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59: Wayne Dyer: My Real Life Shaya Story

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“Your creation is your is your reality.” -Wayne Dyer

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Wayne Dyer was a very special individual. When he passed away in 2015, the world lost something truly special. He was always able to bring out the best in people, and showed what love truly is.

It’s easy to show love when it’s expected. What’s truly magical is when you show love when it’s not. You always have the choice to give love. You can give it to friends, family, and especially strangers.

It may sound weird to give strangers love, but it’s not. It’s really not. Most people feel a need to be standoffish when it comes to strangers, or someone who is different. We find reasons to ridicule, insult, and keep away. It’s a protection method we developed when we were barbaric, and everything was trying to kill us.

Today this isn’t needed. Embrace the world around you. It’s not going to kill you. Show it, and everyone in it love every moment that you can. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful the world becomes, and how many beautiful opportunities come into your life that wouldn’t have otherwise.

On this episode of Have It All Ilan reads Wayne Dyers story Where is God’s Perfection? It’s a beautiful and inspirational story about young boys giving love to a disabled child who just wanted to play baseball.

Download this episode with tissues near by, and be prepared to feel something deep.

Wayne Dyer had the ability to bring out the best in humans.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • We all have the ability to give up winning for the better of humanity.
  • Wayne Dyer was able to bring out the best in humans.
  • Love is the answer to everything.
  • It feels good to feel something deeply.
  • When humans love and are kind to each other when they don’t have to be, that’s truly magical.
  • We all have the ability to make the choice to give love to anyone and everyone, even when we don’t have to.

Love is the answer to everything.

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Wayne Dyer Where is God’s Perfection?