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22: No More Playing The Victim. It’s Time To Be Your Own Hero

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If you live your life thinking your actions have no impact because no one is watching, there is arrogance in that.

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You’re in control of your life. That is one of the most important things to remember, no matter what. It all starts with you. It’s about the energy you put out, the energy you attract, and following through with your word. Do you make promises to yourself and then subsequently break them? It may not seem like a big deal, but what you don’t realize is, If you diminish unsaid agreements with yourself, you diminish your power.

We’re discussing how you create the energies you attract, and how to ensure you attract the right energy.

Someone’s always watching you, and that someone is your inner you.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • We want to make ourselves look bigger than we are.
  • If you’re opening your mouth, chances are you’re lying.
  • If you’re hiding whatever it is you are passionate about, you are not playing the game you set out to play.
  • People lie to look good. Plain and simple.
  • The soul version of you doesn’t care about looking good. It’s the ego side of you.
  • Your words create your world.
  • Take the agreements you make with yourself very seriously.
  • The mind creates dualistic realities.
  • If your view of the world is “I’m not safe” then everyone in your life becomes the villain.
  • Ask yourself: Why do we choose to stay in these low vibrational domains?
  • The mind is obsessed with comfort due to the predictability of it.
  • Our default state is magic.
  • It is inside of you to have magic come out of you, but it takes you choosing to channel that.
  • We are creatures of habit. You need to create new habits.
  • It takes a change of momentum to start moving your life in a different direction.

Have you noticed the stuff we’re programmed with doesn’t produce any results? We have.

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