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08: Morning Routines, Smart Drugs, Meditation, & the Lie of Productivity: Live Q&A

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

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The practicality of living a fulfilled and extremely effective and successful life is something that often doesn’t get enough air-time. Life coaches and mentors talk about the big picture, sometimes at the expense of the practicality of the small steps that lead to big success.

Today’s episode of Have It All is a Q&A, where we’re taking questions about things like specific morning routines, diets, smart drugs, meditation, money, focus, the lie of productivity, and much more. This episode is a knowledge dump, so have pen and paper ready, take notes, because if you put these tips into practice, you’re life could change today.

“When you experience a win or great success, that is truly the time to buckle down and keep pushing.”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • What you eat will determine your energy levels. A morning routine is one of the most important things you will add to your schedule
  • Set yourself up for success with a careful morning routine that works for you
  • Look into nootropics for increased brain functionality
  • Your brain is one of the smallest organs in the body, but it drains energy more than any other organ
  • Getting a good night’s sleep is essential
  • Nootropics: Try Piracetam with Choline
  • Meditation is an essential aspect of a balanced life
  • Learn to listen to your body and pay attention to the signals it sends you
  • Money is an essential factor in your happiness and success
  • The byproduct of helping people is money. Focus on helping
  • Be clear and concise about your goals. Know the details
  • Feed the brain the images of what you want to produce
  • Understand in the moment whether being upset will help you in any way. Usually it won’t
  • Productivity doesn’t bring happiness. Know what you should be working on, and being effective rather than productive, brings success

“Every little piece that happens in life, is here to serve a purpose.”

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