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29: Learn How to Heal Your Pain Naturally with Dr. Joe Tatta

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Instead of defining the sensation, breathe, and notice the sensation. Don’t label it.

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Do you experience chronic pain? Often times we feel sensations in our body that we are unfamiliar with, so we associate these sensations with pain. What if we told you that your brain is more in control of your pain than your body is? It’s time you start changing the way you associate diagnosis and emotions with pain. You can change the outcome of your own pain 100% naturally. Don’t believe me? We have Dr. Joe Tatta here to tell you for himself.

Dr. Joe Tatta is a physical therapy doctor, helping those with chronic pain through natural remedies, instead of using drugs or other harmful pharmaceutical measures for your body. Dr. Joe has also studied neuroscience and functional nutrition.

Pain is a sensory experience, but it is also an emotional experience.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • No brain, no pain.
  • Dr. Joe helps people fix chronic pain without injections or medications.
  • There are no pain receptors within the body.
  • Thoughts are also receptors, and cause pain to turn on for various reasons.
  • There is a response happening in your brain creating the continuous chronic pain.
  • Your brain has 2 priorities: are you safe, or are you in danger?
  • The brain creates the pain.
  • One of the biggest myths with pain is, “If I have pain I should stop moving.”
  • We all have our own pain perception.
  • Fear can change your movement patterns.
  • Educate yourself on what pain is. It will dampen the pain response.
  • The diagnosis someone gets can act as their pain sentence.
  • Be cautious with the medical system when it comes to chronic pain.
  • We label sensations in our body as “pain.”
  • Your brain produces pain as a warning sign.
  • 50% of what you are feeling when you feel pain is emotion.
  • Emotional response can be the worst part of pain.
  • You don’t think about the body part, until you feel pain in that body part.
  • Go through a body scan at night, from head to toe, and become aware of the different sensations you are feeling in your body.
  • Be comfortable with being fearful.

Being mindful about whether I feel my body or not feel my body, I can actually change how my pain is.

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