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33: Your Perception is Your Future Pt. 2 with Marci Lock

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The truth is inside of you.

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Do you stress about all the problems in the world? Are you putting yourself in a negative mindset? It’s time to start changing that, right now. On this episode of Have It All Marci Lock joins us again to discuss more ways to improve yourself.

There’s no reason you should be dwelling on things out of your control. What you perceive is what you get. At the same time, you need to understand that it’s living in the moment that will get you the long term rewards. If you want to walk a mile, you need to focus on the inch in front of you or else you’ll never get there.

If you treated every single person like your family, you would never harm them.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • We explore why people in places like Syria go through so much suffering.
    • Marci Lock explains that progression, advancement, and evolution of humanity comes from these moments.
      • Someone has to sacrifice themselves for the better, or no one will.
      • We need to look at the gift that comes from the pain and hurt.
    • Guy thinks we should think about what is the empowering point of view.
      • People need to understand the long term rewards.
      • We need to respect people’s decision, not judge the way the world is.
  • Worry about your life, your decisions, and what you can do for the world.
    • Don’t be afraid of the world, be a light of love and understand what you’re really feeling.
  • The truth is inside of you.
  • If you treated every person like your family, you’d never harm them.
  • You need to give yourself permission to see things like liberation and happiness is possible.
  • You need to experience something to truly understand and master it.
  • You don’t need an outside source to tell you it’s ok to experience something.
  • There is a science to spirituality.
  • There are always early adopters and people who wait.
    • People who wait are shocked at how amazing something is that other people have already mastered.
  • If something doesn’t feel good to you, investigate that feeling. Micro-focus on it and find your truth.
  • Our perceived reality is an illusion we’re creating through language.
  • Think about the future you want to be in, don’t get stuck reflecting on the past.
  • Find at least one thought pattern that doesn’t serve you and shift it.
  • Focus on the inch, not the mile.

“Be a light of love!” – Marci Lock

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