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120: Redefining The Definition Of Man with Tim Matthews

The less you rush, the faster it happens - Tim MatthewsClick to Tweet

In today’s world, there's are many definitions of what our society portrays of what it is to be a man.

While we all have masculine and feminine energies, there is a balance to each.  And while each energy can produce results, they each have their own way of creating them.

In today’s episode of the Have It All podcast, we are joined by Tim Matthews, founder of The Powerful Man, a community of highly dedicated individuals with a commitment towards self-growth and expanding into their greatest potential.  Tim's approach to supporting men to connect with their emotions and body serves as the foundation for shifting the way men operate, experience the world and achieve results that last.

And the answers to recreating results can be easier and more simple than what you may think.

Download today’s episode to learn more about redefining the definition of what it is to be a man and create massive results.



The Cliff Notes:

  • Men get to learn how to balance the dynamic of masculine and feminine energy in themselves.
  • Taking responsibility and getting decisive can create certainty and trust with a partner.
  • Hustling to get more – more money, house, car – while sacrificing your beliefs, relationships and health, may create more of a void in your life.
  • When you start to become detached from the mind and body you can tap into flow, freedom, love, and purpose.
  • The less you rush, the faster it happens.
  • Speak your truth and ask for what you want.
  • Masculine energy can produce amazing results, while feminine energy is more about allowing, creating, being soft with yourself and looking inward.
  • Be aware of messages all along that you’re not on the right path as the ego may choose to take different actions to get results and lead you away from purpose.
  • The less you rush, the faster it happens.
  • Speak your truth and ask for what you want.
  • For many men, embracing easy equates to weakness.
  • Society has taught us to have pride in having a struggle.
  • Sovereign Person: A self-governing inner state of being that does not look for external validation.
  • The Universe will be so different when we all understand that the things that bring you love and joy can come internally.
  • These are the Five Freedoms: Money, Time, Location, Purpose and Happiness
  • Freedom of Purpose is to surrender to the gifts that are aching to come out.
  • Freedom of Happiness is to choose the power of love, happiness, appreciation and joy and excitement.
  • Many men have been taught to suppress because they have not been taught to appreciate, feel into and self-express emotions.
  • The more I feel the heaviness the more I feel the lightness.
  • We as a culture and society get to redefine what it is to be a man.
  • In childhood, we source definitions of what things are through our experience.
  • People will do what you do, not what you tell them to.
  • Many of the best athletes are able to be in the zone and flow without having to ‘go to war' in every game.
  • High performers in sports learn to tap into flow as if they’re playing ‘out of body' when asked to recall what happened in the game.
  • Turn down the mind till you hear the heart raw.
  • Many of people operate from feel, think and then act, act, act. Without returning to feeling.
  • The ‘what' and the ‘why' doesn’t change, the ‘how' does.
  • Busyness is not a measurement for aspiring towards success.
  • We often focus on what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want.
  • Celebrate great experiences and emotions by stopping to tell yourself “This is how I choose to feel, always.”


Turn down the mind till you hear the heart raw.- Tim MatthewsClick to Tweet