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124: What It’s Like Living On The Fringe

What if you lived life open to the fact that what is unbelievable is believable? - Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

We all want to experience greater levels of love, joy, and freedom in our lives.  To feel alive and to live with a sense of purpose.  Though, one of the biggest things standing in the way is our own belief systems.

Whether we know it or not, each of us has created our own limitations.  Not just of what's possible for own reality but also of what is not possible.  So how do we allow ourselves to see where we stop ourselves from accessing another level of what is possible for our own life?  To live a life beyond what we currently believe can become our reality?

In today’s episode of the Have It All podcast, Ilan discusses two specific experiences in the jungle of Columbia which allowed him to see not just where his beliefs can limit him, but what is available on the other side of the invisible box we place ourselves in.  And provides a glimpse into what messages, downloads, and information can become available to us when we begin to find (and listen to) our true self.

Download today’s episode to learn how you can leave your limiting beliefs behind and gain access to new experiences of what's possible through living life on the fringe.



The Cliff Notes:

  • Many people are resistant to exploring some of the phenomena that are present in this world.
  • We all live in a box.
  • Our culture (society, friends, family) influences us, as well as our experiences which we build this box from.
  • Whenever you go out and want to experience something new, you come up against this invisible wall.
  • Whether it's believing in ghosts, aliens, superpowers, energy gridlines or auras, it’s our belief systems that limit access to the possibility of them being real.
  • There are infinite things out there that to us is unbelievable.
  • Look for times in your life where you said, “Oh my gosh, this is so unbelievable.”
  • It is the things beyond our invisible box which makes something appear as unbelievable.
  • What if you lived life open to the fact that what is unbelievable is in fact believable?
  • Messages and downloads are available to us all the time.
  • Ilan believes people have it all wrong when it comes to improving our physical bodies.
  • People look first to working physically on their bodies, instead of mentally working on their insides, which fully reprograms your outside to look the way your inside is.
  • The way you think the world is will create your reality.
  • If you believe you can’t have six pack abs, you can’t.
  • What if you gave up your idea of what the world is or your idea of how you are?
  • There’s an energy, a force, flowing through you and through life all the time.
  • This energy is in a constant state of trying to heal you, provide downloads and guiding you.
  • We all have another voice inside which Ilan calls the ‘inner critic’.
  • The inner critic is filled with things such as your teacher’s voice, your parent’s voice, society’s voice and the media’s voice.
  • This inner critic’s voice is so loud and critical that you don’t even have access to listening to your other voice.
  • There’s no one with special gifts or genetic code.
  • Every single one of us are identical.
  • The thing that differentiates us are our belief systems and our patterns.
  • Every single one of us receives outside messages daily.
  • These messages are being transferred to us clearly, even though we may refuse to listen.
  • We can choose to listen to who we truly are and remember.
  • You’re no different than Ilan, Guy or anyone you look up to as we are all made of the same divine energy.
  • Your beliefs are what are programming who you get to be in physical form.
  • We all have limitations which are protection methods which we can listen to and determine if they serve us or are holding us back.
  • Do not waste another second believing in things that are holding you back.
  • Be willing to let go of what is comfortable, known and what you like so that you may experience a greater level of love, joy and freedom.


The thing that differentiates us are our belief systems and our patterns.- Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet