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44: Specialization is Everything -Brian Kurtz

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“The day you stop being a student is the day you might as well hang it up.” -Brian Kurtz

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When you start a relationship with someone, especially in business, it needs to be sincere. Give to other people without expecting ANYTHING in return. Sure, you will be taken advantage of and you’ll run into people that always take, take, take. Eventually you’ll weed those people out of your life and move on to more fulfilling relationships, but NEVER size someone up before you consider helping them.

On this episode of Have It All we are joined by the king of networking and advertising guru, Brian Kurtz. Brian has more connections than anyone we know because of his big heart and willingness to help those who really need it, without expecting anything in return – although he’s received plenty of help back.

Download this episode of the Have It All podcast to learn how you can start laying a true foundation for a network, and being the right kind of student. 

“You don’t choose your mentors, your mentors choose you.” -Brian Kurtz

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The Cliff Notes:

  • To have deep lasting relationships you have to really contribute to the other person without any expectations of anything in return.
    • You will be taken advantage of, but that’s ok.
    • Eventually you will write off the people that just take, take, take.
  • Never meet someone halfway.
  • When you give, you have to give correctly.
  • You can’t keep score on what you give to others.
  • Don’t try to be truly original, try to interpret things in a new way.
  • You don’t choose your mentors, your mentors choose you.
  • Think about who is out there that you can help?
  • Don’t think, “What can this person do for me?”
  • Specialization is everything.
  • If you market a narrow audience you can own a world.
    • If you go too wide you’ll try to own the world, and no one can own THE world.
  • Whenever it’s time for you to move on, relax and know that whatever is there for you will be there.
  • You can’t be intimidated by new technology and trends, look at it as a chance to learn.
  • Find your super power, your unique ability.
    • Have someone else tell you what it is.
  • It’s not too early to start thinking about being a mentor.

“How specialized can you get?” – Brian Kurtz

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