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66: Your Perception is What’s Causing Your Stress

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For everything that you think and do, there’s feedback. Look for it.

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Every day you are faced with challenges. It may be a boss you find annoying, or the laugh of a woman in a restaurant that bothers you. When you end up getting upset, you need to realize that it’s not them – it’s you. They aren’t out to upset you, you are doing it to yourself.

Even if your boss seems like a jerk, there’s something behind that. Maybe they need more work out of people because their boss is breathing down their neck. That obnoxious woman in the restaurant is just trying to have a good time with her friends.

In the end you make up stories. You think your boss is out to make your life miserable. You think the woman is obnoxious and doesn’t care about anyone around. These stories we make up are what upset us and stress us out. You need to take a moment to realize the stories aren’t true.

When you get upset, take a step back. Think about what you are feeling, and why you feel that way. You may come to find these feelings are triggered by something in your past you just haven’t let go of yet.

On this episode of Have It All Guy and Ilan discuss situations they’ve found themselves in. They analyze ways in which stress has come up, and how the world has been giving them feedback that could have easily been missed by most people.

Download this episode today to see how you can take steps to change your story and start to release your anxiety.

The moment your mood deteriorates, the circumstances around you start deteriorating as well.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Where something’s not working is where play doesn’t exist.
  • Stress is created by an expectation unfulfilled.
  • For everything that you think and do, there is feedback.
  • We can’t make up a story for when something goes wrong.
  • If you’re upset, it’s not new. It’s stem from an old upset.
  • Don’t hang on to negativity, let it flow through you.
  • When you find yourself upset, step back and analyze why you perceive things that way.
  • Everyone perceives someone a certain way, and we lose the other story that’s being told.
  • It’s difficult to transform personal situations when you’re only care is of yourself.
  • Be aware of the impact you have on people.

You’re the one causing your stress.

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