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40: Understand and Appreciate Your Biochemistry with Laurie Cossar

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Rather than thinking about it as mastery over yourself, it’s mastery within yourself. – Laurie Cossar

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Do you find yourself trying a new diet, hitting your goal weight, and then putting it all back on? Or maybe you go six months without alcohol then wind up right back in the bar night after night. These don’t happen because you lack willpower, or that you are somehow a weaker person. The truth is that these things happen because old habits don’t go away. Your brain remembers them and files them away. The moment it gets the chance, your brain will pull out these old habits and put your right back on your old track.

On this episode of Have It All we are joined by Laurie Cossar, who explains the way our brains work on a subconscious level. She gives us inside tips on how we can start reprogramming our minds and analyze what we are going through to stay on track. You might be surprised to find that you’re probably using the wrong part of your brain – and it’s holding you back.

If you’re not utilizing all the facets of your brain, they become stagnant. It’s use it or lose it. – Laurie Cossar

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The Cliff Notes:

  • If you let things slide, it’ll only cause problems to get worse.
  • You need to find mastery within yourself.
  • Think about your mindset more than what diet you should be on.
  • You need to look at where your imbalances are.
  • Your brain doesn’t see good habits or bad habits, just consistencies.
  • It takes 90 days to start setting a new pattern in your brain.
  • Old habits don’t go away, the brain will bring them back when they can.
  • Some people are more susceptible to falling back into behavioral addictions.
  • People exploit and monopolize on people’s vanities and addictive personalities.
  • Six-pack abs is a marketing ploy.
  • Many people suffer from false image perception.
  • Most people’s default network is on overdrive.
    • We need to practice shifting to our task network part of the brain.
  • Some people can lose the physical weight, but not the mental weight.
  • Weight can become an obsession.
  • You need to acknowledge that you are in a mental prison.
  • Stop trying to stop pain to seek pleasure and accept your feelings.
  • Learn how to shift into neutral.
  • Emotions are meant to be temporary chemical energy.
    • If you allow them to occur they will pass quicker.
  • Is your mental conversation serving you?
  • You can’t erase your thoughts.
  • Don’t shame yourself over your thoughts, analyze them and learn from them.
  • One emotion will spur a thousand thoughts.
  • Know that where you are is perfect, but there’s always room for improvement.

Society exploits our vanity. – Laurie Cossar

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