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112: No Sleazy Sales with Landon Porter

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Most people want to start a business and become a millionaire. Already they’re on the path to failure.

Success isn’t about making money, and it’s shouldn’t be the end goal. If you’re just chasing dollars, you are going to come off as a sleazy salesman and people are going to shut you out.

If you’re lucky, you’ll last six months.

What you really need to do is find that thing that you would be happy doing even if you never made a dime off it. When you discover that, you master it.

Making money is the easy part.

Shift your focus to serving people, and knowing how you can best help them in their lives. When you find that thing that makes you unique, people will be throwing their money at you.

On this episode of Have It All, we are joined by Landon Porter. Landon is known for helping people find their purpose in life, and helping them monetize it.

He spent 15 years of his life being that sleazy salesperson we all hate. He spent so much time doing it, he ended up hating himself as well.

He made the shift from chasing money to serving people, and he’s not only found the wealth he always wanted – he found the happiness that he always needed.

Download this episode today to learn how he made this transformation, and how you too can build a long-lasting wealth through what makes you unique.


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The Cliff Notes:

  • Sales is all about relationships.
  • The relationship you have with yourself is the most important.
  • Don’t put on a persona to create a false perception just to make a sale.
  • Getting clients and making sales are not the same thing.
  • Ultimately we’re just after real connection.
  • Always leave people better off than when you first met them.
  • If you do the thing that you love to do, it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when.
  • In today’s world, you can make a business out of anything.
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