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115: Why You Can’t Understand How To Tap Into Your Being

Real integration comes when the information stops residing in the mind and goes into the heart and into the body.

In our everyday world, we encounter people, places and situations that trigger default patterns of behavior in our responses to stress. And as far back as age 5, we formed a majority of these default patterns, keeping us on a hamster-wheel of repeat reactions.

It is these default patterns of response that arise and keep us disconnected from truly tapping into our being with each moment.

How can you break free from being caught in the cycle of these patterns and start operating freely as your true self?

On this episode of the Have It All podcast, Ilan and Guy Ferdman have an exploratory conversation on how to identify patterns of operating in response to stress.  Along with how to heal blockages from traumas to uncover your true being.  You’ll learn the distinction between identifying a pattern and what it takes to integrate this knowledge into the body.

Download this episode today and begin learning why you can’t understand how to tap into your being.




The Cliff Notes:

  • When seeking information, are you seeking from a place of learning about yourself or are you looking for something to remove from the way you operate?
  • By the age of 5, many of our default patterns for operating are already formed.
  • As a child, the inner critic is the voice of your mom or dad.
  • When your inner critic deems something to not be ‘good', you begin to beat yourself up.
  • The mind has a way of protecting you from things.
  • Your memories are the stories you tell yourself.
  • Real integration comes when information stops residing in the mind and goes into the heart and body to release blockages.
  • You can operate from your soul instead of the mind but in the way are blockages.
  • Vilifying the mind is as much of a trap as trying to figure out what it’s doing.
  • True healing comes from within.
  • It may be hard to get excited about seeing your own pattern arise when you’re upset.
  • The world of energy has a lot more information to give than the world of logic.
  • All ancestry lineages are happening at once in the time singularity.
  • Surrender is different than letting go. Letting go insinuates there is a struggle.
  • Everything wants your attention, just like a house plant.



The world of energy has a lot more information to give than the world of logic.


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