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53: You Can’t Run From Your Emotions

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All we are is awareness.

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Emotions are complex. So much so that it can be incredibly overwhelming. Feeling happiness, anger, pain. What makes them even more confusing is that all of them can be stemmed from love.

We think of love as a happy uplifting emotion. You might think of someone as being in love as being someone with a glazed look in their eyes, and a dumb smirk on their face, but that’s just one aspect. Love can cause some of the deepest pains we can possibly experience.

Although it’s important to know these feelings stem from love, it’s important to know where they come from. You never experience an emotion with your entire body. Ever.

You have to ask yourself where these emotions are coming from. What is causing them?

Lastly, it’s important to know that emotions aren’t you. Don’t say to yourself, “I’m depressed.” or “I’m sad.” That will just allow the emotions to consume you on a subconscious level. Tell yourself, “I feel sad.” or “I feel depressed.” You have to separate those emotions from your being.

On this episode of Have It All, Guy and Ilan analyze emotions, where they come from, and how to really deal with them.

Download this episode today and stop altering your situation to try and change your emotional state.

Don’t try to alter your situation just to change your emotions.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • All we are is awareness.
  • Thoughts are like clouds in the sky, they come and then disappear.
  • Human beings are constantly dealing with things, and it can be difficult to bring yourself to a place of love.
  • Even in your darkest of moments, there’s love there.
  • Pain is an expression of love.
  • Love doesn’t get destroyed, it gets transferred.
  • The masculine approach is to “fix” something and move on, which doesn’t work with emotions.
  • Your entirety doesn’t feel emotions, you need to find what part of you is experiencing it.
  • Don’t try to alter your situation to avoid what you are feeling.
  • If all the system of the body are not in alignment, you’ll never be the person you want to be.
  • Your heart is an amazing tool, but most of us have closed hearts.
  • Everything you want is already there – it’s waiting for you to be ready to receive it.
  • You don’t need someone else to love you if you love yourself.
  • You have to love yourself enough so the person you want finally shows up.

Pain is also an expression of love.

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