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117: Be Unapologetically You

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We all want to feel accepted and loved for who we are with our friends, family, in our career and community.

And yet we may find ourselves at times acting, behaving, speaking and being a certain way to please others that is not authentic to who we truly are.

So how can you begin to show up as the true authentic you, unapologetically and free?

On this episode of the Have It All podcast, we’re joined by Landon Porter.  Landon is known for helping people find their true purpose in life and monetize it.  He spent 15 years of his life being that sleazy sales person that we all hate.  And, he spent so much of his time doing it, he ended up hating himself as well.

It was when he made the shift from a sleazy salesman chasing money to being himself and serving others, he not only found the wealth he wanted – he found the happiness he always wanted.

In today’s conversation, we dive deep into how you too can understand why you may feel resistance to showing up authentically and how to accept who you are inside and out – leading you to a life of more joy, freedom and self-love.

Download today’s episode to learn how you can make the shift from being inauthentic and start living unapologetically you.




The Cliff Notes:

  • As a collective and society, we are going through an awakening.
  • In finding this awakening, many find that they no longer want to act a certain way just to please others.
  • It may feel scary to break out and be yourself because of cultural and social norms.
  • Humans appear to be evolving on a spiritual plane more rapidly than in our physical and emotional development.
  • School systems are not preparing people for the world we live in today.
  • We seek love and attention based off what we formulated will allow the other person to like us.
  • You don’t need to change everything about how you operate, instead, do little experiments on how you show up.
  • Start experimenting by sharing something you wouldn’t normally share and notice how people respond positively to your vulnerability.
  • Relationships are the most important thing on the planet and your relationship with yourself is the most important.
  • What other people think about me is not as important as what I think about myself.
  • It all starts with what you’re willing to accept about yourself, and what you’re willing to accept about yourself is everything.
  • You can’t fill somebody else’s cup without filling up your own.
  • Anything you can’t accept is where you’re going to be blaming and shaming other people.
  • It may be possible through future technology and understanding for spiritual awakening to be hacked or shortcut.
  • We are responsible for ourselves.
  • If we can learn to love each other regardless of age, race, gender… then we’ve reached a level where we can move on to solving issues of a higher level.
  • Humans are not designed for obedience or meant to be led, they’re supposed to be self-governed.
  • Anything you feel like you have ownership over, in the short or long run, will create upset for you.
  • The only way to be selfless is to be selfish because it starts with you.
  • Begin by choosing who you are and loving that regardless of what others think.



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