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39: How You’re Losing Control

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There is no going back in life, you’re always moving forward.

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Relationships can be tough on anyone. There’s a cliché that when you meet the one you just know. This is true, but that doesn’t mean the one you meet is perfect. Relationships always take work and effort from both parties. In order to really experience love you need to be willing to be vulnerable, and let the other person into a part of you that you’re not used to showing.

It’s also important to go with the flow, not just in relationships, but in life. You may try to feel empowered and try to control something. The truth is, when you try to control or force a situation you actually begin to lose control. You need to be open to the moment and the world.

Don’t abandon before being abandoned just to save yourself.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Guy is overseas and realizes the importance of traveling with others.
  • You need to constantly look at what you are not accepting.
  • Keeping busy can stop jet lag.
  • There are subconscious levels for communication to begin.
    • First is a physical response.
    • Second is an emotional response.
    • Third is a thought.
    • Fourth is a word.
  • Being aware of the sensations in your body will help you communicate properly.
  • Emotional breakthroughs are important to advance relationships.
  • You need to trust life and fully surrender to a situation.
  • Vulnerability is essential to achieve love.
  • The cliché “when you find the one you just know,” is true.
  • Don’t try to force an outcome, be part of the flow or it’ll cause tension.
  • We think we gain power by trying to control a situation, but we actually lose control.
  • You will zap your energy trying to control a situation instead of going with the flow.
  • There is no going back in life, there’s only moving forward.
  • It’s an injustice to the world not to share your feelings.
  • Feel more, think less.

If it was meant to be, it would have been.

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