11 Best Books That Can Help Conscious Parents

Wouldn't you love for your children to be socially aware and to care about the world around them?

Learning empathy is one of the most important things your child will learn. The earlier they understand empathy, the more empathetic they will be.

Consider introducing them to conscious children’s books. Conscious children’s books teach values, self-awareness, and mindfulness, which will help them grow up to appreciate the changing world around them.

Here is a list of the top 11 children’s books for the conscious parent.

Books on Mindfulness

Teaching your children mindfulness through modeled behavior and reading. Mindful parenting is all about being present, validating feelings, and helping your child find their purpose.

When your children learn mindfulness, they learn to understand emotions, slow down and appreciate the simple details of their lives.

  • A World of Pausabilities by Frank J. Sileo
  • I am Peace by Susan Verde

Books on Meditation

Meditation is an awesome resource for your children to have. When a child learns to meditate, they learn how to self soothe, regulate their stress, and learn how to help themselves relax.

  • Breathe Like a Bear by Kira Willey
  • Crab and Whale by Mark Pallis and Christiane Kerr

Books on Positive Thinking

Making positive thinking a habit is something that will help your child for the rest of their lives. Being confident that they can get through any situation that arises will help them grow into a self-reliant adult.

The conscious parenting style encourages children to make their own guided decisions, and by learning to think positively, your child will make confident and better choices.

  • I Am a Warrior Goddess by Jennifer Addams
  • My Magic Breath by Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor

Books on Kindness

Children need to be taught kindness and social awareness at a young age to appreciate who they are full. Learning about poverty and inequality will help them understand the difference between wants and needs.

Learning that the world is filled with different people with interesting and unique characteristics and personalities and that there is always a place for them.

  • Special You by Jonny Lambert
  • Los Latidos de Yago (Yago’s Heartbeats) by Conchita Miranda
  • Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

Books on Personal Development

Knowing the beauty of diversity is a beautiful trait to have, which can be learned through reading. Realizing that everyone is the same inside, especially when it comes to feeling emotions like joy and pain, is extremely important.

These books contain great lessons for both adults and children to understand and appreciate the differences between people.

  • Whoever You Are by Mem Fox
  • Happy In Our Skin by Fran Manushkin

Conscious Parents: Be Present

Conscious children’s books are perfect for families who want to encourage social awareness in their children. It’s always a good idea to nurture your child with knowledge and allow them to learn and appreciate it at an early age.

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