Follow Your Gut To Be A Better Leader

Whether you work with a team of two or twenty, leadership is an invaluable quality that is essential to running a successful business. Learning to trust your decision-making is key to the well-being of your company. Some of the best decisions you’ll ever make may be guided by nothing more than a strong feeling in your gut. Learning to listen to this feeling and nurturing it to continuously “speak” to you may serve to be one of the most powerful tools for any business owner. 

Here are three quick tips on how you can become a better leader by trusting yourself

1. Manage Your Energy Levels

A person’s energy naturally fluctuates throughout the day so being able to determine your peak work times can have a remarkable impact on your daily output. If you can, adjust your work schedule to make the most of those peak time blocks. Ideally, do the tasks which require higher energy levels during periods when your energy is at its highest. 

2. Maintain a Clean and Organized Workspace

If you’re looking at clutter all day long, chances are your mind will be distracted and your body will feel a lack of ease. It’s not easy to hear your gut speak when your external environment feels like chaos. Our creative minds seem to function well when paired with a clean and organized environment. Creating a workspace that motivates your mind and body to work at its best is essential to utilizing full creative potential.

3. Establish A Regular Meditation Practice

Consider meditating or doing a few rounds of deep breathing before going to work or first thing when you get to the office. These practices will help you focus and become adaptable to change and stressful situations. With a peaceful mind, you’ll be able to work more productively, have more clarity, and access more creativity. 

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