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41: Q&A: Why You’re Burning Out

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People struggle when the ego is trying to drive their business.

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How do we tap into our intuition? What does your intuition feel like? How do we stay productive? Why does my empathy sometimes work against me? This week we answer questions about intuition, productivity, connecting with our partners, and ultimately finding how to work with our instincts in order to avoid burn out.

In this episode, we discuss how being an empath is your superpower. The key is to learn how to ground your energy and not let it overwhelm you. Our natural human response is to STOP when we feel overwhelmed. So how do we turn it into action, work with the power and figure out how to best use it? Ground, release, and get rid of those to-do lists!

Being an Empath is a superpower.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Intuition is something we all have.
  • Women are more connected to their intuition than men are.
  • There are different types of intuition.
  • You have to learn what your intuition feels like.
  • You have to believe in your intuition.
  • Very few things happen the way we plan them to.
  • Disregard your negative thoughts and start listening to your intuition.
  • Being an empath is a superpower.
  • Sometimes superpowers can become overwhelming.
    • You have to learn to control it, not turn it off.
  • Empaths have to learn to control and ground energy.
  • People do not take action unless there’s a sense of urgency.
  • When something pulls you towards a goal it becomes effortless.
  • Find and address the fear that is holding you or your partner back.
  • People burn out because their life is out of balance.
  • Ask yourself why you want your goals.
  • We are animals of connection and hunger for some sort of love.
  • People need a creative outlet they can lose yourself in.
  • Long to-do lists are the worst thing you can create.
  • Pick three things you do each day.
  • You can’t manifest anything great if you aren’t feeling great.

To do lists just create automatic agony.

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