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89: Parenting vs Childrening

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You have to take personal, 100%, radical responsibility for everything.

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How many times do we, as parents, try to “mold” our child into being the perfect citizen? Chances are we aren’t trying to mold them, we are trying to manipulate them.

We also often get our “parenting” strategies from what we learned from our parents.

The truth is that parenting isn’t about trying to change your child. If it were, we would call it “childrening”.

To be a good parent you need to shift your perception, and the first step to that is in what you say. Don’t tell people your kids are trouble or a pain in the ass. When you do that, that is how they show up.

Express what you want to see from your children and you’ll be amazed at how much your attitude changes, and how much closer your relationship will become.

Download this episode to hear more about proper parenting and how to shift your mindset to see the world you want to see.

What are the actions you are going to take around making your intentions great?

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Parents are trying to “mold” their children.
    • They are actually manipulating.
  • Each soul chose for you to be their parent.
  • Your knee-jerk reaction is how your parents would “parent”.
  • Parenting is working on yourself.
  • Childrening is trying to work on your children.
  • People can only show up the way you speak about them.
  • For a week, notice how you talk about your children.
  • Start looking at every person and situation as a chance for growth.
  • Does your perception serve you?
  • Don’t try to make giant leaps in your perspective, make small shifts.
  • Take the time to listen to what your body is telling you.
  • Can you get alignment between how you think and how your body responds?

It’s not about what’s positive or negative in the world. It’s about your perception.

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