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76: Trey Lewellen: What It Takes to Survive in Business

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“Your employees need some stability. They need that rock, that anchor.” – Trey Lewellen

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When people start their own business, it’s exciting. There’s new challenges that you can overcome by yourself, and the problem solving can be fun puzzles. The problem comes when you reach the point of massive growth.

There’s a point in every business that becomes overwhelming. You’ll face problems you never expected. It may be that you simply can’t put enough labels on packages. You may find that your land lines aren’t sufficient enough to handle all the calls coming in from customers.

These problems aren’t something unique, and can easily be avoided by having the right help. Talking to someone who’s already gone through the growing pains is essential if you want to stay in business. You’d be surprised at how many businesses fail simply because they aren’t willing to adapt and scale.

Luckily we have a very special episode of Have It All this week with Trey Lewellen. Trey has run many several successful businesses, and has gone through every growing pain you can imagine. On this episode Ilan and Trey discuss what it takes to survive in business, and go over some of the horror stories you don’t hear from people who are successful.

Download this episode today to hear insights on how to troubleshoot your business, and make sure it stays alive on on course.

“Every day that I’m able to be alive and breathe the air, that’s the one thing no one can take away.” – Trey Lewellen

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The Cliff Notes:

  • If you want to be successful, you have to keep moving forward.
  • Your employees need stability to understand what needs to happen moving forward.
  • It’s important to have access to your buyers list if you want to stay in business.
  • No one can take away your knowledge.
  • If a millionaire goes broke today, they will be a millionaire again in two years.
  • To be a successful entrepreneur you need to build your mind muscles.
  • Landlines can make you feel good, but you may be missing phone calls from customers.
  • When you get big you have to become a call center and a shipping facility.
  • Multiply whatever is happening by a thousand, and see if it would still logistically works.
  • Referrals are your biggest battles, but most important tool.

“Success is a scary ride, but it’s fun when you get to the other side of it.” – Trey Lewellen

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