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Alright y'all, welcome in today Happy to have you I mean my my number at hand What's up everybody? Diane Ilan here of Satori prime happy to be with you here on this Tuesday morning, afternoon or evening, depending on where you are in the world. And we're going to get right into the discussion today and give you guys a look at kind of a Whats App, Dan, kind of like a kind of like a, a discussion about how we can look at our ascension process. Okay, now, just as a caveat here, this is not the truth. This is a way of looking at things. This is from 20 years of doing our work about how we look at like progressing through different layers and levels of consciousness. What's up Mary Alice? Claire, Pam, good to have you all. If you are brand brand new to our community, we are a growing thriving community here of 26,000.
Strong, maybe more at this point in time, I don't know where we're at now. 2627 Where are we? 26 and a half is. So if you're, if you're a part of that new is, please feel free to say hello to us in the chat box. And let us know that you're new. If you really don't know who Ilan and I are yet you haven't listened to our podcast, you haven't been in the group for a while. Ilan and I have been on our own spiritual path now for about 20 years. So 40 years collective of work. We've invested in all sorts of types of personal development, spiritual development therapies, we've calculated well over a million dollars spent between the two of us and our education. And we don't do it because we have to we do it because we love to. And this is a lifelong pursuit for us. We see our spiritual work as our business, our individual work and what we do here with you guys, and what we do in the old souls and seekers. And as Satori prime is the self
expression of how that work is pervading our lives. And so we have been, I don't even remember when we started coaching, but I want to say at least 15 years, right, maybe more gonna say, I think, maybe more 17 years. Yeah, probably 17 years, so about 17 years. So again, 34 years, you know, collective here of coaching and training, we've coached 10s of 1000s of people, we work with organizations and businesses and marketing, training and sales, training, psychology training, relational training, communication, training, and today really, our heart and souls are, are really in this exquisite inquiry, of awareness and energy. And so we like to marry the mindset piece of the personal development realm, and marry it or bridge it with awareness and energy. And that's where we have found this extraordinarily potent cocktail. So if you're brand brand new to the community, one of the main resources that we believe you should be taking advantage of immediately is the act of healing meditation, meditations that
we provide really inside the group. And so we have one that you want to begin with, which is about a 30 minute practice, which will bring you to the awareness of your awareness. Okay, so if you ever if you've ever read the book, Un-teathered Soul, by Michael singer, he describes the seat of awareness. And that might seem like a really complicated thing to get into. But ironically, it's actually rather simple, especially with repetition to not just find it, but also land in it. And while for many of us, it would seem lie finding our awareness is like is the goal we want to actually offer the finding your awareness is really where the game just starts. That's where you can actually start letting go of a lot of the mindset architecture that many people get obsessed with and mull over the maps of how things work in psychology. But we'll talk about these levels today. So I won't go too much into it. But if you want that meditation, at any time during this live really at any time in the group, you just want the resource, just type meditation in the comment box below. And then you will see Cory Jasmine, Tobias, Sara, Nikki, there's all these people inside the group. These are all people that work directly with us. We call them our dream team. And they are here to provide you guys with resources. And also if you need to get on a call with someone ask them questions about what is it that these guys do? What are the actual program? So how do we train people like all those like other questions, they are your resources for all of that. So without further ado, welcome everybody.

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All right, let's jump in. Anyway, so um, three levels of transformation. So we're going to break this down, I'm actually going to add a level zero. Before I jump into level one, level two and level three. Because I was actually like, in my head, I was like, oh, you know, there's like, the baseline where human beings start. And so level zero is before anyone finds anything about personal development, right? You're like your auto monotonic robot going through life, doing things having miserable happenstances and miserable relationships. And then someone says, You know what, John, you should really read this book, and you go, I don't need that. Or you should go to the seminar. Like, I don't need that. I'm fine. My life is fine. Everything's fine. We're gonna call that level zero. Right? That's the unaware that you're just ignorance bliss going through life, I guess. So that moment, like the first level of transformation is just that it's think of the first entrance you had into the world of either spirituality, or personal development. Maybe it was a seminar you attended. Maybe it was a book that you read. A conversation with a friend. I mean, it could be any word, any thing, but it was like the first time that you had this aha epiphany of like, holy crap, the way I knew life to be, is not that way. It was this very, like mind expanding, awe inspiring experience, I equated to being unplugged from the matrix for the first time. It's like you saw the world through this lens for the first time how many you guys can remember and recall that moment in your life? And you can even say it was like it was this book, it was this video, it was the seminar was this, you know, whatever. I'm very curious to know what kind of brought that first. Sorry. So That's level one. Okay. And level one, the way that we did so all the we're going to break down these levels with levels of awareness. Because that's truly what this is, after having done this work for 20 years, we've just realized that you become awareness becomes aware of different aspects of yourself. And the more awareness becomes aware of these different aspects, that is what creates this massive, massive, ongoing transformation. So uh, Laura says, Louis, hey, you can heal your life. Yep. Louis, I'm sure Hay House has, has been the entrance for many, many, many of you guys that are on here. So level one is this notion. And for most of you guys, some
book or seminar or whatever it was right, gave you this idea. And we call it the subtle mind, you became aware that there is this voice inside your head? That is not you. And when you first heard that, most of you were like, well, voice, I don't have a voice. This person's crazy. There's no voice in my head. Until you started to realize like, holy shit. That voice is not me. So I level one, we become aware of awareness. And we become aware of awareness trapped inside the mind. So when most people think like We ask this in programs and also like, you know, where are you like, where do you view life from? Everyone? 99% except for the ones that try to be smart and go, I'm here, but awareness lives here. You seem the awareness set again, seems to live here. Yes. So awareness level one awareness is seeing, you're becoming aware that there's an awareness that's watching through your eyes, and hearing through these ears, and feeling
through these, you know, appendages and smelling and, and then the mind is very, active. I mean, you guys agree that when you started, you realize, like, wow, my mind is on full blast all the time, some of you guys might still be there. So wherever we are, as we're describing this, if this is where you are, just recognize, you know, I'm in level one, or I'm in level one and a half, or I'm in level two or level three. And you can kind of map this out. And regardless of where you are on the journey, I just want you guys to know, we've designed our ascension model and our programs to help you like simple steps up this not up this ladder, but but through the levels of awareness.

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Right. Can I kind of add them again here? So I also want to name the levels. So like prior, some MaryAlice is asking, How can I shut that up? Great question. So prior to this awareness, right prior, so like Ilan said, it's a subtle mind awareness. So what happens is you start creating a separation between your awareness and this mechanism, that scientifically, they called sub vocalization, right? Like what you hear when you're reading a book, you sub-vocalize to yourself, so and so when you have separation from that you realize that that's not me, I am not that. And this is the beginning of a transition from what most people describe as like something is happening to them. Right? We can also call this like a victim type of mentality mentality, although even people who are not, we wouldn't really categorize as victims still have
that point of view, right? It's like, why is this happening to me? Why is God making this happen
to me? Why am I having to experience this hardship, like all these different kinds of stuff, when
you start getting into more of this subtle realization that you are not this mind mechanism.
There's other aspects that we throw in here, log like logs on the fire to kind of grow this
awareness, which is, like a, basically a distinction around what responsibility really is not the
not the responsibility you've been taught, but really your ability to respond, how to enact,
produce, clean up, and create integrity in your life and live from a place of integrity. And as you
start doing this, what really is cleanup work in your life or growing up work in your life? What
you will find is you people often transition from Why is this happening to me, too, I can see this
is happening for me. Right? It takes challenges, and it makes them into an experience of
opportunities. And suddenly you realize that everything that's entering your life is really just
this lesson that's being taught, and all these lessons aren't really coming to harm you that that
may come later. Like, fuck these million lessons. But like, they're not really coming to harm
you, they're actually helping your evolutionary process, helping you come into greater
alignment with yourself helping you find your, your spiritual essence, what's important to you,
you know, like personal mission, that kind of stuff, and also greatly enhances, like your ability
to communicate with other people effectively. And again, just really starts cleaning up a lot of
the mess that we've created through much of the conditioned learning that has been given to
humanity over the last, you know, few 1000 years, but certainly over the last few generations.

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Yeah. So Natalie, who just completed our level two program says, my mind I realized after this
work, was just trying to protect me from a childhood that was challenging. before realizing this,
I hated the mind chatter. It's interesting, because like, Mary is saying, How can I shut this thing
up? And Becca was saying that, you know, she uses meditation, and even Mary Jane to shut
this thing up. And I just want to let you know that after 20 years of doing this, you can never
shut off the mind. Yeah. And if your goal is that, that I'm telling you right now, you're going to
be highly disappointed no matter who you follow, and what programs and what information
we've had the privilege to work with Rinpoche is, I mean, like, embodied re embodied souls,
right? These people who have been on this like, seven, eight year lifecycle that they find all
over the world and these people have been born into meditation. They literally sit in the
Himalayas, in caves, on mountaintop just meditating all day long, like this is their life, right?
And even they have told us like, the mind is never quiet. Like it's not the goal if you make the
goal of meditation or any Your practice is to try to quiet the mind. You're fighting a losing
battle, it's just an impossibility now, can the mind become a lot calmer and a lot quieter?

Guy Ferdman 15:14
Absolutely, dare I even say pleasant? Yeah, connect me connect, like I like I'm just telling you,
for me like I in my teenage years, I was depressed and suicidal. And you know all the things
that come along with that that was a very, very loud mind that put me into a place of
victimology really could not take responsibility for anything that showed up in my life.
Everything that was whether small or big became grand, and felt like life ending, it's, you know,
many teenagers go through stuff like that might seem to be particularly invested in being
angry with me. And I never could have ever conceived of a world where my mind didn't give me
horrible feedback about myself, and about the way that life was, and my role in this planet. And
today, it's like, A, it's it is mostly quiet. But even when it has opinions, like, generally speaking,
they're either really, really light. And dare I even say today, it actually even has friendly things
to say which again, I never really proceed. But to Ilan point, I want to tell you like anything you
stand against you agitate. Like look at, look at the way that the world is organized, if you want
to know how you if you want to how the world works, investigate the internal world, if you want
to investigate your internal world, investigate the outer world, it all works kind of the same.
Like if you stand and antagonize another person in a relationship, they don't just go away, they
come back at you, right, they get louder, or they get defensive, or whatever their posture is
that they might do, your mind is the same, it is not looking to go away. It wants a relationship.
Right, and it wants a healthy relationship. And there's, by the way, many parts of you, many, parts that want relationships with you with really with your awareness and authentic and healthy way that
doesn't demonize them or make them feel bad about themselves. Because the moment you do
that with a part, we'll talk more about that you separated from the whole, at least, that's the
perception. And they want to reintegrate back into that. Now, they don't know how to do that.
And we're going to talk about how that actually happens. But in the beginning, and again, if you
want the meditation that we offer here, the act of healing meditation, it shows you how to work
with your system in this way. Not to quiet the mind, but to do the practice so that the
byproduct of the practice is a quieter mind. But what we tell you is don't quiet your mind.
That's silly. And because of like headspace, and calm, and all these different, like Western
ideologies around meditation, it makes it seem like the goal is to quiet the mind when in fact,
that may not be the goal at all, you may have a meditation that the mind doesn't shot at all,
you may have a meditation that the mind doesn't shut up for a second, right? And it really is
like everything else, it depends on so many different things that are happening in your life,
from the food that you ate to the sleep that you got to what's happening in your life in that
moment. Right. Like when when the when things around, you're quiet, the mind is just gonna
have less things to chat about. But if there's a lot of stress going on in your life, the mind is
gonna, it's gonna be worried. And that's kind of the brilliance of that mechanism anyway, so we
want to kind of change the response. I remember a few years ago, this kid came out with a
book titled, Ego is the Enemy. And I just wanted to like facepalm, myself, because I understood
the intention of what he was saying. But when you position your ego against yourself, you
strengthen your ego. That's just what's up. Yeah.

Ilan Ferdman 18:39
So when we understand and we first become aware of this other aspect of us, that is level one,
right? And that's where a guy was talking about, like you're taking responsibility. So things are
happening for me. Now, I will just say this one quick thing before we jump on to level two. You
know, for those that are interested in quieting the mind or calming the mind, I will tell you that
the biggest thing that you can give yourself is safety. Your mind gets really hyperactive. When
it doesn't feel safe, not when you don't feel safe when it perceives that your situation in life at
this very moment is not safe. Think of what every one of us went through when mid March
2020 hit and worlds went into shutdown and no one knew what the fuck this Coronavirus was
right? Like no one knew you. The messaging was like you could walk outside and die. Right?
Your mind was going in freakout mode, like alcohol sales went through the roof. You know, like
this is what happens because it's like I just need something to quiet this fucking thing down. So
if you want to quiet it down, and we'll talk about that in level two in level three, it's like safety is
the biggest thing when you're when your nervous system can down regulate into places of
grounded, well being safety, the mind doesn't have to figure itself out all the time. Okay? So
level one rate, the practice is to become aware of awareness, even though awareness seems to
be stuck here. Okay? Now, level two, we're starting to now shift awareness outside of mine.
Now we learn how to actually like, move awareness or allow awareness to shift out of this
place that it seems to be stuck in. And we begin to actually bring awareness to our body, like
this, the center channel of our body. And if I can explain to you like the power, and the
magnitude of what awarenesses, I want you to imagine this like, magical ball, that whatever
you put this magical ball on, it will naturally go into its homeostasis. So like, it will go back to its
natural, emergent energy. So if, for example, you move awareness to your heart that has been
seemingly blocked, off, smashed, broken, guarded, whatever you want to call it, right, and
awareness can now sit here for extended periods of time. Just by awareness being here, your
body will connect to a source of energy, and it will start to re ability, whatever has been
happening, it will help that part Remember, its natural state. Okay, and so level one, we're
stuck in here, level two, we start to expand. And now we're starting to move awareness into the
body. Now, what happens between level one and level two, so once you even understand that
level, one that you can, awareness is stuck in here, you begin to kind of play with this, like
bringing out into the space, but what happens is, it's a very new kind of learn skill, and you
toggle quite a bit. So it's going to be like it's going to drop into your body, then it's going to
bump jump right back into your mind, it's going to come out here and then right back into your
mind. And in the beginning, what we've noticed is that it takes people a long time to even
become aware that awareness is back in the mind, right. So like that time frame takes a long
time, the ability to then shift awareness from the mind out of the awareness also can take a
long period of time in the beginning. And the amount of time that awareness is actually not in
the mind. But either out here or in here is very, very short. That's kind of what happens in the
beginning. And so it feels like excuse me, it feels like this very, almost complicated. It's so
simple, but it can feel like this very, like, complicated process. But again, you've just never
done it. And so during that level two training, what we're actually working on is we're actually
working on abbreviating the time that it takes you to become aware that awareness is trapped
in here. And also abbreviate the time that awareness can move from here and into here. And I
mean, like, if you talk to people that have gone through our level two training, the amount of
time in the beginning was like, I don't know what I do to, to now when we're like, hey, drop
awareness into your stomach or move awareness to your heart It's a snap, oh, I snuck in my finger.

Guy Ferdman 23:58
Everyone else was amazing. Just do it. Do it, again, are trying.

Ilan Ferdman 24:00
I should have just left it at once.

Guy Ferdman 24:03
Because I never can I name a few more things here about these two particular levels. So when when
we're still with the personal development, space, mind development, psychology, training, talk
therapy, any anything that really falls in the world of therapy, here. There still, if you guys
notice, and let me know, if you do in the comment box, say I there's like a lot of management
that's happening. You're regularly managing yourself. So it's like you're learning these new
habits. And so you have to, like, catch yourself all the time when you're not in a habit, right? It's
like, kind of like when you're trying to change a food habit. It's like notice that you're reaching
for the chocolate. And so there's this like, manager that you're developing to not do that thing.
And it actually requires quite a bit of awareness or willpower, all these different kinds of things.
And so, look, I love personal development. It completely changed our lives gave access to much
more successful habits for Elon and myself without a doubt, but just to kind of explain speak to,
why are we such big proponents of awareness and energy today? Why don't we bridge it with
mindset? Because we found this frustration in our system. And maybe you can find this inside
of yourself, also, and I see a lot of you guys saying, Yep, you're right. Like, there's this, you're
actually developing this manager, and this manager was here before you had mindset work.
But it's almost like you become aware, you're like, oh, okay, I can watch and I can change and I
can manage. And it becomes really exhilarating in the beginning. And and for quite some time
might be exhilarating for a decade or two, right? But after a while, what you find is that there's
these things that keep coming into your life, regardless of how much work that you've done.
And they're extraordinarily frustrating. Like, maybe for you, it's like the business, your business
never quite takes off. Or maybe it's like your relationship, just never, you know, never feels
quite soothing and relaxed, or you just feel like you're with the wrong person. Or you can get
your health in order, or whatever might be there's like this like pattern that you've known since
you were a little boy or little girl, and you're like the fuck, I have been taking personal
development forever. I read the books, go to the courses, I watched the videos. And still it
keeps happening. And so you get on this hamster wheel of like, Oh, it must be that course or
this process. Or maybe I should do Hoffman or maybe I should go sit in Thailand for 10 days.
Like, it goes on and on and on. And then every time you're, you know, you you get into shiny
ball syndrome. You're just going from one product to the next trying to figure out like, well, I
you know, it's it's a beautiful pursuit that you're on. Because I know because Elan and I are in
that pursuit. It's like, I want it to resolve. I want to stop feeling that way. I want to stop
attracting those people. I want to stop making bad decisions. I want to stop sabotaging my
money. You know, like Elon and I are deeply committed to people being healthy, wealthy,
having well being authentic connection with human beings. These are these are not
recommendations. These are necessities that humans require for a life of well being. And so
when you're relegated to the world of mindset, while you may have become a better manager
of yourself, Could you honestly tell yourself that you have resolved something in your system?
And when Ilan and I asked ourselves that question, the honest answer to that was no. That's
after 15 years and almost a million dollars invested at that point in time, working with some of
the best trainers and coaches in the world. And again, our lives were really working out we
have really, really good lives with amazing families are married to incredible women traveling
the world. We had seven figure businesses like all that stuff, but like, again, you can't lie to
yourself, right? And so that, like they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears and a
question popped up in our system. And we ended up meeting a teacher. And I had a I was lucky
fortunate enough to have this experience before Ilan, but I was in stuck in heartbreak, I was
looping in this very vicious heartbreak in 2017 coming out of what I thought was going to be a
lifelong relationship. Totally, like heartbroken. Now we say heart open, but back back then it
was heartbroken. And I had this this experience with somebody who was attuned in a way that I
had literally never met a human being awakened and attuned in this way. And when that when
a person like that tracks your system, and that's the type of work that we get to do with our
clients today, and we're very privileged to do and so excited to do when a person meets your
system that way, it's like, coming home to yourself, somebody finally sees you the way that
you've always wanted to be seen. And, and I literally felt him pulling something out of my
system that wasn't just there from this relationship or was there from a lifetime of relationships
for me. And that was as eye opening, probably more so than the first time I discovered that I
have a little voice in my head that I'm listening to. And that little voice is not me. And so that
opened up this whole other path that he learns beginning to describe here about act, what is
actually awareness, okay? And here's the thing, awareness is everywhere, or awareness is
pervasive, it is all things it's in the walls that you guys are looking at right now. It's in the
sunlight that you look outside, it is the pervasiveness of a single energy of all things. And the
irony is, even when we think we're connecting to our awareness, we're not we're just
connecting to awareness itself. And so what we're doing at this level, is we are learning that we
are directing our awareness. And that our awareness is for most part for most people is
localized here, behind their eyes, at least that's what they think that's what they feel. That's
what they experienced, because that's what they've been conditioned to experience. Okay, and
when, depending on where you place awareness in your mind or elsewhere, there is a different
quality and function to what that awareness can be because there's no limitation to what your
awareness can be or what it can form or what it can create. But when we localize it at the
mechanism of the moment Mind, what we get is awareness that is working with that level of
mind. And that's all it's aware of. And so when we start coming into this level is we actually
unload, analyze, we learn how to unload, analyze our awareness. Outside of the mind, or deep
into the really bad, I don't know why. And we start noticing that there's a different quality to
how we perceive and how we experience life. And the beautiful part here is as we come into
awareness, we can start noticing the subtle energetic flow of the body in a way that we just
can't, from our ordinary conditioned minds. And like Elon said, as we place awareness there,
there is this incredible byproduct that wherever awareness goes, we just cut it just this
awareness, basically self organizing, and self liberating, okay, so anywhere that you place your
awareness, it is going to begin an energetic, attunement to so to speak, or an energetic
liberation of wherever you place that awareness, what you want to learn is how to sustain and
hold that level of awareness. And so that the healing work that you get to go through the
realignment that you get to go through that your spiritual purpose, and all the things that are
really important at levels far beyond what the mind can perceive, just kind of start generating
themselves, and don't require a lot of work or any management on your part at all. And that's
what's so beautiful about this type of work is that it doesn't require really any effort on your
part, or you sitting around journaling or thinking about what you want to repair veal in your life,
it just starts happening on its own, your only job is to learn how to sit into that that quality and
level of awareness and spend more and more time there because that's going to unleash well
being in your life.

Ilan Ferdman 31:50
So before we jump into level three, I want to talk about where we have noticed most people
join old souls and seekers. What we've just seen from you know, 10s, of 1000s of you being in
here is there's a feeling of stuckness that most people get to on their personal development
journey. Now, you may have been at this for a year or 10 or 20. The time is irrelevant. What I
want you to get is that if you have this feeling of stuckness. And what I mean by that is how
many you guys have started to notice that the books that you read, have all started to sound
the same. Or that the videos that you're watching or the things the seminars that you're taking,
or whatever it is how many you guys started to notice. It's like, Oh, I already know this, like, oh,
this sounds like that other thing. Oh, no, like how many guys are in that place. And if you're in
that place, what I want you invite you to explore is that you have been doing all of this amazing
personal development and mindset work with awareness stuck here. So as you're doing this,
and you're reading all these books, guess who is reading all the books, your awareness that is
stuck in the mind. Now you've given this mind all of these different tools, right? But your mind
is the one doing the mindset work. Your mind is the one watching the video, your mind is the
one reading the words your mind. And so it's all going through that same filtration system. And
then what happens? There's a law of diminishing returns when you first read that personal
development book or watch that video. It was like life changing your relationships, improved
your money, situation, improve your health improve, you're like, Oh my God, why didn't
anybody tell me this? But then after a while your life keeps expanding. And you keep reaching
for what? New information? new concepts, new tools, new authors, new new spiritual leader,
Baba blah, blah. But at the end of the day, are you getting anywhere near the level of return
that you were in the beginning? No. So now comes disappointment. And the disappointment
isn't even about out there. It's self directed disappointment, which can turn into self directed
frustration and self directed anger all of it because it's like, I should fucking know better. I
should be farther along how am I still dealing with the same thing that I was five years ago?
You guys start to feel that annoyance and that upset and frustration. And I want to point out
that it's not just You like so if that's where you are just saying the common box, yes, like other
people in here can get, this is not just a youth thing. This is part of the journey. Like it takes
getting to this point to even be aware of, and be interested to have an inquiry in a conversation
like we're having right now. It took guy 15 years of every day, diligently working, investing,
working with coaches, etc. To get to this. So trust me, were the slow stupid ones, okay. So now,
this place I call this is kind of like, between level two and level three, this is where people hit,
they hit this place of diminishing returns. And it's like that upward trajectory that you had starts
to kind of peak, and it starts to taper off because it's not just peak and it like plateaus. Because
now all the frustration and the anger and it builds up in the doubt. It's like, none of this shit
works. And why am I even doing this? Why am I spending my time and maybe all my friends
and family, right? This is so stupid, right? You You just start to spiral. So how do you get off of
that hamster wheel? How do you get off of that place, that just brings you back to this
trajectory of upward momentum. So level two we discussed right like the shift out of here and
being able to sit here. So that is a paramount change. Because once you can do that, then
guess who's doing your spiritual practice your personal development, it's no longer in mind. It is
now in bodied. Right, like, like you're in your body and your body is starting to witness the
world and witness relationships and witness circumstances. And it is removing and releasing all
that which is no longer necessary. Whereas the mind before was trying to manage your anger,
manage your loneliness, manage your sadness, manage your grief. Right? Could you manage it
for little bits of time? Yes, did it always come back? Absolutely. And whereas before the
manager maybe worked for a little bit better, now it just doesn't. It's like, Ah, here we go.
Again. It's because all of personal development is the most amazing foundation. And it never
looks at the root cause of what actually created the pattern and the habit that keeps showing
up in your life. And that's why we have people that reflect certain things back to us, so that we
can actually heal these things. But until you start to use awareness, to actually go to those
parts that you have been shying away from or locking in a closet or not wanting to deal with.
And we all have numbing agents, right? Alcohol, we need running exercising, sacks, burying
ourselves in work, whatever your numbing agent is, those things are going to keep coming
back. So the shift is level two, we now we start to practice this ability to hold awareness on the
parts that feel discomfort. So if you're dealing with grief, right, and someone says, Hey, what's
happening in your heart, you're like, there's nothing I can happen in my heart, right? Because
you're going to try to talk your way out of it. But if I'm saying hey, can you shift awareness and
just like hold your heart here. That's the part that no amount of personal development allows
you to do. Because how many guys have felt that moment where it's like, you feel like you
almost got to the center of it, and then your mind will take you out. It's on you. The pain or the
discomfort is so much that you're like, I just can't bear it. Yeah. Right. So now, we do that. In
Level two, we get masterful at actually holding awareness and allowing it to stay here staying
with the discomfort so that I think Becca was saying before that so the divine timing of the
healing process can take place, but there's no healing. There's no healing that can happen
through the mind or through myself give you understanding. The mind can give you a map of
why and how things are. Oh, it got created because this happened when I was three and mom
did this or didn't do this. And now I can see how that's all playing out in my life. And so, oh, if I
want to empower myself, like I could just realize that that's this old pattern that no longer
serves me. So I'm gonna go do this thing and empowered version of myself. But then you hit
that next wall, and it's like, the same thing keeps showing up. Because you never actually went
to the root of what is causing that. Your mind can't heal you. awareness can. God, bro.

Guy Ferdman 40:34
Yeah, so I was gonna just add something in here. So we want to, we want to understand that
Yeah, so I was gonna just add something in here. So we want to, we want to understand that
our experience like we are relational beings, okay? Like, devoid of relationships, human beings
don't do very well. Okay? I say this often, it's like, what's one of the worst things we can do to
people in prison is put them in isolation. Right? When we say that with even with homeless
people, right, you keep people on the street long enough, they're in isolation, they literally
develop a persona, which either speaks out loud or speaks to itself, in an attempt to create a
relationship. It's that fundamental to our biology. Okay, so there are there, there's three levels
here, that we, we, you want to get super clear about, that are important. If you are going to
have a healing experience, okay. And like Elon said, we can talk about these things, but it's not
about the talking about them conceptually, a child can understand what he and I are talking
about, for the most part, okay? What we really want to understand here is that there's an
experience of Gnosis that needs to happen Gnosis just means I've directly experienced it. Okay,
we all remember the movie Good Will Hunting. Or he like, sits with Robin Williams character,
and he tells them about that boat. And he makes all these assumptions about his life and his
wife, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And if you remember the next scene, Robin Williams is
sitting with him on a park bench because his assessment of him like frazzled him, right. But
he's like, he goes, I know, you've read that in the book, and you can quote me all these things,
he goes, but you've never experienced it, you've never sat there with your wife's dying hand in
your arms, or, you know, like, he knows everything for a book, he has no idea about life
experience, he spent his whole life and this poor side of, you know, the outskirts of Boston in
this in this kind of little world of violence and anger and trauma, but he doesn't know about the
world itself. And so like, that's where a lot of people are, because we we touched trauma when
we're really young. And I'll get to the three things in here in just a second, we touch trauma,
when we're really young. And our mind goes, That was painful. I don't want to feel that again.
And so we get in this habitual thing that anything in life that sniffs of that pain, we will end that
relationship, anything that snips of that hurt, we will sabotage our money. And we don't do this
consciously. It's just like it's the system defending itself. It's protecting itself from a perceived,
you know, perceived response or perceived attack of some kind. And so it will do the thing
before the thing is done to it or what it thinks is going to be done to it, even though it has no no
real idea. And so we have this line here that stop trying to make yourself feel better, which is
what most people are doing when they're taking personal development. How many guys are
guilty of that, like just trying to make yourself feel better all the time. And you have very high
standards for the way that you're supposed to feel. Just say I in the chatbox if you're in that and
I praise You for having high standards for yourself. Right but at the same time, you are living
into impossibility life is like seasons, they come and they go in your emotions will come and
they go and your you know, things that you deal with in life will come and they go so it's not
about trying to make yourself feel better. It's about actually growing your capacity to feel more.
Okay, and when we say that to some people that's shocking because I'm an empath I'm
sensitive, I don't want to feel more if anything, I want to feel less. And it's like well, I don't mean
your I don't mean your emotions. Because whatever emotions you have is what you built the
capacity to be with even if it's sadness all the time like you have a capacity for that you know
how to say what that that part of it but you don't know how to sit with it and awareness you
know how to be in it you know, it'd be merged in it, you know how to be you know, run by it,
but it's a different when you find the seat of awareness. Whatever comes into your experience
becomes amazing, regardless of what the emotional state is, and so you suddenly grow and
expand this capacity to experience well beyond the emotions of what most people are
experiencing. Okay, very very deep. The one time I'll say the most people are experiencing this
is when they are heart quote, heartbroken. And that's why you learned so you're not
heartbroken your heart open. Because when you're when your heart open, you feel a depth of
your experience that most the time you don't have access to. Now of course, you're fucking
uncomfortable because most of the time you're not here. You don't know stretch this far into
sadness, you don't stretch this far into grief, you don't stretch this far into yourself and asking
those questions. But here's this experience that many of us have that we turn away from
because we think it's painful. Let me resolve this, let me numb this, instead of realizing, right.
And again, most of us have been through that experience knowing that oftentimes when you
go through that experience, you come out six months later, a year later, two years later, and
you are a completely different, much more empowered human being, how did that happen?
Well, you sat with you sat with those parts, as long as you could see what those parts. So what
if you grew a capacity to sit with all your parts, regardless of how they felt or what the
circumstances were, and you could just sit with them in awareness and constantly be learning
at that depth? From awareness itself? Okay. And that's what's that's really what's available
here. Okay. And so here are the three things I want to tell you that humans since we're
relational, we have three types of relationships, we have our relationship with ourself. We have
relationship with others, like another person, right, like our immediate relationships. And then
we have relationship with with groups, groups could be any group that you're part of all the
way up to governments, or countries or anything else, right. And at because we have different
relationships at these different levels, pretty much at every level, we have trauma, we have
relations, we have trauma, we've caused ourselves, we have trauma that has been caused in
relationship with another and we have trauma in a group, right? Like when you're at school,
raise your hand, you say the thing that everyone laughs at you, right? Like everyone is trauma.
And so our systems again, if you understand that great, who you know, like, well, who for you,
but like what's really what really changes the perception that your body has, like Elon said,
nothing, nothing gets healed from the mind. And nothing really gets healed from the body
either until the body's relaxed. If you guys know about like sympathetic and parasympathetic
nervous system responses, the nervous system needs to be in a rest and digest
parasympathetic nervous system down regulated response. It's why hypnotherapist so he tells
you to relax, and why meditation brings you to a place of ease, because when you when you
start going through the different frequencies of the mind, and you drop down more into an
alpha, gamma type of frequency in the mind, and the mind, lets go. The cycles of thought
actually slow down. That's what we have that right autonomic nervous system that somebody
is saying, the body can actually begin to metabolize energy. Or you could say emotion, if you
want to say emotion is energy in motion in the body. So when we're not emoting, it's because
there's stagnation of energy, it's not moving. But when the body relaxes, it's like you open up
all your meridian channels, muscles, everything else, fascia, everything relaxes internally, and
the body has a natural mechanism just like it does when you eat food. But here instead of
metabolizing, food for energy, it's just metabolizing. This, this subtle energy flow that's
happening in the body that promotes most people stagnant. And the mind is responding to the
stagnation, just to understand that when your mind is afraid, it's because something gets
locked up in the system. And just like, in the minds, like that doesn't feel good. What are we
going to do about that? How are we going to fix this, that, and that actually creates more
tension in the body. So the way that we heal the mind, if you want to think of it that way, the
way we stop habituating, these negative things, the way we stop managing is, by metabolizing,
this energy in the body, when the body's relaxed, when this part is metabolized and sun inside
of you, then the mind looks down. And it has nothing to respond to. There's like literally no
stimulus for it to respond to. And so what we have found over and over again, with 1000s of
people is that you will be in a situation in your life, some tenuous situation, maybe with a
parent or a loved one or with yourself. And in that moment, you know that you normally
respond in a very particular way that's not new to you, you've done that response a million
times. And suddenly, there's no response. It doesn't make any sense. It will literally jar you out
of your, whatever response you're having. And you'll actually look up at your mind you go
nothing tonight and the mind goes, I got nothing. And you're like okay, and that's what I
consider healing. It's not you managing the part, it's that there's literally no part to have to deal
with anymore, the mind is no longer in the stress or stimulus of that part, needing to defend
itself. Okay, and so, this is so when I mentioned the self, the self, self to other self to group, it is
imperative that you get Gnosis experiences direct experiences at every level. So when you
meditate with yourself, that's self to self practice. Okay, but what about no self to other? What
about no self to group? And this is why we designed our programs level one, level two, level
three is to help you guys set a foundation in your mind to figure out the distinction work that
allows you to distinguish yourself authentic self, from your condition, self, okay? It's imperative
without that effect, you're just never gonna get it. You're just not gonna get anywhere. You
need to be able to distinguish what is you from? What is not you? What is yours from what was
given to you? If you can't do that, you are going to be on a carousel for a long time. Okay, level
two is locating your awareness? How do I locate my awareness? How do I do my deep internal
work and do the self to health, self to self repair work, attachment system work, that helps me
bring safety. I mean, like, bottom line, fundamental, I feel safe in this world safety to my
system. So that when I have my experience, I'm not generating my reality from a state of lack
or fear, or scarcity, because that's what most people are doing. They're, they're generating
what we call an organic hologram call that reality, from the frequency that they're emanating
from their body. And that frequency, they're emanating is fear, scarcity and lack, what is your
reality going to look like with them, when you're emanating from your body is fear, scarcity,
and lack? That's, that's what's going to be replicated in your reality, right? So we want we
fundamentally locating your actual awareness and learning how to work with it would be that
level two, or Level three is starting to do the repair work at the level of group and level of other
and also, which we haven't talked too much about here, is actually start participating in the
emergent nature of reality. Okay, like reality is just a merging of you guys. Notice that whether
we're here or not, it's unfolding, it's emerging. It's like a flower that just keeps blooming over
and over again, right life and death, life and death, life and death. Now, most of us, because of
our conditioning, because of what we're concerned with, because of the lack of safety, are not
participating in this flow. We are in an argument with this flow, we think that we should need to
have control. And the only way we're going to have a sense of safety is through control. And I
can tell you, doesn't work. It's what most people when they ask them, what's your, you know, if
you're going to feel like if they're asking questions around safety, or what makes people happy.
Most people will say, Well, I'm in control, I'm happy. When I'm out of control, I'm unhappy. But
we've all been here long enough to realize that trying to control life, it's a fool's errand. Right.
And so you either have this, this little mind that you can participate with life through, or you
can learn how to locate big mind, which is awareness itself, and start training yourself,
effortlessly, I might add, to sit in this level of consciousness all the time. This is a profound, let
me say this, again, a profound shift from how 99.9999% of people are living on planet Earth
today. And what Elon and I are offering here is our experience to guide you towards this level of
realization. And we've many of our clients and students here you guys are welcome to
comment, however you see fit about it or not, it's up to you about what it's like to transition
from that level of mind that most people are living in. Or, you know, just like I always say this,
just like in 2007 people picked up smartphones first like an iPhone. I don't know, I don't know if
you guys remember this, everyone had blackberries at the time. And everyone's obsessed with
BBM. And they thought it was the coolest thing. And I spent way too much money on my first
iPhone when it came out. I thought it was the craziest the most unbelievable thing when an
eBay spent like $1,500 to pick up the first one. But I remember I was walking down the street in
New York City. And I remember the first time that I was looking at an app to get me somewhere
listening to music at the same time, and doing a web search. And I just like my mind couldn't
handle it. I couldn't even believe the power that I had in my hand. And then I was anybody that
had like a Blackberry. I just thought you should go get an iPhone, it's gonna change your life.
And they're like, oh, BBM BBM I'm like, okay, BBM bye bye. And you know, like so I'm saying
that because people who got smartphones first took if you guys remember, it took like, four or
five years for people to like kind of begin transitioning away from old tech. But it's like this,
right? dumb phones, smartphones was access to a different reality, a different level of
awareness. You had a question? You don't have to wait. You don't have to go home. Boom,
Google, what's up? How do I get there? Like, it just it added a certain fluidity. Now granted that
that comes with some compromises because of what it's doing to our awareness as well. Right.
But what my point here is getting it to a new level of awareness is exactly the same. You're an
early adopter to new technology. Now this technology has always been with us. This is not new.
This is as ancient as ancient gets. However, It has been relegated to the men and women who
have sat in those caves and who have done the work to get there. But ironically, we are now in
a time in humanity's evolution where that's no longer necessary. And that those teachings have
come down from those mountains in order to elicit a new type of evolution and humanity. And
so what we can tell you is that if you're interested in this path, you want this level of
realization, this level of awakening, this level of reorganization, this level of self liberation, you
are an early adopter until you're not, but you doing this work is going to profoundly change
your perception and experience of life guaranteed, will profoundly impact your relationships
guaranteed, will profoundly reshape your reality, guaranteed. Okay, how long that process is,
that's not up to Eli, and myself, and ironically, not even up to you. Right? It's just like that your
awareness will guide you. We're not here to tell you how to get there. Because we don't think
that teachers should tell you what to see, they just tell you where to look. We've done enough
work in our lives, and let enough people to know where to point for people, when they're in
experience to have them notice these qualities that are inside of them that nobody's ever
pointed to. And when this happens, very special things happen to people that we honestly don't
really have language for, you can directly experience it, you can kind of talk about it. But I hope
you guys are getting the passion that's here and the essence and the quality of the energy of
this work. Because it is profound beyond profound. And we're telling you right now, there's not
a lot of places that Elan and I can direct you to to go learn this. These are like, you know, Ilan
and I have relegated ourselves just a very small Mystery Schools. And these little pockets all
over the world that they get gets taught to a few people at a time. But we're here to, you know,
spread the good word, so to speak in a way that gives a lot more people access to this level of
awareness. So if you want to play this game, you want to learn about programs, you want to
learn how it is that we do this, like I said, you have Corey, Sarah, Nikki, Jasmine, Tobias, these
are all people, our dream team that is here, they scour these comment boxes. And they're here
to support you guys, by honestly just starting to have a conversation with you about where you
are, and whether this work can help you. And whether you're used to doing something like this,
on the initial call, there's nothing ever to buy with us. There's no sales pressure whatsoever. It's
really just a clarity, call a support call for you to ask your questions and get clear on so what do
they do? Like what are these programs, if you want to be one of those people that finds out
what it is that we do in the comment box, just say contact me just say contact me or anything,
any vernacular that lets us know that you want someone to reach out to you basically say
reach out to me, contact me, but contact me is what my prompt to you. Another way is if you
just want to jump the line, you go to souls and forward slash book like book your
call. And you can go over there and just book yourself in right now for a 15 minute call. And
then again, I want to remind you, if you want to just start training on this stuff, even while
you're waiting for a call, even while you're checking out our content here while you're getting
to know us like we get it, personal development is very personal. You can just type meditation
in the comment box and make sure we get that, that meditation resource for you. So you can
start actually tasting not just talking about the level of awareness that I'm talking about here.
Let me just drop the link for you guys as well. Anything you want to add? Nope. Okay, so let me
just add this in here, guys. So you have the link if you need it.

Ilan Ferdman 58:53
Yeah, and if you guys ever want like if you if you feel more called to even talk to I'm sure like, I
saw Natalie on here and Andrea on here and Dan on here. And like there's a bunch of people
who have been through different levels, level one, level two, level three, like, I'm sure more
than would be more than happy to have a chat with you and be like, Hey, what did you get out
of it? Or what did you think or blah blah blah, was it worth it? You know, the work speaks for
itself. You know, these people have dedicated their lives to this level of work. This container is
very, very special. This community is very, very special. For those of you guys that have been
on the sidelines and feel like the weird one in your environment, like I want you to know this is
a new home. This is where old souls seekers, wizards witches, angels, light beings like we come
to play and be seen. Someone said this one of our courses said go where you're celebrated, not
tolerated. So hopefully you're here and we can celebrate you exactly as you are and If this work
calls to you we're excited to see you in our level one two or three programs have a beautiful
day till then guys.

Guy Ferdman 1:00:08
love you very much thank you for your awareness and attention tonight we'll see you back here
next week bye everyone take care.