Self Love and What It Really Means

Around 85% of people report low self-esteem in the US. People often talk about self-love as the solution. But what does it really mean?

Most people have grown up in cultures where self-love is considered selfish. Or, it is written off as a fad or buzzword. But actually, self-love contributes to improved mental health, spiritual growth, and healthy relationships.

Once you understand self-love, you realize it is far from selfish. It is essential for a fulfilling life. Read on to learn all about self-love!

Identify and Understand Self

To embrace self-love, you have to take time to get to know yourself. Be curious, but not judgemental. A crucial part of happiness is to recognize emotions and accept them for what they are.

What do you like? What are you influenced by? How are you feeling?

Once you get to tune into yourself, you will acknowledge the importance of your existence. It is natural to base get importance from others, especially if you have low self-esteem. But get to know yourself away from external factors.

Recognize Behaviour Patterns

You start to become mindful of any behavior patterns. Everyone's perception is influenced by their own experiences, formed identity, and childhood.

You can start to work on developing a better behavior pattern to deal with certain emotions. You will learn what to avoid, what works, and what you choose to accept.

Develop Healthy Relationships

Often loved ones and others around you impact your ability to love yourself. Self-love means developing an identity separate from any judgment or perceptions of you.

You can find a support system of people who see you for who you are. And you can establish healthy boundaries with loved ones. It is difficult initially, but it helps break negative family behavior patterns too.

Prioritize Self-Care

Self-love relates to self-care. You can start to take action to improve your lifestyle. Maybe you choose to cook instead of takeout. Or you go for a run instead of watching another Netflix episode.

Or maybe you can develop a whole morning routine with meditation, yoga, and journaling!

No external factor can improve your mental health and self-worth. Self-love means prioritizing caring for yourself to feel good.

It Is Not Always Easy

Self-love is not all sunsets and rose petal-filled bathtubs. Once you face self-defeating behavior and unhealthy relationships, there is no going back.

It takes time and consistent effort to learn how to love yourself. It may require some difficult decisions, but you will reap the benefits

Live Authentically With Self-Love

Life can be filled with challenges. But once you accept and respect yourself, you develop the strength to navigate it. Self-love means you stay true to yourself and hold yourself accountable too.

Your existence is meaningful, beautiful, and essential for this world. Self-love will lead to spiritual growth, better mental health, and physical wellbeing. Try it for yourself and find out.

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