4 Tips For Mindful Parenting to Raise Mindful Children

Parenting can be challenging at times – and mindful parenting or conscious parenting can feel like it is adding more to your already-full plate. It's a process that requires you as a parent to pause before reacting and then choosing to show up with a supportive approach in an effort to raise mindful children. This kind of patience and respect towards your children gives them a foundation of safety and support that allows them to thrive as teens and adults. 

The following are four simple tips you can follow to raising mindful children:

1. Stay present with their needs.

Being mindful of your children’s present circumstances can help you give them what they need to help them grow into the best versions of themselves.

Pay attention to their needs in the present moment instead of putting them off for another day. If you feel they are making mistakes or shortcomings, what can you offer them in support of improving those areas? Address these concerns as they come up in a respectful way to avoid building unhealthy habits or falling behind.

2. Listen to your children.

As much as your children need to listen to you, you must also do the same thing for them. Kids want to be heard and they have lots of opinions to share. Listening to your children will help you move more easily and naturally into conscious parenting

When you know who your children are, how they feel, and how they view the world, you are better able to provide them with everything they need.

Focus on what your children talk about and observe how they react. Encourage their unique interests by allowing them to share openly about things that excite them. Listening to understand better and not just to reply or hand out solutions will also tighten the bond with your child.

3. Meditate in front of your kids.

Raising mindful children means practicing what you preach. The best way for kids to learn anything is to watch their parents make a habit out of it.

As a parent (especially if it’s your first time), being able to deeply connect with yourself will help you know yourself better to more clearly see how you can improve. Meditation gives you a break to renew your thoughts and gain insights into how you can approach daily challenges. 

Meditating can also help you relax – something that’s needed more than ever in our extra-stimulated culture. Because you’ll feel more relaxed, you’ll naturally invite more positive and patient interaction with your children. 

4. Talk about gratitude before bedtime. 

Conscious parenting can't exist without practicing gratitude. In your home, make a habit of talking about something you are grateful for each day so that your kids can make gratitude a normal part of their lives, too. 

By practicing gratitude, your children gain the habit of noticing the simplest things around them and having an appreciation for them. This allows them to grow into more self-aware and compassionate adults. 

Conscious parenting doesn’t have a secret weapon or an instruction manual that you can refer to if you feel a little off track. It’s a full-time job that doesn’t come with paid vacation. However, by becoming a conscious parent, you’ll open yourself and your mindful children up to different perspectives and realizations about the world and the people around you. 

There are 11 tips as well for raising mindful children:

  1. Practice being present with your children.
  2. Unplug from time to time.
  3. You should have a dedicated space for meditation.
  4. You should take breaks sometimes.
  5. Practice gratitude with your children.
  6. Teach your children resilience.
  7. Teach them to meditate.
  8. Don’t judge them before knowing everything.
  9. Try to see the world through your child’s eyes.
  10. Don’t be afraid to break routines.
  11. Self-care is also important.