8 Ways To Stay Calm In Difficult Situations

Being in a difficult situation can sometimes trigger a series of reactions such as anxiety attacks, panic, and stress. These responses contribute to a person’s long-term health degradation while also affecting the way they perform at work, how they handle themselves, and their relationships with friends and family.

If you’re trying to start practicing calmness amid panic or you’re midway on the path to being 100% poised and self-assured, read below for eight additional ways you can begin being calm.

If you’re wondering how known personalities became who they are today, one trait they have is that they continue to remain calm and collected even under pressure. Admittedly, these people have learned the art of not letting their minds and emotions take over when faced with dangerous situations.

#1: Don’t Be Too Quick To React

As tempting as it sounds, immediately reacting to a particular situation can result in a much worse situation than before. The best thing to do would be to gather information regarding what’s happening and evaluate. Ask yourself if this situation matters even after a year, and if the answer is yes, then it’s time to stop and step back. Pulling yourself out of the case gives you a better view and understanding compared to when you’re an active part of it.

#2: Stop Thinking Of Worst-Case Scenarios

When faced with a stressful situation, people tend to overthink, and their minds can only think of a negative outcome. Rather than see the silver lining, others only see negative results. This mindset makes it difficult for the brain to calm down and think of solutions. As hard as it seems, strive to think positively of the current situation. See the good in everything, and it will inevitably alter your mood, way of thinking, and solutions.

#3: Do Not Dwell On What Ifs

When you start asking questions that begin with “what if,” you are opening a vast channel of doubts, worries, and negative thoughts. This phrase can be the sole source of chaos among people who are currently trying to solve a difficult situation. Stop asking and start thinking about different ways you can help alleviate the severity of the problems at hand.

#4: Focus On Your Health

Taking care of your well-being contributes significantly to the way you think and how your brain works. Exercise and a balanced diet regulate the hormones released from the brain, which means that your response to stress differs compared to before. The level of stress hormones dramatically decreases, which makes it easier for you to calm down and assess the problem correctly. Also, you’ll be able to control your emotions more while improving memory and thinking skills.

#5: Cut Down On Coffee

While coffee sounds like the perfect fix when you’re stressed, it can also cause a surge of adrenaline and energy. Eventually, this phase dies down, and all you’ll feel afterward is fatigue and a “caffeine crash” that hinders you from thinking clearly and rationally and also thinking irrationally. Instead of drinking coffee or anything that contains caffeine, opt for water, juice, or soda instead.

#6: Consult With A Trusted Colleague, Friend, Or Family

If you find yourself stuck in a stressful situation and you’ve run out of ideas to address it, then don’t think twice about asking for help from people you trust. A friend or family or colleague that isn’t in the same situation as you can thoroughly assess what needs to happen and how you can solve the dilemma without stress and anxiety. Their opinions can give you a newer, fresher perspective alongside helpful solutions that can help you change the overall situation.

#7: Choose To Stay Away– For Now

When you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stress you’ve been feeling, then maybe it’s time to step back and stay away. It doesn’t have to be a grand vacation or a 3-day relaxation trip to hotels. You can clear your mind by doing something else that’s not related to your current problem. Do gardening, knitting, or spend time with your family for an hour or two.

#8: Decide On A Wellness Plan

Whether you enjoy taking long baths or exercising to shake off the stress, then you should focus on that. When you continuously put yourself in the same environment over and over again, you are putting your mental health at risk. Overthinking and choosing to try and solve the problem will only result in more significant dilemmas in the long run. Allow yourself to relax and have a break every day. When you get home, make sure to do that one wellness plan that helps you each time you’re in a difficult situation.


Overall, trying to master the art of being calm in stressful situations may take a longer time than expected, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You only need determination and perseverance, as well as a mindset that values your health over any problem. Always remember to put yourself first and practice traits that can help you improve your health in the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Satori Prime has an incredible community of over 20K people that link up to share and support each other.