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77: Joshua Michael Wenner: Accept That You Are Broken AND Whole

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“We all have the power in us to do anything.” – Joshua Michael Wenner

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We spend so much of our life suppressing feelings. We shame them, and end up numbing ourselves.

By pushing these emotions away we miss out on so many beautiful things in life. There is no emotion we experience that is wrong. We all need to learn to accept them, love them, and show compassion.

There’s so many times we give empathy to others, yet we don’t give ourselves empathy. Especially men.

Men are taught to have two feelings: anger and joy. It’s a real disservice to not embrace all of the emotions.

On this episode of Have It All Guy talks with Joshua Michael Wenner. Josh is a mentor and speaker who really helps men balance all aspects of life, especially the emotional side entrepreneurs so often neglect. Download this episode today to learn how you can take care of your deep needs and finally feel fulfilled.

“We need to look at areas where we’ve loved, we’ve lost, and where we need to let go.” – Joshua Michael Wenner

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Money doesn’t solve all of your problems.
  • There’s a big misunderstanding around grief and pain.
  • Don’t be afraid to welcome your feminine side.
  • Accept that you are broken and whole.
  • Ask yourself what emotion you are running from.
  • Men are taught to experience anger and joy and end up missing the large range of emotions that are out there.
  • What if there’s nothing to fix?
  • What vision did you fall in love with that you lost?
  • Have the courage to look at areas we tend to shame.
  • Learn to listen to your femininity and what feels good.
  • Whatever we tell ourselves, our subconscious usually does the opposite.
  • Listen to your body, don’t numb it.
  • A lot of men struggle with purpose, and therefore have a problem with intimacy.
  • Sometimes our experiences make us forget that we are whole.
  • The loss is what completes the capacity to feel it.
  • Don’t stop yourself from feeling heartbroken.
  • When we die, that’s our ultimate legacy.
  • You don’t need to understand the why.
  • Surrender what your ego wants and get to the core of the truth.
  • Your answers should be “Fuck yes” or “Fuck no”.
  • Don’t be afraid to surrender to the void.
  • Become gentle, compassionate, and ok with your struggles.
  • Teacher’s don’t tell you what to think, they show you where to look.
  • We’ve all been through heartbreak, and we’ve all been through loss.

“Externally I lost my business. Internally I lost my pride.” – Joshua Michael Wenner

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