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24: Quit Doing. Start Being. Pt 2.

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Matter is consciousness that brings energy together, which then makes it vibrate into matter.

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It will blow your mind how much innate knowledge you have, that you are currently not aware of. Learn how to tap into your oversoul, which operates in an entirely different dimension. It’s time for you to break free of the puppet strings that control your life, your actions, and most importantly, your thoughts.

This week’s Podcast is a very special taping feature Guy and his good friend Marci. We discuss the experiences we’ve had within this universe, that don’t exactly translate to this dimension. We’ve been on soul searching, and in this case, soul-finding adventures across the globe to dig deep and reinstall the implementation experienced in familiar settings.

Love is the only vibration that truly exists.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • The heart knows, the mind understands.
  • When you are hyper aware, you are objectively looking at your programming.
  • If you’re looking at your program, you’re at the source of what’s being created.
  • You can choose to let the program run, or start a new program within yourself.
  • Both sides of the coin are available to you at all times.
  • The paradox is where distinction disappears.
  • When you are extremely mindful, it puts you in the state of mindlessness.
  • The mind wants to create distinctions. These happenings do not occur in distinctions.
  • You have to have the low to have the high.
  • There are different levels of consciousness, with the first one being co-dependence.
  • The second level is independence. Be the source of your own happiness!
  • BE the remembrance.
  • Whatever you’re projecting is what you haven’t loved and accepted within yourself.
  • Love is the only vibration that exists.
  • We’re just moving towards the greater good.
  • You have a relationship to everything. The question is, what relationships do you want?
  • Your body is being held together by belief about you.

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is where the surrender is.

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