind okay. So if you want to think again conditioned mind is localized it's right here. Again this is all your conditioning all the things that you've been led to believe your percent personality identification blah blah. And then there is learning how to use meditation and awareness practices to actually come out non localized unconditioned mind. And this is just pure awareness call it this an awakened awareness process okay. And from there when we look at what's happening internally in our system this allows for a few things to happen. It allows for you to learn how to regulate your own nervous system down regulate parasympathetic nervous system response. So we go into rest and digest or repose like a restful state in the body the body cannot metabolize energy this kind of energy unless it's in the state of rest. There's a reason when he goes to like a hypnotist they tell you know you know relax rest read stress. Why? Because they're taking they're essentially manipulating and taking advantage that yeah they understand in order to do the healing work you need to go into a relaxed state. In order for you know inflammation to get into the unconscious part of you, you need to go into a relaxed state. And so learning how to effectively do this on your own. And I don't know about you guys but how many you guys were taught by your parents how to down regulate your nervous system anybody? Anybody have conversations about down regulating the nervous system at the dinner table or while talked about homework or when you're outside with dear old dad cutting down a tree was like, Hey we're going to teach you how to down regulate your nervous system. Now, I don't know about you guys. But if you didn't have that training I didn't have that training. But we have a nervous system. We have consciousness and awareness. Right? We have energy. But yet none of us would have spent a lick of time learning that as we grew up and do you think that it would be useful for you to investigate that because that is what you are at the core tenant of who and what you are is this consciousness? Would it be useful then to learn something about it and do practices that enable you to actually down regulate your nervous system so that you're not living from a source of fear and scarcity and actually starting to source your life from wellbeing and safety? And that's really the question that I want to leave you guys with is what is life look like? When who you are the source of who you are is not worry, fear, scarcity, lack of self worth. And so instead you train your nervous system to feel well you train your system to feel safe to have belief in yourself all these things. And now all the actions you're taking the connections that you're having in your personal and professional life are being sourced from that energy. would your life look different? And we can tell you the answer to that is yes. There is unequip unequivocally yes this is why I said 99.99% of time you do these practices unequivocally your life is going to transform change heal and your performance is going to massively increase. And by the way not because you're doing more because the energy behind what you're doing is now effective, is creating that which what is creating that which what you want or is in greater alignment to what you want okay, because nobody can guarantee what any any results people are gonna get. However, we know that when people source action from this type of energy their life naturally changes relationships change health becomes easier. And so life takes on a breath of just being easier. It's not about doing more because doing is has always been a function of your beingness we're really looking at cleaning up that beingness so that the work that we're doing is much more effective and in alignment with that which we want in our lives. Okay. And so a few things will kind of begin to wrap it up there. But a few things. Number one like Ilan mentioned if you are enjoying these conversations you're like shit I'm in this part of my life, like we talked about having a sense of urgency. If you have a sense of urgency to transform your life, then the next action for you is to not just keep coming back to these Tuesday lives although you're welcome to do that is actually take some action and come be in some type of program with us. And the way that you can find out what fits for you is by having a call with our team you can see right above my head probably or depending on what platform you're on watching this there's a link up there called call You click on that we have a complimentary free 15 minute call that you can do with our team. And we don't sell you anything on this call unless you beg us to sell you something on this call. Some people do because they're like I just want to get started great. But this is really a call for you to explore. So you can feel nice and relaxed. That's why we tell our team no sales on this call. Just explore have a conversation with our team. And there's a few things you want to figure out in this call. Number one is this work for me? And do I want to do this work? Yes or no. And number two is do I have the resources and means time money etc. To do this work and we can help you navigate that as well. Depending on you know different situations that you're in some of you guys are loaded some you guys are can't rub two pennies together I'm going to tell you truth be told if you can't rub two pennies together like that you can't be in any of our advanced work, okay? Like you gotta go get that handled by the way we do have a program even for that around money. Okay and it's we made it very inexpensive because we understand that people were having money problems can't pay a lot for programs. So even if you even if that's all you get from that call it's gonna be very valuable for you. Okay and if then you are yes to doing this work, we'll set you up with another call. And then you guys can have a conversation about what the programs and things of that nature look like. So again you can either say contact me in the chat box below and then someone from our team will reach out to you or go to call Last thing I want to mention here is that this Saturday and Sunday we actually have our two day live intensive the intuitive mind live event coming up right where you're going to still do the deal with them that we talked about. Okay so Ilan is gonna do you a huge solid they have to talk to you. Is that the case? How did you want to do that? I'll,

Ilan Ferdman 54:02
I'm going to post a video later today. You guys can either I'll post it here. I'll post it on Instagram and on my Facebook wall as well. And yeah and just look out for that. And if you want I'm going to make you a really cool special offer.

Guy Ferdman 54:19
Well so the event is coming up the Saturday and Sunday guys this event. Not only is it extremely approachable financially but it's life altering kind of like everything we're talking about here is giving you these practices and a community to practice it with. And we promise you those two days will be some of the most eye opening and potentially heart opening experiences of your entire life. Okay that's a big bold promise. And again Elon, I've done like I don't know 1516 rounds of this now regularly we hear from people that was one of the most exquisite experiences of my entire life. They are fucking amazing. And you also get to be there with a bunch of our advanced students who are holding the field and I'm telling you it's revelatory like you will learn more about awareness and energy in two days than you have learned in your entire life. Guaranteed full stop, okay? So if you want tickets for that program you can go to intuitive mind don't live to pick them up Ilan is going to do some special in the group later on today. So if you want to wait you can but you know get after it. And the moment you buy you enroll in that program we send you six hours of pre training that we don't have to do. However it's strongly recommended that you do it. And so you have enough time between now and Saturday to do that training and do it comfortably even just an hour or two a day. And then you're going to be way more well prepared for the weekend. However if you can't fit that in but you still want to come to the weekend still come to the weekend. It's going to blow your gaskets. Okay so again those are your two opportunities call book a call or come to this weekend's live event. Next you spend a good amount of time with Ilan and myself in a pretty intimate setting with some awesome people. Okay we will leave it at that. Guys Thank you as always for your awareness and attention. We know that that's your number one asset and resource. We appreciate you giving that to us. Love you very much. We hope to be able to serve the whole of you that are interested. Remember if you want to change your life have a sense of urgency. We'll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.