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60: Want a Better Life? Then Take Responsibility

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Our brains natural see the negative. It’s a protection mechanism.

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Since the beginning of time man has pushed blame. Even in the oldest story in The Bible, Adam and Eve, the moment God discovered they were not naked Adam blamed Eve. Then Eve blamed the snake.

We need to stop blaming other things for our lives. Take responsibility for the world around you. Anyone can play the victim, but all it does is put you in a helpless mentality. Yes, there are things that have happened out of your control.

What you are responsible is how you perceive what’s happened. It’s how you view the events that unfold that you are in control of. You can either sit back and pity yourself, or you can let it empower you.

Things happen to us for a reason. Use it as a stepping stone. Don’t let your situation knock you down and put you in a bad spot for the rest of your life. Instead, let it be your driving force. Let is be a way to motivate you, turn your life around, and put you on the track you want to be on.

If you focus on the negative you will only find more negative situations. If you can find the love, and the positive in a situation more positive opportunities will present themselves to you.

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We are all here to share greatness with the world.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Humans are designed to see the negative.
  • We are all put on this earth to accomplish something.
  • You have the choice to see, moment by moment, the good.
  • Despite beliefs, religious stories can have very positive messages.
  • Ever since Adam and Eve people have been blaming others and not taking responsibility.
  • When you point a finger at something, three more are pointing back at you.
  • Can you live from a place where you are responsible for it all?
  • The only thing you can be responsible for is what’s inside of yourself.
  • You get to say how the world shows up to you.
  • You have control over the way you react, and the way you view things.
  • Do you think the way you look at something alters the way it truly is?
  • The observer has an influence on the environment.
  • The mind has the power of willing things into existence.
    • Do you want to will a positive or negative reality?
  • Take 100% responsibility for the world that is showing up from your thoughts.

Stop looking for things to blame for your situation, and take responsibility.

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