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All right, boss. Hello, hello. Hey, y'all.

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Different setting, same Tuesday.

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It's funny because I find myself in the last few times like being in different locations for these, like front screens and the but yeah, always good to be with you guys here on our Tuesday lives, we're going to tackle a topic today that I think is probably the Paramount topic of human existence, especially today, we're going to cover things like stress and anxiety. So why don't you just start by saying hi, letting us know that you are here. And then you can hear us, okay? Also, if this is your first time here with us, just let us know this your first time. So we can say an extra special, warm, welcome, and hi to you. I know there are many people that have joined our community here over the last few days. So we are growing quite fast guy, by the way, is going to drop a link. Right now. We use a software called stream. And so if you guys are seeing yourself, show up as a Facebook user, that's because you need to click on the link and it will basically connect your name from Facebook to the service. So then you don't show up as Facebook user. Do that. And that way we can actually know who you are. Hi, Lesley, welcome.
Great time. Great to have you here. First time.

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Yeah. So while you guys are doing that, Hey, Bobby, welcome back. I wanted to since we're going to talk about stress and anxiety. And I know people are coming from a bunch of different places today. I'd love for you guys just to check in and get a baseline of where you're at before we start the conversation. So just kind of checking in things life work, friends love money, whatever it's at, or like whatever you're present to right now. And just on a scale of one to 10 noticing your level of stress, or anxiety right now. And then we're going to do we're gonna have a conversation about this. And we're going to do an exercise around this. And then afterwards, we're going to check in again, and see if in the short time that we're here together, what you've been able to do as far as through the practice to actually reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your body at the moment.

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Okay, yeah, real quick, before we jump into the training, just if you're brand brand new to the community, a few things to know, depending on whether you sign up with email or text resources will be sent to you to your inbox or SMS, there's a sequence to those things in order to them, I highly recommend at least the first two, three emails to watch them in that order. And there's also an amazing resource there for you guys on a active healing meditation, that we highly recommend doing a 21 day, practice round here and there will be challenges in the group. But at the end of the day, you're the one benefiting from it. So you might as well do a challenge on your own whenever the time is good for you. The best time is always now. And you know, having said that, if you are someone who struggle with meditation, never tried meditation before, don't know how to quiet your mind. We want to kind of just relax a little bit and let you know that this meditation is not about any of those things. This is a way how to go into higher states of consciousness, how to use that to actually release and heal trauma from your own system. So how many guys with a yes or no have or have not done this meditation just say in the comment box or let us know hit some likes or something like that. Just let us know. And if you haven't done it yet, then we highly recommend that you type meditation in the comment box below. And someone from our team either Jasmine, Tobias, Sarah, Cory, someone will reach out to you and send you information on how to get that. That information, the sorry that that exact training, because if you start going through that training, not only will you psychologically, understand the processes that Ilan and I are talking about,
which we can tell you is nice, but is really secondary, even tertiary to directly experiencing what we're talking about here. What we educate people on especially if you're new, and especially if you've been around the mindset development space, we certainly teach mindset to we think it's an important fundamental training and practice that everyone should have. However, trauma and the things that really stop people in life, the the getting off the hamster wheel is not a thought process. This is a reconditioning, of retraining of your energetic body, it is a down regulation of your nervous system. And I don't know about you, but I've not met a lot of people in this world who walk around knowing how to down regulate actively down regulating their nervous system, so that their whole life feels like it's coming from a place of safety, and well being, and grounded-ness. And really everything that Ilan I truly, care about is helping people recondition this energetic body, so that they can have a completely different experience of the way that they live their life. And so if you take on that meditation practice, we guarantee you're gonna see big changes in seven days. But they say that you need 21 days to build a habit. And so that's why 21 days on that, and you're gonna start seeing massive transformation in your life, whether you decide to do more of our advanced work or not, but at least it will give you a taste of exactly what we're talking about here. So you don't just understand it, but you're actually beginning to integrate it into your life. And then of course, like everything else, there is a, you know, advanced path, a path of mastery here. And that's really what we, we offer elsewhere, if you decide to continue to work with Ilan and myself in our community.

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Yeah. And that's a really great point. It's, you know, and whatever your thing around meditation is, it works, it doesn't work, I'm trying to quiet the mind. We're gonna talk a little bit about that today as well. These are very different types of meditations. And so give it a go. I was just talking to a prospect earlier today. And she was saying that the meditations have like transformed her life. Because it gives you access to using an energy to heal and liberate certain aspects of yourself, unlike anything that you've ever done before. I mean, people have done this meditation and just had a massive crying release, or a massive like release from their body where they feel just energy and, and alive aliveness and space. You
know, I don't know if you've ever had that, like, whether it's like a massage, or acupuncture or something. But someone kind of like releases something in your neck, but you've been living with it for so long that you just assume that this is what everybody goes through. And then you get that release, and you're like, and they're like, how's that feel? And you're like, I've never felt that before. And they're like, welcome. The rest of us walk around, you just assume that. That's how it is.

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Yeah. Also, I just want to say if you're watching this on the business page, or on Telegram, or Twitter or any other channels, and you want to be part of the main conversation, the main conversation happens inside the old souls and seekers Facebook group. Yeah. All right. So let's, let's transition to today's topic, which I think you know, is a you tell you guys tell me if I'm wrong is of interest to everybody. And it's about stress and anxiety. Okay, and it's like, really like how to transform stress and anxiety. And obviously, we are, we are living in very interesting times, right? Where there's just like, a lot happening. I don't know about you guys. But it feels like we're in these times where there's like a major event on the planet like every other day like this used to feel like something that happened once a year. Now it feels like it happens consistently, right. And of course, it looks like a lot of negative things are happening
all over the world. And of course, that's what media likes to focus on, because they're very good at hijacking our limbic systems and making us pay attention. And in the same token, I want to just offer you like, circles, Iran, people I know there's so much beauty happening in the world right alongside with that people who really care and want to transform the planet and the society and governments and are doing incredible work all over the planet. We just don't have a lot of media that focuses on that. And if they did, we'd probably all feel a little bit different about the way the world is going. However, today's conversation is really predicated on something way more important and it's that, you know, the quality of your life is not predicated really on what's happening out there. It's really predicated on how your inner experience is about what is happening out there. And we know plenty of people who live really effortless lives. They're easygoing. And again, they're all living with the same circumstances as everybody else. So we want to start looking at why is it that people like us, and people who do our training, can suddenly get into this modality of not reacting to what's happening, but really get their life to a place of responding to what's happening? And really, you want to I'll say this earlier on, usually say it later on in the process. But, you know, we want to start having this understanding and relationship that what we call reality, right, quote, unquote, reality is this. It's really like a virtual reality set. It is an organic hologram that is responding, yes, to a degree to your thoughts and those kinds of things. But it's really hard to re habituate a thought like you a lot of you guys again, just say hi in the chat box, if if you know this to be true about you, and probably about everybody is that we reenact and Reloop in thoughts often, like you go to bed, and you know, there's that thing that's incomplete in that relationship or something that happened at work or some way you feel about yourself, and you kind of find yourself, looping, now you can go, please stop, I want to go to bed. And what does the brain do? It's like looping, looping, looping, looping, right? So that that command upward like Li stop doesn't do anything. It just doesn't help at all, how many you guys can relate to that, say I in the chat-box? And and if you can, then you want to realize that maybe up putting forceful consciousness on something that's looping in your system isn't stopping it, you want to get curious about, well, how can I relieve that? Okay. And that's what we really want to talk about. So again, we have the mindfulness practices that we mentioned before, those are really important, because if you don't understand what this is doing, what like and when I say this, I'm just pointing out what's between your left and your right ear, which is the brain. And we right now live very much in a world that has been conditioned and created by by the mind, right? So, but we don't have a world that has been developed by the heart, if we want to say and that simple way. But there's so much more than just saying, Oh, you got to live from your heart. And it's like, that's beautiful, but kind of hokey, because everyone's like, Well, yeah, but how. And so that's what we want to understand is that your mind is like this. It's like the ultimate bouncer at a club. It is the ultimate protection device, it notices discomfort in your inner system. And it wants to react to that. And so again, the news when you're seeing mediums, though, that leverages that, right, they show you something scary, there's a response in the nervous system, like fear, and then the mind is like, Okay, this is bad, here's what we got to do about it. That's it media. But that's happening in our lives every day with our
loving relationships. And honestly, the most important relationship you can have with yourself around money, you know, around where you live, like opinions of different cultures and races and things of that nature. And so we cannot find peace in that state. And I'll say this, then I'll kind of hand it off to Elon, what we want to start looking at is that the mind is being reactive to a feeling to a sensation that you're having inside of your body. And it doesn't matter how much willpower or mindfulness you place on yourself, although it's very important. It'll help you manage and cope your life certainly better and even stop the reenactment process. But what we want to do is we want to learn how to metabolize this sensation in the body. Okay, so if we want to look at trauma, when we're experiencing trauma, really what trauma is, is stuck energy in the body. It's like there is a flow of energy, like this experience that's happening. And what we have been conditioned to do most of us have been conditioned to do is to stop the flow of that energy. It gets hooked in the system, it's actually like a freeze and our system, the mind
looks down and goes, Oh, I don't like that. And then it has a program that it runs that it tries to react to that situation in order to create safety again, in the system. However, whatever program you have, that has been installed, you created that through some kind of conditioning very early on in your life, most of the time before you actually can remember when you did that, which makes it even more challenging to meet it from like, the you know, language therapy type of space. And so there is a way where we don't have to figure that out anymore. We don't have to know why it happened how it happened whether mom did that or dad did that or whether this trauma and at what time it happened. And while all that is is psychologically stimulating for some some people that find that very painful for other people's like, Oh, that's interesting. I know stuff about myself. While that's psychologically interesting, it doesn't help
remove this blockage. And so we want to look at because if you want to, if you want to alleviate stress and anxiety in your life, you want to build a resilient energetic system, a fluid energetic system that when something hits your nervous system, something hits your energetic body, it comes in your with experience, and then it comes out because that's the natural state of a human being is that energy flows in and energy flows out, through the conditioning that we have now kind of perpetrated on ourselves, the energy comes in, and then it gets stuck, the energy comes in and gets stuck, the energy comes in and gets stuck. And then this is why you see a lot of your friends in the 30s and 40s, that we're holding it together, that are suddenly having a midlife crisis, because there's only so much that this system can contain. Right, and then it gets too big. And what you're seeing is basically all the protection mechanisms coming on done. Right. And because they haven't learned how to metabolize this energy, and it could be like 30 years of this like, experience, right? Imagine if you've had like asthma for 30 years, you've kind of like contained it and managed it. But eventually, like I don't have energy for this
anymore. And the body starts like kind of releasing it. And a lot of people get overwhelmed because they start feeling things that they felt they never had to feel before. And so what we want to learn through these practices, and through this meditation that we mentioned early on, is, hey, I need to have a practice. So what we call like energetic cleansing, or what's the word I'm looking for hair-bow. Energetic hygiene. Yeah, like energetic hygiene, like the same way you would take a bath or a shower every single day to clean your physical body. Guess what, you have an energetic body. And if it hasn't been cleansed in 30 or 40 years, you haven't done the work to get that hygiene, you're going to feel a lot of stress and anxiety in your life, because there's too much stuck energy in the body. And so the mind is like on like overreacting to everything and every other little stimulus that hits that nervous system and makes it afraid. It's just another peg, another peg, more pressure, more this more than more than this. And I don't know about you, but it's very difficult to make choices in our life that are good for us. When we're stuck in a fight or flight response, I want you to imagine like if you were trying to outrun a mountain lion, and someone was like, like, Okay, now make a choice about your investments make a choice about what you're gonna do with your life or your career, you know, are you going to be in this relationship but and that is kind of what's happening to people, it's like their consciousness is all over the place trying to figure out how to create safety. And in the meantime, they start to live their lives and make choices. In contrast, if you could metabolize that energy, bring the body to a more rested, state, relax and make choices for yourself from that place, could you find that it would be easier, or you would make better choices. And then last point here is is that organic hologram, nothing we call reality is actually in a relationship with your energy output from your body. And so stress anxiety fight or flight responses, up regulated nervous system. All this has a frequency and this is not spiritual bullshit here. This is science fact, I'm telling you, right. And so if we want to shift our experience, if you want to see
reality, and reform itself in a new way, that reality is basically waiting for your frequency, your vibration, your output signal to change and it will meet it perfectly with whatever that signal is. What we want to get curious about is how do I change that signal? How do I change that frequency?

Ilan Ferdman 18:36
So right now, just let me know in the comment box, so I saw something you guys already put the scale of where you're at. So now, next phase is take a look in your body. Okay, I'm just going to instruct you have awareness move into your body and see if you can feel where there might be a constraint where there might be a discomfort, something, maybe it's a squeeze, maybe it's a heaviness. Maybe it's a poking or prodding. Just see if you can get more in tune with where in the body this stress or anxiety, I'm going to put that in quotes, the stress and anxiety lifts and just let me know in the comment box as we're kind of investigating this together. And what I want to offer as you're doing that is stress and anxiety. And I'll read some out so Sierra, welcome by the way, Sierra. Sierra says neck, shoulders bass have had excellent really beautiful awareness. Dan says spleen and heart beautiful. Dana says my throat. Tiffany stomach, heart had throat really good throat chest. Very nice Leslie Verni heart. Okay, beautiful, really, really great awareness and really, great practice that you guys are able to notice that. chest, shoulders and neck.

Guy Ferdman 20:13
I don't know who said that. But let's carry on.

Ilan Ferdman 20:16
Okay, cool. Oh Carrie, welcome. Now here's what's actually happening, okay? You just witnessed that sensations with your awareness. Your mind is a super hyper vigilant tool. And it is always trying to figure out what in your surroundings is scary or unsafe. And what in your body it deems as not good. I'm just going to label it that not even like now, words like stress and anxiety are inventions of human mind. You guys get that, like, imagine you were a society or a culture that had no words, such as stress and anxiety. And you needed to explain your experience to someone else. So notice how like, in all the things that I read, right, there's people having things in their stomach, some in their heart, some in their shoulder, some in their chest, some like all over, right? But notice that we all call all of those experiences have all fallen under stress and anxiety. I'm stressed, I'm anxious. Right? And then when you meet someone, and you're like, they're like, how are you? I'm fine. No, like, how are you really, you're like, you
know what I'm really stressed out. And they're like, me too. Meanwhile, your stress is a crazy amount of sensation in your stomach, like, stuff is just moving in there like constant indigestion. And this other person that you're talking to, they're stressed out, but they have really tight neck. But you guys think you're talking about the same thing. Let that sink in for a second. Notice how two completely different sensations in two completely different places of the body. But we all label that stress and anxiety. Is this making sense? Are you guys with me as as I'm just sharing this with you guys? Let me know in the comment box if if you're tracking this. So what we want to get really kind of down and dirty around is stress and anxiety is a nonsensical label. Created by I'm not going to go down this whole rabbit hole, right? But created by people that want to send you a sell you a bunch of shit to numb your stress and
anxiety. Right Like, if we can just label something, then we can go and create some sort of thing. And it can be anything from THC to CBD to prescription pills, to alcohol, to cigarettes to workout routines, to meditation to heal your stress, one big label that we're going to like try to knock out but the truth is everyone's stress and everyone's anxiety is felt entirely different. So if we can get underneath that, right, like let's remove this label, because labels stop curiosity. If you label something like Oh, it's stress, then that's it. It's stress. And now all you're investigating is what is the thing that I can put in my body as quick as humanly possible to alleviate stress. And notice the phrasing to alleviate stress. Is it to make stress go away? Is it to make stress disappear from my body forever? No alleviate is like I'm going to put a bandaid on it for a little while so I can go about my day and perform and do the things that I need to do and not feel this thing that I have labeled stress. Okay, now what happens after you alleviate stress and it goes away for a while maybe you took a you know you smoke you drank you ran you exercise you ate you you did whatever Right. Like we all have our various coping mechanisms. But what inevitably happens once the alleviation is gone, you know, in a matter of hours or the next day. What exactly Sierra, thank you for being with me. Inevitably, it comes back. And isn't it true? You guys? Let me know in the comment box? Isn't it true that it always comes back? Like, have you figured out some coping mechanism that has actually removed this sensation in your neck, or remove this sensation in your head? Or remove this sensation in your heart? Or remove this sensation in your stomach? Right, so yeah, it always comes back. So, again, I just want to make distinction so we can kind of like talk about what's actually there, right? What most people look for, because we are very, we want results immediately, right? Like we're a human society that wants results yesterday. So what we're always looking for is the shortest path to alleviate the thing that we are dealing with, we're not actually looking for an actual path that can heal the cause the root cause that is actually creating this problem. For example, people that suffer with like stomach issues, right? Indigestion, acid reflux, etc. What do most
people do? They go to a doctor, they say, Hey, I'm suffering from acid reflux. What does the doctor do? Does he ever have any sort of conversation about? Well, let's take a look at where this acid reflux comes from? No, what do they do? They go, Ah, yeah, take two of these once a day, and you'll be good. Meaning I've just given you an internal Band Aid, that as long as you take this internal band aid for the rest of your life, you will be just fine. Oh, did we mention that it has all sorts of other side effects? Oh, no, we're not going to talk about that. Let's just Let's just help you with what you need. Versus if you went to like a functional medicine doctor who actually cared, right? Like this person is going to be like, Okay, well, let's look at what you're eating. What's your diet? What's your exercise regimen? Have you noticed that maybe there's a certain time of day that this happens, or certain activities that you're in that make this activate? Right? And they get curious, right? Because we're not labeling, we're getting curious, all this to say this. If you got curious about the sensation in your heart, about the sensation in your stomach, about the sensation in your neck, about the sensation in your throat, and instead of having the mind, which has deemed all of those things, by the way, from the time you were very young is very dangerous, and very bad, very uncomfortable. So every time it even perks up just a bit, the mind looks down immediately and goes, nope, can't have that. And then automatically takes you to whatever coping mechanism, you have deemed works. And you will continue to do that. Here's the best part. This sensation that got trapped inside, you know that that phrase, What you resist persists, right? So if we resist something like, your throat is starting to trying to talk to you. Okay, it's trying to say something, and you go, no. Your heart is trying to communicate something with you. And your mind goes, nope, not now. Your stomach is trying to communicate and you go no, not now. I would rather take the pill, I'd rather drink a glass of wine, I'd rather take a hit, I'd rather do whatever, and numb this thing. So I don't have to feel it. If instead, you gained tools that allowed you to actually sit with that sensation, in a state of curiosity, not in a state of trying to make you go away. Not in a state of trying to make it less or alleviate in any way, shape or form. But just simply watching with a place like from a place of curiosity, you will find that the most magical thing happen. Instead of the resistance which has kept this thing locked in your body. You are now just witnessing. And where this thing just keeps moving and changing and shifting right like the sensation keeps shifting. And we're not going to label it overwhelmed and we're not going to let the let the anxiety we're just going to notice. Oh look, there's this bubbling in my stomach. There's a tightening in my throat. There's a little pinch. In my heart. It's kind of like swirling in, almost I can notice it. And it's not even just in my heart. If I'm getting really curious, I can notice that it's kind of on the back, right part of my heart. Oh, and look, now as I'm watching, you go in the back right part of my heart, I can actually feel it almost moved down into my solar plexus and my stomach, and you just keep watching. And energy, just like energy in life wants to do one thing. It wants to keep moving. Emotion, energy in motion. It wants to move if you allow it. And the most wonderful thing happens when you allow energy to move. Can you guys guess what that is? What do you think is going to happen if you actually allow this energy without labeling without trying to fix it without trying to make it go away? What do you actually think? What happened to that energy? This is like the Jeopardy part. Do Aleister? Yeah, so Aleister says, metabolizes. We'll wait for a couple more. Yes, whoever asked about acute emotional pain? Yes, absolutely. And I don't know what that means. Could I use it for something else? But any, any sensation in the body? Like, yeah, so move out of your body work through the body. Exactly. Now, we spoke about the root cause. Right. So if, when we were treating the label, we were taking the pill to alleviate it, which numbed it. And the thing always comes back, right? That's what we were saying. Now, if we actually allow the energy to move through, guess what happens? It disappears. It's gone. The root cause that has your mind looked down and go, Oh, no, this can't happen. We got to fix this is gone. And guess what you're left with when the mind doesn't have to keep looking down and trying to sort out how to alleviate your stress all the time. Can you hear that little bit of peace and quiet up there? A part that doesn't need to kind of constantly fiddle and metal and figure stuff out. It disappears when the root cause that had it activate in the first place is gone. And when you're thinking of like, I want to transform anxiety and stress, really like what are we talking about? Isn't the ultimate goal. If I said to every single one of you like at the end and then of all of it. I think all of us would say like what I would love more in my life is moments of peace and calm. Those moments, you know, I spoke to my daughter about a conversation similar to this. She loves to write, she loves to write songs, she loves to draw and things like that. And then we were also talking about how active this gets when it's like trying to figure stuff out, right? And I said When do you feel most peace and and most calm. She said, when I'm writing, or when I'm when I'm writing when I'm dancing, or when I'm doing art. And I was like exactly. And you know what I realized? Every single one of us from the time we were so small, always looked for ways to find those quiet spaces. Like from a time that we were very young, we gravitated towards things whether it's sports, art, literature, cooking, painting, sewing, whatever. Because in those moments, we lost ourselves. We write like, even knows the language like I lost myself in their time disappears, the voice in your head disappears. This other voice comes online, right that like, is insightful and intuitive and beautiful and quiet. And all this like we seek this out from a very young age. We just don't know how to get it. And this like the work that we do here. I honestly don't give a shit. To give you another management alleviation tool. I don't care. You know why? Because you'll come back or you won't come back because you'll be like, Oh, I tried this other thing and it doesn't work. Just like you've done a million times before. We're interested in you actually being able to liberate these emotions allow them to move through. Right, the only way out is through. And once they move through, you have that level of freedom. Peace, ease, and from that place, you get to create something new. So how's that all land? For everyone? How's that kind of land lending as you let that kind of marinate on you? And then check in even as you're kind of listening to that check in? You know, have I noticed even through this conversation before we've done the exercise, like, have I noticed any shift in my level of stress and anxiety? Right, like, what did I say I was at before even just getting these distinctions and kind of creating a little bit more of that space? Have you noticed a shift already? Go ahead. broski.

Guy Ferdman 36:13
Yeah, and so the one only other thing I'd add to this, right. So we're, we're kind of exploring through ideas. And you know, when you do our work, where we don't want you to explore ideas, we want you to have a direct experience, okay? Another word for that is just Gnosis, right? We want to learn through Gnosis we want, we want it to be ontological in nature. Meaning that when you when you do work, it's not something you have to remember to apply in a certain situation. It's just there for you to do. And so, we are not, you know, like habit forming is very difficult. And like how many you guys have tried to change some kind of habit, you know, if something you know, that is either not good for you or other people, maybe it's like anger or self loathing, or whatever it might be like you try to change it like all I'm gonna do this habit thing and like, you know, for a while you willpower your way through it, and then it
just kind of like fizzles out, and you find yourself in these old habits are coming, you guys have, you know, had those kinds of experiences. And so we want to get that, you know, the conditioning, like the patterns are in it's, it's, it's not your first of all, it's not your fault that you're there. Okay, there's a lot of conditioning that happens to children based on some really old ideas, and then like, everyone's kind of doing it. So it seems like the right thing to do. And it elicits a response of fear in our system, that we're going to lose connection with people if we're not like what they want. Or like, if you didn't appease mom and dad or get their praise, or they told you you're good, or something like that is like a loss of connection for a child and really for an adult to because nothing really changes between when we're children to adults, is this fear of loss of connection actually feels like death in our system. And this should tell you something about human beings, this fear that arises and again, think about a person in jail, who they put in isolation is like the worst thing you can do to someone why? Because human beings are biologically built for connection. And so one of the things that very few, we've never found any
teachers that teach this other than, you know, the little pockets that we've been in, is this understanding that the way humans are related in this world has kind of three, three levels, okay? And these levels are the way we relate to ourselves, okay, so like myself, myself to myself, the way we relate to other people, like myself to a partner, or to a business partner, or to a friend, something like that. And then the way that friend or partner or business partner relates to me, and in the way I relate to groups and the way those groups relate to me. Okay. And so what ends up happening for everybody we've ever met, and unless there's some aliens out there that are not experiencing this is that there's trauma that happens at every level. It's like the trauma we do to ourselves, the trauma, another that we perceive another doing to us, and then the trauma we experienced at the level of group. Like we all have that story, right? When we were at school, and we raised our hand and we thought we knew the answer, like everyone laughs and you're like, I'm never gonna raise my head. self expression, because I remember a second and third grade, when a teacher would ask a question, every little boy, or girls like me, would be like, they're just shouting, trying to get our attention, right? And then like sixth grade rolls around, the teacher asks, so who has the answer? No one says a thing. And when you're in a room in front of adults presenting any idea, you learn and I will tell you this from personal experience we've been we've trained 1000s of people from stage, you ask a question, no one answers because everyone's waiting for someone else to answer even though they might have the right answer, because the fear of feeling the disappointment and shame in a group of people is so great that it will literally elicit a part or view that's worried about death. No joke biochemic biochemically that's what's happening. And so it's like, holy shit, if that's
what we're up against, the conditioning that you're And right now the patterns that you're in right now you have reenacted those patterns 1000s of times 10s of 1000s of times, maybe hundreds or 1000s of times, you have a lot of practice and repetition in those patterns. And you know this because you're like, when you're in a relationship, you know, I say this, they say that they respond this way, I respond that way, then, no, we do the dance, you kind of know how it's all gonna go, Oh, they're gonna leave me and it's like, they leave you. And it's like, I told you, they're gonna leave me. And it's like, yes, but you were reenacting something, you've done it before. Of course, you know how this story ends, you've walked
down that street before you know what's at the end of it. And so reconditioning is not just oh, I understand that, I do that. Now, let me stop doing that, I wish it was that simple for us, I really do. Because then we could just be like, stop that shit, then you would, like, you'd go have a six pack, you'd stop drinking, you'd go travel, finally, you would go take that risk. And ask that person, if they want to go on a date with you, like, Whatever, whatever your edge is, right? So one of the practices that are critically important and again, can't be learned through the mind is this relational practice. And for those you guys who are more in the therapy space, and know these things, like there are these things called our attachment systems. Over the last 20 years, there's a lot of really good work around these attachment systems, there's a great book out there called attached for those you guys who are interested in getting a little bit more information about it, but again, doesn't help you resolve the way that this attachment system has been conditioned. So what we have found, and this is why we actually built our programs this way, is so that you get fundamental healing at every level, that's self, the self self to other self to group and vice versa. And what we have found is, the more people do this kind of work.
And when we say this kind of work from a scientific mind, you would say, well, we're helping people do is to learn how to actually down regulate their nervous system, back to a place of safety and wellbeing. So that that's actually where they sit all the time. That doesn't mean that ruptures don't happen doesn't mean that life doesn't keep moving and that you don't get afraid. It just means instead of it like being an all encompassing experience, hijacking your brain. Now reality looks scary. Now all the decisions you make are scary, right? You can actually let that energy move, come back to a neutral state and back into well being. It happens very quickly. It happened in minutes, hours. And again, we have all practiced all sorts of practices that help you recondition this. And so one of the things that we have found is for healing to occur, I genuinely mean this, we actually need each other. Yes, we need we need, we need the connection. Because if you're following what I'm saying, and say, if you are in let's say hi in the
chat box, if you're falling this is we are biologically built for connection. That means some of our healing, if not most of our healing needs to happen in connection. Okay. And you got to call yourself out on this one, my little rogue warriors out there because Ilan and I were like this to how many you guys think that you're going to do all this work and heal yourself to completely by yourself, you're going to read the books, you're going to do the courses, and you're going to show up this like, nice, shiny, new human being who's going to like show up in the family be like, Look how transformed I am. Love me for my transformation. And if you try this, by the way off the disappointment when you come as a shiny new transform being into a environment that can't receive your transformation. And they're like, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, or they can't relate to you at all. And for those you guys who have done that, you tell me how crushing is that inside that that disappointment that you feel when you're like, I just want mom and dad to see me as this new thing or like my partner to see me as this new thing. And they're just like, I don't know what you're talking about. Or they respond to you in a in a harsh
and negative way. And you're like, Oh, I guess that didn't happen. I must have not been transformed. This is crashing. Right. And so what we want to understand there's two things, no two things that need to happen here. The first is sitting with another person. And templating, a healthy nervous system is really important. Here's what I mean by that, again, think about before you had language. If you have small children, you see this all the time, the way a child works in this world is not through language, they don't have it. And so there's another mechanism at play that we see all across the animal kingdom is that we have energetic signaling, as part of our makeup in biology and the way that humans work. It's why when you walk into a crowd of people, you feel a certain way, or when we are with a loved one, you feel a certain way. There's an energetic signaling that's happening back and forth, kind of like a read and send signal from a computer, right? That signal going out and inbound and outbound signal all the time. Why would we do that in technology if we weren't doing that ourselves? So we're both sending and receiving signals all the time. Okay. And we're getting feedback from our environment and then there is an energetic response. But most of us don't notice the energetic response. We just live in the stories that the mind is reading about that energetic response, which is not really what's happening, that's just how your mind deals with those little signals, right.

Ilan Ferdman 45:09
And it's a process, right like, and each person's mind is going to receive that information differently. Because that's just the patterning that we created.

Guy Ferdman 45:17
That's right, you have basically a filtration system based on how you were conditioned, what you were told was good and bad, and right or wrong, and all the judgments you have about people and yourself, and bah, bah. And so everything is viewed through this filtration and lens. And that's why of course, when we look out in the world, and you see people disagreeing about small or big things, of course, they are sick, they don't have the same conditioning, they literally are not living in the same reality. And then so we have this world where everyone's trying to Grand reality. So that's never going to happen. Ever, we can continue to do that, I promise you, we will see wars and arguments and all the things that we've seen for 1000s of years. Now, if we continue that model, and contrast, if you if you feel into your system, it's like what's actually going on here? What what is what is this desire that I have to be seen, to be heard, right, this is at the mental level, what we're talking about, and what's actually going on is there is an unmet need, energetically speaking in your system, like a piece of information, that it's been looking for an experience that it's been looking for that it hasn't gotten. Okay? Partially, the reason it hasn't gotten this is because No, most human beings are not trained how to give it to each other. Okay? This is what we call the tune mint. Right? Like think about a musical instrument and needs to be tuned, if its attitude, it sounds terrible. Humans also have a vibrational like vibration and energetic attainment. And so what we were looking for as children is we were looking for a certain not just mom and dad to be there and show up, we're actually looking for a certain attainment from mom and dad, and you guys can relate to this AI in the chat-box. Like you wanted mom and dad to show up a certain way. That's how we think about it. Underneath that is there was some kind of attainment, like, like a way that we'd be present with you, that would have really made a difference. Okay, so what we want to Yeah, there we go, I just want to get a little feedback from you guys. And so if you needed that, as a child, you know, you came up to Mom and Dad, you reaching out and you're crying, oh, right, and mom and dad pick you up, I have a three and a half year old enough to do this all the time, we hold him and there's a certain way we hold our energy and our presence in our body. And what is what the child is learning in that moment through this energetic signaling is how to down regulate their own nervous system. That's what's actually happening there. That's what coddling is for. You are literally transmitting your energetic
template to your child, again, uploading and downloading this information. And that matters way more than what you tell your child is that felt sense? Okay. And so what we do in our programs is we recreate these opportunities for what's called a reach and response. I'm reaching, and I'm getting a response, I'm reaching, and I'm getting a response. And when you reach and get a response from someone from this attainment, your system, your nervous system, your energetic body, finally gets the data that it has been looking for probably for decades, thinking that I gotta get it from mom and dad or from my spouse, or whatever it is. And by the way, they may never give that to you. It's why a lot of us reenact our stuff with our mom and dad with our spouse, because we're still trying to get that need met. And here's the
thing, you don't have to get that need met with them. It's the same need, you're trying to get met. After you have a transformative experience and you're sharing yourself, you're like, please see me finally see me and they're like, I don't see you, just get crushed. So I want you to imagine what it's like to be in a community because this is what we've designed here, what we've created here through our programs and experiences. When you start doing repetitions on a regular basis where when you reach you actually get met, and you get a response. With attainment. Your system goes off, here it is. And that energy can move through. Again, we need each other for healing. It's kind of amazing by design that is designed this way for human beings to heal. And so if you do this repetitiously and Elan and I are gonna do a five minute exercise with you right now, again, just for that fact. Like, if you come here, one of the reasons we sit with people and these meditations are like, Why did they do these five minutes it's so that you can get presents in a way that you've never gotten it before. So that some aspect of you that's here right now can get this need met. Okay, so before we do this method before we do this little five minutes, sit with everybody. Here's why I want to tell you, if you're listening to these conversations, you can certainly try to make sense to them, and then be like, Oh, I got this and I'll go do it in my life. And God bless you and good luck, right? We you and I have invested 20 years and well over a million dollars of our have our own funds to learn all sorts of these little things. And what we've done is we've really looked, we've stood back over the last few years and said, Truly, what are the things that really make a
difference for people. And this is why we have these Tuesday Talks, because what we talk about here is what makes a difference, not doing a five step process, not go right in your notebook. And re habituate yourself. Like there's some evidence that that supports people, it's better than not doing anything, certainly, but it's not like the thing that gets in there, and reconditions the entire system. And we don't want to waste your time. And so if at some level, you're like, this is interesting, and I'm curious, that to me is enough for you to take a next step, and at least do a reach out to our team to find out if this work is a good fit for you. Okay, now, we want people who are invested in their transformation, without a doubt, right? Like, you come here, we're like, we're gonna, we'd hate to say this, like, we can't guarantee anyone's transformation, because we can't guarantee how you're going to show up. And if you do this
work, we guarantee your transformation, period, end of story, like your life is going to change radically. Your relationships, your relationship to money, health, like everything is going to get easier for you. Okay. And we don't know the timeline of that we don't know any of the other things because your timeline and your trauma and your experiences are different than everybody else's your unique fingerprint, that that's your own experience, what we ask is that you just show up and do the work. If you're ready for that conversation, just let us know. And the way they can do that is just saying contact me in the chat box below. Or if you're a go getter, you can go to Hello, I'm just trying to find this thing for you. You can go to call There we go. And you can you can book your own call, you can actually book in. And this is a 15 Minute, clarity call or discovery call with our team, there is literally no pressure to buy anything on this call, that's again, by design. Because we don't want your nervous
system to be in a heightened state that you have to make a choice, we want you to be in an exploratory state, open to receiving some feedback open to receiving some presents from our team. And that's what we train our team to do. So unless you're like, absolutely I want to do this work, please sign me up right now. We're not going to sell you anything on this call. Okay, it's just for you to feel into understand how the programs are get the information, and then you can make a decision as an adult, hey, I want to have another call, I want to get those next steps, I want to figure out how I can make this work in my life. Okay. And so that's how it works. So you can either again, just type in contact me like someone just did, or just go to call And you can book yourself right in for the schedule for a 15 minute call, there was someone from our team. And I promise you, they're incredible beings who deeply deeply care
about the quality of people's lives, they do this work every single day we make sure right, like if we're going to, if we teach it at the core of our company, is very competent in this work, right. And so they're doing this this type of stuff all the time. With that said, I said let's finish this out with a quick set. And then we'll send you guys on your way.

Ilan Ferdman 52:58
So just again, right before we said, just take note of where you are now on that, zero to 10, or none to 10 stress levels. And then we're just going to sit for five minutes and see what happens when we leave that. And again, just noticing what new sensations or new experiences are available to you. brooks I'll hold the time.

Guy Ferdman 53:28
And you can go, and I do a lead. Okay, so close your eyes. Let's get comfy for a moment here. Again, we're just gonna do a quick five, six minutes here. Closing your eyes. And it's always easiest to start by just focusing on the breath. And the reason we focus on the breath is just to give the mind something to focus on. Amongst the many benefits of just breathing in general. Again, just noticing the timbre of this breath meaning like as I breathe, maybe I'm noticing tension in my chest, maybe there's not even going down to my belly. Could I breathe a little deeper and I want to invite you to not try to quiet anything down or even change your state. Meditation is not about changing your state. It's about being with the state that you're in. It's observing your state, it's not changing your state and this is where a lot of people get mixed up and don't get a lot of value from meditation. If your mind is loud, so your mind is loud. If your breath is restricted, so your breath is restricted if there is tension in your heart or your belly. So it is that's, where it's at right now, that's your moment, that's your present and then somehow, some way, guide your awareness towards the space around your head find this challenging, just start by by finding the space in front of your face. And then to the right of the head and behind the head and then to the left side of the head. So you kind of are bringing your awareness almost like a halo around your head. I won't get into too much of the explanation of the biology of what's happening here, you can get that meditation and I get into all the details with you on that one, okay. Right now it's just about the practice. just exploring, just getting curious. And so see what affects finding that space around your head has and you can, if you can just kind of release the awareness so that it starts moving even farther away from, quote, unquote, the head. This can be just a few inches, for some of you or for some of you, it's going to feel like you're going exploring the universe, it could be very wide or very close, neither one's better or worse, just exploring bringing awareness outside of the mind. So you might start feeling that there's actually a, like byproducts to bring your awareness here. Perhaps you start feeling more restful. People will use words like buoyant. To explain this spacious, empty avoid white. Some people start losing the awareness of their body to cart to find the edges of their body. And so I really want to offer you finding an alternate state of consciousness is as easy as what you're doing. Now, this is already an elevated state of consciousness. If you're doubting yourself, let the dog go. If you're using effort to get here, see if you can let go of the effort. Just be in your experience. However it is, there's no right or wrong way to do this. We're just exploring. And then from here, see if you can turn back towards your body. So like maintaining this spacious awareness, and then turning back towards the body and just noticing the center channel, the heart, the solar plexus, the stomach region, all the way down to the root, check the throat. And what we're doing here is we're using subtle awareness to just check on the sensations within the body, the mind may have an opinion. And that's okay about what it's looking at. And instead of trying to quiet the mind, just include what the mind is doing. Just include your mind, it's okay, if it's chatty. Don't try to turn off the chat box. And again, all we're doing in this simple little practice is just getting curious about the sensations inside of our body. And then taking note of our experience as we do that. So just, this is really a very small taste. I'll just take another minute. Here. Just noticing your experience is just the very beginning of beginning to work with our energetic system and learning how to down regulate again, in the meditation that we offer, you can still write meditation in the
chat-box I go into great detail on how and why this works. So I want to thank you guys for showing up today for being the type of person who is curious and wanting to learn about these very important transformative processes that don't just transform our lives but can transform the lives of those around you. We really honor your awareness and attention. We value your curiosity. Thank you for being part of this community. We look forward to serving those of you guys who are interested in taking the next step. Please go ahead and type contact me or book your call on call So our team can have a chat with you and see if we can serve you in a greater way. We love very much. And we'll see you here next Tuesday. Bye, everybody, everyone.

Ilan Ferdman 1:00:39
I don't know how your stress levels have dropped after that meditation.

Guy Ferdman 1:00:43
Yeah, bye