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97: Being Interviewed by Fox Beyer

Action is the orgasm of imagination.

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We’re bringing you a different kind of show for this episode of Have It All. This is our interview on Fox Brewer’s podcast: What’s Your Inspiration.

We had a blast being interviewed and brought some insights we wanted to share with our audience. We discuss a range of topics, from how to feel limitless to dealing with relationships, and how you can’t expect to know what’s right in the universe.

The show also ended with some fun trivia, about some really great people in our industry.

Download this episode today to hear us being interviewed for a change.

Responsibility is the willingness to be at source.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • We go through life acquiring negative experiences.
  • Every time you overcome something you feel limitless.
  • Everything in your life is a relationship about something.
  • When you point the blame at someone else, nothing ever changes.
  • Responsibility is the willingness to be at source.
  • Expecting a 50/50 relationship creates a stalemate.
  • Complaining is like sitting in a rocking chair – it goes you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • Action is the orgasm of imagination.
  • It’s  perfect. Always perfect.
  • Let yourself be in an experience without judging it.
  • Have the same patience and grace you would have for a child with yourself.
  • You gotta feel it.

Let yourself be in an experience without judging it.

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