Speaking from the Heart: What Is Energetic Communication?

Operating on a positive frequency has the power to change lives. Science can prove this. Speaking from the heart can be as literal as it sounds.

A discussion from the heart and its energetic vibrations can affect energy. Dissonance can affect not only your life but the energy and vibrations of others.

The organs of the body are powerful. They can emit some vibrations that contribute to how others perceive us.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to develop your energetic communication.

Learn how you can significantly improve the quality of life for yourself and the nearest and dear to you.

What Is Energetic Communication?

Energetic communication is the belief that your emotional state can affect the vibrations and energy fields you emit. The idea that a positive attitude is critical here. The knowledge that we have the power to shape our lives has been around much longer than Western thought.

Ancient cultures and civilizations believed in energetic communications. Some form of its ethos has been around for centuries. This belief or “heart mantra” even made its way in early Hindu teachings.

Chinese medicine such as Acupuncture focuses on the many “chakras” or energy fields. Chakras exist inside the body and are congruent with many different bodily systems.

One of the most well-known chakras is the “heart chakra.” This energy is believed to affect both the external and internal human form. It is seen in Eastern medicine to affect the body but almost all other systemic operations of the spirit.

In Acupuncture, if your heart chakra remains blocked or misaligned, many things can begin to go wrong.

The blockage of chakras of any kind can lead to adverse effects on all sorts of other systems. The heart chakra allows you to experience love. Not only love for yourself but love for other people.

Aside from love, if your heart is open, you can find all sorts of events begin to occur. Once you communicate with your heart, you will be able to fulfill your ultimate purpose. Opening your heart can give you many insights into the person you are supposed to be.

Who are you destined to become?

Energetic Communication Over Time

Energetic communication was being actively pursued long before the term was even coined. In many different cultures and periods, we can see the impact of speaking from the heart.

In the early 19th century, the Modern Thought movement grew out of Phineas Quimby's teachings. Quimby became diagnosed with tuberculosis early in his life.

The Modern Thought (also Higher Thought) movement is a spiritual movement that coalesced in the early 19th century in the United States. Ancient thinking, or “ancient thought,” was used to assemble a doctrine for this specific movement. The Higher Thought movement drew from ancient Rome, Egypt, China and Buddhist thought movements.

Medicine in the early 19th century provided no effective treatment for tuberculosis. Quimby took up horse riding and noted that he was momentarily freed of his ailment by extreme enthusiasm. This approach is said to be responsible for his pain management and eventual rehabilitation.

Keeping Dissonance at Bay

Organs and other components of the human body operate in places we cannot freely see. These systems and their purposes have often been seen as mystical.

Often these areas of muscle and smooth tissue remain contested. In terms of their metaphysical purposes, we must remember these vessels exist inside us for a reason.

You've got to take a can of all the parts you can't see in addition to the ones you can. Keeping your mental space clear of negative emotions or toxic thinking patterns could be the most productive thing you could do for your well-being.

Your mind is the most crucial organ that is the most often overlooked. Energetic communication can bounce off of you onto others, but the same effect happens with the people you allow into your life and spaces.

Other people's negativity can trigger adverse outcomes in your life. Emotional toxicity is dangerous to have around in any capacity. Just as you are becoming aware of your ability to speak for your hears, so should the other people in your life.

While energetic communication houses some of the same philosophies of Eastern medicine, we can find some of its principles are more evidence-based. Eastern medicine

The heart is no stranger to examination in the fields of ayurvedic and eastern medicine. As far as the impact of energetic communication, the heart and its dialogue is deeply rooted in science.

Heart Science and Energetic Communication

It has become increasingly clear biological systems, and the properties of the magnetic fields affect more than we fully comprehend.

Fluctuations in magnetic fields will influence nearly any circuit in biological systems.

In the language of patterns, one of the critical ways that signs and messages are encoded and communicated manifests in physiological processes.

It is well known that information stores in time intervals in the nervous system. This information often refers to physiologic communication. These communications are biologically meaningful information encoded between hormonal pulses in the heart and cardiovascular systems.

Research has found that their coherence of mind and heart mainly influences the energy field. You have the power and can control the energy you emit into the world. Once you realize this, you will see your life shift.

Good fortune is more than a chance encounter. Luck is a state of mind. If you are positive or believe in such micro-currents, you are always operating on your highest frequency. Being aware is your first step.

Awaken your consciousness and begin to believe in the power of positive transformations.

The consequence is dissonance when one is not in a state of equilibrium. When the mind and the heart go in opposite directions, a person can feel off balance.

What is Dissonance?

Dissonance occurs with ambivalence and distractions that contribute to a negative version of yourself. Dissonance can block the highest level of your abilities.

Think of a television with the volume turned up but tuned to a channel of static. The two separate operations do not work together. One can often cancel the other out or make parts of the other inoperable.

This is what dissonance can do to your emotional state and how it can shape you as a person if you are not careful.

Dissonance induces by the absence of coherence in your body's emotional systems. The dissonance becomes evident to those occupying the space around the dissonance.

Dissonance blocks us from the clarity we need to identify viable options, results, and calculation choices. Or expand personal wisdom that would have a positive effect on our lives.

The traumas we go through as we grow older can contribute to dissonance and distractions. The types of technology we allow into our lives can contribute to dissonance. Even toxic people can contribute to our negative headspace.

Dissonance happens when you ignore the interference go negative energy in your personal life.

Imagine the hidden stream of wisdom. What if you could reach into the part of you that leads you to a way of life that is internal and happy?

The way down this path is energetic communication.

Speaking from The Heart 

Energetic communication is a low-frequency vibration created by the body and heart. These vibrations facilitate emotional information and can influence your perception of consciousness.

Scientists who work in energetic communication mind themselves interested in emotions. The perception of these complicated, humanistic qualities, determined by our vibrational output.

These scientists also believe that your emotional state has the power to emit itself as an electromagnetic field. The energy of this field can influence your everyday life. These same energies are present in your pulse and heartbeat.

Your body emits these frequencies and their rhythmic impulses.

Energy fields and impulses exist in a space sensed by others. When you experience an emotional event or mood, other people can feel it. Speaking from the heart means letting your emotional state reverberate above all the negative energy.

Energetic communication does not mean not have any negative emotions. That would be extremely unhealthy. This practice is more about not letting the negativity from feelings or experiences affect you so profoundly that you release negative vibrations.

The negativity of emotions only becomes toxic if you let it affect you on a core level. This can be impossible if you are not willing to work through it.

It is a fundamental part of human nature to learn from negative experiences and trauma. Energetic communication means not letting the negative invade your positive thoughts.

This is about living above the negative occurrences of the world and learning from them. Not speaking to these directly but absorbing their lessons is the main concept of energetic communication.

It is about a difference in thinking before these behaviors become overly critical of the self or damaging. Speaking from the heart is all about the small conversations you are having with yourself all the time.

What Your Mood Can Do?

Evaluate the conversations you are having with yourself in your head. If the language you are using or the thought patterns you develop are unkind, make moves to change that.

Every time you think something negative to yourself, try to replace it with something kind. You will be blown away at the impact this has on your emotional state.

You may have noticed someone close to you can sense that you're in a bad mood or unwell.

Often, you may not even have to acknowledge what you are feeling verbally. You may not even have a specific look on your face; they seem to know.

This happens because you are speaking from the heart, and those close to you can often pick up on your frequencies more quickly than strangers. This is because they are used to you on all your emotional levels.

They have a base level to compare what they are feeling from you. If there is a distinct difference between those close, you will be able to pick up on it.

This means that energetic communication affects how others see you and your actions—it makes a statement to the world.

These types of communication could be significantly contributing or negating to parts of your life. You may have been unaware of it. If you emit a negative energy field, you could potentially repeal good things by simply being negative.

If you feel good and emit positive energy, people are attracted to you. Meaning, they are influenced by the power and vibrations you talk about.

Science Behind Energetic Communication

Speaking from the heart or energetic communication may be new to some. It may seem far-fetched to others. Positive thinking is powerful.

Ancient civilizations witnessed the principles of energetic communications. Your mind and your energy have many things to contribute.

You can get to know much more about the hidden portions of you that affect your present reality. You can get to learn more about yourself as a person.

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