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125: Kelly Canull: Why Your Children Are A Reflection Of Your Energy

“When the walls come down, you are going to feel love like a child.” - @KellyCanullClick to Tweet

Our children are just a reflection of us.

Whatever burdens we carry around are the things that they will have to live with as well. Not only does this makes it very difficult for us to see, but even more so—for us to fix.

How can we solve their problems if we haven’t solved those same problems in ourselves?

The answer is in energy.

When we open ourselves up to the energies of the world, we are able to replace fear with unconditional love. By tuning in to the specific wavelengths that our children offer us, we can we can unravel our own burdens purely by listening.

Today, we are joined by Kelly Canull, a soul life coach who focuses on the energies and wavelengths that we, and our children, are giving off to the world.

Download this episode today to learn how to open your heart up to accept the energies from your children and, in return, send them the energies they need.

When you clear a fear, you are replacing it with unconditional love.” - @KellyCanullClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Start letting your kids know that you see them.
  • Your energy runs out of your heart, not your head.
  • Clearing your fears makes room for unconditional love.
  • Take notice of how many times during the day you place blame somewhere outside yourself.
  • Asking your children what they want to do makes them feel that their voice is empowered.
  • Children are the reincarnations of ancestors, so they carry burdens of that time.
  • A common misconception is the more traumatic the story, the closer the bond.
  • Your heart and soul have different priorities than your head.
  • Everyone is 100% responsible for their own journey.
  • The soul has a specific frequency that it wants you to download. Pay attention to it.
“The only thing I allow to reflect back to me in my life is love.” - @KellyCanullClick to Tweet

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