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34: Whose Reality Is it? With Amateo Ra

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Our society admires pain and doesn’t reward pleasure.

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Are you curious about what exists outside of, and beyond, this world? Metaphysical master Amateo Ra joins us today. He explains the history of mystery schools and their importance of helping societies grow throughout history.

We also explore the potential possibilities of virtual reality and it effects on the earth. Can it make us more empathetic? Is it possible that technology and the internet will progress to a point a new reality is created? Explore these possibilities and more on this episode of Have It All.

Trying to achieve your goals is a struggle, if you believe you’ve already been there it’s easy.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Amateo and Guy shared the same values of protecting someone they really cared about.
  • Amateo talks about how his spirituality and metaphysical side made him stand out.
  • Mystery schools:
    • Core groups of people that protected secrets of the universe.
    • Mystery schools defy science and “truth.”
  • Freemasons and Illuminati:
    • Started to protect their own ideas.
    • Disciples of disciples tend to lose their message.
  • Information is not initiation.
    • World of information leads to a giant game of telephone.
  • It is important to preserve and protect wisdom.
  • Our society admires pain and doesn’t reward pleasure.
  • Common sense and magic need to merge together.
  • People are congregating into smaller and smaller subgroups.
    • People may not be as interested in global initiatives.
    • People crave intimacy and connection.
    • Returning to micro economies.
  • Gaming and VR may help empathy in the future.
  • Structures are made to be created, serve their purpose, and be destroyed.
  • The Internet is going to become it’s own reality and destination.
  • A.I. will adopt for survival in a positive way for the globe.
  • It is an interesting coincidence that sustainable technology is developing right as fossil fuels are running out.
  • At the higher levels of consciousness , there’s a great level of harmonization with all of the beings and reality itself.
  • If you believe competition does not fuel evolution, you do not see what the Olympics does for world peace.
    • Nothing more beautiful from people all over the world coming together to synchronize.
  • Galactic mindset is far more important than anyone’s personal belief system.
  • Humans need singular answers, like where do we go when we die.
    • Holds us back from finding real answers.
    • Multiple possibilities may be the reality.
  • Everyone has access to quantum states of consciousness.
  • A lot of people feel that if they can’t see it, it’s not real.
  • Technology may be more organic than we think.
  • Trauma can instill unity.
  • Experimentation is necessary.
  • Your life changes and grows in gratitude, love, and appreciation.
  • Getting there is a challenge and a push if you believe you’ve been there it’s easy.
  • There’s no time for doubt.
  • Experiment with not talking about your past for three days.
    • Your complaints are what keep the past in your life.
  • If you look deeper, there are a lot of beautiful things happening right now in this world.
  • Be a creator, not a consumer.
  • We create our own holograms, play with it.

I learn what I teach.

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