Beer Talk 2.0 | Performance Enhancing Podcast


Back by popular demand, SatoriPrime Presents Beer Talk: Part Deux After our high in demand Beer Talk 1.0 Video, in this article we’ll uncover (1 amazing beer and 1 not so real beer) the following topics that can help you massively grow yourself and your business over the next 90 days: Download This Video Through…

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Making money online without spending a dime is just a pipedream


In a world of hyped up promises, how does a newbie or advanced marketer make money online without spending themselves “out” of business? For years as we’ve traversed this online “money making” landscape, I’ve often wondered if anything would come along that could nearly ensure that someone could make a living or supplement their income…

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Introducing a Simpler Way to Organize and Optimize Campaigns on Facebook

Facebook Campaigns

Now organizing and optimizing Facebook is made easier with the help of new campaign structure using the social media site. This is of great advantage to advertisers online as they can easily organize, optimize as well as measure their ads using the social media platform to reach their target customers online. The new campaign structure…

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Why Being Cursed is a Blessing in Disguise


When I was young I’d imagine all the ways I could be, I’d imagine who I could become.  The world seemed balanced, arranged, neatly organized – preparing for my arrival into “adulthood”.  Its warm arms ready and willing to accept you as you are.  You believe these things through family, through books and movies –…

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Make Money While Drinking Beer — You Must Be Kidding Me!


3 quick reasons you’ll want to watch this video till the end…   Yeah it’s a noodle scratcher, but don’t worry… We got you covered like a blanket in the dead of winter (unless you live in California, in which case you don’t even know how to pronounce the word “Winter” and you’re completely confused…

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Facebook Power Editor Tutorial & Training


How Your Marketing Can Get a Boost Using the Facebook Power Editor For the last 4 years SatoriPrime has been a leader in marketing on and off Facebook.  Half that time has been spent playing around with the Facebook power editor, which in our opinion is Facebook’s beta playground for their ad platform. While many…

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How to Increase Likes in Facebook by 42%

Increase Likes

I like, you like, we all like increasing likes in Facebook According to analytics based services like Socially Stacked, many fans are liking and following pages for the same reason people shop at Wal-Mart and Target.  Discounts and coupons. A different study conducted by Wildfire Interactive revealed that coupon-based campaigns gain the highest engagement rates.…

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Multiply Your Facebook Comments by 5x

More Facebook Fans

Did you know that 35% Facebook Fans are joining pages just to do this? 35% of Facebook fans like a page just so they can participate in contests! A report from this past year showed that people overwhelmingly click “Like” just for the chance to win something.  Contests obviously solicit the user to directly interact…

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How to Increase Comments on Facebook by 100%

Increase Facebook Comments

2 Reasons questions can revitalize a fanpage and increase comments on Facebook It turns out that question post get 100% more comments. If these are the kind of interactions yourself or your business is after than questions seem to be the way to go. Two independent studies, one by Kissmetrics and the other by Hubspot…

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Best Times to Post on Facebook

Best Time to Post on Facebook

What days of the week do you suppose are the best to create and share your Facebook posts? Buddymedia studied the best days of the week to post online and guess what they found? It turns out (as you might expect) that Thursday and Friday are the best days to get your content online, why?…

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Increase Facebook Likes by 57% With this ‘Childlike’ Trick

Increase Facebook Likes

What does your phones emojis and increasing Facebook “Likes” have in common? Up until now you may have concluded that using those silly smiley faces (a.k.a. “emojis”) were only for the younger generations, you’d be DEAD WRONG! A study by AMEX’s Open Forum shows (Pictured Below) that emotions can make a huge difference to your…

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