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32: Are You Seeking Perfection or Progression? Pt.1 with Marci Lock

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Leader’s don’t say ‘Follow Me.’ They say “I’ll go first.” – Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken The Species.

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Do you struggle to get to the level in life you want to be? Do you strive for perfection, and find yourself struggling as a result? The answer to your problems is finding the right coach for you. We often have people ask us, “What does a coach do?” This episode of Have It All explores our first-hand experience of hiring a million dollar coach, and the experiences of BEING a coach.

Is your mind in the right place? That can often be your first problem. You can’t strive for perfection, you need to strive for progression. It’s easy to look at the world through negative lenses, but the world is ALL about your perception. You can either take a bad situation and kick yourself while you’re down or look at the positivity coming from it and create a better situation right now.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about progression.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • “Leader’s don’t say, ‘follow me.’ They say, ‘I’ll go first.’” – Conversations with God Book 4: Awaken the Species.
  • We explore the importance of coaching with Marci Lock.
    • Time feels like it speeds up, and progress happens faster.
    • Brings you to a higher level of living.
    • A great coach leaves you with expected results.
    • You get the fruits of their labor.
    • Work no longer feels like a grind, it feels easy.
  • We’ve noticed that people can see a positive difference in our personality after a short time of coaching.
  • Don’t try to “figure it out.” Be present, trust yourself, and amazing things will happen.
  • It’s not about perfection, it’s about progression.
  • When you experience something new, it’s exhilarating.
  • Get out of survival mode, and live in a thrive mentality.
  • Every thought you have, manifests your reality.
    • Alter your mentality to what you want.
    • Be loving and grateful for every experience.

“I am presently there, and that’s what gives me my guidance.” -Marci Lock

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