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94: How Being Weird is a Secret Recipe for Success

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The more you allow yourself to be who you are, the more success will come.

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How many times do you feel yourself holding back around people? Do you ever feel uncomfortable because you feel the pressure to fit in?

Chances are that’s what’s holding you back. You’re forcing yourself to conform, when in truth you are an outlier. Your mind doesn’t work like everyone else’s, and that’s what makes you special.

The people we most respect and look up to are those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. It’s the people who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and beliefs.

I need to make it clear though, it’s not people who are looking for confrontation or a fight. You still need to have an open mind, but you have to be comfortable with being yourself.

Be comfortable with being weird.

On this episode of Have It All we explore all of the things that makes entrepreneurs special. What makes people push the world forward, and make a change no matter what industry they are in.

Download this episode today to learn how you can start being you without the fear of judgment.

Can you authentically share yourself in a way that inspires people?

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Entrepreneurs don’t follow the norm and feel out of place.
  • “Fringe dwellers” don’t conform well.
  • Be yourself unapologetically and it will become attractive.
  • We all want to fit in, and still stand out.
  • There’s an energy that is you.
  • The more intuned and aligned with who you are the more successful you will be.
  • People with the most education tend to feel like they are stupid.
  • Most of society is afraid to step out of alignment.
  • You have to accept that there will be people who love you and who hate you.
  • Success is more than just money in your bank account.
  • Be the most you you can be.
  • Money follows value.
  • Convince your mind that putting yourself out there is safe.
  • You have to constantly work on yourself.
  • A lot of our communication comes from being defense.
  • Learn to communicate in a way that provides people with access to things.
  • Remain open to contrasting point of views.
  • Pick one thing you’ve been hesitant to take action on, then go out and do it.

Sexify being weird.

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