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116: Stop Learning And Start Ascending

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We all want better results and to learn new ways that can serve us in experiencing the best life possible.

While we can take action to uncover the right person that can show us what we’re seeking, it is the act of searching that may lead us to missing the opportunity right in front of our nose.

And yet, if we simply surrender and place trust in God and the Universe to showing us when the time is right, it may lead us to finding magic in people we never expected to encounter.

On this episode of the Have It All podcast, Ilan and Guy Ferdman exchange a conversation of recent events in which people have shown up to give them messages they never anticipated. It is in these meetings that they are truly reminded of how trusting in God and the universe to provide the right person, with the right message at the right time is not something that can be forced.

Download this episode today to find how you can stop learning and start ascending.




The Cliff Notes:

  • 2018 appears to be moving at rapid pace with ease and effortlessness.
  • Be grateful for the people showing up in your life.
  • ‘Bleedover' – Gifts you carry from the soul world into this lifetime.
  • ‘True Gift' – Things people acknowledged you for as a kid that come as second nature.
  • We may hold our children high while still limiting them by our view of what they’re truly capable of.
  • Ask the universe and be open to receiving in ways you didn’t expect.
  • While a parent’s role may be to guide their children, it can lead them off their soul path.
  • Your view, either positive or negative, it’s still a container.
  • We can communicate with children more directly with energy rather than spoken word.
  • Whether someone brings us joy or makes us angry, we’ve called these people into our lives.
  • The energies we hold onto can be affecting us in our physical, emotional, spiritual, lineal and many other realms.
  • It is possible to place your energy into alignment, so that your energy field is no longer referencing the outside world.
  • It is not necessary to use externality to validate our experiences.
  • Doubt has a energetic frequency, can be recognized, and released from the body.



When open, the universe will send you just the things that you need, when you need, when you’re ready.Click to Tweet