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25: You Already Know What’s Right for You. Stop Being Wrong. Pt. 1

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You know if you’re supposed to be here. You know if there’s a reason for you to be here. You will know.

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We’ve said it before, and we will say it again. Stop doing, and start being. BE present. BE in the moment. BE here. Everyone can have their own spiritual experiences any any moment, as long as you tap into the world around you. Take a moment to be one with yourself. Take a moment to let your surroundings truly resonate with you.

Lauren Peters joins us on this episode of Have It All to discuss spiritual encounters that have lead or can lead to vibrational realizations through these experiences.

Can you be mindful and mindless at the same time? Can you be closing and opening at the same time?

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Every person has a unique experience of how they “be,” instead of how they “do.”
  • Challenges are hidden opportunities.
  • Being an adult is a possibility. We don’t have to be one if we don’t want to.
  • Our passing energies always lead to opportunities.
  • Integration means all the densities.
  • Just because you haven’t had your experience yet, does not mean you won’t.
  • You can have your experience any time.
  • Follow with conviction, not confusing.
  • We’re either living out of inspiration, or out of memory.
  • Attachment is blockage.
  • The freeflow is where recreation and reimagination is.
  • You always know the right answer.
  • Be present. Always.
  • Have fun learning what you are supposed to learn in life.
  • Live a “fuck yes” life.
  • Ask yourself, “What can I be more present with?”
  • Body posture is extremely important to align your chakras.
  • The mind follows the body.
  • Healing is a choice.

Knowing is when the vibration is felt through the experience.

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