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58: Marci Lock: Don’t Fight the Darkness.

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“Can you love everything?” -Marci Lock

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It’s easy to run from your emotions. When things start to feel tough, the simplest thing to do is hide. People are afraid of the darkness because they are afraid of the unknown. They are worried that it will consume them.

It won’t.

You need to embrace the darkness. Embrace negativity, bad feelings, and don’t run. If you run from it it will always be there, waiting. Instead accept it. Enter the darkness and you will find that, like a child afraid of the monster under the bed, there’s nothing bad there. There’s only lessons to learn, and you’ll come out the other side even stronger.

On this episode of Have It All, Marci Lock joins Guy once again. Marci is an amazing mentor that’s found balance in all aspects of her life, which has made her a mentor worth a million dollars a person. We are fortunate enough to have her back on the show to give great insights, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Download this episode today to hear ways you can find balance in your life, and unlock potentials in every aspect you didn’t know you were capable of.

“Everything is just love. Everything is just feedback.” -Marci Lock

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Be open to new experiences without worrying about what other people say.
  • Don’t let other people’s experiences influence your own.
  • Expectations will go unfulfilled – if you have them.
  • Any moment could be your last, don’t let that hold you back.
  • There are some things no language can ever teach you.
  • People may not be able to relate to your experiences, but they can relate to your emotions.
  • Don’t use outside sources, like food, to distract yourself.
  • Stop fighting your emotions and identity, it’s holding you back.
  • Treat everything in life like you would treat a relationship.
  • Surrender doesn’t meant giving up, it means acceptance.
  • The blessings that came quick often turn into curses.
  • Have nothing but gratitude, even when there’s pain.
  • Nothing is guaranteed.
  • You need to have integrity at every level, not just business.
  • Always find the opportunity to discover.
  • You aren’t your thoughts.
  • Live consciously, don’t react subconsciously.
  • If you don’t declare it, it will never happen.
  • Don’t suppress your wishes, declare them.
  • Your body is receiving sensations constantly.

“Until you jump in the water, you’re not a swimmer.” -Marci Lock

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