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88: Robert Christiansen: Love Your Mind AND Body

“Once you change the lower self setting of worthiness, you’re on the road to getting the things you want.”

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Do you feel like you plateau too often? Right as you think you’re about to hit success, everything falls apart? That’s because you’re not complete.

You love aspects of yourself, but not all of yourself. You’re holding yourself back in certain areas, when you need to be growing on every level.

Most of us it’s our physical selves. We have a hard time loving our bodies, because we were programmed to have an image of a perfect body. It’s not just a problem women face – men face it as well.

If you respect your mind, you learn and fill it with knowledge. When you don’t respect your body, it will only let your mind take you so far. There are certain tell-tale signs. Maybe when you’re upset you reach for a candy bar. You may binge on ice cream. Maybe you scratch yourself, or rub your forehead raw.

These are all signs that you’re not loving and respecting your body.

The good news is it can change. You can reprogram yourself to love you mind, your body, and all aspects of you as a person.

When you love yourself all around, you begin to build confidence. Confidence attracts what you really want.

On this episode of Have It All we are joined by science and spiritual fanatic Robert Christiansen.

Robert is the author of the amazing book, The Bug In Our Brains. He goes into detail about how our programming was set from a young age, before we even knew what the truth of the world was

He gives amazing advice and insights on how to hack your brain, start reprogramming yourself, and see that all aspects of your life are on track to the success you want. Hint: It all starts with love.

Download this episode today to hear great some great ways to get on the path to happiness that won’t shatter along the way.

“Awareness starts with recognizing you have thoughts that are going in the wrong direction.”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • You have to set your self worth to what you want.
  • Stay focused and on task.
  • We pull ourselves out of the red zone and into comfort zones through negative behaviors.
  • Think about the next, incremental, success you can achieve?
  • Everything is about relationships.
  • You’re born with permanent neurons in your brain, but everything else gets swapped out.
  • We start programming our brains before we know what’s true.
  • Everyone has bugs in their programming.
  • You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Awareness starts with recognizing you have thoughts going in the wrong direction.
  • Start meditating often.
  • Find a coach who has been where you are going.
  • In order to change the planet we have to have empathy for all of it.
  • Go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and say, “I love my body.”
  • We are addicted to pain.
  • Everyone embellishes details.
  • The brain doesn’t know what is the truth of history.
  • What the body wants is to discharge anxiety.
  • The fastest way to expansion is finding love and appreciation for all things that arise.
  • Some people do jobs so dark for all of us to learn from.
  • Serve the feminine, they are life givers.

“When I live at that pain vibration because of other people, I’m taking them along with me.”

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