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95: Steve Sisler: How to Gain the Freedom and Permission to be Yourself

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“We don’t see the way others are, we see the way we are in other people.” – Steve Sisler

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Everyone wants to change themselves for the better. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re great the way you are?

Chances are it’s not you that needs to change, it’s your environment. Don’t try to change your hardwiring, it’s not going to work.

Instead you really need to analyze how you function, how your brain works. Everyone is unique, and there’s no reason to think you should make yourself fit into an ideal role.

Really knowing your behaviors and your inner workings will allow you to analyze what is and isn’t working for you in your environment. When you have that understanding you can start to sculpt the world around you that you need for success.

In order to help you understand what we mean, we brought back the amazing Steve Sisler. Stever is a behavioral analyst who helps both individuals and major corporations reach their full potential.

He’s joined us today to discuss what things you need to do to find the best self you can be, and how you can start analyzing people for their strengths and stop judging them based on your beliefs of how the world works.

Plus, Steve gives a very special bonus exclusive to our listeners, so be sure to listen all the way through to find out about it.

Download this episode right now and start learning how you can stop trying to change yourself and begin building an environment that supports the way your brain works.

“You need to provide people with the tools they need to be a better self.” – Steve Sisler

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The Cliff Notes:

  • It’s important to know how you’re wired.
  • You don’t want to change yourself, you want to capitalize on yourself.
  • When someone doesn’t respond the way we expect them to we think they are wrong.
  • Less than 25% of people employed are operating at a maximum talent.
  • The environment has to agree with the person.
  • We make dumb assumptions all the time.
  • Character is fluid, not fixed.
  • Parents have the least influence on a child over the long haul.
  • People look at the cover of a book and make determinations.
  • Children see their parents differently.
  • People are human doings not human beings.

“Emotions are fundamental to everything you do.” – Steve Sisler

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